Destiny 2 Vault Of Glass Guide: How To Beat Every Encounter And Find All Hidden Chests And Collectibles

    Destiny’s first-ever raid, the Vault of Glass, has lastly returned in Destiny 2. While any reminiscences you may need of developer Bungie’s basic six-player exercise will serve you effectively in returning to the Vault, not all the pieces is because it was earlier than. The raid has been revamped on this new model, including new enemies like Champions and Harpies, and making slight tweaks to the puzzles, encounters, and secrets and techniques hidden alongside the best way. We’ve scoured the raid to search out all the pieces it has to supply, and with the information beneath, you’ll be able to finest each one of many Vault’s challenges.What it is advisable know most of all is that the Vault of Glass is crammed with powerful enemies and you will spend a variety of time combating wave after wave of the Vex. Make certain you may have stable weapons for clearing numerous enemies shortly. With the launch of the Season of the Splicer, grenade launchers are in vogue–so spending a variety of time getting nice ones, like Witherhoard, Anarchy, and Salvager’s Salvo, can go an extended technique to making this battle simpler.Below, we’ll element all the pieces it is advisable know to beat the entire encounters within the Vault of Glass, whereas main you to all 12 collectibles that will help you get the brand new Bitterpearl shader (a revival of the D1 basic Chatterwhite) and all 4 hidden chests.Loadout OptionsFor weapons, as famous, you will get a variety of work out of grenade launchers on this raid, particularly because of the Season of the Splicer’s Breach and Clear mod; should you can unlock that, get it. Anarchy is an effective guess in most encounters, as is Witherhoard–this raid is flooded with small however tanky enemies marching slowly towards you, so Witherhoard’s area-of-effect grenades actually assist management the area and maintain powerful enemies from getting shut. Overload mods are important, in addition to weapons to destroy the occasional Void defend. Some methods embrace utilizing slug shotguns and Divinity for boss injury, and a scout rifle or sniper for eliminating Oracles may be very useful.Because there are such a lot of enemies, Super talents that allow you to management teams are often fairly useful, though for the Templar and Atheon boss fights, high-damage nuke Supers are a should. In a variety of circumstances, it might probably pay to be versatile together with your subclass if attainable; a Warlock Well of Radiance is sweet in boss fights however not a lot in earlier encounters, as an illustration, whereas Stasis might be phenomenal in each encounter besides when combating the Templar and Atheon bosses. If you’ll be able to change your specialization from one encounter to a different, it helps.Otherwise, carry your standard boss DPS suggestions: bottom-tree Golden Gun Hunters with Celestial Nighthawk, a Warlock with Well of Radiance and Phoenix Protocol or utilizing Nova Bomb with Nezarec’s Sin, and Titans with Ward of Dawn and the Helm of Saint-14 or Thundercrash and Cuirass of Fallen Stars (this final one is nice for shortly killing Champions and Wyverns, in addition to dealing large boss injury).Waking Ruins: Opening The Vault’s Front DoorYour first activity in Vault of Glass is simply entering into the raid itself. That requires you to pressure open the door within the Waking Ruins on Venus, the place it is advisable stand on three Vex plates lengthy sufficient to assemble a spire that grants entry to the Vault itself. On paper, that is fairly easy–the powerful half is what you will face whereas making an attempt to do it.First, cut up up into three groups of two and divide your self among the many plates. You’ll discover them on the left and proper sides of the door (on the hill on the left when dealing with it, and on the rocky outcropping on the suitable), in addition to instantly in entrance of it. Each crew’s job is to guard the plate whereas standing on it till it absolutely expenses. You’ll have to cost all three plates on the similar time to open the door.This is an encounter the place you simply have to defend your place lengthy sufficient to cost the plates, nevertheless it has a few caveats. First and foremost, maintain an eye fixed out for minotaurs known as Praetorians. These are your high precedence throughout this fight–kill the Praetorians earlier than they attain your Vex plate. If they contact it, it will reset, and you will have to carry out even longer to cost all three. The Praetorians are additionally in all probability essentially the most lethal risk you will face throughout this entire factor, so zero them shortly.You’ll principally face Vex Goblins and Hobgoblins through the battle, who will stream towards your plate from two sides, requiring you to pay shut consideration to the place you are being attacked from. Periodically, three Cyclops will spawn in, one shut to every plate, to problem you with {powerful} blasts. When you see them, take them down shortly, as a result of the one nearest your