While Rage 2 has fewer weapons than most open world video games these days, the entire weapons are fairly dang candy. On prime of that, you possibly can carry all of them without delay, which means you possibly can change from a rocket launcher to an assault rifle to a shotgun to a pistol that lights folks on fireplace in a matter of seconds. Of course, you must purchase the weapons earlier than you may have a menu of cool choices at your disposal.
Most Rage 2 weapons require a little bit of exploration to accumulate and are locked behind mysterious Arks sometimes protected by foes of various difficulties. Our Rage 2 weapons information reveals you how you can unlock all weapons within the wasteland on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You received’t discover a sniper rifle on this listing, however id Software Studio Director Tim Willits provided a great motive for its absence.
In addition to an superior set of weapons, Rage 2 has a bunch of cool talents you will discover and unlock, to not point out some actually neat automobiles. Check out our information for unlocking flying automobiles. 
Sidewinder Pistol
Location: Starting weapon
The Sidewinder Pistol is the beginning weapon in Rage 2. So all you must do right here is boot up the sport to get your arms on it. Pistols in first-person shooters are often fairly weak, however the Sidewinder Pistol is a surprisingly efficient weapon even when going up in opposition to among the more durable enemies within the wasteland. It can for certain turn out to be useful while you’ve depleted your whole major ammunition.
Ranger Assault Rifle
Location: Taken from a useless Ranger
This is the story of a Ranger whose head was chomped proper off by an enormous mutant. That’s really the way you get the Ranger Assault Rifle. In the opening mission, you watch one of many final residing Rangers (not for lengthy) commerce killing blows with an enormous. Your character then places on the Ranger gear, turns into the true final Ranger, and inherit his assault rifle.
The Ranger Assault Rifle is well essentially the most versatile weapon within the recreation. In reality, you may play by means of virtually the complete recreation with out ever switching weapons. That would destroy the enjoyable of the wackier weapons, although.
Combat Shotgun
Location: Gun Barrel Ark (Marshall’s Blackout mission)
The Combat Shotgun is the one weapon within the recreation present in an Ark that you must get. During your first mission (Blackout) for Marshall within the sewers, you’ll come throughout the Gun Barrel Ark. Inside, you’ll get the Combat Shotgun, which is extremely useful in opposition to the fast-moving mutants that dodge and roll their approach in the direction of you.
Coupled with the Ranger Assault Rifle, this can be a nice 1-2 punch. The Combat Shotgun is the very best weapon for shut vary fight. The Combat Shotgun’s alternate fireplace mode — when aiming down the sight — hones the unfold and offers most harm to a concentrated space.
The Gun Barrel Ark introduces you to the unlock mechanic at play for every successive weapon Ark. You can not open Arks with out clearing the world of enemies first. Once cleared, your swimsuit’s AI will let you realize you’re all good. At the foot of the Ark, you employ your Focus means to open the door. Once inside, you’ll discover the primary prize and another goodies.
Smart Rocket Launcher
Location: Strongbox Ark (Torn Plains)
Found within the Strongbox Ark within the Torn Plains, the Smart Rocket Launcher is nice for taking down bosses, mini-bosses, and clusters of enemies. The Strongbox Ark is guarded by degree 4 enemies (on a ten level scale), so getting access to this Ark is pretty straightforward. Simply clear the world and the Smart Rocket Launcher is yours.
The Smart Rocket Launcher has two firing modes. The commonplace “big boom” single rocket, and a homing missile variant that may lock onto a number of enemies. It solely holds 15 rounds firstly, so saving it for robust conditions is good.
Grav-Dart Launcher
Location: Needle Falls Ark (The Wilds)
Located within the southwest part of The Wilds, Needle Falls Ark is guarded by degree seven enemies. Before attending to your new weapon, you’ll have to do some heavy lifting. Once you’re in, you’ll be greeted with one of many extra intriguing weapons in Rage 2: the Grav-Dart Launcher.
The Grav-Dart Launcher is principally an automated rifle that shoots needles. Once the needles burrow into enemies, you possibly can fling them into partitions, exploding barrels, and even their buddies to get two kills for the worth of 1. The Grav-Dart Launcher, whereas cool, might be the least sensible weapon within the recreation. It simply doesn’t pack sufficient punch, although you possibly can toss bandits round like rag dolls.
Firestorm Revolver
Location: Dank Catacomb Ark (Sekreto Wetlands)
Found within the Dank Catacomb Ark simply southwest of Kvasir’s lab within the Sekreto Wetlands, the Firestorm Revolver is severely magical. Getting to it, although, requires taking out a big occasion of degree seven enemies. It’s definitely worth the work, although. The Firestorm Revolver shoots what initially seem like common bullets. But after they hit their goal, you possibly can press L2/LT to snap your fingers and switch the bullet into flames. That’s proper, you’re like an motion film hero who in some way is aware of precisely when the constructing goes to explode. Only right here you are able to do it repeatedly.
The Firestorm Revolver will be fairly efficient when enemies are bunched up, giving the flames room to unfold. It’s even higher in alternate fireplace mode, because it shoots mines that explode on impression. The coolness issue of the gun actually outweighs its efficiency, which falls beneath even the Sidewinder Pistol.
Location: Greenhaven Ark (The Wilds)
You’ll should journey to the virtually the northern fringe of the map to achieve Greenhaven Ark in The Wilds. Home of the Hyper-Cannon, Greenhaven Ark is essentially the most difficult Ark to achieve entry to within the recreation. Rated with degree ten enemies, a tricky boss (two phases, no much less) awaits you. The mech’s minions are not any slouches both, and neither are the rival faction who’s sparring with them while you arrive. The boss doesn’t enter the world till you do, so you possibly can stand on the ledge earlier than dropping in and decide off the entire minions beforehand. It makes issues a lot simpler. After the boss falls, you possibly can enter Greenhaven Ark and rating the Hyper-Cannon.
The Hyper-Cannon is actually a railgun.  It can rip by means of quite a few enemies with a single spherical. The alternate fireplace mode, which costs when aiming down the sight, packs a fair mightier punch.
Charged Pulse Cannon

