Accent Altering Voice Tech Aims To Replace Frustration With Communication

    Having hassle understanding that individual on the finish of the help line you’ve referred to as to get some customer support? A Silicon Valley firm needs to make these sorts of issues a factor of the previous.
    The firm, Sanas, makes software program that makes use of synthetic intelligence to take away the accents within the speech of non-native, and even native, English audio system and output a extra commonplace model of the language. “The program does phonetic-based speech synthesis in real-time,” one of many agency’s founders, Sharath Keshava Narayana, advised TechNewsWorld.
    In addition, the voice traits stay the identical even after the accent is eliminated. The voice output by the software program sounds the identical because the voice enter, solely the accent has been eliminated so, for instance, the intercourse of the speaker is preserved.
    “What we’re doing is allowing agents to maintain their identity, maintain their accents, without the need to change it,” stated Sanas CEO Maxim Serebryakov.
    “The call center market is enormous. It’s 4% of India’s GDP, 14% of the Philippine’s GDP,” he advised TechNewsWorld. “We’re not talking about a few thousand people getting discriminated against on a daily basis because of their cultural identity. We’re talking about millions and millions of people that get treated differently because of the way they sound.”
    “The concept is sound. If they can make it work, it’s a big deal,” noticed Jack E. Gold, founder and principal analyst at J.Gold Associates, an IT advisory firm in Northborough, Mass.
    “It can make companies more efficient and more effective and more responsive to consumers,” he advised TechNewsWorld.
    Talking Local
    Gold defined that locals have a tendency to raised perceive native dialects and affiliate with them higher. “Even talking to someone with a heavy Southern accent sometimes gives me pause,” stated the Massachusetts resident. “It affects the effectiveness of the call center if you can be much more like me.”
    “Many call center workers are based overseas and customers could easily have trouble understanding what they’re saying in the case of strong accents,” John Harmon, a senior analyst with Coresight Research, a worldwide advisory and analysis agency specializing in retail and know-how, advised TechNewsWorld.
    “But the same could be true even for regional U.S. accents,” he added.

    A D V E R T I S E M E N T

    However, Taylor Goucher, COO of Connext Global Solutions, an outsourcing firm in Honolulu, discounted accents as a supply of buyer frustration.
    “It is well known that companies outsource call center support to different countries and rural parts of the United States,” he advised TechNewsWorld. “The larger issue is the right selection of employees for the position and the training and processes that are in place to make them successful.”
    Customer Perceptions
    Harmon famous that customers can have a destructive response after they encounter a help individual with a international accent on the different finish of a help line. “A caller could feel that a company is not taking customer support seriously because it’s finding a cheaper solution by outsourcing service to an overseas call center,” he stated.
    “Also,” he added, “some customers might feel that someone overseas might be less able to help them.”
    Goucher cited a examine taken by Zendesk in 2011 that confirmed buyer satisfaction dropping from 79% to 58% when a name middle was moved exterior the United States. “Everyone that I know has likely had a poor customer experience at some point in their lives with an agent that they couldn’t understand,” he noticed.
    He famous that the most important downside with dangerous buyer expertise is the dearth of help methods, coaching, and administration oversight within the name middle.
    “Frequently we see companies move call centers offshore just to have the phone answered.” he stated. “In customer service, answering the phone isn’t the most important part, it’s what happens after.”
    “Agents, accent or no accent, will be able to provide winning customer experiences if they are the right person for the role, have the right training, and have the right tools to solve customer problems,” he added. “Saying the accent is the problem is an easy out.”
    Bias Against Accents
    When a buyer help individual doesn’t have the instruments to resolve an issue, it may be an enormous frustration to a buyer, Gold noticed. “If I call somebody, I want my problem solved, and I don’t want to go through 88 steps to get there,” he stated. “It’s frustrating to me because I just spent a whole bunch of money with your company.”
    “Anything that can be done to get over that hump faster has multiple benefits,” he continued. “From the consumer perspective, there’s the benefit of not pissing me off. In addition, if I can get through faster, it means the service person can spend less time with me and can handle more calls. And if I can hone in on the problem better, I won’t have to call again about it.”

    A D V E R T I S E M E N T

    Regardless of whether or not a buyer help individual has the instruments they should present top-notch service, accents can affect a caller’s response to the individual on the different finish of a cellphone line.
    “A customer could become upset at having to decode a foreign accent,” Harmon stated. “There is also the stereotype that some U.S. accents sound uneducated, and a customer could feel like that the service provider is getting by with cheaper support.”
    “In some cases, I think the biggest pre-existing bias is that if the agent has an accent, they aren’t going to be able to solve my problem,” Goucher added.
    Choice for Voice
    Serebryakov famous that one of many objectives of Sanas is to supply folks with alternative in terms of their voice. “When we post photos on Instagram, we can use filters to represent ourselves however we want to,” he defined. “But you don’t have a similar medium for voice. Our mission at Sanas is to provide that kind of choice.”
    Although Sanas has initially focused name facilities for its know-how, there are different areas that maintain potential for it.
    “One of the biggest uses we see for the technology is in enterprise communication,” Narayana stated. “We got a call from Samsung saying they’ve got 70,000 engineers in Korea who interact with engineers in the U.S., and they don’t talk at team meetings because they’re scared how they’ll be interpreted. That’s the next use case we want to solve.”
    The know-how additionally has potential in gaming, well being care, telemedicine, and schooling, he added.
    Sanas on June 22 introduced a $32 million Series A, boasting the biggest Series A spherical in historical past for a speech know-how firm.

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