Baldur’s Gate 3 Update 5 Patch Is A “Final Goodbye” To The Game

    After crucial success, memes, and Game Of The Year award issues, Baldur’s Gate 3’s Update 5–which known as a “final goodbye” by the developer–has been launched. Larian Studios has defined a couple of of the most important adjustments to the sport, together with a couple of new methods to play by the journey.The replace facilities round new epilogue content material, which in keeping with Larian will let gamers “meet new friends and old, taking all the time they need to say their final goodbyes to the party.” The new story beats take each participant alternative made all through the sport under consideration, and it contains over 3,500 strains of dialogue all through the epilogue content material.A have a look at the brand new Honour Mode on the primary menu.The patch additionally introduces two new methods to play Baldur’s Gate 3: Honour Mode and Custom Mode. Custom Mode is, as one would possibly guess, a totally adaptable mode the place gamers can select how they want to proceed by the journey. Options out there in Custom Mode embody the power to cover on-screen required rolls and HP stats–which extra intently resembles the tabletop experience–as nicely as quick rests which absolutely heal the social gathering, disabling notion checks, and extra.Honour Mode, then again, is a one-shot, permadeath mode the place gamers will both full the sport with out dying or be pressured to begin once more. This mode may also see bosses use new assaults and different new obstacles thrown in, and people who are in a position to make it by will obtain a Golden D20 merchandise.Baldur’s Gate 3 is on the market now on PlayStation 5 and PC, and it is going to be launched on Xbox Series X|S in December. The full Update 5 patch notes may be discovered beneath and on the sport’s official web site.Baldur’s Gate 3 Update 5 patch notes(SPOILERS – Please keep in mind a few of the entries beneath would possibly comprise spoilers, proceed at your individual threat)Main HighlightsEpilogue: An completely new part on the finish of the sport after the defeat of the the Netherbrain that goals to supply a well-deserved sense of closure together with your allies.Two new play modes: Honour Mode and Custom Mode.Many efficiency enhancements, significantly in Act III.Added dynamic decision for PS5.Players enjoying on machines with low VRAM/RAM ought to see improved efficiency.The recreation is now out there in Korean!While at camp, now you can entry and handle the inventories of companions who aren’t in your energetic social gathering.Added a model new combat in Ramazith’s Tower should you betray Nightsong there.Orin’s outfit now drops as loot and is wearable by anybody. We additionally gave it a suitably disgusting description and identify.Other HighlightsShadowheart will at all times be the proprietor of the artefact throughout the tutorial if she is a follower.Becoming half-illithid will now additionally visually have an effect on your eyes.Basic Action variations (e.g. a free model of Dash which you can carry out due to a category function) that share a hotkey by default will now acquire a hotkey in keeping with a sure precedence order.A romanced Minthara can now consult with her bond with you utilizing a drow phrase for deep, unbreakable love.Fixed a bug the place social gathering members would typically not change again into the armour set they have been displaying earlier than coming into camp.You can now discuss to Mol extra about her contract with Raphael within the Guildhall.Withers will sneakily resurrect any lifeless companions that fell earlier than the ultimate battle to allow them to be a part of the ending cinematics. What a useful skeleton.Gave Jaheira her personal scene with Danthelon if she approaches him alone.Improved the physics of characters and partitions to stop NPCs having the ability to shoot by ceilings inside homes.Fixed a problem the place Gale’s scene with Mystra after the ultimate fight of the sport solely performed should you had nobody else in your social gathering.Made cinematic tweaks to revive sections of Astarion’s Act III Ascendant intercourse scene.Improved companion reactivity when making the choice earlier than the Netherbrain.The loading display artwork now unlocks regularly as you progress by the sport.Boo will now not take harm when thrown.Fixed the puzzle in Cazador’s Palace.Fixed the display going black throughout Astarion’s endgame romance scene.Added some extra audio and cinematic work to the intimate scene with the drow in Sharess’ Caress.Wild Shapes that should not have weapons will now profit from having the Tavern Brawler feat.Crashes and BlockersFixed crashes that would happen whereas loading a savegame.Fixed a crash for some gamers upon coming into Nine-Fingers’ Guildhall.Fixed a crash when dragging an merchandise out of your stock whereas your character is lifeless in one other stock.Fixed a texture-related crash and leak.Fixed a crash and blocker when interacting with Auntie Ethel in Act III.Fixed a problem stopping you from levelling up when there have been extra slots than spells to select from.Fixed a crash that would happen when entities that do not help passives be a part of a fight.Fixed a potential crash associated to dealing harm when the sport cannot detect a supply for that harm.Added fixes for sure random crashes.Fixed a uncommon crash attributable to clothes physics within the Level Up display.Fixed a DLSS crash.Combat and StabilityFixed