plate will not simply problem you–it may attempt to snipe on the different groups, which may make the Cyclops additional harmful.Bring close-range weapons you want for clearing small enemies right here, with one thing to pop Void shields on the Paetorians. Our crew appreciated Witherhoard (a gun that can come up quite a bit throughout this information) for space management, a sword similar to Fallen Guillotine to shortly dispatch Praetorians, and a good sniper rifle to take down the Cyclops, whereas additionally serving to out different groups if they need to want it. In basic, you’ll be able to depart one member of every two-Guardian crew on the Vex plate, whereas the opposite runs round killing enemies. There’s no cause for you each to be on the plate on the similar time, and that configuration makes it simpler for Praetorians or Cyclops to blow you up, so unfold out a bit.Hidden Chest 1: Opening The Vault DoorOpen the door and you will obtain your first hidden chest of the Vault of Glass, which can solely dish out Vault-specific mods and new rolls on weapons or armor you have already earned from different encounters. Though it isn’t precisely hidden, this one does depend towards the depend of 4 we’ll be marking alongside the best way.Before you enter the Vault correct, take a second to seize some collectibles within the Waking Ruins.Collectible 1: Beneath The RidgeThe first of 12 collectibles within the raid is situated inside a cave set into the rock wall beneath the center Vex plate. From the place you first entered the raid, stroll ahead towards the massive cliff forward and naked left till you discover a small opening. Follow the tunnel you discover there to the tip and look to the left to search out the blue collectible crystal the place the cave ends.Collectible 2: On The Path Out Of The RuinsAgain ranging from the place you spawned into the raid, stroll beneath the rocky outcropping the place the suitable Vex plate is situated. Keep transferring as much as the suitable, towards the again nook of the world. If you keep in mind Destiny 1, this might be the trail away from this space on Venus. Look for the Exotic secreted behind a tree close to the wall, near the place you hit an invisible wall that blocks you from advancing any farther.Collectible 3: The Trial Of KabrEnter the Vault and earlier than lengthy, you will hit an enormous drop. Stop proper right here and pull a 180. There’s a tunnel to your proper, and simply previous it, just a little up the best way you simply got here, is a small alcove set in the suitable wall. It’s powerful to identify however the crystal is ready for you proper there.Collectible 4: The Big DropYou’ll see a cave to your left that’ll allow you to proceed, however ignore it for a second. Instead, look down over the ledge. In the face of the cliff you are standing on is a tough-to-spot gap. Drop off the ledge and bounce into the outlet to search out the collectible crystal.Hidden Chest 2: The Path To The TemplarIf you enter the outlet within the cliff wall to search out the collectible, you’ll exit that spot into some plant-filled corridors, by way of which you will must platform. The path is fairly easy, though you will must drop down. When you hit a lush inexperienced room with an enormous column within the heart, surrounded by platforms, hop onto it and go across the aspect to the left. The chest is ready there.Collectible 5: The Templar WellPersevering with from the hidden chest, you will maintain happening till you see the room for the primary encounter; an enormous, sq., arena-looking place known as the Templar Well. You ought to be approaching it from its proper aspect, however earlier than you head down there, cross over close to the spot the place you’ll be able to drop a Raid Banner and as a substitute climb up the cliff wall on the Templar Well’s left aspect. This is the trail you’d take should you hadn’t dropped all the way down to get Collectible 4.Climb up till you hit a flat cement-colored platform, which is as far on this path as you’ll be able to go from the Templar Well and the Raid Banner spot. Look over the sting on the again nook to your proper as you strategy and it’s best to see a ledge you’ll be able to attain by dropping down, which holds the collectible.Encounter 1: ConfluxesAfter heading into the Vault, you will climb all the way down to your first main battle enviornment. Get to know this location, as you will be right here for a very long time. In the middle of the room is a staircase main down: we’ll consult with this spot because the Cleanse Well, as it’s a necessity to move down there to cope with this room’s main wipe mechanic. Your job all through this primary battle is to guard Vex Confluxes from enemies who will attempt to sacrifice at them. Too many sacrifices and your crew will wipe. What’s extra, you will have an enormous, shielded Vex Hydra known as the Templar sitting within the heart of the room, whipping explosives at you.Altogether, although, this battle is not too powerful should you’re coordinated and cope with main threats shortly. First and foremost, cut up once more into