Data Recovery Savior for Photographers – EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro Review

    Data lost has been a crucial issue nowadays among tech consumers especially photographers. It is so easy to lost photos on the memory card after shooting. The data may also happen when they accidentally delete the photos on the memory card when they wanted to go for another photography job.

    On this very article, TechSwitch would like to introduce after several usage of the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard on one of the photographer/ editor in the office. No one knows better than the him on data recovery where he needed the most compared to everyone among the office.

    Introduction to EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

    It is a data rescue program which search all over your storage device for any deleted files and recover them. You can use it recover files from accidental deletion from your recycle bin, corrupted hard drive and memory card plus even a accidental formatted USB flash drive.

    There are trial to download but you can only recover a maximum of 2GB file with it. For some users 2GB might be enough, but for a professional photographer, 2GB is just a small size in the memory card and with purchase of the pro version is definitely worth for the pro usage.

    Simple Test on Memory Card

    Quick Scan

    To test how effective is EaseUS is at recovering files, we use our photographer’s memory card and he somehow said the card was corrupted, we formatted the card and see how it EaseUS can recover his photos on the card.

    As we can see this is from the camera and empty after formatted.

    After few seconds of scans the software are able to pick some of the data in the card and start showing total of how many fill previously deleted.

    Looking are the quick scan results and verified with our photographer, identify the data is was fully recovered that was shot few days ago. The quick scan only scan the data that are lost on the most recent deletion of data lost.

    Deep Scan

    To engage deep scan, we don’t have to scan it once more where the software is automatically scan for deep scan on all the previous data loss on the memory card.

    It listed of the previous data that may has been previously created on the memory card.The files are sorted according where the memory card has related to the partitions available and even folders and path are sorted accordingly.

    We then listed the photos that are scanned by EaseUS, and found that they even found the photos that are deleted and replace after few formats on the memory card and still able to recover it with no lost! (It was last years photos)

    We then recover on photos and it recovered super fast with just a few seconds and we had the recovered photos on our hard disk drive. The photographer said is was a kindergarten graduation photo that was shot last year and verifies it. Not only that the photos are recovered, even the EXIF data was not lost in the process of recovery.

    It was a surprise that there are no error so far for the recovery, all the files recovered are fully usable and works perfectly fine. We even recover videos and skeptical about it that it will lost some audio or video data, but the files is totally fine and it has perfect audio and audio data after we compared it to the original footage.


    EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro really surprise us on their data recovery capability. It recovered file that are deleted and formatted media weeks and even months ago. In addition, there not much fault that are found in the recovered files .After the scan results, the files were sorted neatly and easy to access, the recovered files were also sorted accordingly. The interface is easy to use and straightforward. The instructions that are showed after the scan is very easy to understand as well.

    It is truly a recommended software for everyone especially contents maker like photographers. However the price is somehow high.Pricing at $69.95 on Windows platform and $89.95 on Mac Platform this software can be consider somehow expensive on but it is totally worth the money because with these price, you may not get back the data you lost on that price.

    EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 


    Single User-1 license for one computer

    For WindowsFor Mac

    Technician User-1 license for unlimited computers

    For Windows | For Mac

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