the fight AI typically not checking if it could possibly use objects.Fixed the hag typically skipping turns.Improved a complicated message within the High Hall fight that prompt the nautiloid was focusing on itself.Fixed the Netherbrain typically solely having the ability to solid one spell per spherical as a substitute of a number of.In Tactician Mode, the hag can now not be killed by being Shoved into chasms. She can solid magic, in any case.Fixed Assassin’s Alacrity – assassins get their Action again on the primary flip of fight.Fixed summon durations beginning to tick down too quickly whereas summoned in fight.Attacks in opposition to a Paralysed or Unconscious goal now not robotically hit – however any hits that do land deal crucial harm.Flesh to Stone is now thought-about a dangerous spell.Fixed the Slowed situation making use of a -2 penalty to all Saving Throws as a substitute of simply Dexterity.Hope from the House of Hope now carries half-plate armour and a lightweight crossbow. She additionally now carries a extra highly effective protect.Battle Master manoeuvres now appropriately add your Proficiency Bonus to the Difficulty Class.Raphael’s Inevitable Resolve passive now triggers appropriately.Half-orcs’ Savage Attacks passive now additionally applies to off-hand weapons.Gave Primal Stampede a Saving Throw to avoid wasting in opposition to being Prone.Casting Blade Barrier whereas beneath the results of Sanctuary will trigger Sanctuary to finish.All gathered allies that may be summoned for the ultimate battle within the Upper City can have their sources restored in the event that they’ve used them elsewhere within the journey.In the fight with Raphael, when he transforms into the Ascended Fiend, all surrounding fires will flip into Hellfire.No such factor as a free lunch. Consuming the noblestalk mushroom throughout fight now prices an Action.Increased the rarity worth of the Elixir of Cloud Giant Strength.Karsite Grip now appropriately bounces to extra targets and its visible results ought to set off appropriately on distant enemies.Fixed a problem with the Tavern Brawler feat the place harm bonuses have been being incorrectly utilized a number of instances whereas making a throwing assault.Raphael’s Soul Pillar Proximity situation will now activate at first of fight, quite than on his first flip.The Potion of Angelic Slumber now restores War Priests clerics’ Extra Attack fees.Dark Urge gamers ought to now at all times have the choice to kill the Netherbrain within the recreation’s last fight.Gortash’s Incineration Casters now not show a hazard space as soon as they’re destroyed.When gamers begin a fight contained in the Elfsong Tavern, all of the patrons will now cower as a substitute of constant to drink.Fixed a problem the place Beorn Wunterbread would not turn out to be hostile in direction of you should you attacked your allies in High Hall.Bernard’s Static Discharge situation now lasts 2 turns as a substitute of 3.Fixed Grym’s Reverberating situation clearing at first of his flip as a substitute of the tip, inflicting the motion velocity buff to not work.GameplayYou can now use Luck of the Far Realms whereas Disguised.The response pop-up, which exhibits a number of potential reactions for a number of social gathering members, now means that you can change your thoughts after choosing a response for a celebration member.You can now not use the superior power of bombs to flip the change behind the ultimate door within the Gauntlet of Shar to power the door to open.Tweaked some code to simplify and enhance the digicam system.Fixed being unable to modify characters if a response pop-up opens for a split-screen participant that’s distant.Fixed occasional T-poses and frozen animations associated to the Incapacitated situation.Fixed fight info (akin to Advantage and Disadvantage) not displaying when focusing on a particular physique half of a bigger creature.When it is potential to vary the use price of an merchandise, the modification will now depend upon the consumer of the merchandise quite than its proprietor.Loading a recreation that was saved on the roll outcome display will now preserve the outcomes of that roll.Dousing a hearth will now additionally extinguish that fireside’s ambient gentle.Fixed a bug inflicting the sport to typically flip allies (inexperienced border) into companions (blue border) when loading a savegame throughout fight.Reduced character animation popping when loading a recreation that was saved throughout a dialogue.Fixed the fight UI not robotically skipping to the subsequent out there social gathering member after a managed character dies.You can now not loot your entire stock of unconscious merchants – as a substitute you’ve gotten entry to a restricted choice, as with lifeless merchants. Nice strive, pacifists.While utilizing a controller whereas in camp, camp characters will seem in your Character Sheet for simpler swapping in inventories.Fixed the Surprised situation being added twice by a Stealth assault.Improved the visuals for dropping a lifeless physique out of your stock (preserve your pals shut and your enemies nearer, we guess?) and for transferring dwelling our bodies out of Withers’ Wardrobe.Dismissing to the Wardrobe an avatar who’s carrying the lifeless physique of one other avatar will now appropriately take away each from the energetic social gathering.Added the intensely satisfying ‘Ahhh’ sound for gamers who Short Rest utilizing a keybind quite than a UI button.Fixed