5G smartphones cheat sheet: Complete guide for 2023

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    Mobile community operators world wide are sprinting to fortify 5G community deployments to extra effectively serve the growing variety of 5G-comparable telephones customers and companies are connecting to cell networks.
    Though smartphones are already ubiquitous, the elevated use of cell broadband adapters, always-connected computer systems, and shopper and enterprise Internet of Things gadgets require extra information than earlier 4G networks may sustainably provide.
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    Naturally, smartphone producers are desperate to proceed to include 5G in high quality and well-liked cellphone choices.
    This cheat sheet for 5G-compatible smartphones is an outline of smartphones marketed as being 5G succesful in addition to a forecast of when producers will launch new gadgets. This article might be up to date periodically as new bulletins and merchandise are launched.
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    Technical particulars of 5G
    5G refers back to the fifth era of mobile cell communications. Strictly talking, the trade normal known as 5G NR. Unlike the fourth era of mobile cell communications, which had two competing requirements — LTE and WiMAX — there isn’t a competing normal to 5G NR. However, the 5G NR requirements are designed to be fairly versatile with the intention to accommodate a various vary of use instances.
    5G NR permits for networks to function on a greater diversity of frequencies, recycling frequencies vacated from the decommissioning 2G and 3G networks in addition to the digital dividend of spectrum vacated from the transition to digital TV broadcasts, and beforehand unused extraordinarily excessive frequency or millimeter wave frequencies, which comprise the 30 to 300 GHz vary.
    The 5G NR normal permits for speeds as much as 20 gigabits per second, although it is a theoretical most based mostly on laboratory testing of proof-of-concept {hardware}. While preliminary rollouts might solely attain speeds already attainable on present 4G networks, 5G is engineered to attenuate latency in comparison with 4G. Further, mature 5G modems are anticipated to have modestly decrease energy necessities than 4G, thereby extending the battery lifetime of 5G-powered smartphones.
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    It is necessary to notice that 5G will not be an incremental or backward-compatible replace to present cell communications requirements. 5G is separate from 4G requirements like LTE or WiMAX and can’t be delivered to present telephones, tablets or wi-fi modems by the use of tower upgrades or software program updates.
    Mobile community operators are deploying upgrades to its LTE infrastructure, together with applied sciences like LTE Advanced and LTE Advanced Pro, which permit for obtain speeds over one gigabit on smartphones. While these are worthwhile and welcome advances, these are in the end transitional 4G applied sciences and don’t present the complete vary of advantages of 5G NR.
    For a technical overview of 5G networks, when and the place 5G networks are being deployed, and the way companies and customers can profit from 5G applied sciences, take a look at TechRepublic’s cheat sheet for 5G networks.
    What are the advantages and downsides of 5G-compatible smartphones?
    The two most blatant advantages of 5G smartphones are lowered latencies in comparison with 4G networks and resilience in opposition to efficiency degradation in densely packed areas.
    Structures which have been traditionally tough to serve by way of mobile networks are sometimes topic to community degradation or service disruption because of the variety of gadgets related to the out there infrastructure. Examples embody high-rise workplace buildings, that are architecturally tough to serve because of the physics of radio waves, and huge stadiums supposed to accommodate tens of 1000’s of spectators.
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    As 5G extensively makes use of small cell towers speaking on mmWave frequencies, these towers can extra successfully serve clients in some of these constructions.
    The use of mmWave frequencies can be a major downside, as early antenna and modem designs trigger extreme warmth in smartphones, which might deplete the battery cost shortly. Likewise, for conventional lithium-ion batteries, extreme publicity to elevated temperatures can shorten the lifespan of the battery.
    What gadgets are 5G suitable, and what {hardware} is required?
    Just about each main cellphone producer produces 5G suitable telephones, together with Apple, ASUS, Google, HTC, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Nokia, OnePlus, Samsung, Sony, TCL, Xiaomi and ZTE. Below is a forecast of present well-liked vendor 5G-capable cellphone choices from every of those producers in addition to when a few of their new 5G-capable telephones might be launched.
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    Current gadgets


