Battlefield 2042 1.1 Patch Adds New XP Events And Balance Changes

    Battlefield 2042’s 1.1 replace, Season 1’s first main patch, presents a dizzying variety of minor fixes, weapon reworks, and car adjustments. It will launch throughout all platforms on July 6.The replace expands XP occasions, granting XP for pilot kills, disarming mines, and repairing automobiles which go on to kill an enemy. Major stability adjustments embody a discount in energy for the MV38-Condor’s 50mm Cannon, transforming the DMR to extend long-range fight utilization, and growing headshot harm in lengthy vary engagements. Battlefield Portal additionally acquired new additions similar to new presets Air Superiority and Ground Superiority, new character voices, and the A-10 Warthog and SU-25TM Frogfoot as new automobiles within the Battlefield 3 mode.The recreation’s first season, much like Battlefield 2042’s preliminary launch, suffered from persistence errors. EA additionally denied rumors that solely a skeleton crew was engaged on the sport, and confirmed that nobody at DICE was engaged on a Mirror’s Edge sequel or reboot. The subsequent main replace for Battlefield 2042 will launch in August, with extra particulars to return.The full replace notes are listed under.GeneralA new widget has been added to the Main Menu which reveals what number of pals are presently on-line. You’ll now additionally see the variety of on-line pals straight within the Social tab.Voice Chat choices now present you which ones gadget is getting used for voice enterResolved some situations the place Controllers wouldn’t present enter when launching the sportYou will now not get caught on the “party leader selects game” display within the foyer when the social gathering chief has already entered the subsequent recreation. Friends stick collectively!You’ll now not see Unassigned or Not Set textual content in menus when utilizing an alternate controller schemeA Party Leader icon has been added to the Social menuCamera settings for Vehicle third individual Field of View now apply instantly with out having to cycle by digital camera choices againChanging Squads whereas in a celebration now routinely units your VoIP setting to PartyThe Kill Log typically did not present all kills made when “Show Kills Made” setting was to ALL. It now correctly reveals all kills.Weapon Charms ought to now all the time be seen on weapons whereas scrolling by the menuBonus Missions now present the right expiration timeEnd of Round visuals for Battle Pass rewards are now not lacking after taking part in a Portal matchThe Zoom button now capabilities appropriately when previewing Charms within the catalogZooming in/out has been made smoother whereas in preview menusFixed overlapping icons in Tags for gamers you’ve got taken downCompleted Challenges that beforehand did not give out their reward ought to now retroactively grant themFurther new XP occasions have been added: New Pilot Kill Bonus Event – triggers alongside you snipe and kill the pilot of an air carNew Disarming Mine Event – triggers while you disarm an enemy AT Mine utilizing InteractRepair Assist – triggers when somebody in a car you latterly repaired kills an enemy with that carReduced XP reward of Spot Assists to 10 XPHow Players of the Match are chosen is now extra consistentPlayer Icons and Healthbars now replace sooner when their state adjustmentsMade numerous adjustments to easy out the general digital camera expertiseThe Kill Card has acquired a number of enhancements: record of close by or incoming receivers is now seen on the Kill Card alongside details about the killerIf there are not any assists concerned in a kill then help won’t present on the KillcardThere is now an animation for when the Killcard is exhibiting on display or when hiding or skipping itBattlefield PortalNew recreation presets Air Superiority and Ground Superiority have been added to the Web Builder You are capable of modify car rely in Air Superiority and Ground Superiority recreation modesAI Soldiers are actually higher at climbing ladders throughout Classic period mapsUnderbarrel attachments can now be resupplied as anticipated by Ammo CratesAdded Ranger to Restrictions tabTeleportation motion block now works inside HQsAudioNew and distinctive character voices have been added for: Battlefield 1942 British EngineerBattlefield 1942 American Anti-TankBattlefield 1942 German Engineer (aka Günter)Additional voice over traces have been added for Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 non-squad soldiersMapsAdded 4 extra-small layouts for present maps (Battle of the Bulge, El Alamein, Kaleidoscope and Manifest). These are appropriate for creating new Vehicle TDM experiences, however they’re going to additionally work with Team Deathmatch and Free-for-All modesSeveral fixes have been made throughout Classic period maps to resolve terrain, prop and collision pointsModifiersAdded Passenger Seat Modifier: disabling passenger seats permits for the next most variety of automobiles.Added the choice to toggle passenger seats availabilityAdded