goblins beating the battle drums even after getting stopped with the Sentinel feat.Fixed a problem with characters wildshaped into Dilophosauruses showing beneath the bottom upon exiting Wyrm’s Rock Prison through the key exit.Most traps ought to now crumble on being disarmed.Fixed the our bodies of characters typically floating in the course of the Underdark entrance pit after being Shoved in.Fixed bibberbangs not reacting to summons. Now bibberbangs solely ignore creatures which have totally different weights to Air and Fire Elementals, Mage Hands, Shadows, and so on.Summoning the flesh golem within the Gauntlet of Shar will now price one Action and he will not be a part of if he’s already in fight.Shadowstep is now not blocked by Silence.Shar is now conscious of Shadowheart’s actions even when she is utilizing Disguise Self.Aspect of the Chimpanzee will now solely blind the goal on a failed Dexterity Saving Throw.Fixed space spells like Thunderwave revealing invisible cubes.Knocking out Auntie Ethel now not prevents her from turning into hag type.Jumping to view the character whose flip it’s in fight now not requires shared initiative.DippIng weapons in toxin puddles makes assaults poisonous for 10 turns quite than till Long Rest.The bandits within the Dank Crypt can have extra loot and Trap Disarm Toolkits.Tieflings Amek, Rechel, and Xeph will now have loot.Akabi within the Circus of the Last Days now has extra gold when buying and selling.Auntie Ethel’s Charm is now extra worthwhile and has the next rarity ranking.Fixed Heat Metal expiring too early.Applying Chilled or Wet to a personality will now not trigger them to freeze with out warning. Very seasonal.Poisons and toxins now have the proper gold prices.Interacting with Stelmane’s ring on the Elfsong Tavern will now not instantly equip it.Removed a persistent overhead exclamation mark from Wyll.Fixed companions dropping their customized positions at camp after loading a savegame.Fixed DLC rewards not being instantly granted when a brand new participant joins an current recreation.Spell Rot now updates when altering problem.Using the raise within the House of Healing when in Turn-Based Mode now not causes it to loop between flooring indefinitely upon exiting Turn-Based Mode.Fixed a uncommon bug the place Halsin would resolve to show right into a bear everytime you went to speak to him at camp within the Shadow-Cursed Lands.Donating gold to Manip Nestor now appropriately deducts the cash out of your stock.Lifting the rocks from the lifeless Flaming Fist at Last Light now requires a Strength examine quite than Athletics.Flaming Fist reinforcements can now be summoned to take care of prison exercise on the bridge resulting in Wyrm’s Rock Fortress.The skeleton on the seashore exterior Wyrm’s Rock Prison now not triggers a Perception examine. Only a skeleton, in any case.Quartermaster Talli will now not provide extra provide packs to the identical character disguised as one other character.The creatures summoned with the spell Conjure Woodland Being – the Dryad and Wood Woad – at the moment are able to leaping.Casting Eyebite: Asleep or Eyebite: Sickened on a impartial goal ought to now set off fight.Non-damaging spells now not take away the Turned situation from characters.Outlanders will not obtain an Inspiration level anymore for giving Thulla a noblestalk if they provide her an antitoxin. She additionally will not preserve the potion you give her.The Sharrans’ Shadow Ambush potential will now solely set off on Weapon Attacks.Lifts and transferring platforms at the moment are set in movement instantly upon being activated in Turn-Based Mode.Shadow-Cursed Undead companions are now not in a position to depart the Shadow-Cursed Lands should you click on too quickly on the area exit.Nightsinger’s Favour now not replaces situations utilized by elixirs.Effects that remedy poison will now additionally take away Drow Poison and Crawler Mucus.Perma-burning weapons can now not be coated in different substances. In quick: no double-dipping.The Emperor can now not use the Extract Brain potential on Prone creatures. He prefers his meals to be preventing match.The Lucky feat now works even whereas gamers are polymorphed or wildshaped.Fixed Conjure Minor Elemental at Level 6 – it can now appropriately summon Ice Mephits as a substitute of creating you accept lowly Mud Mephits.The secret button behind the nonetheless life portray in Candulhallow’s Tombstones is now uninteractable till the portray is moved.Fixed a problem inflicting legitimate spellcasting positions to not be allowed when spellcasting.Fixed the fight log typically displaying the inaccurate textual content for rolls and Saving Throws.Animated Armours at the moment are resistant to Sleep.The hag now not has her passives whereas disguised as Mayrina.Starting fight by spending sources whereas in Turn-Based Mode will now correctly subtract the sources, like in real-time.Fixed a bug inflicting you to get caught in an animation should you’re in the course of a lockpicking energetic roll when Valeria’s chains are destroyed.Addressed a bug that prevented you from casting a spell variant when choosing fewer than the utmost variety of potential targets.Fixed the Resonance Stone dropping its aura while you Long Rest with it in your stock.Flow and ScriptingAct-AgnosticMizora ought to seem for her judgement of Wyll solely when Karlach is definitely lifeless. (Resurrecting her will cancel the second.)If Wyll by some means managed to