Gaming designs are inclined to have a definite look to them, and it’s a components that’s not often deviated from. They’re black, boxy, and RGB-laden — and getting slightly stale.
Alienware desires to vary all that.
Throughout 2019, the corporate has been rolling out the biggest transition in its design language since its founding in 1996. Alienware calls the brand new aesthetic “Legend,” and it touches every part from its gaming laptops to its new Aurora R9 desktop introduced immediately at Gamescom 2019. Prior to the launch, head designers at Dell and Alienware gave Digital Trends the unique story on the way it plans to not solely revolutionize its model, however gaming design at giant.
A legend is born
Back in 2016, designers at Dell have been tasked with seemingly insurmountable aim: Create gaming system that didn’t seem like something you’ll find in the marketplace from a competitor. The directive got here from Alienware co-founder Frank Azor – who has since left the corporate to turn out to be the Chief Architect of Gaming at silicon-maker AMD — and looking out on the present state of gaming designs, it’s not arduous to see why.
“We want to make sure that the language can span across all of the products that we that we might make, and some that we won’t.”

“Intuitively, he thought the industry was looking very similar – everybody was arriving to a similar design place,” mentioned Justin Lyles, Dell’s Vice President of Consumer Design. He recalled the fateful assembly the place Legend was conceived, noting that almost all gaming PCs appeared like rectangular packing containers with glass facet panels.
“And [Frank Azor] asked us to go research this, look into this, and ultimately see if there’s a better direction for the future of anywhere. So, we embarked on a one-year journey.”
That journey, which consisted of understanding the market and researching traits was led by two different seniors designers at Dell: Josh Probst and Jason Minehart, with Probst finally main the Aurora desktop efforts and Minehart main the cost for Area-51m. After evaluating the market, ideation started six months utilizing Alienware’s huge three elementary themes: “Human-inspired,” “machine-inspired,” and “alien-inspired.” These ideas have at all times been current in Alienware designs, however with Legend, the inspiration seems like an entire reboot.
The staff took cues from films resembling Independence Day 2, The Matrix, Tron, Star Trek, District 9, Wall.E, Interstellar, Lucy, and extra. It’s not unusual to see totally different producers speak up such a inspiration in advertising and marketing supplies, however with Legend, it’s extra than simply lip service. With its palette in hand, Dell moved on to inner testing to indicate how these science fiction themes resonated with its viewers. By the autumn of 2017, the event journey for the Alienware Area-51m laptop computer was underway.
“Once we finally arrived to the three themes, we were really on the right trajectory to take our brand and move it to a completely new visual center,” Probst mentioned. The designers explored how these themes would form pocket book and desktop designs, but additionally how they match into the whole PC ecosystems, together with issues that Alienware to this point has not launched, like VR goggles.
“Whenever we do this, we want to make sure that it’s not designed just to be a laptop,” Minehart added. “We want to make sure that the language can span across all the products that we that we might make, and some that we won’t.”
After the overarching theme and design language was finalized, it took about one other yr or so for Dell to finish the event of the merchandise, and the Area-51m was the primary product to bear the brand new Legend design language. In this remaining part of design, the staff of designers work collaboratively with engineers and Dell’s enterprise unit to make sure that the methods operate correctly and that there’s a market have to fill, Lyles mentioned.
Finding inspiration in doubtless locations
Designers usually discover inspiration from adjoining industries, and Alienware’s Legend imaginative and prescient board is packed stuffed with design parts from jets, automobiles, bikes, films, and science fiction. In creating Legend, over 1,000 photos have been collected for Dell’s inspiration board, every filtered into the three aforementioned primary themes and additional distilled into eight sub-themes.
“By creating different groups, it helps us choose a main direction; it kind of helps us choose what sort of details and features we want to include, or what we don’t want to include as well,” Probst mentioned. “There may be a lot of different ideas out there that we find really interesting and cool but that doesn’t fit the feel of the product, so it’s not necessary to have.”
The LED lighting system on the entrance of the Aurora R9 or on the rear of the Alienware Curved 34 monitor stand is definitely known as “stadium lighting,” and it incorporates parts from the digital fantasy world of Tron. With the excessive distinction black-and-white coloration scheme this yr named Lunar Light and the darker hued Dark Side of the Moon, the shades are evocative of the regalia colours of Star Wars stormtroopers. In each circumstances, it’s a welcome change-up to the flat black colorways which are usually provided on gaming merchandise.
“People should love it. People should not love it. We love that about it. I love the provocative nature of it.”