Set Max Health Multiplier modifier for automobilesAdded InfiniteWeaponMagazines modifierAdded Projectile pace multiplier modifier for throwable itemsRules EditorAdded ExamineVehicleTitle worth block and VehicleTitle choice record blockAdded GetVehicleState GetPosition worth block for automobilesAdded GetVehicleState GetFacingDirection worth block for automobilesAdded AllPlayersInfacetVehicle array worth blockAdded GetVehicleState LinearVelocity worth blockAdded the choice to allow and disable seize factors in Air Superiority and Ground Superiority experiencesAdded GetCapturePoint worth blockAllow error experiences to ship extra payloads in Error LogsAdd new motion block for sending customized error experiences in Logic EditorVehiclesBad Company 2 Replaced the UH-60 on the Russian group with the Mi-24 HindReplaced the BMP-2 on the Russian group with the BMD-3Battlefield 3 Added the A-10 Warthog and SU-25TM Frogfoot as new vehiclesGadgetsResolved a number of clipping animations for melee weapons whereas vaulting over obstaclesResolved a number of devices clipping by palms whereas vaultingThe EMP impact from thrown EMP Grenades will now not have an effect on gamers outdoors the visible radiusFXM-33 AA MissileFXM-33 AA Missile UI will now not stay on display whereas switching to a different weaponFixed a problem the place no ‘In Stealth’ state is displayed whereas locking on to Helicopters with the FXM-33 AARepair ToolThe “Repairing” voice over now not performs when making an attempt to restore destroyed vehiclesUsing the Repair Tool now not typically causes the digital camera to shakeSmoke Grenade LauncherThe Smoke Grenade Launcher’s title is now correctly displayed within the Kill Log and Kill CardSOFLAMThe overlay on automobiles for the SOFLAM now has the correct colours; gray when in progress and yellow when totally locked onSpawn BeaconThe Spawn Beacon now takes 1 to 2 bullets to destroy as a substitute of 4 to 7Hazard ZoneWe’ve made a number of adjustments to cut back the reliance on the Data Drive Scanners inside Hazard Zone. This ought to make it simpler to grasp the mode, and permits you extra selection by which devices you wish to deploy with.Increased price of the Data Drive Scanner from 0 to 200Now solely reveals gamers carrying Data Drives when scanningData Drives are actually globally proven within the worldIBA Armor Plates are actually free and the default gadgetA new mechanic has been added to Hazard Zone, referred to as Second Chance. This ought to make it extra forgiving when you are first attending to know and begin interacting with new squad mates.If your squad wipes earlier than the primary extraction, then the entire squad is redeployed one time after 15 seconds, at a special location from the place you first insertedRedeploy and Second Chance now spawns gamers at 500m as a substitute of 100m. Until the participant is 100m above the bottom, the parachute can’t be usedSeveral additional adjustments have been added to sooner to get right into a Hazard Zone matchMap Overview has been eliminatedReduced the quantity of gamers wanted to begin the timer for beginning the spherical, even when the server is not full butReduced the beginning timer from 2 -> 1 minuteTactical ItemsQuickdraw Holster has been removedThrowable Increase I – Increased to +2 further throwable, up from +1Faster Healing I – Increased therapeutic with 50%, up from 20%Insider Information – Increased location reveal from 30s -> 60s earlier than affectInsider Information – Reduced rarity to Rare, down from EpicInsider Information – Reduced prices from 400 -> 200 CreditBiometric Scanning – Now spots enemies for 100% longer, up from 50%Biometric Scanning – Increased rarity to Rare, up from FrequentBiometric Scanning – Increased prices from 100 -> 200 CreditsTable Deal – Increased price from 400 -> 600 CreditAmmo Increase II – Increased to +3 extra magazines, up from +2Ammo Increase II – Increased rarity to Epic, up from RareAmmo Increase II – Increased price from 400 -> 600 CreditFaster Healing II – Increased therapeutic with 100%, up from 50%Faster Healing II – Increased price from 400 -> 600 CreditsMaps & ModesFixed a number of visible, collision, lighting and interplay associated bugs throughout Current period mapsResolved a problem on Discarded that would trigger defending gamers to develop into caught when spawningResolved situations on Discarded the place EMP Grenades exploded directly after being thrownIt now not occurs that the unsuitable voice overs would typically play when a match was in overtimeBreakthroughDistinctive icons have been added for each Attackers and DefendersDirectional retreat indicators have been added for defenders. This helps you perceive by which path you should retreatObjective icons now present a maintain Hold, Defend, Attack or Retake description to make it simpler to grasp the place you should goAudio has been tweaked to extend the sensation of rigidity throughout a matchThe transition from the match into the End of Round display has been smoothenedSoldierSoldiers will now not typically clip