There had been two standout demos eventually yr’s E3. One was apparent, Cyberpunk 2077. The different took me without warning on the time although. I appreciated Dying Light, however Dying Light 2 arrived so much more ambitious than I anticipated, with Techland touting its divergent storytelling paths and evolving world.

That narrative continued at E3 2019. “It’s not about which ending you get, but how the city looks when you finish the game,” stated Techland as we wrapped up this yr’s hands-off demo—and for good motive, a whole district rising from underwater as concurrently a key storyline got here to a untimely finish.

Techland says you’ll solely be capable of see 50 p.c of Dying Light 2 in any given playthrough. I’m inclined to imagine them.

Rage, rage

Our demo began in The Fish Eye, and instantly it’s clear Dying Light 2 is a tonal departure from its predecessor. The original Dying Light was, like so many zombie tales, about folks making an attempt to outlive in a newly hostile atmosphere—however Dying Light 2 is ready 15 years after the an infection. The apocalypse and even the post-apocalypse are over. Sure, zombies nonetheless infest town streets, however society has adjusted and even begun rebuilding itself.

The Fish Eye is a bar. A considerably seedy bar, however a bar nonetheless. People are laughing, celebrating, and protected. Life feels nearly regular, had been it not for the rundown décor and everybody’s rustic clothes.

Of course, the state of affairs’s extra dire than it appears. Arriving at The Fish Eye, our protagonist Aiden Caldwell angrily remarks to de facto chief Frank, “You haven’t told them yet?” to which Frank replies “What, that the water’s about to run out?”

Frank’s hoping to achieve a cope with the Renegades, bolstered by help from town’s different main factions, the Peacekeepers and Scavengers. Jack Matt’s Peacekeepers are armored in blue, a pseudo police pressure which cropped up in final yr’s demo. The Scavengers are a extra ragtag band, however useful in a battle.

And the Renegades? We don’t know a lot about them, besides they’re apparently butchers, even perhaps cannibals, and that they’re hoarding a enormous provide of water. Their chief, The Colonel, is holed up in The Castle—really some form of towering hydroelectric plant or water remedy plant by the seems to be of it—and The Castle is in flip surrounded by a deep moat.

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