two groups of three and place yourselves across the room: you need two Guardians to the left, two to the suitable, and two roughly within the heart, close to the place you first dropped into the room. Enemies spawn within the far again proper and left corners, in addition to across the heart of the room close to the place the Templar hangs out, so these three areas offers you vantage factors on all the pieces.Your first Conflux will seem within the heart of the room close to the place you first entered; after you defend it lengthy sufficient, two extra will seem on the left and proper sides of the room, with the middle one disappearing; and eventually, all three Confluxes will seem, requiring you to protect all of them.You want to concentrate on three explicit enemies on this battle. First, Minotaur Overload Champions will present up periodically, which might be very harmful. Next, Vex Wyverns are within the combine, and their {powerful} dive-bomb assault can ship you flying off the sides of the world. Finally, explosive Fanatics will depart behind blue swimming pools of power on the bottom after they die–avoid these swimming pools in any respect prices.Every so usually, the Templar will being a course of known as the Ritual of Negation, earlier than sending out a wave of power by way of the world. Anyone who touches the blue stuff dropped by the Fanatics shall be Marked for Negation, a debuff that seems within the left nook of your display. If you are Marked when the Templar does its Ritual, you will die. To eliminate the Marked for Negation debuff, you’ll be able to run by way of the Cleanse Well on the backside of the steps, which can be a glowing blue power pool. Note, nonetheless, that when you employ the pool, it will disappear till the following part of the encounter (specifically, when the variety of Confluxes adjustments), so if you are going to use the Cleanse Well, be sure that to coordinate with different teammates and bounce into it on the similar time. Keep this strategy in thoughts as a result of this may come up once more later.Holding down the Confluxes is not particularly tough, particularly should you divide your crew as much as management every part of the room. The Wyverns and Overload Champions are by far essentially the most harmful component, and you will need your crew to remain as agile as attainable to assist one another out if anybody falls in battle. Witherhoard is nice right here for preserving Fanatics as far-off from the Confluxes as attainable, and you should use it to simply management a variety of the battlefield. Roaming Supers additionally may also help in cleansing up the battlefield. Keep weapons to do numerous injury shortly to maintain Wyverns and Champions from disrupting you an excessive amount of and this encounter ought to cross comparatively shortly.Encounter 2: The OraclesNext, the Vault of Glass provides a wrinkle you will be coping with for a lot of the the rest of the raid: the Oracles. These are bizarre, blue Vex cubes that seem in sure areas and emit a particular musical word, which is particular to every Oracle. Your aim within the second encounter is to search out and remove the Oracles as they present up within the room, within the order that they seem. Shooting the Oracles out of order or taking too lengthy to destroy them will end in a crew wipe–although, when you’re marked by the Oracles, you should use the Cleanse Well to take away the wipe debuff in case your crew is fast and coordinated.Oracles can seem in seven areas round this room. There are three on the left aspect: one on the small staircase on the left aspect of the platform the place you enter; one simply forward of that close to the column near the left edge; and one simply up a small staircase on the left aspect, tucked right into a cubby gap overlooking the drop to the Cleanse Well. On the suitable aspect, one will spawn on the lowest part close to the sting; one other will spawn up the steps on the far proper aspect of the platform; and the final will spawn on the sting of the drop to succeed in the Cleanse Well. Finally, an Oracle can seem dead-center behind the room on the backside of the big staircase close to the place you first enter (and close to the place you’ll be able to place the rally flag).Again, cut up yourselves into groups and unfold out across the room. Ideally, you need to commit a Guardian to every Oracle spot, with somebody who’s roughly within the heart to cowl the seventh spot as effectively. During the encounter, Oracles will seem in sequence in a few of these locations–the first time, three Oracles will pop up, one by one, in random spots, earlier than fading away. They’ll repeat that sequence twice to present you an opportunity to be taught their order, earlier than lastly showing all of sudden and changing into stable.Your job is to shoot the Oracles and destroy them within the order they appeared, to match the sequence of notes they performed. Thus, you need your teammates every watching their spot in order that they know the order. Our crew dealt with this by counting off: if somebody noticed the Oracle