by terrain when working up steep slopesGadgets and weapons will now not typically clip by partitions whereas vaultingPing places are now not inaccurate when in a car seat as a passengerJumping will now not typically be interrupted after slidingSoldier hip rotation animations have been improvedYou are actually capable of vault over some angled partitions that prevented this beforehandYou are actually capable of transfer whereas Aiming Down Sights and being proneStrafing now not causes the digital camera to barely moveSeveral enhancements have been added to soldier actions animations: Separated aiming from turning so 3P animations can now go searching barely earlier than triggering a flip animationAdded leaning to 3P animationsAdded new and improved idle animationsFixed a problem the place your 3P animation would not all the time present that you simply had been in traversal dashThe revive animation for enemy troopers has been polishedAnimations for a soldier leaping and descending from an the other way up airplane have been improvedChanging to your main weapon in mid melee assault now reveals the right melee animationFall harm ought to now not be inconsistentAnimations whereas wanting down throughout traversal dash have been improvedPinging an enemy Hovercraft now not performs a voice over indicating it is empty and prepared to be usedPlayers ought to now not slide away after a takedownResolved a damaged animation whereas throwing an Ammo Crate or Medical Crate whereas vaultingThe demise animation when redeploying has been eliminatedThe Parachute / Wingsuit trace now not stays on display after both are deployedYou will now not routinely enter a car when you revive a teammate who was beneath itYou’ll now not get a takedown immediate when a takedown is presently being carried out on youIt’s now doable to interrupt the Initial Deploy animation whereas ADSMoving typically precipitated particular weapons to have their animations damaged, this has been fixedWhen reviving a participant there was an opportunity that the weapon attachments would get all spooky and develop into misplaced. We’ve cured their concern of the deadSpecialistsAngelA blocked loadout message now not seems in error when interacting with the Loadout CrateIt’s now doable to stay crouched whereas interacting with Angels’ Supply Crate.Resolved a repeating animation when repeatedly choosing the Supply BagThe 3P flash impact is now seen whereas being revived by AngelAngel’s Trait has been reworded to point he now solely provides ammo, as a substitute of armorBorisResolved a number of inconsistent placement areas for the SG-36 Sentry Gun on PublicityThe “Place Turret” trace now not reveals after the SG-36 Sentry Gun has already been deployedThe SG-36 Sentry Gun can now not hearth downwards at excessive anglesThe SG-36 Sentry Gun can now fall by damaged glassCasperIt’s now not doable to deploy the OV-P Recon Drone in elevators which permits gamers to see by partitions. This will now as a substitute destroy the drone.DozerThe right Kill Card is now displayed whereas Dozer dies from heavy hearth whereas having the SOB-8 Ballistic Shield deployedThe SOB-8 Ballistic Shield can now block missiles from the G-84 TGMFalckUsing ADS with the S21 Syrette Pistol now reveals the right visible as a substitute of a purple lined patternShooting allies with the S21 Syrette Pistol now not typically triggers the pleasant hearth voice overLisBeing hit by EMP Field Grenades now causes you to exit the G-84 TGM TV displayFixed a problem that precipitated Lis’ G-84 TGM missile to bounce off of sure bushesFixed a problem that precipitated Sundance’s Anti Armor grenade to lock onto and chase Lis’ G-84 TGM missileIncreased the delay for exiting the G-84 TGM’s display to 1 secondIt’s now not doable to wreck pleasant air automobiles with the G-84 TGM’s missileThe G-84 TGM missile will now not bounce off vehiclesRaoThe Hack indicator ought to now not freeze in place after beginning a hackSundanceThe Anti-Armor Smart Explosive UI now not will get caught in lock on when the grenade has already been deployedThe Kill Feed now correctly signifies gamers killed by the Scatter GrenadePaikScrolling by weapons with a mouse wheel will now not activate Paik’s EMG-X ScannerUI/HUDThe Commorose now reveals shortened goal names so the textual content does not clip or overlapThe Nearby Players record now precisely displays close by teammatesPlayers dying as a consequence of pleasant hearth now not present up as an enemy within the Kill FeedThe Need Spotting Commorose command now not shows empty textual content within the recreation feedPlayer title tags now not change place whereas occluded by cowlYou’ll now not see successful indicator when taking pictures a lifeless enemyVehiclesAnti-Air and Anti-Tank lock on missiles will now purchase new targets with out a delay. This ought to make switching targets considerably smootherAnti-Tank missiles now additionally lock on to empty automobiles to forestall you from shedding your goal if the goal car is abandonedOverall goal acquisition for lock on