Another place Alienware designers drew inspiration from was video video games. Though Alienware is a pure place for avid gamers to play a battle royale title, designers additionally look in the direction of video video games to search out inspiration.
“I think that’s always kind of a neat — sort of a cyclical way — that this inspiration when we’re designing comes from video games, and the video games are designed to help design the computers, and it sort of everything sort of influences on each other,” Minehart mentioned.
The thought of competitors in sports activities (and esports) additionally present huge inspiration for Alienware designers. The numbers which are printed on the methods — starting from laptops to desktops and displays — are literally impressed by athletic jerseys. Others sources of inspiration embrace trend, sneakers, and jewellery.
Words like “risky” and “brave” get thrown across the tech house fairly a bit, however these new designs positively stand out — and never everybody will like that. Of Alienware’s daring Legend design, Lyles admitted that it’s polarizing. That’s particularly with the distinctive form of the Aurora R9 desktop.
“Some people absolutely love it,” he mentioned. “Others may not, and gaming is supposed to be that way. People should love it. People should not love it. We love that about it. I love the provocative nature of it.”
Drones, patterns, and the best way that mild behaves when passing by totally different fluids and supplies are additionally sources of inspiration for Minehart and Probst. The affect from science turns into clearer when trying on the hexagonal air vents. Not solely do the shapes assist drive the physics of air movement, however the hexagons seem like molecular constructions and bonds from chemistry, serving to to provide the Aurora R9 its science fiction impressed aesthetics.
Going boldly the place no aliens (or people) have gone earlier than
“What we’re seeing is a lot of square boxes,” Lyles mentioned, and that’s a design course that Alienware wished to keep away from with its gaming merchandise. Instead, the corporate wished to create a daring design that stands out. “We are not a delivery vehicle for the latest processors or graphics. That is part of the equation, but our customers want something greater than that when they buy into the Alienware brand. It’s not technology for technology’s sake.”
In designing desktops, Minehart states that there are two approaches. The first is designing to mix into the surroundings, and that’s what Alienware attributes to a majority of its rivals with metal enclosures and glass home windows in a fish tank-like design. On the opposite hand, Alienware’s philosophy is to convey the surroundings to a unique degree, and the corporate has been largely profitable on this mission.
“One of the things that was kind of interesting about the R9 development is that we knew we wanted to, to build a very form driven product and create something that looks different than everything else out there,” Minehart mentioned. Looking on the Aurora R9 desktop, most individuals wouldn’t have the ability to inform that it’s based mostly on the identical chassis as final yr’s R8 given how drastically totally different each desktops look, and that’s a testomony to the abilities of Minehart’s design staff in reshaping the utilitarian strains of the R8 into the R9’s sculpted curves.
For Minehart, Probst, and Lyles, being iconic additionally means having a design that’s immediately recognizable from 20 or 30 toes away. The sculpted form of the corporate’s newest desktop’s departure from the oblong packing containers in the marketplace immediately speaks to that.
“I always strive to create details that were very immediately recognizable from a from a distance,” Probst mentioned. But for a corporation that was constructed round an Alien head emblem that caters to the wants of fanatic avid gamers, it’s additionally extra than simply the feel and appear of the product. Alienware views iconic design as one that’s evocative and delightful, which creates envy when considered, and evokes folks to aspire to what the model stands for.
“With R9, there’s a semantic of speed. It’s about moving air from one side to the next, and it does have that form where it looks like it’s going fast while standing still.”

To obtain this daring new design course dictated by Legend, the Aurora R9 relied on plastic. The alternative of fabric is necessary, Lyles mentioned, as a result of it dictates not solely the feel and appear of a product, but additionally the thickness and weight.
Described as resembling an elongated jet engine, Lyles says that the R9’s design has a really particular entrance consumption space – with vent surrounding the curves within the entrance – and the desktop has an impression of a rear exhaust space, and the general object helps give the piece a way of motion, pace, and efficiency.
In automotive parlance, a sports activities automobile, if designed efficiently, might be described as trying prefer it’s going quick whereas standing nonetheless, and that was a key technique into sculpting the R9’s kind. To try this, designers reused the identical chassis from the older mannequin and used 3D printed to print plastic elements to connect to the case.
This allowed them to shortly prototype, iterate, and refine the Aurora R9’s design, and the fabric was a key alternative in permitting Alienware to create a daring, sculpted design on this technology of desktops.
“With R9, there’s a semantic of speed, and it’s more of a high performance system,” Minehart mentioned of the design. “It’s about moving air from one side to the next, and it does have that form where it looks like it’s going fast while standing still.”