close to them seem first, they known as “one,” adopted by the following participant who noticed an Oracle counting “two,” after which “three.” This means, every individual acknowledged that they knew the order to destroy the Oracle and made clear they have been standing prepared. Anyone who wasn’t accountable for an Oracle within the sequence was left to filter enemies.The Oracle sequence continues this fashion, including an extra Oracle every time. So you will begin with three to kill in sequence, then 4, then 5, then six, and eventually seven. Oracles don’t repeat in a single sequence, so you will not must shoot the center one because the third and sixth in the identical go, as an illustration. Thus, having every individual accountable for only one or two Oracles is a fairly sound technique, because it makes it just a little simpler to maintain observe of when they should act.What makes this encounter powerful is the flood of enemies coming at you the entire time, so you will have to scramble to clear them out shortly between Oracle sequences. Everything you fought through the Conflux sequence reveals up once more, so controlling Fanatics is a crucial a part of this. Champions and Wyverns could make the entire thing problematic as well–if they bunch up on you, issues get harmful, and it is easy to focus your consideration an excessive amount of on the Oracles and never sufficient on clearing enemies. Finally, Hobgoblin sniper spawn in on the massive platforms floating across the edges of the world, and due to their angles, it may be very laborious to search out cowl from them.Your fundamental aim right here is to maintain the world as away from enemies as attainable. Anyone not presently anxious about an Oracle ought to be taking down as many enemies as they will, as quick as they will, with an emphasis on the Hobgoblins. These guys spawn in with every new group of Oracles they usually can get nasty, whereas the massive enemies can chase Oracle readers away from their spots which additionally will get harmful. It’s attainable for individuals deep on the left and proper sides to see a number of Oracle spawns directly, so attempt to spot all that you would be able to as you progress round and assist one another out. If you miss an Oracle or shoot the fallacious one, you may have solely a pair seconds to make use of the Cleanse Well to save lots of yourselves, so look ahead to that debuff.Coordination and adaptation are the secret right here. Survive by way of all seven Oracle sequences to clear the encounter.Encounter 3: Templar Boss CombatWe’re on to the very last thing you will do on this room, which mixes virtually all the weather you have been coping with and provides a brand new one. Now you will discover a defend within the heart of the room known as the Relic; should you choose it up, the encounter begins, so depart it till you are prepared.The Relic is essential to this entire fight–once you choose it up, should you drop it for greater than 5 seconds, your crew will wipe. Designate one individual to be the Relic provider, ideally the one who is most agile and expert or who will a minimum of do the bottom injury to the boss. The Relic is essential to having the ability to injury the boss, so that you want somebody who can survive effectively, transfer shortly, and adapt to harmful conditions.Once you choose up the Relic, it begins to cost all of your talents in a short time. Hold your Sword Block button and the Relic will emit a sphere round it that may cleanse your teammates, eradicating the Marked for Negation debuff. The Cleanse Well continues to be in place do you have to want it, however this can be a far more efficient technique to cope with the scenario. Holding the grenade button creates a defend round you that you should use to guard your teammates from the Templar’s attacks–although within the first few days of Vault of Glass, that defend has not been as efficient because it was in Destiny 1. Finally, when holding the Relic, your Super expenses in a short time. Use it with the Relic in-hand to fireplace a straight blast out of it, which you should use to knock out the Templar’s immune defend, permitting the remainder of your crew to wreck it. The remainder of the time, use the Relic to clear enemies with melee assaults, because it’s super-powerful in opposition to Vex. You can do an area-of-effect ground-pound transfer should you leap into the air and hit your ADS button, which may be very helpful.The battle goes like this: Once you choose up the Relic, the Templar seems and assaults you, transferring round to a number of designated spots within the room. Enemies will flood in from the same old locations, together with Fanatics, though you will not face Champions. From the beginning, three Oracles will seem in sequence, requiring you to remove them or face being Marked for Negation–you can cleanse that debuff, nevertheless it’s significantly better to remove all Oracles as shortly as attainable. You’ll solely ever cope with sequences of three, however an invisible timer is all the time ticking all the way down to the following Oracle