All You Need to Know About Microsoft MCSA 70-463 SQL Server Exam

    Microsoft 70-463 also known as the SQL server 2012/2014 exam is a certification exam by Microsoft to test on a set of skills of a person. Testing the knowledge on the implementation of a data warehouse with Microsoft SQL server 2012/2014 the exam is widely known for its certification amongst IT professionals.

    What does the Microsoft 70-463 check?

    Microsoft 70-463 or Microsoft Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 exam includes a wide range of skills to be tested in relation to SQL server. These comprise of 5 main aspects as below.

    1. Design and implement a data warehouse

    This part of the subject requires professional knowledge with the designing and implementation of dimensions and fact tables. The finer aspects of dimensions and fact tables like design hierarchies, dimension attributes, the granularity of connection between fact tables, implementation of dimensions, data lineage, etc. are to be worked upon extensively. It also teaches the design table for interconnectivity, index of fact tables, usage of column store indexes, etc.

    1. Extract and transformation data

    The process of data extraction, reading, transformation, and sourcing is checked on this subject. There are several parts of learning here, i.e., Defining connection managers, designing of data flow, implementing data flow, Management of SSIS package execution, implementation of script tasks in SSIS. All of them are covered thoroughly to understand the mechanism well. The key factors like SQL/SSIS data transformation, Slow changing dimensions (SCD), SQL joins, Data Quality Services (DQS), usage of DTEXEC, execution of packages using SQL server agent, etc. are given topmost importance.

    1. Load Data

    Load data checks on aspects of control and management of data in the program that runs on an SQL server. The key aspects include design control flow, implementing package logic by using SSIS variables and parameters, implementation of control flow, implementing data load options, implementing script components in SSIS, etc. Load data checks on the finer details of the SQL server table, SSIS variables, control flow script component in SSIS.

    1. Configure and deploy SSIS solutions

    Configuration and working of the SSIS solutions is the key part of this module. Right from the installation to the troubleshooting every aspect is given due importance with an inherent need to correct and make the program work. Key aspects include installation and maintenance of SSIS components, implementation of SSIS variables, auditing, logging and handling, SSIS solutions, the configuration of SSIS settings, checking on the troubleshoots, etc. This aspect teaches to understand, configure and track the components of working of the SSIS solutions. With a corrective measure, the working of the components is checked the most.

    1. Build data quality solutions

    Data quality lies of utmost importance in any software programming. And with the SQL server with SSIS solutions, the focus is on building the data quality solutions which impart fluency of operation. Here the emphasis lies on the installation and maintenance of the data quality services, implementing master data management services, creating data quality project to clean the data that is ruptured. Hence with this programming, the data is kept productive and accurate.

    How to prepare for the Microsoft 70-483 exam?

    Experts have relied on thorough planning and execution of preparation plan for the Microsoft SQL server 2012/2014 exam. As the focus is on the technical aspects of the programming with SQL Server 2012/2014, it is important to gather knowledge both theoretically and practically. Several aspects shall help in preparation of the exam.

    Microsoft certified tips

    Microsoft has its series of expert talks to share their tips on for the exam preparation. These experts throw light on the essential aspects of the varied subjects, their key areas and how to prepare them for the exam. The class helps in understanding the plan of action for the preparation of Microsoft 70-483 exam.


    When the will is there, nothing is tough to do it on your own. The Microsoft 70-483 exam subject may be vast but can be easily learned. Take due time to prepare and practice the modules all by yourself. For someone who comes from IT background, it is easier to grasp the technicalities of the subjects for the exams.

    Reference books

    The reference books are crucial for the best preparation of the exams. The books covering the Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 to their utmost should be preferred. Take a thorough understanding of what the experts recommend and what the students have been using for preparation of the exam. Make a choice and go for at least two reference books per subject.

    Mock Tests

    Mock tests provide for a clear picture of one’s understanding. Taking up mock tests helps in timely evaluation of learning so that one can go back and study again. Take up as many mock tests as possible to refine the knowledge and achieve perfection in answers.

    Who should take up Microsoft 70-483 exams?

    Microsoft 70-483 exams are recommended for the data warehouse developers and people who aim to design Business Interface solutions. The It professionals who work in the field of data clearing, extraction, and loading of data can take up the certification for better career opportunities and learning.

    How tough is it to pass Microsoft 70-483 exams?

    Microsoft 70-483 exam is a thorough understanding of SQL server 2012/2014 version. The detail of understanding for the exam might seem complex, but the exam isn’t as tough when you are prepared well. With a good pass percentage, professionals have been successfully able to complete the exam with good scores.

    Where to register for the exam?

    To sign up for the Microsoft 70-483 exam one just needs to log in to the Microsoft official website and schedule for the exam. Documents need to be submitted, and the examination fee needs to be submitted online to get the exam scheduled as per the best available date. Take up the exams and get the certification at the earliest!

    Microsoft 70-483 exam is recognized for a brighter knowledge and career. Go for it and enhance your career!

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