    iPhone 146.16GB128GB–1TB

    iPhone 14 Pro6.16GB128GB–1TB

    iPhone 14 Max6.76GB128GB–1TB

    iPhone 14 Pro Max6.76GB128GB–1TB

    iPhone 135.4″ / 6.1″4GB128–512GB

    iPhone 13 Pro6.1″6GB128GB–1TB

    iPhone 13 Pro Max6.7″6GB128GB–1TB

    iPhone 13 Mini5.4″4GB128–512GB

    iPhone SE4.7″4GB64–256GB

    iPhone 12 6.16GB64-128-256GB

    Current gadgets


    ROG Phone 5s6.78″12–18GB128–256GB

    ROG Phone 5s Pro6.78″18GB512GB

    Zenfone 76.67″6–8GB128GB

    Zenfone 7 Pro6.67″8GB256GB

    Zenfone 85.9″6GB128GB

    Zenfone 8 Flip6.67″8GB128–256GB

    Zenfone 95.9″16GB256GB

    ROG Phone 66.788–16GB512GB

    ROG Phone 6 Pro6.7818GB512GB

    Current gadgets


    Pixel 66.4″6GB128–256GB

    Pixel 6 Pro6.7″12GB128–512GB

    Pixel 6a6.1″6GB128GB

    Pixel 76.38GB128–256GB

    Pixel 7 Pro6.712 GB256–512GB

    Current gadgets


    HTC Desire 21 Pro6.7″8GB128GB

    HTC Desire 22 Pro6.6″8GB128GB

    HTC U206.8″6–8GB256GB

    HTC U12 Plus6″6GB64–128GB

    As a serious vendor of networking gear to community operators, in addition to manufacturing its personal Kirin SoCs to be used in smartphones, Huawei would have theoretically been well-positioned to be among the many first distributors to launch 5G-capable merchandise. However, resulting from sanctions from the U.S. authorities, that are nonetheless in place, Huawei telephones will not be bought within the U.S. and thus will not be coated by this text.
    Current gadgets




    V50S ThinQ6.4″8GB256GB

    V60 ThinQ6.8″8GB128GB


    Current gadgets


    Edge 20206.7″12GB256GB

    Edge 20216.8″8GB256GB

    Moto G6.56GB256GB

    Moto G Stylus6.8″6GB128GB


    Edge 306.5″6–8GB128–256GB

    Edge 30 Pro6.7″8–12GB128–256GB


    One Ace6.7″4–6GB64–128GB

    One UW Ace6.7″4GB64GB

    Moto Raz6.7″8–12GB128–512GB

    Moto G326.54–6GB64–128GB

    Upcoming gadgets
    As of January 2023, Motorola has introduced a number of 5G suitable telephones anticipated to be launched into the market early within the 12 months.


    Moto Edge 40 Pro6.7″8–12GB128-512 GB

    Moto G736.58GB128–256GB

    Moto G53 5G6.54GB128GB

    Moto G236.58GB128GB

    Moto G136.58GB128GB

    Current gadgets









    8 V6.81″6GB64GB


    G400 5G6.58″4GB64GB

    Upcoming gadgets
    Nokia is predicted to launch these upcoming telephones; the primary two are “coming soon” whereas the XR21 is projected to ship in mid-2023.





    OnePlus (Oppo)
    Current gadgets
    The 10T and the Nord N20 SE have been simply launched in August 2022.