keep away from Mizora’s punishment for preserving Karlach alive, he’ll be punished retroactively.The Dark Urge ought to now be capable of try and deflect Sceleritas Fel’s suggestion of killing a companion to Karlach or Lae’zel if they’ve a foul relationship.If you join with Gale throughout the spell-teaching scene however don’t want to pursue romance with him, you at the moment are in a position to discuss to him about Tara.Fixed Astarion unintentionally telling the Dark Urge’s future.Fixed companions typically complicated you for the Dark Urge or Gale.Fixed the romance scene with Astarion triggering two Long Rests in a row in sure situations.Fixed the evening the place Astarion tries to chew you triggering even should you discovered about him being a vampire spawn beforehand.Shadowheart’s artefact-tinkering scene will now solely play upon getting been launched to the artefact.Fixed speaker prioritisation within the Magic Mirror and Underdark raft dialogues.If you select to assist Yurgir in Act II then you’ll now not want to steer him that will help you within the combat in opposition to Raphael within the House of Hope.Astarion now not asks the Dark Urge about killing Isobel even when they did not.You now not touch upon Mol if you have not met her earlier than.Locke now not blames Zevlor for his dying if Zevlor died in Act I.If you’re romancing Lae’zel or are in good standing along with her, she’ll be much less abrasive should you counsel she hang around at camp.Fixed a multiplayer problem the place the consumer’s companion would react to the host Astarion avatar’s vampirism as a substitute of the host’s personal companion.Gale will now not repeatedly say the identical line about dying within the follow-up to rescuing him with the magic flute’s protocol.Karlach will now not disapprove when the participant resurrects a companion with Withers’ assist.Karlach’s camp reflection upon leaving Act II may also set off, if wanted, throughout the transition into Act III.Lae’zel will now not turn out to be uninteractive after you dismiss her to camp if the romance duel at camp did not resolve correctly. She may also now be mounted if she was caught on this state.Act IWyll ought to now set off a correct dialogue when recognizing avatar Karlach after the goblin raid on the Grove.Your character will now make a remark when utilizing the key lever within the Arcane Tower within the Underdark.Fixed Crusher typically making a remark concurrently he enters the ‘fist combat’ with you.Fixed a bug the place knocking out Crusher throughout the ‘fist combat’ causes his associates to deal with him as lifeless and causes him to lose his dialogue until you are taking a Long Rest.Fixed a bug the place knocking out considered one of Crusher’s associates counts as killing them and causes them to lose their dialogue completely.Fixed Gekh Coal repeating himself and ending his dialogue early.Fixed a number of situations of sleeping goblins waking up wanting a chat when they need to have been hostile.Fixed a problem the place Baelen might dash away and disappear should you tried to hit him whereas he was within the bibberbang area.Removed some strains from Maggran that have been missing bear type lip sync – who wants to talk when you’ll be able to roar?Act IIYou can now not inform Barcus about Wulbren at Last Light in the event that they’ve already reunited.Cerys will now keep in mind you in Act II should you met her in Act I.Fixed a problem in Moonrise Towers docks the place you would be stopped by guards a number of instances regardless of having permission to go about your small business.Made positive the Moonrise Towers waypoint unlocks while you enter the primary ground.Fixed a problem the place your allies would get offended should you dedicated crimes in opposition to your enemies throughout the Moonrise Towers raid.Halsin will now not neglect about saving Thaniel should you journey again to Act I whereas he is ready on the lakeside. Focus, Halsin.Dame Aylin will not point out that she needs to speak to Shadowheart anymore when she is aware of Shadowheart has completely left the social gathering for any cause.Fixed a stream the place a background aim concerning recounting Ketheric’s previous to him was not triggering.Latecomers to the Ketheric showdown combat (on the rooftop and within the thoughts flayer colony) will now have their summons and followers teleported into the boss room.Players who arrive to the Ketheric showdown shape-shifted should face him person-to-person, not apostle-to-badger.Your Dream Visitor will now pipe up on the appropriate time (not slightly late) whereas exploring Moonrise Towers.Halsin now deigns to pitch in in opposition to the Absolute’s ghouls in the event that they assault the Last Light Inn.Warlocks can now inform Yurgir to kill himself to be free of his contract. Diabolical.You ought to now not be capable of consult with Nightsong when speaking to Gale as if you have not but met her.Minthara now dies when left alive within the jail after Ketheric has been killed.The guards at Moonrise solely query you about Minthara as soon as now.If Nightsong is Downed when the Apostle of Myrkul is defeated, she is going to stand up in time to take part within the ensuing cinematic.Minthara now can’t be caught as a ‘follower’ quite than a recruitable companion at Moonrise Towers.Minthara will nonetheless seem at Moonrise Towers if she was knocked out in Act I.Squire the skeletal hound in Moonrise will now not attempt to name for guards