sequence, so after you injury the boss, return to your spots to arrange for the following sequence.After clearing Oracles, your Relic holder ought to have charged their Super. Get everybody to a delegated location (the middle staircase close to the rally flag for the primary assault is often finest), and have the Relic holder use their Super to knock out the Templar’s defend. From there, everybody ought to dump as a lot injury as they will, utilizing {powerful} Supers similar to Golden Gun, Thundercrash, Nova Bomb, and Chaos Reach. A Well of Radiance is sweet for this since you’ll be beneath fixed risk from the Templar in addition to different enemies which might be cruising round.During the injury part, the boss will try and teleport across the room to one in all 5 designated areas: to the left and proper of the staircase close to the rally flag; proper in entrance of the staircase; and up on the 2 platforms to the left and proper of the steps main all the way down to the Cleanse Well. Look for a horizontal white ring on the bottom, which reveals the place the boss will attempt to teleport. If you will get a Guardian to face in that spot, you will cancel the boss’s teleport, extending the DPS phase–otherwise, as soon as the Templar teleports, its defend will come again up and you will have to repeat the method.At least in your first few runs, we advocate stopping one teleport however possible not more than two. First, every time you cease the boss from teleporting, it will summon a number of {powerful} Minotaurs which might be extraordinarily tanky. Second, you will be operating up in opposition to the following Oracle sequence, so two teleports is absolutely pushing it when it is advisable get again into place to destroy the Oracles. Plus, making an attempt to scramble again to your Oracle positions is hard with each numerous Minotaurs and the boss harassing you–it’s possible a minimum of one Guardian will die on their means again to their spot, and that may result in a wipe from Marked for Negation. So maintain conservative and do all of the injury you’ll be able to after stopping one teleport, then cut up up and return to your areas to clear enemies and watch for the following Oracle sequence.Note additionally that the boss could have moved on its second teleport and might be in place to wail on gamers as they return to the left or proper sides to attend for his or her Oracles to respawn. If that is the case, don’t run in entrance of the boss to get to your spot. It will in all probability kill you. Instead, if the boss is on the left, go to the suitable aspect for canopy and cross alongside the again wall, above the Cleanse Well. It’s a lot safer and solely takes just a little additional time.Keep up this sequence till you’re taking down the boss altogether. We discovered success with weapons like Anarchy and sniper rifles for important injury when paired with Divinity. Other methods embrace slug shotguns similar to First In, Last Out and Heritage, however word you will must get even nearer to the boss to make use of these successfully. Wail on the Templar together with your strongest Supers and weapons and after a number of rounds, it’s best to finest it.Collectible 6: Leaving The Templar RoomOnce the battle is over, you’ll be able to depart both by way of the massive door on the heart again of the room, or by way of a hidden gap on the left aspect of the room that’ll lead you to this collectible. Look for it simply previous the outlet the place you could possibly cross by way of to the Cleanse Well. Sneak by way of and hop up on the ledge above to search out the blue crystal collectible.Collectible 7: Hidden Path To The Gorgon LabyrinthThe gap you entered to search out Collectible 6 truly leads you to a darkish, twisting, hidden path to your subsequent encounter. It’s a good distance and an extended descent. Keep following the trail and dropping down. You’ll begin to see blue crystals lining the partitions in nice numbers. Keep going till you hit a bigger cave with a low ceiling–ahead, it’s best to see what seems like a small gap with water in it that you could possibly sneak beneath, with a squared-off concrete ceiling. Facing that wall, flip proper and search for a small, roundish gap within the rocks. Duck to get inside and maintain transferring till you see a defunct Vex gate, which hides the collectible simply beside it.Encounter 4: The Gorgon Labyrinth(There are a number of collectibles and a hidden chest right here, however as a result of you must be sneaky to get previous the Gorgons and it is powerful to do all the pieces directly, we’ll clarify clear this encounter first, then discover the collectibles after. If you need to discover the collectibles and hidden chest earlier than leaving, skip all the way down to that part beneath, then come again right here.)Either exit from the Templar room will finally carry you means all the way down to the underside of an extended drop, the place you will emerge right into a cave that has a skinny creek operating by way of it. Here, you will face the Gorgons, a number of Vex Harpies that instrument