About Us

TechSwitch is started with a team of dedicated and enthusiastic technology blogger and journalist. We’re here to provide people with the most relevant and most updated technology news in as many category as we can get our hands on.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inform people of their favorite technology and gadgets as early as possible. Bringing them the latest technologies and gadgets update. So whether you’re a gadgets enthusiast or a professional technology users. Our team is dedicated to let your be the most informed person in the category.

Our Vision

We settle for nothing less than being the #1 in technology news providers. Growing our readers number to 10 million unique visitors a month. Although we still might be far away from our goal but we’ll never stop publish and updating our site with the best technology news we can find.

Our Team

Our team consist of more than 10 members each specialize in different skills set. Some developers and some journalist. Each of us are dedicated to ensure the uptime of our site and relevancy of our news.