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    Chivalry 2, the long-awaited follow-up to 2012’s Chivalry, places you proper on the coronary heart of medieval warfare as you hack and slash your method to victory. Described as a first-person shooter with swords as an alternative of weapons, post-launch critiques of Chivalry 2 have been fast to name it the sport of the summer time. Players have quite a lot of courses to select from, every with three subclasses of their very own.
    So, which Chivalry 2 class is greatest for you? In this information, we’ll go over each class in Chivalry 2, together with their strengths, weaknesses, and particular strikes.

    Chivalry 2 courses overview
    There are 4 essential courses to select from in Chivalry 2. They are the Knight, the Archer, the Vanguard, and the Footman. Each comes with a singular set of weapons to select from, with somewhat crossover between courses. For instance, each the Knight and the Vanguard can wield the Messer Greatsword, a weapon that’s shortly turn into a Chivalry 2 fan-favorite.
    Those 4 courses break down into three subclasses, which we’ll go over in-depth in a while. While the subclasses preserve the identical base stats like whole Health and Stamina, their particular strikes, passive traits, and sophistication skills change.
    You can change courses at any time in-game and even edit your subclass loadouts. However, you may solely change your cosmetics within the Armoury from the primary menu. Unlock extra cosmetics in your courses by leveling them up in-game and buying them for gold or Crowns, Chivalry 2‘s two in-game currencies. Players earn gold by leveling up their total rank. Crowns, nonetheless, have to be bought with actual cash.
    You’ll begin with the primary base subclasses for every main class. To unlock extra subclasses and weapons in Chivalry 2, you need to degree up that particular class. The second subclass unlocks at Rank 4. The third unlocks at Rank 7. So, when you strictly play because the Knight, you’ll by no means unlock something for the Archer or Vanguard.
    You can degree up all the things in Chivalry 2, so don’t be confused by class rank, weapon rank, and international rank. When it involves unlocking new weapons and subclasses, class rank is the one one which issues.
    Each subclass comes with distinctive particular strikes and passive traits. For instance, the Officer, the primary subclass obtainable for the Knight, comes with the Trumpet signature transfer, which is able to heal teammates in your line of sight when triggered. The Officer also can use Tackle to cost enemy gamers and knock them to the bottom.
    The Knight
    The Knight would be the firstclass most gamers be taught to play once they boot up Chivalry 2. They have the most important pool of well being and may wield many weapons as soon as their subclasses are unlocked. The Knight’s base stats are as follows:
    Health: 175
    Speed: 80
    Stamina: 80
    While Knights are weighed down by their heavy armor, they’ll tank loads of harm as they hack and slash their means by means of enemy strains. Just watch out when blocking incoming harm; the Knight’s stamina pool received’t final very lengthy.
    The Knight’s subclasses
    The Officer is the Knight’s base subclass and, as talked about, comes with the Trumpet signature transfer. The Officer is probably the most balanced class for gamers to be taught with earlier than they department out to different characters. You can cost your Trumpet by absorbing harm. So, the extra the Knight fights and defends himself, the extra usually he can heal his teammates.
    To use the Trumpet correctly, fall again behind your teammates. You’ll see tiny inexperienced plus indicators seem over the heads of those that your Trumpet will heal. Blow the horn to heal your self and the teammates in vary. It’s greatest to make use of the Trumpet when a number of teammates are engaged in a choke level. Bringing them to full well being will enable them to push by means of with ease.
    The Guardian comes with a protect and quite a lot of weapons with wholly totally different stats. The Guardian can place a Banner, their signature skill, which acts as a therapeutic beacon for them and their teammates. It’s greatest to position the Banner behind the battle so teammates can retreat to it and heal. Placing it in the course of the fray will see it destroyed nearly immediately by wayward strikes. As you discovered within the tutorial, shields will auto-block most incoming arrows. We say most as a result of there are just a few cases the place an correct Archer can shoot you within the again or an uncovered space.
    The Crusader is the ultimate subclass unlocked for the Knight, however it doesn’t make it the very best. The Crusader comes with the heaviest and highest DPS weapons within the recreation. However, they’re gradual to swing and can go away an inaccurate participant inclined to break. The Messer, and every other weapon with max harm, can one-shot enemies with a heavy assault.
    Learning area your self correctly could make for a lethal Crusader. The Knight and the Vanguard share most of the identical weapons and signature skills. The Crusader can throw an Oil Pot as their signature transfer, which is able to set a small space on fireplace together with anybody that walks by means of it. This contains teammates, so be certain to throw the oil pot behind your enemy’s facet of the road.