as soon as the assault has began.If Isobel is thrown off her balcony, she’ll make extra of an effort to get again upstairs once more.Kressa Bonedaughter will now recognise the Dark Urge even when she spots one other social gathering member first.Act IIIPlayers will now not be capable of be a part of an energetic recreation the place the characters have reached the Morphic Pool or past.Fixed Ravengard repeatedly asking you to assist free Florrick.Fixed Voss typically not transferring to the taproom when he says he’ll.The wine pageant attendants will now be in the proper place after the crime.The Flaming Fist will seem on the wine pageant crime scene if Cora and Roger have been killed throughout a Long Rest.The thoughts flayer on the Wyrm’s Crossing windmill will now take the physique you provide it.Fixed a barricaded door within the Lower City inflicting participant characters to remark about it not working when opening it.Yurgir ought to appropriately react within the House of Hope to the truth that he was tricked and killed himself within the Gauntlet of Shar.Removed Victoria’s Speak with Dead dialogue in Cazador’s Palace because it did not match the story which you can study her from totally different diaries throughout the palace.Fixed a bug the place the ghost of the homicide sufferer within the Murder Tribunal wouldn’t fade out and be a part of fight should you rush by the trial.Fixed some beggars within the Brampton District going through the mistaken manner when asking for coin.Fixed the Emperor typically saying the mistaken strains throughout fight in High Hall.Dame Aylin now not waits tendays to convey up the time she killed Ketheric Thorm.We have satisfied Shadowheart to not be a part of the ultimate nautiloid fight if she is already lifeless.The social gathering will now not discuss Astarion selecting to stay a vampire spawn if Cazador’s ritual was interrupted earlier than he might select.Players can now begin the Solve the Open Hand Temple Murders quest after discovering the assassin’s dagger and room key beneath the Open Hand Temple.Refugee Khathi of the Lower City sewers is now keen to have interaction in dialog.Umberlee’s worshippers at the moment are significantly extra security-conscious concerning the donations within the Water Queen’s House.After intimidating or persuading Nubaldin, the dialogue will now allow you to select from the listing of preliminary questions.Fixed a state the place the Chamber of Insight trial could possibly be each succeeded and failed.Fixed Dame Aylin changing into hostile in Ramazith’s Tower after the fight with Lorroakan if a participant summon was killed.Fixed a problem the place Steel Watchers would interrogate and assault avatars who have been already in jail.Minthara now not repeats herself in help of Astarion changing into a Vampire Ascendant.Sarevok calling you an outsider now not causes all of your allies to assault you.The owlbear now not exhibits up as an ally if Dammon is lifeless.Edited the Gazette headline about Ravengard to say his disappearance quite than his dying.Minthara is talkative once more after the scene with ‘Dribbles’.The Bhaal cultists within the sewers will now react in dialogue if an Unholy Assassin avatar kills the refugees they have been tormenting.Apprentice Laridda will now not assume you to be the bearer of unhealthy (break-up) information should you did not convey her the break-up message.Ravengard ought to now use the proper pronouns when addressing you throughout the ceremony in Wyrm’s Rock.If you utilize the pixie’s bell after leaving Act II, the Pixie Blessing impact will now be cleared after you Long Rest.Karlach now not thinks she’s left the Hells while you discover the rocky outcrop close to Hope’s jail.If Honk appeared throughout the date with Karlach in Baldur’s Gate, he’ll seem on the tavern the day after.The vampire spawn Yousen’s dialogue ought to now set off appropriately.It is now potential to inform Thrumbo that Carrion’s coronary heart has been given to him as a substitute of destroyed.Fixed some in-game occasions not appropriately reacting to Long Rests within the Lower City.Added additional correspondence between Mystic Carrion and his purchasers, providing you with extra alternatives to learn to entry his mansion.JournalLearning concerning the true nature of Astarion in Crèche Y’llek or the Shadow-Cursed Lands now ends in a journal entry.Reaching Wyrm’s Crossing with out figuring out that Astarion is a vampire spawn now updates the journal with an entry that reveals this info.Fixed an unclear journal entry within the ‘Solve the Open Hand Temple Murders’ quest.Destroying the Sussur Bark now closes the ‘Finish the Masterwork Weapon’ quest.The journal entries for the ‘Investigate Cazador’s Palace’ quest now not consult with Ulma’s promise of assist if she did not make you that promise.Performance and OptimizationFixed a reminiscence leak if a visible is unloaded whereas a facial animation is enjoying, for instance when exiting a recreation area.Improved efficiency drops when opening a radial menu whereas casting a spell.Optimised stage of element for varied property.Reduced the reminiscence footprint of recreation objects.Optimised sure behind-the-scenes protocols to cease body spikes whereas teleporting in Act III.Added lowered triangle-count variations of the hierarchical ranges of element, seen within the Low Model Quality settings.Improved VRAM utilization by optimising some lighting and textures.Improved efficiency loading