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10 Marketing Lessons from Apple [Inforgraphic]

10 Marketing Lessons from Apple [Inforgraphic]

If you’re looking for some marketing inspiration, then there’s no better role-model than the most valuable company in the world, Apple Inc. Apple’s lucrative marketing tactics are simple, gimmick-free and, most importantly, incredibly effective.

Number one thing to keep in mind is that simplicity in marketing goes a long way. You’ve probably noticed that Apple ads never tell you where or how to buy the actual product. This is because the tech giant’s marketing team lets the product itself drive home the brand’s message.

Apple has also mastered the art of product placement – another simple yet powerful form of advertising in the digital era. Getting a social media influencer to film themselves using one of your products and share the content with their followers is one of the fastest ways to raise brand awareness and grow leads.

These are plenty more marketing lessons you can learn from Apple, and you’ll find them all in the comprehensive infographic below by The Website Group.