    Best weapons for the Knight
    Many weapons in Chivalry 2 are left to participant desire. The weapon balancing is pristine and doesn’t result in metas and must-use weapons like in Call of Duty: Warzone. That being mentioned, let’s discuss just a few that shine among the many others.
    The Falchion, a Guardian weapon, makes for fast close-quarters fight. In a 1v1, the Falchion can outpace most different weapons due to its elevated velocity. It additionally places out a good quantity of injury and makes for a dealy Guardian with a protect within the off-hand.
    The Messer is a beefy greatsword that pumps out the utmost quantity of injury doable amongst two-handed weapons. It’s good for taking over a number of enemies without delay with quicker and stronger slashes.
    The Battle Axe, just like the Messer, pumps out probably the most harm doable and is great towards shielded enemies. The Battle Axe comes with quicker combo occasions and highly effective overhead assaults.
    The Archer
    No medieval battlefield could be full with out its bow-wielding Archers. Chivalry 2 does an unbelievable job of creating Archers a priceless a part of the battle with out being overpowered. The server caps the variety of Archers in play at any given time, so that you’ll by no means face a whole workforce of arrow-happy gamers. The Archer’s base stats are:
    Health: 90
    Speed: 100
    Stamina: 50
    The Archers are panes of glass in comparison with the opposite courses in Chivalry 2, and gamers shouldn’t be charging into battle with their Archers. Stay again and rain arrows down in your enemies whereas your fellow Knights and Vanguards clear up the kills. That, or assist your teammates by ending off enemies. If you see a teammate deadlocked with an enemy insistent on defending themselves, punish them with arrows. Remember, arrows can’t be blocked until they hit a protect.
    Arrows do endure from harm drop-off and gradual journey velocity. The Archer is greatest used behind the entrance line, leaving room to retreat if wanted. Just watch out to not shoot your teammates. Team harm may be very actual in Chivalry 2.
    The Archer’s subclasses
    The Longbowman comes with, you guessed it, a longbow. They’re extra cell than their crossbow-wielding counterparts and also will shoot extra arrows per minute. The Longbowman can place a flaming Brazier down as soon as charged and use it to mild their arrows on fireplace. Hitting an enemy with a flaming arrow will set them ablaze and deal harm over time on prime of the bottom harm already suffered. Use the Brazier correctly although, don’t place it someplace too distant from the struggle.
    The Cudgel is the final weapon unlocked for the Longbowman and the very best secondary they’ll equip for a secondary. Though it doesn’t deal a lot harm, it’s fast sufficient to complete off an incoming enemy you’ve already hit with an arrow or two.
    The Crossbowman comes with a crossbow that may deal extra harm than the Longbow however suffers from immobility. You have to face nonetheless to tug again one other bolt, forcing you to take your eye off the enemy. While the Crossbowman can deploy a protect to maintain themselves coated, they’ll need to be as correct as doable. The Longbowman is extra versatile and can land extra pictures than the Crossbowman. The Crossbowman, just like the Knight’s Guardian, can place a Banner to heal themselves and close by teammates.
    The Skirmisher comes with a handful of javelins that work as throwables and melee weapons. However, they have to be thrown such as you’d thrown every other weapon within the recreation and can’t be aimed. For this purpose, they aren’t as efficient at ranged fight because the Longbow and Crossbow. Coupled with a small pool of well being, the Skirmisher is of no use to anyone until they’ve mastered the artwork of throwing weapons. They do have entry to the Falchion and include a small protect. However, their minuscule stamina pool will see that protect break nearly immediately.
    Best weapons for the Archer
    If it wasn’t clear sufficient, the Longbow is the very best Archer weapon. It’s extra versatile than the crossbow, and also you’ll be capable to take extra pictures from a distance. The Longbow will hold Archer’s protected, as they don’t have to take a look at the bottom to reload. They’ll be capable to see an enemy charging at them and may pull out their secondary to defend themselves.
    While on the topic, crucial a part of taking part in the Archer is understanding when to attract your secondary weapon. Don’t let an enemy get too shut. Once they’re inside 10 to 15 meters, pull out your secondary and defend your self till backup can arrive. However, normally, an Archer charged by a Knight isn’t going to final very lengthy.
    The Vanguard
    While they aren’t as squishy as Archers, the Vanguard nonetheless has much less well being than the Knight and the Footman. However, they’re the quickest class within the recreation and have probably the most stamina. In quick, they’ll block extra harm earlier than their guard breaks, opening extra alternatives for counters and ripostes.
    Health: 130
    Speed: 120
    Stamina: 100
    To play the Vanguard greatest, you’ll need to grasp the blocking and combo mechanics of Chivalry 2. Yes, that very same logic applies to each different class, however it’s important for the Vanguard.