objects within the Lower City by tweaking the sunshine and decal loading system.Improved the efficiency of water physics.Improved system reminiscence perform by eradicating unused fallback fonts.Fixed some VATs leaking after cinematics with destruction.Fixed some elements of digital textures infinitely loading.Lowered the UI reminiscence footprint at Full HD or decrease resolutions.Increased the crispness of UI textures at decrease than Full HD resolutions.Many, many different fixes for leaks, RAM/VRAM discount and efficiency optimisations.UIAdded a profanity filter for customized map markers. You’ll have to search out extra artistic methods to label the kennel grasp.Stopped the ‘Examine’ button often disappearing.Added a message within the fight log about being noticed in stealth because of environmental gentle or Darkvision.Improved the connection between fight log messages about you dropping stealth and the explanation for dropping it.You can now promote and barter objects inside containers when buying and selling.Improved grouping and sorting of things in containers whereas buying and selling.Blocked commerce and assault choices for gamers listening in on another person’s dialogue.Fixed some points with loot containers not closing while you take all of the objects.Fixed the energetic spell typically not glowing on the hotbar.Fixed inside parameters in dialogue strains typically being displayed as a substitute of the proper values (like names and gold quantities) after loading savegames.Information about harm dealt utilizing gold is now displayed in a condensed type within the fight log.The fight log will now show the related weapon identify when making use of a weapon harm bonus.Pressing ‘Extract’ on an alchemical ingredient within the stock now appropriately opens the Alchemy menu.Withers’ Wardrobe of Wayward Friends now has a map icon.Fixed damaged mouseover textual content warning you which you can’t use Sneak Attack once more till your subsequent flip.Improved biking between targets.Splitting a inexperienced dye stack within the Traveller’s Chest at camp will now not change the dye’s rarity from Uncommon to Very Rare.Tooltips, Icons and PortraitsThe tooltip textual content for alchemical substances will now not get cropped.Fixed the textual content on some tooltips being minimize off.Fixed merchandise descriptions overlapping with icons in tooltips.Fixed the Mass Healing Word tooltip incorrectly indicating a goal restrict.Fixed the Action Resource tooltip clipping in French.Fixed a number of pairs of gloves displaying the mistaken identify and icon.Swapped the Insight and Perception icons. (Ironic that we did not spot this one sooner.)Oathbreakers can now see their armour within the character portrait after levelling up.Fixed the Steam icons that seem within the Reactions UI and Multiplayer Settings being zoomed in.The fight log will now identify wall-based spells within the mouse-over tooltip, as with different spells.Character Creation and Level UpThe ‘No Chin Attachment’ icon when customising dragonborn characters will now replace in keeping with the pinnacle you have chosen.The sliders in Character Creation now replace to their new worth after you randomise your look.Updated the Character Creation Abilities display on controller.Fixed a controller UI problem the place switching to a race with solely two physique varieties within the guardian Character Creation UI prevented greater than two physique varieties displaying for each different race.Updated the Character Creation digicam management icon on controller.Controller and Split-ScreenPrevented the controller’s proper stick from navigating radial menus.Improved the radial UX for actions that use objects, akin to Throw and Improvised Melee Weapon.Customising radial menu slots within the controller UI now triggers audio suggestions. Added different lacking audio suggestions when ensuring picks on controller.Updated the visuals of the sliders within the Gamma and HDR Calibration settings on controller.Fixed lacking audio suggestions in varied UIs, together with spamming sounds utilizing shortcuts on controller.The button to leap to the character whose flip it’s in fight is now not hidden on controller.Updated the maintain button immediate animation on controller.Fixed UI clipping points on the Examine panel.Removed a component from the controller Options menu that solely works on PC.The Active Search UI will now not reveal {that a} container is empty earlier than you have opened it.Added an choice to regulate controller stick sensitivity.Optimised the radial menus for the controller UI.Fixed ‘Show Pings’ being hidden within the controller Option Menu.Added a ‘Group All’ button for the social gathering on controller.Made grouping and ungrouping summoned creatures a toggle.Added the power to toggle between melee and ranged weapon units on the controller UI.Fixed corpses in your stock on the controller UI having a purple ‘outfitted’ icon.Level DesignFixed some navigation points in The Glitter Gala and The Chromatic Scale within the Lower City.Increased the navigation area within the Mausoleum doorways behind the mural.Fixed textures disappearing by tweaking the fade settings on the roof behind the Teahouse hearth.You can now not wander into Cragged Rocks meant for climbing.Added some planks and rubble in a spot in Waukeen’s Rest to make clear that you need to leap to get from one spot to a different.You can now goal the crumbling wall in Heapside Prison no matter whether or