across the space trying to find intruders. There are numerous Gorgons right here, and in the event that they see you, they will flip out, inflicting a crew wipe after a brief length. It’s attainable to kill a Gorgon after it sees you, nevertheless it’s very tough as a result of they’ve an enormous quantity of well being. Thus, it is higher to slide previous the Gorgons and make your technique to the exit of the world, if possible–but you will need to grasp round for a second and discover the hidden chest detailed beneath.The Gorgons are extraordinarily delicate to sound, however they don’t seem to be particularly shiny. For one to see you, you will have to be pretty near it. You’re more likely to set them off by sprinting or double-jumping, as a result of they’re fairly acutely attuned to the sounds. Thus, going slowly and taking it straightforward might be useful to get by way of right here. There are a variety of excessive, flat rocks you’ll be able to climb with relative ease alongside the best way that can provide you an opportunity to attend for Gorgons to patrol out of your means and offer you a second to breathe. It additionally appears that the vertical restrict to the place Gorgons can hear you is not too excessive, so particularly on excessive rocks, you will have a better utilizing your bounce talents to get round.If you need to battle a Gorgon, you are going to want your entire crew on the prepared with high-damage implements to take them down. Recommendations embrace swords similar to The Lament or Fallen Guillotine, in addition to an Anarchy and probably even a Divinity, relying on what you carry. If all six members of your crew descend on a Gorgon shortly sufficient, you are prone to kill it, offered you have bought the suitable gear and {powerful} Supers.The complete Gorgon Cave map is usually oval-shaped, with one finish of the oval being the beginning and the sides of the world curving out to a different excessive on the far finish. However, the exit from the world is not on the different finish of the oval, however moderately, lifeless within the heart of the world. The best technique to get there’s to move by way of the preliminary cave with the water and grasp a left, preserving between the rocks and the wall to cover from the primary Gorgon you see.Watch out for those forward of you–there are two–and climb the massive rock simply previous the primary Gorgon.From right here, you’ll be able to hop throughout to the wall (staying as excessive as attainable if you must use your double-jump; smash your head into that ceiling), then bounce to the following large rock forward.You’ll see two Gorgons beneath. Your vacation spot is to not hug the wall to your left, however to move down and to your proper simply forward, close to a smaller rock. Immediately beside that rock is a gap within the wall you’ll be able to sneak by way of to depart.Don’t attempt to stand on the smaller rock to cover from Gorgons, as it isn’t tall sufficient. Wait on your second, hop down out of your hiding place, and stroll shortly (with out sprinting) by way of the outlet to make your means out.Collectible 8: In The Gorgon CaveFrom the place you begin within the Gorgon room, you’ll be able to sneak alongside the suitable wall till you attain a small space with a white mild, with a round Vex door set within the wall. That’s the place you will discover the hidden chest, and we’ll clarify get it beneath.A collectible is secreted alongside the best way, up on a jagged rock you cross earlier than you hit the lit space. Look for it up on a rock to your left; the blue glow ought to give it away.Hidden Chest 3: Praedyth’s RoomDestiny 1 gamers will keep in mind that behind this door is a hidden chest, in addition to the skeletal stays of Praedyth, a Guardian who was misplaced within the Vault of Glass years earlier and is now trapped in time. In Destiny 1, the door sealed should you have been noticed by a Gorgon, however within the up to date Destiny 2 model, it is locked by three Vex cubes you will have to destroy. The excellent news is that when you have discovered and destroyed all three cubes in a single run, the door stays open, even should you’re killed by the Gorgons.To discover the primary dice, begin within the large cave the place you first enter, with the water operating by way of it. Jump up on the craggy wall to the left after which flip proper, wanting within the path of the door you are making an attempt to open. Through a spot within the rocks it’s best to see the dice excessive above the place the Gorgons patrol. If you have bought a sniper rifle or a major weapon with respectable vary, you’ll be able to knock the dice out from proper right here.The second dice is alongside the trail forward of you, the place the river flows–technically, the best way out of the cave. Move ahead, avoiding the Gorgons, to climb the massive angled rock forward. Hop throughout to the wall after which the following rock and look all the way down to your left; the dice is there, straightforward to shoot, however hidden by being tucked beneath the lip of the ledge operating