    The Vanguard’s subclasses
    The Devastator will give gamers the most effective weapons within the recreation, the Battle Axe, off the rip. However, the Devastator lacks a robust sidearm as they solely include a tiny knife. The throwable mallets aren’t nice both, and getting caught with them out is a sure-fire method to get your self killed. Weapon swapping in Chivalry 2 isn’t the smoothest mechanic within the recreation, particularly on console. Like the Knight’s Crusader, the Devastator comes with an Oil Pot charged by killing enemies with dash assaults. Of course, dash assaults aren’t simple to land and can go away the Vanguard open to break in the event that they whiff.
    The Raider is the very best Vanguard subclass, arms down. They can carry two main weapons and may heal their teammates with the Trumpet. The greatest method to play the Raider is to equip them with a ranged weapon just like the Glaive and a mid-range weapon just like the Messer or Dane Axe. Breaking one main weapon after too many blocked assaults leaves the Raider with a recent one to tug out. Remember, you may at all times decide weapons up, then quick on killing energy.
    The Ambusher is all about flanking your enemies, which is less complicated mentioned than accomplished in Chivalry 2. The 40 and 64 participant servers go away little alternative to sneak up on a number of enemies. The Ambusher will get a 35% harm enhance when hitting enemies from behind, however they’ll be ambushed themselves fairly shortly. You don’t need to be turning your again to the enemy in Chivalry 2, and the Ambusher will discover themselves uncovered too usually with little skill to defend themselves. Their Quiver signature skill will restock their throwing knives, however that doesn’t actually assist the workforce, does it?
    Best weapons for the Vanguard
    The Vanguard is all about DPS. If the Ambusher can handle to get out and in from behind enemy strains, they’ll rack up a handful of kills. However, the very best Vanguard is a Messer and Glaive-wielding DPS machine able to cost ahead and actually devastate their enemies. The Battle Axe nonetheless holds its personal, whereas the Greatsword is probably the most balanced heavy weapon within the recreation when you accommodate for its slower windup time.
    The Footman
    The Footman will hold their enemies at bay, making simpler targets for his or her Archers. The Footman’s subclasses divide into three totally different playstyles, all with the flexibility to heal their teammates like Medics in Battlefield video games. Perhaps these medics will work the identical in Battlefield 2042 coming in October 2021?
    Health: 150
    Speed: 100
    Stamina: 80
    Well balanced with numerous weapons and traits, the Footman affords the very best number of playstyle among the many 4 courses in Chivalry 2. They received’t block a lot incoming harm with their smaller stamina pool, however they should be staying out of vary of incoming assaults when utilizing long-reaching weapons.
    The Footman’s subclasses
    The Poleman is all about retaining your enemies out in entrance of you. They can use the farthest-reaching weapons within the recreation, just like the Halberd and Spear. Every Footman subclass comes with Bandage Kits that may be thrown at teammates to heal them. The Footman also can throw the Bandage Kit on the bottom to heal themselves if they have to. You can cost the bandage equipment by therapeutic teammates and reviving downed gamers. Think of it this fashion, the extra supportive you’re, the extra usually you may help.
    The Man at Arms is a close-quarters Footman that good points 10% motion velocity when wielding a one-handed weapon. They do include a small protect for added safety. The Man at Arms is a well-balanced class however lacks single-shot potential. A totally charged assault on a man-made intelligence-controlled enemy received’t kill them. However, the Man at Arms can bob and weave out of fights and, with correct spacing, can take out an opponent 1v1.
    The Field Engineer is greatest used to deal goal harm, as they’re granted 100% harm bonus harm to breakables. This contains limitations, cages, banners, and doorways. Stick with the Sledgehammer for probably the most offensive output, however make the most of the Field Engineer’s Spike Traps and Bear Traps to dam off doorways and make chokepoints extra lethal for incoming enemies. Don’t use the Field Engineer in direct fight. Instead, focus extra on defending and destroying goals.
    Best weapons for the Footman
    It boils all the way down to the way you’re taking part in the Footman with regards to selecting their greatest weapons.
    The Polehammer, whereas it doesn’t have as far a attain because the Halberd, is quicker and offers extra particular harm. Special assaults are obligatory to empty an opponent’s stamina and breakthrough shields. The Halberd will educate you play the vary Footman, however the Polehammer will make you lethal.
    The Falchion ought to be utilized by any subclass that may get their arms on it. The Man at Arms is a kind of courses. However, gamers ought to simply use the Knight’s Guardian for extra well being, safety, and therapeutic capabilities.

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