Outer Worlds is one in every of my most anticipated video games of 2019 and I’ve by no means performed it. Still. Is {that a} unhealthy signal? Maybe, nevertheless it’s Obsidian’s space-faring non secular successor to Fallout: New Vegas. That’s fairly a pedigree, and lots to get my consideration. At E3 2019 I’ve a minimum of had the possibility to see extra of The Outer Worlds, courtesy of a half-hour behind-closed-doors demo.

And the quick model? It seems much more like Fallout: New Vegas than I anticipated.

New New Vegas

One of the elements I’m most serious about, and it was seen within the trailer Obsidian confirmed Sunday at Microsoft’s press convention: The variety of distinctive aesthetics on-hand in The Outer Worlds. It’s all very clearly the identical recreation, and but there are specific areas that resemble Soviet structure and design, others that show Vegas ranges of ostentation, others Art Deco.

And then there’s the city of Fallbrook, which we began our demo in. A smuggling city, it’s half Old West and half pirate shanty, a little bit of form-follows-function that subtly clues you in on a spot’s objective earlier than you’ve met even a single inhabitant.

Anyway, I may wax on about Obsidian’s artwork design for hours in all probability nevertheless it’s not the crux of the demo. We rapidly met up with Catherine Malin, one in every of Fallbrook’s key residents. “Come for vice or virtue? Because we only sell one here,” she greeted us with, earlier than giving us a job. Malin wished us to infiltrate and conquer a neighborhood “boarst” manufacturing facility, a phrase that’s about as disgusting because the product it describes.

Apparently the native companies have bred “cystipigs,” pigs who develop further meat sacs on their necks which then slough off when matured, prepared for harvesting and packaging into what Obsidian known as “sustainable meat product.” Sorry, I ought to’ve instructed you to get a bucket prepared earlier than studying that paragraph.


Fallbrook in The Outer Worlds.

Charm and Intimidate checks confirmed up virtually instantly, indications that that is undoubtedly an Obsidian recreation. And they saved displaying up in virtually each single dialogue alternative. It seems like Obsidian is drawing on its expertise with Pillars of Eternity to tell Outer Worlds on this respect, much more than the scattered ability checks in New Vegas. It’s very promising for individuals who wish to really roleplay.

Other elements are equally prone to get RPG followers scorching and bothered. This being what I assume is a reasonably early quest, Malin laid out each technique of infiltration. We may go in weapons blazing, ask “Duncan” for a disguise, or enter by way of the monster-infested sewers—the doorway of which, in a nod to overdone tropes, is hidden behind a waterfall.


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