Farewell, the optimism of humanity overcoming our baser instincts and touring to the celebs. Farewell even to the optimism of an eccentric billionaire funding an expedition to Mars. Those goals have been at all times foolish maybe, and within the everlasting phrases of Charlton Heston: “You maniacs! You blew it up!”

By which I imply: Surviving Mars has spawned a spin-off in Surviving the Aftermath, swapping out the glossy promise of a space-faring future for the grim post-apocalyptic wastes. Announced simply final week, Paradox surprise-released Surviving the Aftermath into Early Access at the moment.

And having spent a while with it, I’ve trudged again throughout the nuclear-scarred panorama to deliver you some preliminary ideas.

Love the atomic bomb

I’ll say, I didn’t count on Surviving Mars to put the grounds for a brand new sequence. It’s a cool concept although. Playing Surviving Mars, I did discover myself wishing there have been extra themed metropolis builders—and that’s exactly the promise of a Surviving [Blank] sequence.Survive the Middle AgesSurvive AntarcticaSurvive Brexit. The prospects are just about infinite with a theme that broad.

“Surviving” is the core of it although, a sense of constructing a toehold on your colony in opposition to all odds. In Surviving Mars that meant making certain your fragile people may wring sufficient meals and water from the tough Martian soil. In Surviving the Aftermath it’s…nicely, just about the identical aim, besides swap out Martian soil for “irradiated hellscape.”

This remains to be very a lot a small-scale builder although. A “colony” as I mentioned, not a metropolis. And per the setting, Aftermath is much more ragtag than Surviving Mars. You aren’t sending drones to assemble glossy fiberglass shelters and helium-3 mines. Get able to put up tents and emergency shelters, fishing shacks and rudimentary sawmills.

Flourishing for me up to now means having round a dozen survivors in my camp. Even that state of affairs is precarious although, with radiation clouds and different hazards liable to kill off half the inhabitants at a moments’ discover.

It’s bleak. Solar panels are a significant analysis accomplishment. The pinnacle of one of many tech bushes in the intervening time is a cobbled-together movie show. You’re not rebuilding a lot of a civilization right here.

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