missiles has been improvedThe YG-99 would typically look a bit of banged up within the assortment screens. We’ve buffed it outFixed Stealth bombing coordinates so that they now not present damaging valuesWe have taught our autocorrect easy methods to spell Suppressed throughout the Stealth Helicopter weaponry descriptionsWhile flying an plane, the yawing enter now stops when the mouse is just not transferring.Fixed a problem the place a second TOW missile may very well be fired from automobiles whereas nonetheless controlling the primary oneFixed a problem the place the minimap view cone wouldn’t observe the digital camera in driver/pilot freelook, gunner and passenger seatsDamage markers distance to middle up to date in automobiles to resolve overlapping HUDDriving over a road lamp now not makes the digital camera go contained in the car. Vehicle love lampYou ought to now not see the touchdown gear on the SU-57 whereas it’s in flightDying whereas driving the Polaris Sportsman will now not trigger the digital camera to violently shakeFixed a problem the place Stealth Helicopter bombs would typically jitter as they fellBullet tracers would typically go within the unsuitable path whereas firing from car weapons. We’ve reset their inner compass and so they now level in the best pathVehicle grenade crosshairs now not show the unsuitable ammoFixed a problem the place the vital well being restoration audio cue triggers everytime you exit vehicleCrashing an air car right into a pleasant car will now not mark them as an enemy within the kill camF-35E Panther / SU-57 FELON – 25mm Cannon (inner)Damage elevated from 20 -> 30Damage Fall Off begin elevated from 100 -> 250Minimum dispersion has been eliminatedMaximum dispersion decreased from 1 -> 0.7Dispersion improve per shot has been loweredAirairplane Air-to-Ground MissileMissile Rate of Fire elevated from 30 -> 90Replenish delay elevated from 8 -> 20sLock time elevated from 1 -> 1.5sLock launch time decreased from 1 -> 0.5sAirairplane Air-to-Air missileIncreased lock from 1 -> 1.5sMD540 Nightbird – Mounted 20mm Cannons:Rate of Fire lowered to 250 -> 200Replenish time elevated from 1.8 -> 2.5T28 / M1A5 – Kinetic Grenade Weapon PodLower blast radius from 10 -> 7mLowered interior blast radius from 4 -> 3mMAVAutocannon has been adjusted to make it a detailed vary anti-vehicle weapon with diminished energy over longer distances:Speed decreased from 980 -> 300Rate of fireplace elevated from 120 -> 140Damage elevated from 40 -> 65Added harm fall off begin distance at 25mAdded harm fall off finish distance 150mAdded blast harm fall off curveBlast harm elevated from 10 -> 25Blast radius from 1 ->3mMV38-Condor – 50mm Cannon PodNow fires single picturesRate of Fire decreased from 110 -> 40Longer replenish delay to suit the brand new slower charge of fireplaceWeaponsAK24 now not incorrectly reveals it has a single charge of fireplaceFixed a problem the place AK-24 attachments wouldn’t decrease the recoil of the weapon as supposedFixed a problem the place AC-42 magazines had been displaying an incorrect charge of fireplaceFixed MCS-880 Flechettes doing unintended excessive harm at longer rangesFixed a problem the place some weapons would not play reload sounds whereas utilizing an underbarrel attachmentsFixed a problem the place the SWS-10 Extended magazine has a damaging charge of fireplace throughout the assortment screenUpdated DDM4 magazines so bullets usually are not proven by scopesFixed a problem the place the time to reside on the Incendiary grenade underbarrel was too briefFixed a problem the place attachments weren’t accessible when opening the Plus MenuFixed a problem which might trigger the bipod to deploy itself altering scopesLaser sights would cease working whereas in 1P when a participant would swap tools or enter in a car. This now not happensExiting a car with the DXR-1 triggers now not triggers the bipod deploy animationM44 Revolver harm elevated as much as 75mFixed a problem that precipitated intention help to not work for car passengers in open seatsFixed a problem the place swapping attachments precipitated some underbarrel attachments to develop into activated incorrectlyFixed a problem that made it doable to fireside sooner than supposed with some bolt motion rifles by swapping attachmentsWe’ve up to date DMR’s to make them extra helpful in long-range fight as we presently felt they had been underperforming. The first enchancment we made right here is to extend Bullet Speed, which suggests much less lead time when firing at your goal.BSV-M: 700 -> 790SVK: 860 -> 960VCAR: 600 -> 700DM7: 740 -> 800We additionally observed that headshots weren’t rewarding sufficient for prolonged fight engagements. To tackle this we have tweaked their Headshot Damage Multiplier at long-range:BSV-M / DM7: 1.9x -> 2.2xSVK 1.5x -> 1.6 xVCAR: 1.8x -> 2xNo adjustments have been made to DMR efficiency briefly to medium vary fight, and so they’ll really feel as you might be used to when preventing towards Assault Rifles and SMG’s.

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