Aside from serving to designers create a visually interesting design for the desktop, the selection of plastic within the building of the desktop additionally helped engineers optimize the general system efficiency.
“As we were coming up with new concept designs, we can 3D print the plastic parts, attach them to the chassis, and actually run that chassis to real world performance test to know what the thermal impact of the design would be,” Minehart added, noting that designers meaningfully selected plastic as the right materials for the R9’s case. “And so we did a couple of iterations of that, as well, until we saw improved performance.”
With quick prototyping, engineers have been capable of take a look at how air flowed by the system, and the ultimate case design, in response to Lyles, delivered the optimum thermal efficiency. Designers jokingly consult with engineers because the thermal compliance lab due to how concerned they’re within the design course of with a view to get the proper visible identification that everybody wished and the airflow required for optimum thermal administration.
“That part of the process can become really tedious,” Probst mentioned. “We spent a lot of time on Area-51m, and Aurora R9, really working on fractions of millimeters on patterns and watching the way that air trickle in and it affects the flow through the system.” With the Legend design, airflow was of serious significance to the staff, as a result of they wished to drive greater ranges of efficiency. On the newest Alienware desktops and laptops, a part of the work with thermal design is utilizing the honeycomb hexagonal sample to assist drive air whereas making a product with out giant holes or gaps.
“It actually is a culmination of 22 years of learning and evolution and building on solution on top of solution and coming to the exact right answer.”

“We want to make sure that the design of the system works in unison with the function,” Probst added, noting that designers and engineers work intently collectively to combine the superior know-how to create a standard answer.
While reusing the identical inner chassis from the R8 allowed Alienware to hurry up growth for the R9, it additionally introduced designers with challenges. For starters, as a result of the swing arm that homes the ability provide unit is so distinguished within the system, including a clear glass door was not even thought of, as a result of little or no visible curiosity would have been gained with such a design. Still, recycling the identical inner chassis was the proper choice for Dell as a result of it offered the Aurora R9 with as a lot inner house as wanted for the system.
“Now, could we have gone and done an entire new chassis from the ground up?” Lyles hypothetically requested. “Absolutely, but it would take more time.” Alienware wished to have the system prepared for Gamescom this yr, in order that was not an possibility. In the long run although, Alienware’s staff isn’t ruling out a clear glass window on a future case design, and even designing a completely new chassis from the bottom up the place they will apply their very own innovation and iconic touches.
Though in actuality designing for Legend took practically three years of passionate work, it was extra of a 22-year journey. “It actually is a culmination of 22 years of learning and evolution and building on solution on top of solution and coming to the exact right answer,” Lyles gushed.
To infinity and past

Competitors like Asus and HP have been main the discourse with its dual-screened gaming notebooks, and Intel’s companions are starting the general public dialog about foldable shows. Alienware seems to be taking a extra restrained strategy in the case of kind elements. That, nonetheless, doesn’t imply that designers aren’t innovating in new methods.
“First, when we design the legend, language over the course of a year, we look at many more form factors beyond what we just have announced, and we’re going to be shipping across legend ecosystem,” Lyles mentioned. “We explored other things in the desktop space, other things in the mobile space.”
“Sometimes designers have an idea, sometimes the engineers generate an idea and bring it to us. We’re always looking to radically innovate.”

One of these concepts that Alienware explored was a set of VR goggles with the Legend design language that to this point has not been introduced.
“Also, we are constantly thinking about new things and challenging ourselves,” he added. “Sometimes designers have an idea, sometimes the engineers generate an idea and bring it to us. We’re always looking to radically innovate in industry and find new things.”
Given Dell’s dimension, designers and engineers are thankfully in a position innovate freely with out fear in regards to the economics of the enterprise. “We have a free area of innovation, where we just generate crazy, innovative ideas,” Lyles mentioned. “I would say we innovate without constraints.” Once the concepts are flushed out, then Dell’s enterprise groups is available in and evaluates market alternatives, model constructing concepts, and the worth of the concept to the general enterprise.
Right now, the designers that I spoke with have no less than 4 concepts that they’re engaged on that would result in Alienware’s subsequent great point in gaming. Given that these concepts are nonetheless within the early levels, it’s unclear in the event that they’ll move Dell’s enterprise take a look at. But by absolutely understanding the market and realizing what avid gamers actually need, Alienware will have the ability to drive lasting assist for its merchandise quite than create one-offs with brief lifespans that can be uncared for by avid gamers in a couple of months and deserted by builders in a yr. Regardless of what new merchandise truly get launched, one factor is for certain: The Legend design aesthetic will welcome them into the Alienware household with open arms.

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