Libra: Cryptocurrency By Facebook (In 5 Minutes)

    The idea behind launching Libra is to foster a financial infrastructure where people all around the world will get access to a global cryptocurrency. Libra is for everyone, it is safe, secure and faster.

    Sending and receiving money will become much easier, transferring money will become as simple as sending a text or picture. Everyone can be a part of Libra no matter where you live, what you do, and how much you earn.

    Unlike other cryptocurrencies, the value of Libra is predictable and profitable. Libra is backed by a reserve built with stable liquid assets that help in maintaining the value of Libra.

    These liquid assets enter into reserve through two ways, one is from investors and the other is from the users of the Libra. Libra has the ability to bring the whole world under a single roof by offering equal financial opportunities.

    Libra is built using Blockchain technology, it decentralized and delineated programmable database which has the ability to act as a medium of transfer for people across the globe.

    To provide you with more information on Libra, one of our friends from has developed an infographic. Click here on Libra for infographic, we are excited to know your views on our work.

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