Automation, which allows you to “set and forget” a process through technology, can help your day—and even your life—become more streamlined. Automation can handle repetitive, mind-numbing tasks, freeing up your time for activities you actually care about. Automatic processes can improve your work day since they can handle up to 40% of repetitive workplace tasks. Outside work, automation can help ease financial stress with automated bill payments and apps that track finances to help tackle debt. What’s more, there’s now technology that can clean your house and even get your grocery shopping done—and you barely have to lift a finger.

Automation is accessible to just about anyone, as it often just takes an app or a system you only have to program once to let things run on cruise control. Because the perks of automation span from getting more done in your work day to improving your free time, automation has a great place in making your life easier all around.

For tips on how to integrate automation into your life, check out this infographic from Turbo below.


How to Automate Every Part of Your Life

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