    Nord N106.49″6GB128GB

    Nord N20 SE6.56″4GB64GB

    Nord CE2 Lite6.59″6–8GB128GB

    Nord 2T6.43″8–12GB128–256GB


    9 Pro6.7″8–12GB128–256GB




    10R 150W6.7″12GB256GB

    Current gadgets


    Galaxy Z Flip36.7″8GB128–256GB

    Galaxy Z Fold37.6″12GB256–512GB

    Galaxy S216.2″8GB128GB

    Galaxy S21 FE6.4″6–8GB128–256GB

    Galaxy S226.1″8GB128–256GB

    Galaxy S21 Ultra6.8″12–16GB128–512GB

    Galaxy S22 Ultra6.8″8–12GB128GB–1TB

    Galaxy Note206.7″8GB256GB

    Galaxy Note20 Ultra6.9″8–12GB128–512GB

    Galaxy A326.5″4–8GB64–128GB

    Galaxy Z Flip46.7″8GB128–512GB

    Galaxy Z Fold46.2″12GB256GB–1TB

    Current gadgets


    Xperia PRO6.5″12GB512GB

    Xperia PRO-I6.5″12GB512GB

    Xperia 1 III6.5″12GB256–512GB

    Xperia 1 IV6.5″12GB256–512GB

    Xperia 5 II6.1″8GB128–256GB

    Xperia 5 III6.1″8GB128–256GB

    Xperia 10 III6″6GB128–256GB

    Xperia 10 III Lite6″6GB64GB

    Xperia 10 IV6″6GB128GB

    TCL (Alcatel)
    Current gadgets


    TCL 106.53″6GB128GB

    TCL 206.67″6GB256GB

    TCL 20R6.52″4GB64–128GB

    TCL 306.7″4GB64–128GB

    TCL 30 XE6.52″4GB64GB

    TCL 30 V6.67″4GB128GB

    Current gadgets


    11i HyperCharge6.67″6–8GB128–256GB

    11 Lite6.55″6–8GB128–256GB


    12 Lite6.55″6–8GB128–256GB

    12 Pro6.73″8–12GB128–256GB

    12 S6.28″8–12GB128–512GB

    12 S Pro6.73″8–12GB128–512GB

    12 S Ultra6.73″8–12GB128–512GB

    12 X6.28″8–12GB128–256GB

    Mi 9 Pro6.39″8–12GB128–512GB

    Mi 106.67″8–12GB128–256GB

    Mi 10i6.67″8–12GB128GB

    Mi 10 Lite6.57″6–8GB64–256GB

    Mi 10 Pro6.67″8–12GB256GB–1TB

    Mi 10 Youth6.57″6–8GB64–256GB

    Mi 10T6.67″6–8GB128GB

    Mi 10T Lite6.67″6GB64–256GB

    Mi 10T Pro6.67″8GB128–256GB

    Mi 11 Lite6.55″6–8GB64–256GB

    Mi Mix 36.39″6GB64–128GB

    Poco F46.67″6–12GB128–256GB

    Poco M3 Pro6.5″4–6GB64–128GB

    Poco X4 Pro6.67″6–8GB64–256GB

    Redmi 10X6.57″6–8GB64–256GB

    Redmi 10X Pro6.57″8GB128GB

    Redmi Okay306.67″6–8GB64–256GB

    Redmi Okay30i6.67″6–8GB128–256GB

    Redmi Okay50i6.6″6–8GB128–256GB

    Redmi Note 96.53″4–6GB64–256GB

    Redmi Note 9 Pro6.67″6–8GB128–256GB

    Redmi Note 106.5″4–8GB64–256GB

    Redmi Note 10G6.5″4–6GB64–128GB

    Redmi Note 11 Pro6.7″6–8GB128–256GB

    Redmi Note 11S6.6″4–6GB64–128GB

    Redmi Note 11T6.6″4–8GB64–128GB

    Redmi 10 6.54-6GB128 GB

    Current gadgets


    Axon 10 Pro6.47″6–12GB128–256GB

    Axon 10 S Pro6.47″6–12GB128–256GB

    Axon 116.47″6–8GB128–256GB

    Axon 11 SE6.53″6GB128GB

    Axon 206.92″6–8GB128–256GB

    Axon 20 Extreme6.92″12GB128GB–1TB

    Axon 306.92″6–12GB128–256GB

    Axon 30 Pro6.67″6–8GB128–256GB

    Axon 30 Ultra6.67″8–16GB128GB

    Blade 206.52″6GB128GB

    Blade 20 Pro6.47″8GB128GB

    Blade X16.5″6GB128GB

    Blade V20206.53″6GB128GB


    Nubia Lite6.65″8GB256GB

    Nubia X6.26″6–8GB64–512GB

    Editor’s notice: The unique reporting for this text was by James Sanders and was later up to date by Brandon Vigliarolo and Scott Matteson to incorporate the most recent data on 5G smartphones. The most up-to-date replace was accomplished by Ray Fernandez to incorporate the most recent updates on 5G smartphone fashions and upcoming releases.

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