7 Sales automation tools you need to grow your business


    Selling woes have plagued almost all of us. Minuscule mistakes in countless scenarios have often made people miss out on deals that could change their world. Forgetting to follow up for a previous client or spending a long time, overlooking a fault in your sales process could be one of the reasons you are spending hours in front of screens. If you are trying to find solutions for all of the problems caused by your manual sales, it’s time for you to switch things up.

    Sales automation is your one-stop shop to resolve a lot of issues. Did you know that sales automation can not only save your time but make your sales procedure efficient?

    What exactly is ‘sales automation.’

    We have been repeating the term ‘sales automation’ for a while now. Here is a brief explanation about what it means to have automated sales.

    Sales automation is the utilization of software to conduct the manual tasks previously accomplished by sales reps and managers. The tedious tasks of finding potential clients and going through sales pipeline templates for endless hours. Improved accuracy and accelerated sales are unquestionably two of the preferred attributes for every business!

    How to conquer sales automation


    Sales automation may seem like a problematic summit when you look at it from a distance. But it is rather simple, only if you the understand the basics. For a smooth transition to automation, you need to define a few things within your existing structure.

    First and foremost, have a precise definition of your sales process. Understand it well and question yourself frequently about your approaches. Make sure that the decision points are placed at measurable inputs. Castles in the skies wouldn’t help your business. Prudent decisions would!

    The next step of importance is, to find the ideal CRM for your business. It should be one that has the potential to understand your sales process and define the milestones efficiently. Salesmate is the perfect choice for this. And lastly, determine standard questions. Your critical information needs a rapid recording and an instantaneous workflow. Make sure that your reps don’t have to work through labyrinths that confuse your sales.

    Sales automation tools you need

    Here is a list of sales automation tools you need to grow your business and reduce your worries. These tools will ensure that your sales run smoothly and you don’t have to undergo the hassle of fixing the mistakes one of your subordinates made. The very error that made the team lose the deal.


    Salesmate is the Rosetta stone for everyone who is in search of an ideal automation transition. It provides you with opportunities to engage more prospects and a Sales CRM that is not only proficient but also insightful.

    It tracks your sales activity and improves email productivity. While also managing sales pipelines. The powerful sales insights and a user-friendly interface make Salesmate a blessing. So if you’ve been on a search for long and have not found the answer to your sales woes, then Salesmate is your best friend.

    Hubspot CRM

    A free CRM solution for small businesses, Hubspot CRM, is a choice made by many. It is a solution that saves you the hassle of going through messy spreadsheets that make you see crosses everywhere. It automates the tasks sales reps hate and produces accurate results without much effort.

    It tracks your interactions and displays all of the sales on a single dashboard. The precise work surface and the availability of up to a million contacts make this a fantastic choice.


    Salesflare is the less work, more sales model we all need. It provides a seamless integration within your sales toolset. It makes it easy for you to coordinate within the team and also automatically directs you to follow-ups where they’re needed.


    Growbots aims to unlock growth potential all over the world. It drives expected revenue growth and automates the connections you need. Generating leads and sorting everything that lies in sales and marketing, this AI-based software is an ideal choice.


    Who needs what

    Every level of sales automation creates a need for a separate solution. Reps and managers don’t need the same things to help their work. Here is a basic rundown of what can help you with each step of sales automation.


    Sales reps

    Sales reps have a hard time finding prospects and connecting with them. LinkedIn Premium is the answer to direct, filtered prospect search. A high level of lead enrichment is required to score a client. The more you know about the client, the easier it gets to attract them. Consider knowledge as power to leverage things to your company’s advantage.

    Zappier is a third party app that connects all of your other apps and automates your tasks from Evernote, Google Keep and other such apps. You need to predesign email templates for your work to keep the human element in CRM.

    Sales managers

    For the managers, there’s a line of complicated reports to make and leads to be rotated. Managers are often found spending hours creating reports manually and emailing them. But there are even better ways to inform executives and motivate the reps. You could automate emails using your CRM.

    You can save bandwidth and your time by automated lead rotation and scoring. You can help the quota of your team and also protect the lead from slipping away by automation. Direct your CRM to assign leads according to filters of geographic location and company size. Or even through a varied combination of criteria.

    Is it worth it


    Everything that is a little too good often has distressing drawbacks. Sales automation may seem to have a bright future but have we thought of its setbacks?

    The way it can dehumanize sales. Sending a multitude of automated responses could prompt your prospects to ignore you. There was a time when humans needed algorithms, which we still do, however, algorithms need the human touch.

    Your CRM  and other automated processes cannot be entirely soulless due to the preference people have for human contacts. Bots and any other form of Artificial Intelligence may be accurate and efficient, but it lacks the attention to details which humans can understand. Develop a smart level of automation without going entirely robotic. These considerations today will form your reputation for tomorrow.

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