7 key qualities of a good website in terms of SEO

    There are certain aspects that every decent website needs to have, and that’s just what you’ll read in this post.

    To achieve a good status in terms of SEO, a website has to have certain unique characteristics that differentiate it from the other websites competing for the same topics.

    1.  Great content on a good website

    Quality content is the cornerstone of a good website. Other search engines and Google have been really successful at browsing websites with high-quality content, and this means you can’t keep it up online if the content isn’t nice.

    If we speak about good content, we are not talking about material of any sort except material that consumers want to read.

    Great content is essential in the success of a website. Through viewing the Google Analytics results and evaluating metrics such as:

    • Exit rate
    • Average session length
    • Bounce rate
    • Time on site
    • Session/Pages

    When such figures are strong, and there is a connection with your content in the form of backlinks, comments, and shares, it means that your website is performing well and satisfying user requirements.

    When none of the above is accurate, you will go back to the drawing board and reconsider your plan on the content.

    2.  An SEO optimized site

    You can produce fantastic content, so what’s next? You should ensure that Google reads the website and its content and loves it.

    Simply put, you need to build an SEO-friendly website free of technological SEO errors and provide search engine crawlers with the correct signals through the text.

    The principle is simple: the more detail you can give search engines to grasp it, which is also a very simplistic concept of SEO, the better the chances of earning higher rankings.

    SEO-optimized websites have a better user interface because they are easy to navigate, easy to manage, and well-structured, making them perfect websites.

    3.  Users trust a good website

    Gaining user confidence is an essential consideration for success, and even though you fail to gain Google confidence, you still need to gain customer trust.

    The trust of the user has to do with service consistency, but it also has to do with trusting the customers. You value your customers by supplying them with accurate, easy-to-access information without attempting to manipulate them into clicking advertisements.

    User trust is in ensuring that all information they exchange with you is safe and confidential and is not shared with marketing companies without their consideration. User trust also means that any information obtained from your website is not injected into your computers as malware. You just took a big leap into creating a good web site that had some additional benefits. If you were able to impress your clients to continue to give them a better experience, you are on the right track.

    4.  Strong website optimization for mobile user

    An immense majority of users use their mobile devices to initiate or finish their search, and it is more than important to have a mobile-optimized website. Google implemented mobile responsiveness as a requirement for search engine ranking as criteria of Google rankings. If your users do not get a smartphone-friendly website, it will hurt your rankings.

    You should pay special attention to how consumers can easily and efficiently define what they want in your responsive website.

    5.  Faster loading speed

    Site speed is directly linked to SEO, accessibility, and user trust. Neither consumers nor search engines want to access a website that will take too long to launch. Slow websites have lower scores for searches, which give visitors a poor experience.

    A website is considered slow if it loads on a smartphone in more than 2.5 seconds, according to Google. The solution is obvious, so when designing the website, try to take the speed of the site into account.

    6.  Strong backlinking

    A good website has links to other good websites. That is pretty much how search engines function in their search box when you enter a search word. Let me just explain.

    Numerous Websites usually meet the above criteria. So how do search engines decide whether which websites should be shown on the first page and which on other pages?

    The result is compared to the others in the number and form of references (links) a website has. A website with backlinks from other websites has significant advantages over those that do not challenge any other websites in terms of links.

    Use a free backlink maker to generate quality links for your site.

    This has been abused by people who have developed thousands of artificial links to achieve better results over the years. But search engines, particularly Google, was smart enough to distinguish between spam and actual links. A link that comes from a trustworthy website is considered as a good backlink by search engines. It’s a big subject to study, but the lesson is that you need to have more incoming connections both in consistency and quantity than the other sites contesting for the same keywords to distinguish the website from other web pages.

    7.  It takes a lot of effort to make a good website

    When you ask Google about the reasons a website doesn’t have good rankings, you will be advised to conform to the rules that I stated above. For every particular keyword, thousands of websites fight for a spot on the first page of the search results. The ones that end up thriving are the ones that tend to grow and improve over time.

    To get to the first page on Google’s top position took me years, and I had to work for endless hours before that. Take any popular internet website or blogger for starters; what do they have in common?

    Many years of forums and blogs with lots of excellent material and thousands of connections flowing in. Is this something you can build in just a couple of months? Certainly not, but if you do diligent research over a period of time, you can find that things are slowly improving, and it’s getting simpler.

    Wrapping up

    It is not architecture alone that makes a good website but other factors that include links, social media, trust, SEO, accessibility, and content.

    As a first step, you should ensure that all these parameters are fulfilled correctly. In a second step to start working until all visitors and crawlers are convinced that you have a good high-ranking website.

    It’s not easy to build a fantastic website, but that’s not difficult either. Just put these key qualities on your website, and it will surely blossom.

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