not the adjoining door is open or not.Made a few balustrades round Malus Thorm see-through so they do not block the digicam.The hanging cages in Cazador’s dungeon will now not let you know they’re protected to step on, solely to drop you to your dying within the chasm beneath.Fixed Mirkon typically cowering in pretty deep water while you discuss to him whereas he is working away from the harpies.Adjusted some troublesome vents in Cazador’s Palace.Improved Cazador’s residence safety by locking a chest and a door.Fixed and adorned some stress plates in Cazador’s Palace.Locked one of many Caza-doors.Added extra treasure to a chest in Cazador’s Palace.The Reithwin Tollhouse protected now has higher loot.Added extra loot to the library in Rosymorn Monastery.A lava texture within the Adamantine Forge now not overflows onto the crucible.Fixed the raft on the duergar camp typically being displaced.Fixed a chest in Cazador’s Palace having two copies of ‘Dawsen Kiltmaker’s Confession’ diary.Improved the treasure out there in Reithwin and the Silent Library.Replaced a crate within the Shadow-Cursed Lands with a chest of loot.The githyanki portals within the Elfsong basement now not stay partially interactive as soon as the fight with the githyanki has ended.Enemies will now not get caught when flying from the higher ground of Ramazith’s Tower to the ground beneath.Added extra containers with loot to the Dock Warehouse basement.A chest in Wyrm’s Rock Prison now has improved loot.The torturers in Moonrise Towers now have extra loot.The berry bush in Rosymorn Monastery can now be reached with out leaping.Fixed an unreachable desk within the Counting House vaults.The ‘Sinister Door’ in Cazador’s Palace now locks and unlocks appropriately.Improved the standard of loot out there within the Hidden Vault within the Emerald Grove.The central stone slab within the druids’ chambers will now not impede your view.ArtworkFixed a flashing white sq. typically showing by Karlach’s tent at camp after the Dark Urge’s urgin’.An Eternal Debtor’s hair now not floats when the digicam is zoomed out.Fixed a spot in Bloomridge Park that allowed you to stroll on water. Who do you suppose you’re?Made positive previews for sure camp gear (just like the Anarchic Blue Outfit) now show the proper colors.Fixed a lacking texture on the decrease physique of male halflings when carrying a half plate.Improved the lining-up of wall segments within the Lower City Sewers.Improved the hitbox of a door variant within the Lower City, so projectiles can not undergo it when closed.Heterochromatic eye colors can now be utilized to the proper eyes for the preset elven character in Character Creation.Improved the mannequin for shirtless Cazador.Added some shiny new situation icons!Dalyria’s character portrait now shows appropriately within the controller UI.Updated Maghtew Budj’s portrait.Fixed an empty area within the Lower City vista.Fixed padded armour typically showing as underwear on larger physique varieties.Improved the feel decision of the Wyrmway dragon door.AnimationFixed cleric arms clipping by material when casting some spells. Holy smokes.Polished animations on the Steel Watcher who invitations you to Gortash’s inauguration.Polished the leaping and hook assault animations for hook horrors.Fixed a problem associated to the period of a myconid idle animation.Fixed some animation points with Lorroakan’s gown.Adjusted the animations for Mystic Carrion’s Torrential Undeath and Wayward Undead.Fixed a level-of-detail problem inflicting skeletons within the Dank Crypt to lose their robes and seem nakey (nicely, boney) when zoomed out.Fixed clipping round Doctor Moorcombe’s neck when he strikes his head.Fixed lacking leg textures on feminine githyanki whereas carrying the default barbarian garments.The Gondian gnomes now not have stretched or flexible fingers because of the gloves they put on.Polished the looks of some robes when worn by male gnomes.Improved the looks of zombie garments on male people.Fixed clipping on Shadowheart’s chainshirt when worn by feminine halflings.Polished movement and material simulation for Queen Rhol’s dancing in Sharess’s Caress.Characters now not twitch barely after choosing up or dropping an merchandise from their stock.Fixed a clipping problem in a customized animation of Astarion studying a e book.Added an animation for looting whereas enjoying fetch.Added material simulation to magic monk armour for all races.Wyll’s camp garments can now be outfitted by half-orcs with out clipping.Added some animation aptitude for while you dismiss avatars to Withers’ Wardrobe.When dragging and dropping a lifeless character from a list, they’re going to now not replay their dying animation.LightingPolished the lighting for the Netherbrain confrontation.Polished lighting within the scene the place Mizora tells Wyll about his subsequent mission in Moonrise Towers.Polished lighting within the scene between Minsc and Boss Friol.SoundImproved the sound mixing for the Absolute chatting with you and Shadowheart for the primary time.Fixed a duplicated sound when interacting with goodberries.Improved the sound design for the Chosen Three controlling the elder mind in Act II.Added a sound impact for characters dismissed to Withers’ Wardrobe of Wayward Friends.Fixed the Magic Mirror background ambiance persisting after you exit the UI.Added SFX to kissing Shadowheart in her default dialogue.Fixed a problem that was stopping some NPCs from absolutely enjoying their overhead