Blitzwolf BW-ANC1 Wireless Active Noise Canceling Earphones – Review

    Wireless connection devices are flooding the gadget world in these few recent years, with the advancement of Bluetooth technology, it has evolve to delivers high quality audio to the end user. From music to voice communication, Bluetooth has truly advanced to a level of quality and entertainment evolution.

    Blitzwolf BW-ANC1 has offer that quality of earphone to a very affordable price to the wireless savvy consumers. Despite many claiming to offer ANC(Active Noise Canceling), many has offered if consumer don’t mind spending about $100-$150 on a pair of Bluetooth earphone. Under $100, they might be a false promise of the features, but Blitzwolf only offers their BW-ANC1 at only a price of $49.99, and delivering its promise of the features.


    Source: BlitzWolf® BW-ANC1

    Launched not long ago, the Blitzwolf BW-ANC1 earphone has offered a unqiue design with the feature of ANC, where the module is connected with a braided wire that pack a considerably high capacity battery and ANC inside giving the whole earphone a Y- Shape design. The module are able to clip to the clothes and keeping them swinging while using. In addition to that, facing he front it has a finger touch sensitive button to have access of the controls.

    The module contain all the track controls with three difference shapes of button to ease consumer able to have control of their device without even looking. The button is as easy as prev/next/volume and the middle button act as play/pause button or answer/ignore incoming calls. With long press on the middle button it also doubles as on/off switch for the device. To charge it, it is as simple as using micro USB and a additional button on the side beside the charging port to tuning ANC on and off.






    Wire attached on the right bud is a microphone for taking calls with, and you can add a small clip that can slide up and down to make sure it stay in place during usage, also may added security to usage when mobile.


    Like most earphone, it has a spare of three tips size to select from, including small, medium and large to fit everyone different ear size.

    The weight of the whole earphone is average.It is comfort to use and with the additional clip on the module that may clip of clothes helps the weight distribution on not pulling the whole module and earbud when using. It is comfortable to wear and the ear tip is soft to fit into the ear of user.


    The performance of an earphone is the most important thing of an earphone. Blitzwolf has the category of both nice range for both music and video listening. We tried it for gaming and it transmit a smooth communication with other teammate with no distortion as well.

    The bass of of the earphone is roomy and the high is just crisp for music, with the pricing below $100 it contributes to universal range of enjoying from music, video calls to gaming.

    Noise Canceling

    Next awesome feature by the Blitzwolf BW-ANC1 is the noise canceling. It is one the feature to brag out in this very product. Although it may not compare to a pair of over-ear headphone but still has enough to cut the surrounding noise down to a certain level. It blocks out the mid to lower frequency with lots of effectiveness. But some not filter completely like the high frequencies, but to enable “absolute” noise canceling, a suitable ear tip is recommended.


    Although Blitzwolf BW-ANC1 isn’t the best battery life in the market but it does offers a 6-7 hours use of time, including talking on the phone or listening to favorite music. When the battery is flat it need about 2 hours to fully charge.

    IPX Rating

    This earphone come is a rating of IPX4 for water resistance. I stands a middle range for the water resistance rating. It keep splashes away from the device but is doesn’t protect the device from submersion into the water. (It needs IPX7 or higher). The earphone is indeed great for jog in the rain or situations where water may be splashing the user. However, do not want to take them swimming for obvious reasons. But for a pair of $50 pair of earphones, it is good enough.


    Pricing at $50, this pair of ANC earphones seems to fit quite well in a market. The sound quality is pretty good, the highs are crisp enough and lows are enough impact to your ear with content that you are listening to, regardless if you are listening to music, music or gaming. Their ability to filter out the ambient noises out is pretty effective. From price to quality is truly a recommended Bluetooth earphones.

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