Recently there are many personal media/content maker that are spread widely globally. Online platform such as YouTube provide this individual media to publish and some even use video as business tools  to help increase sale of the company.

However many companies need to hire professional video maker to editor to fulfill there video needs. Fear not as in this article, TechSwitchCF is introducing an online video editor/maker tools which requires tools or high end PCs to make those video. From professional business tools or personal video making it is totally possible. That special website is

What is FlexClip?

FlexClip is a website where offers tons of stock footage and video editing tools to the user where they develop their very own video to better convey message instead of just showing photos. All those videos can be either use for advertising business, make presentations, or just simply showcase their personal memorable moments online.

Using FlexClip, you don’t need any advanced editing  skills where all the tools are simple to use from the website. In addition, the video can be save as  as 1080p Full HD which are the common resolution used by most online media platform.

How to start Editing 

You can’t imagine how simple it is to use FlexClip, just go to the website, sign up for FREE! and login with either email or Facebook and you are good to go.

When login, you are directed to a page where all your projects are saved and don’t worry about losing it and able to access it from anywhere in the world where you can edit it and download it anywhere or anytime you like as long as you are online.

No Idea Where to Start? No Worry!

Some small business owner has no idea how to start on doing there very own advertisement video to put on their Facebook/Youtube page. That problem is solved where  FlexClip offers templates which can be chosen from. Just click on on the template and start inserting your very own photos/video to make the video. Some even the transition are preload alongside with music embed in the video.

Feature Templates
Business Templates
Personal Templates

Stock Media

FlexClip offers tons of stock videos, photos and music in their library. They even offers all sorts of category, from Holiday Footage, Nature Documentary and variety of footage to explore to help enhance your video making experience.

They even offers music genres that help you build the mood of the videos. From the media library, you can even make your very own movie trailer with the music they offered.

Various Categories of Stock Videos
Various Categories of Stock Music

What can you do with FlexClip?(Features)

There are lots  of simple to use tool that FlexClip offers, for this review, TechSwitchCF tested out most of the basic feature tools to create a simple video.

Trim Video

As simple as Trim Video where is  the basic of editing video, just cut the desired footage as you like from your own upload video or from their media library.

Add Music

Music is essential for most the video where it bring out the liveliness of the entire video, for example, adding romantic music to a wedding video will make the viewers feel like there are there and feeling the romance of the married couple.

Add Music

Adding music in FlexClip is just as easy where you can upload your very own music or browse them from the media library that FlexClip offers. On the left tab of your video preview button, there is a music icon to add the music into the video.







Add Text

Adding text to a video is no stranger to the basic of video editing. Text basically gives for information about the video instead of just showing the video. Viewers may then get clearer of the idea on the product if the video is about products.

Insert Text Template(Left Tab)


Similar at the left tab of the video there is a text tab where there are templates of presets text with effects on entry for that video.

For the text, user may event customize their very own text fonts, size and colors to suit the business or the theme of the video.

Fonts Change
Color Change

Add Logo

Logo represent a business identity, FlexClip also include the logo adding features. There few logo adding feature, either just add plain logo or include text to the logo, FlexClip also have you cover with awesome effects logo entry to further enhance your video presentations.

Add logo tab on the left
Insert Logo from your PCs

Adding your very own media

With FlexClip, you may also insert your very own media right from your PCs, from photos to videos and also music , can also have your very own videos edited if you wanted your very unique video.

Insert Local Media from your computer

There many features that FlexClip offers, users can explore all the features when editing along the way. For find out more, here are the other features

Exporting the video

After a few simple editing which take around 10 mins  from the TechSwitchCF team, we  finally came up with a simple video that are satisfied with from the templates. It is then time to exporting.

Before exporting, the video can be preview to check for any changes, if there are changes just simply continue editing to get the satisfied results.

Preview the video

Exporting the video is easier than other conventional video editing software, just a simple few clicks then we are ready to download the video.

Change the name and resolution for exporting
Exporting the video takes only few minutes(Depending on amount of storyboard)

Final Result

We uploaded the video to YouTube and we are happy with the result. However this is just a simple test editing.


Comparing to conventional video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, FlexClip do not have those professional features but the features they offers are essential enough to create basic video for personal or business use.

Overall, FlexClip is truly a “lifesaving” website for content creators that do not have any advanced skills on video editing. Logging in the FlexClip is just as easy as browsing a website with extra features. User may not need to get a very high end workstation PCs or a high end camera to shoot their very own footage to make their own business or personal video. Even user do not have to purchase the expensive video editing software or cracking their head on how to use the tools of the software. FlexClip tools are just straight forward and easy to use.

It is a highly recommended website to visit for those who are ready to make their very own video to promote  their business and any social media platform.

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