dialogues.Added vocalisations to the unlucky duergar throughout the ambush on the Ebonlake.Balanced controller vibration suggestions – faraway from a number of occasions all through the sport.Added footstep and pickup sound results to gamers choosing up objects with controller. Looting’s by no means sounded this good.Learning a brand new alchemy recipe now triggers the proper audio suggestions.VFXSpirit Guardians now appropriately solid gentle within the route they’re travelling.Added some cinematic polish to Minthara’s dialogue within the Goblin Camp.Added glowy VFX to tattoos, chests, hand orbs, and pictures involving thoughts flayer gamers within the endgame dialogue with Gale.Fixed a candle in Moonrise Towers lacking its flame.The Silk Tomb situation and visible results (as seen within the Phase Spider Matriarch combat) now apply appropriately.WritingA lifeless fisherman on the seashore will now not trace that you’ll find Shadowheart simply forward in case you are, actually, Shadowheart.Updated the Elemental Adept tooltip to make clear that it aids with assaults in addition to spells.Named the tattoos in Character Creation.Added an additional line for Halsin so he acknowledges an consequence the place you resolved the grove state of affairs however the goblin leaders weren’t essentially killed.Companions can now make extra feedback when studying about Gale’s orb.Added overhead dialogues for participant characters concerning the function of the pentagrams in Cazador’s ritual at first of fight.Divine Strike: Weapon now exhibits the proper harm in its tooltip description.Fixed a lacking subtitle for considered one of Ghustil Stornugoss’ strains.Improved readability within the ‘Rescue the Tieflings’ quest journal when opening the tiefling cells.Adjusted the textual content within the ‘Get Help from Healer Nettie’ subquest to level you in direction of your individual crafting menu, not the central cauldron.CinematicsImproved digicam pictures, mocap animations, character staging, and facial expressions in lots of dialogues throughout the sport.Fixed pops, jitters, and clipping in lots of dialogues throughout the sport.Added customized touches and polishes to many dialogues throughout the sport.Fixed some animation points attributable to dragonborn armour in dialogues with duergar.Adjusted some digicam pictures when speaking to Isobel and Nightsong at camp after defeating Lorroakan.Players will now not rudely stare above Zaki’s head of their dialogue within the tiefling children’ hideout.Fixed the Dark Urge’s jittery writhing animation whereas tied up by a companion.Minthara’s haughty stare will now appropriately have a look at gamers she’s speaking to in direction of the tip of the sport.Fixed a pop on Mol and adjusted some digicam pictures and animations.Fixed a pop when speaking to Araj in Moonrise Towers and hid Astarion’s helmet for when he bites you.Fixed a unusual stair-climbing animation throughout Dribbles’ on-stage present.Fixed Redhammer’s hand clipping by his face.Amended the animations for feminine people, male githyanki, feminine gnomes, and female and male dwarves when speaking to Astarion whereas romancing him.Improved Astarion’s Ascendant route at-will gnome kiss for masculine physique varieties.Fixed the participant character not Barcus appropriately.Cleaned up some mocap in a number of scenes.Fixed Shadowheart not appropriately you when speaking to her earlier than the Upper City last battle. How impolite.Improved lip contact and mocap for giant and tall gamers when smooching Wyll.Reduced the blue glare impact on the Displacer Beast within the Gauntlet of Shar.Improved digicam angles between Raphael and Lae’zel in Raphael’s Sharess’ Caress ultimatum scene.Fixed the visible results in Lorroakan’s Speak with Dead dialogue.Companion interjections will now appropriately play throughout the spider meat scene within the Gauntlet of Shar.Polished the cinematics in Gale’s default dialogues.Adjusted and improved some animations when speaking to Shadowheart.The animation for the pig within the Wyrm’s Crossing refugee camp now not pops when he begins talking a brand new line.We mounted the lengthy, awkward pauses that adopted every line of one of many ghouls exterior Moonrise Towers.The knife now not disappears from the cinematic when faraway from the thriller meat by a brief character.Polished a dialogue with Mizora for male dragonborn characters.Fixed strains slicing off early in Aelis’ dialogue.Added some lacking VFX on Thisobald Thorm’s tankard.Fixed an animation looping problem that induced a pop on a canine’s butt.Improved digicam angles after the fight with the bear and the goblins within the Goblin Camp.Improved the lip contact when kissing Minthara within the endgame for giant male people and feminine dragonborns.Fixed some bugs within the intimate scene with the drow in Sharess’ Caress.Fixed some bugs when speaking to Kled.Fixed the digicam clipping beneath the bottom within the scene after defeating Cazador with out Astarion there.Fixed small jumps in animation within the ‘NPC caught you trespassing’ dialog.Polished the looping idle animation for canine.Fixed a cinematic problem that confirmed Cazador’s prisoners strolling by a closed door should you freed them.Fixed a uncommon problem the place social gathering members appeared in cinematic cutscenes rather than the anticipated NPCs.And many, many extra fixes, enhancements, tweaks, and labors of affection!

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