The Asteroid Mining CorporationWhen he was requested to pick out a subject for his college thesis, Mitch Hunter-Scullion, a person with the form of memorable identify worthy of a collection of widespread techno-thrillers, determined to jot down about asteroid mining. The dream of extracting helpful sources from area rocks was one which had lengthy fascinated him. And, moreover, no-one else on his course had considered writing about the identical thought.
When, a bit of beneath a 12 months later, he graduated with a level in International Relations and History from the U.Ok.’s Liverpool Hope University, Hunter-Scullion was hooked. He knew what he wished to do along with his life. The solely drawback was that no corporations within the U.Ok. had been actively engaged on asteroid mining. As far as he might inform, barely any corporations in Europe had been, both. So he began one and, as a result of he was first, he had the decide of any identify he wished. He known as his firm The Asteroid Mining Corporation and named himself its 20-year-old CEO.
Just just a few years later, The Asteroid Mining Corporation might not fairly stay as much as the grandiose billing of its identify, but it surely’s getting nearer. By default, the U.Ok.’s largest and most seen asteroid mining enterprise, it has eight full-time workers, with specializations starting from astrogeology to astrodynamics. Now it’s gearing as much as launch a prospecting satellite tv for pc that may assist search out economically viable asteroids for future mining.
If he can pull it off, he’ll be a part of a brand new era of area entrepreneurs. And whereas there are many issues that may go mistaken, there’s a complete lot of alternative too.
The reply to all our issues?
The thought of mining asteroids for essential or fascinating supplies is nothing new — not less than, not in science fiction. Legendary authors within the subject corresponding to Isaac Asimov and Robert Heinlein used area mining as a plot machine way back to the 1940s and ‘50s. In The Rolling Stones, Heinlein — greatest identified for his novels Starship Troopers and The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress — imagined galactic prospectors looking for out helpful area rocks from which they may extract supplies.
The Asteroid Mining CorporationLike robotics and synthetic intelligence, asteroid mining is a subject which, in recent times, has made a sudden lane swap from pure sci-fi to one thing extra rooted in actuality. This has arisen with a brand new increase in area industries, a lot of it led by personal corporations with a vested curiosity in income, moderately than the large public sector missions of the previous. In addition to the Asteroid Mining Corporation, different corporations on this space embrace Deep Space Resources, Planetary Industries (backed by Alphabet’s Larry Page), and extra.
“The Earth is a big place, but our resources are finite,” Hunter-Scullion stated. “As our population is ever-growing, there’s going to become a pressure point. We can already see that when it comes to certain materials. As we reach peak mineral, they will become more expensive as it becomes more challenging and environmentally damaging to access them. We’re already mining in the Arctic and under the sea, doing some horrendous damage to this planet. Right now there’s only one planet in the universe that we know can sustain life in the solar system. However, there’s another way to get these same materials. They are available in asteroids in much higher concentrations than they are on Earth.”
Thanks to motion pictures like Armageddon, most individuals affiliate asteroids with mass destruction. But there’s a motive to view them as potential salvation, too. Metallic asteroids are extraordinarily wealthy in metals. A staggering 80% of those asteroids are composed of iron, whereas the remaining 20% is a combination of nickel, iridium, palladium, platinum, gold, magnesium, and different assorted treasured metals, together with osmium, ruthenium, and rhodium. “Across all the platinum mines on Earth, we only mine 200 tons of platinum each year,” Hunter-Scullion continued. “A single asteroid could contain thousands of times more platinum. It’s economically justifiable to start exploring them.”
“… There will be a global rush to claim these objects.”

