For those of us who have not heard of FastestVPN, you should definitely get to know the industry leading VPN service now. Given that it emerged in the market 2 years ago, this relatively new provider has been gaining the support of millions of customers due to their top-notch service and zero-data log policy. Moreover, their services also include a recently introduced pocket-sized Wi-Fi router, protecting your online data and transactions for no additional costs. They have a low server-count compared to other competitors however, many critics have also stated these dilemmas should fix themselves as the company grows.

Short Summary

FastestVPN probably is most notable for its vast range of features, but its main attractions would be;

  • Expansive security features.

FastestVPN works by extending a secure, private network over your public network; thus allowing you to watch millions of geo-restricted content from anywhere you wish. This level of security also works to hide your data from hacker and other third-party websites who might be trying to sell your data for their gain. Of course, due to this security, you’re free from;

  • Malware or phishing attempts
  • Annoying advertisements and pop-up windows.

However, FastestVPN is not only known for its features but also its low prices. This might scare a few customers because low prices do not necessarily mean a high-quality product. While there is truth to this fact, especially since FastestVPN’s server count could still be improved, we are here to assure you’re their services do not compromise when it comes to your user-experience. In fact, Forbes online website even voted FastestVPN as the best budget VPN for 2019, and Trustpilot places an average 9.6-star rating for FastestVPN in the customer trust score. Buy VPN and experience this yourself!

Is it fast?  

FastestVPN is in many ways is the fastest VPN in the market today; their vast server count has two major functions:

  1. It works to reduce latency delay to the bare minimum, which enhances your connection speed.
  2. It introduces FastestVPN to more and more customer across the globe; this, in turn, makes them the fastest-growing VPN provider in the market.

Speed is an absolute priority at FastestVPN, and their services even include;

P2P optimized servers, which maximizes torrent download speeds and the best part is this is available in all their packages. Although it may seem pretentious to name itself the fastest, VPN especially if their competitors turn out to be much faster than them. Nevertheless, so far, FastestVPN has held up to its name, instantly as they opened, to the market, their service reached the top 10 fastest VPN’s list in a matter of days. Their service also hosts;

  • Up-to 99.9% up-time
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited server switch
  • Ultra-short latency delay
  • Fast torrent speeds

What makes FastestVPN so special?

FastestVPN certainly has numerous features but the real question on everyone’s mind, is what makes their service so special compared to their competitors? The answer to that is their exceptional service, and as the first speed/privacy/customer satisfaction, focused VPN provider you’re able to enjoy features like optimized torrenting servers and ad-blocking capability, along with a dedicated Wi-Fi router and countless apps, for a cheap cost. FastestVPN also, more importantly, hosts a dedicated internet kill switch, which works by essentially shutting off your internet if the connection to FastestVPN is ever severed or compromised.

Does FastestVPN have a Chrome/Firefox extension for your device?

VPN extensions for Chrome and Firefox are growing ever-more popular, and customers all over the world shall be pleased to know that FastestVPN also includes a Chrome/Firefox extension allowing you even easier access to their services, when you’re online.

Do they have an affiliate program?

At FastestVPN, it’s extremely easy to become an affiliate if you like their service just follow these steps.

  • First, you must sign up as an affiliate by typing in your company names and email-address.
  • Then you can start promoting FastestVPN by sharing your unique affiliate link.
  • Finally, you can get paid for your service with up to 100% commission on every customer you refer to them.

For more details follow the link to their affiliate page.

How much does FastestVPN cost?

What FastestVPN lacks with their low server count they make up in with their low prices. However, to really maximize your savings, you should avail their longer-term packages, which can save you anything from 89% to 91%.

However, not all their packages save you some, as their 1-month plan comes with no savings at all. For more details about these plans, you can also visit their website on their extended payment plans and see for yourself.

Would we recommend it?

FastestVPN certainly has its advantages and disadvantages, to say the least, but FastestVPN whole-heartedly deserves a recommendation due to its extensive security features and blazing fast speed. These aspects are relatively rare in the VPN industry, and the reason why you’re able to stream, download, watch, or listen to your favorite media content with relative ease. Moreover, numerous VPNs in the market today falsely advertise their features.

However, from our experience, this does not seem to be the case at FastestVPN, this trust-worthy attitude is the reason why their services have excelled this far in only a matter of two years. You can also check out more about their services through their incredibly interactive website, which comes with a built-in live chat feature to ensure your queries are answered instantly or guidance related to any other matter.

Click on this link to reach their website and find out more. Overall FastestVPN is a great future investment for your online privacy, just ask the millions of customers they have in over 29 countries and 130 locations including in Canada, which is known for logging you’re data, FastestVPN is also widely regarded as the best VPN for USA for that very reason. Buy VPN and experience smooth browsing experience with seamless uninterrupted streaming. Overall we would rate our experience with FastestVPN a solid 4.5 stars out of 5.

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