Shrouded Vault Ark

Shrouded Sub Station Alpha

Shrouded Sub Station Bravo

Location: Shrouded Vault Ark (Dune Sea)
The Shrouded Vault Ark is the one Ark within the recreation that requires you to do extra than simply eliminate enemies to open it. To even achieve entrance to the fortress surrounding the Ark on the japanese fringe of the Dune Sea, you first have to destroy the reactors at Shrouded Sub Station Alpha and Shrouded Sub Station Bravo. Simply by visiting the Ark, these areas ought to pop up in your map. Both are close to your location.
Destroying the reactor models at every location can be a multi-step course of. First, you must battle by means of enemies, then you must pull a lever. Once the reactor rises from beneath the ground, you must use Focus on every of the three blue rotating panels to show the weak factors. Each reactor location follows the identical course of.
With the reactors destroyed, the door on the left facet of the Shrouded Vault Ark fortress will open. Once inside, you’ll should work your approach by means of rooms full of enemies to get to the Vault. The Sub Stations have degree 4 enemies, and the Ark space has degree six. It’s extra time consuming than difficult.
The Charged Pulse Cannon fires power bolts at a fast charge. It’s in all probability the very best unlockable weapon within the recreation and second to solely the Ranger Assault Rifle by way of practicality.
BFG 9000
Location: Meteorite crash zone (Limited and Collector’s Edition variations solely)
The well-known mammoth of a gun from Doom is accessible in Rage 2 as effectively, however there’s a catch. You should buy both the Deluxe or Collector’s Edition to get it (not less than for now). If you do have one in all these editions, you will discover the ridiculously massive gun at a meteorite crash web site north of the Vineland. It’s situated proper by the three-way intersection on the spot marked on the map above.

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