Other asteroids are thought to comprise uncommon substances like helium-3, a gasoline present in minuscule quantities on Earth, however which might show to be the important thing ingredient to nuclear fission. This might present us with a clear supply of sustainable vitality with no waste merchandise or radiation. Still, others comprise so-called “volatiles,” together with water. The latter might be break up into its hydrogen and oxygen parts to create propellants for area missions. Such propellants might then be utilized by different spacecraft, primarily turning volatile-heavy asteroids into galactic filling stations.
To get us began on tapping these treasured sources, the Asteroid Mining Corporation plans to launch a prospecting satellite tv for pc. “We’re now gearing up to the manufacturing stage of Asteroid Prospecting Satellite 1,” Hunter-Scullion stated. “We hope to launch it in the first or second quarter of 2021. That will involve a five-year mission duration in low Earth orbit looking at asteroids. The goal is to categorize and catalog what we can see. That will give us a much deeper understanding of asteroids, which could pave the groundwork for exploration licenses to explore any economically viable candidates for mining.”
The Asteroid Mining CorporationSupplied that each one goes forward, ASP-1 will probably be used to conduct a spectral survey of 5,000 near-Earth asteroids to determine that are probably the most viable candidates for mining. To monetize the mission, Hunter-Scullion says that the corporate will promote the info to events. “It’s like being a low-cost airline. It’s about finding ways to minimize cost and maximize returns. We’re focused on getting toward profit generation at the very earliest stages,” he stated.
The asteroid rush
“APS-1 is the starting pistol for the ‘asteroid rush,’” the Asteroid Mining Corporation notes on the “Missions” web page of its web site. “With a clear understanding of the most lucrative asteroids in Earth’s immediate sphere of influence, there will be a global rush to claim these objects.”
Hearing Hunter-Scullion’s story, it’s unimaginable to not be reminded of one other, not-dissimilar occasion in historical past. In May 1848, a storekeeper in Sutter’s Creek, CA, found gold mud in a river in San Francisco. His cry of “Gold! Gold! Gold from American River!” was extensively reported across the United States, and, by 1849, the California Gold Rush was nicely underway. In beneath two years, San Francisco’s non-native inhabitants expanded from 800 to 100,000, because of the inflow of prospecting miners known as “49ers.”
“One of the ideas … would be to capture an asteroid and put it into lunar orbit so that it was more immediately accessible.”

Some of those prospectors struck it wealthy, hoovering up sizable chunks of the 750,000 kilos of gold mined through the California Gold Rush. Many additionally benefited in different methods from the brand new financial prospects posed by hundreds of individuals arriving in the hunt for their fortunes. Of course, many others uprooted their lives and wound up reaching nothing. Such is the best way of a gold rush.
The subsequent gold rush — or, as Hunter-Scullion phrases it, the “asteroid rush” — will show harder. The California Gold Rush required little or no capital from would-be gold diggers. The identical can’t be stated for asteroid mining. Thanks to lowering part prices, a CubeSat satellite tv for pc launch like ASP-1 can now be achieved for as little as $40,000. But the bodily mining half goes to be far, much more expensive, and carries appreciable threat.
Hunter-Scullion might have been among the many comparatively early movers, however being first doesn’t at all times imply being the one who reaps the rewards. Both Deep Space Industries and Planetary Resources just lately modified arms; they’ve struggled to lift cash on their very own and have shifted to exploring different, extra instantly viable kinds of enterprise. DSI was purchased by Bradford Space, owned by a U.S. funding group, whereas Planetary was snapped up by a blockchain firm known as ConsenSys.

Today, we’re simply beginning to see the larger gamers transfer in. In February, Japan’s Hayabusa 2 spacecraft efficiently landed on the asteroid Ryugu, and later fired a projectile at it as a way to throw up matter to be collected. These samples will finally return to Earth, the place they are often analyzed. NASA has additionally taken steps towards asteroid mining by providing funding to the California-based TransAstra Corporation, which might make strides within the subject of asteroid mining. A latest report from Data Bridge Market Research has additionally recommended that the worldwide area mining market is more likely to rise from nicely beneath $1 billion as we speak to $3.28 billion by 2026. “This growth can be attributed to the high number of space missions currently taking place and the upcoming space missions too,” the agency writes.
The subsequent step
Right now, we’re nonetheless on the early phases of the asteroid rush; the phases at which a college graduate can begin up the U.Ok.’s main asteroid mining firm as a result of no-one else has but thought to do it. A couple of early names have seemingly run into hurdles, and others now look like gearing as much as make their transfer.
In the U.S., the Colorado School of Mines teaches a course in area sources, together with asteroid mining. Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs has suggested shoppers that asteroid mining is extra potential than many would possibly assume. “The psychological barrier to mining asteroids is high, the actual financial and technological barriers are far lower,” it famous in a single report.
But there’s nonetheless a lot to be determined, together with the thorny authorized query of who owns area and who has the suitable to notably economically viable asteroid candidates. There’s additionally the problem of learn how to transport mined merchandise again to Earth, and what this could imply for the valuation of our present treasured metals and different supplies. “One of the ideas that’s been proposed would be to capture an asteroid and then put it into lunar orbit so that it was more immediately accessible,” Hunter-Scullion stated. “All of a sudden, instead of being accessible just once a year for perhaps a month, it would be accessible 24/7.”
Should we be cautious concerning the path ahead? Sure. But it’s additionally laborious to not replicate that many of those identical doubts would have been raised in 1955, following the profitable launch of Sputnik, if somebody was to counsel that people would quickly land on the Moon. That would find yourself occurring lower than a decade-and-a-half later. What’s Hunter-Scullion’s estimate for the way lengthy it’ll take for area mining to change into an actual factor? He thinks for a second. “I think it’s 10, maybe 15 years to get to the point of a mature asteroid mining industry.”
Skeptics take word: Don’t say he didn’t warn you.

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