alongside the wall.To discover the third dice, it is advisable make your technique to the opposite finish of the map, the far finish of the oval we talked about earlier than. Do that by mimicking your path out of the cave, however as a substitute of leaving by the use of the exit, proceed to maneuver alongside the left wall of the cave towards the again of the world. You’ll must perform a little sneaking previous some Gorgons to search out the dice, nevertheless it’s just about in plain sight as you get technique to the again of the world; search for a red-tinted mild, and the dice up within the air simply in entrance of it.With all three cubes destroyed, the hidden chest door will open. If you are not anxious about dying right here, you’ll be able to simply let a Gorgon see you to reset your crew again to the beginning of the world. The cubes you destroy will keep gone and the door will keep open as soon as you have unlocked it, no matter whether or not you die alongside the best way.Also price noting is that there is a Raid Banner drop location right here, so should you’re searching Gorgons for varied Vault of Glass Triumphs, you may need to unlock this door to offer your self a spot to refresh your ammo.Collectible 9: Near The Labyrinth ExitIf you comply with the trail to the third dice, you could find this collectible pretty simply. Follow the identical path with the river, previous the Gorgons, and up onto the big angled rock that allows you to keep away from them. Continue throughout to the following rock, then hop down and comply with the wall in your left. Watch out for the Gorgon and maintain an eye fixed out for a squared nook jutting out from the wall forward of you. The collectible crystal is correct behind it–you’ll have simply handed the exit.The Jumping PuzzleCollectible 10: The Jumping Puzzle Hidden PathAs you allow the Gorgons’ Labyrinth, you will quickly come to a different chasm, this time with Vex platforms showing periodically that will help you cross it. Hold tight right here; as a substitute, have a look at the wall to your left for a gap and bounce over to that as a substitute. Follow the tunnel till you attain its finish and look over the sting. Way on the backside and a bit to your proper, it’s best to see an oblong platform you’ll be able to drop down to–it’s an extended fall. When you are there, comply with the trail into an alcove with the crystal ready on the finish.From right here, you’ll be able to return out to the platform and climb the spire to which the platform is attached–just search for ledges going across the exterior, with a few of them on the again of the pillar. Climb excessive sufficient and you’ll hop onto some Vex platforms that allow you to cross to the distant, uncharged Vex gate, after which cross to the opposite aspect of the room, the place the exit door is. (Don’t depart but, as there’s extra to search out.)If you did not drop all the way down to get the collectible, grasp round on the fringe of the chasm for a second and you will see some Vex platforms starting to seem that let you cross to the far wall. This is not a lot of a puzzle, however there are some things alongside the best way so that you can seize.Collectible 11: Hidden On The LedgeWhen you hit the far aspect, hug the wall and search for an alcove that makes a little bit of a slim hallway. Head inside and bounce as much as the suitable to discover a collectible crystal. If you are coming from the opposite aspect, stroll previous the big opening with the exit door to search out this alcove on the ledge simply past.Hidden Chest 4: Above The Jump Puzzle ExitKeep going alongside the wall till it opens up in your proper to make a sq. space close to the exit door. You can climb up onto the wall right here, left of the exit, to discover a hidden chest up on a ledge.Collectible 12: Before The Throne RoomFinally, after leaving by way of the door exiting the Jumping Puzzle, cease simply earlier than getting into the massive triangular door into the ultimate room. From the bottom of the small staircase, look excessive as much as the left for a darkened ledge, the place the crystal is ready. Use the skinny ledges to the suitable of the door to get the peak it is advisable leap up there–you can seize the crystal whereas within the air if you must.Collecting the final crystal will internet you the Pearl of Glass Triumph, which additionally unlocks the Bitterpearl shader. Destiny 1 followers will word that it seems a complete lot like fan-favorite shader Chatterwhite from that recreation.Encounter 5: The GatekeepersForward, you will enter the final room of the Vault of Glass–Atheon’s throne. Before you’ll be able to battle the massive boss, nonetheless, you will must summon him with one other encounter, by which you battle a number of Vex hydras known as Gatekeepers. These guys aren’t too powerful to knock out, however this entire encounter requires some fast timing and coordination.First, get the lay of the land. On the left and proper sides of the room are two portals. Just beneath every one is a Vex plate with a column inside; standing on these plates (and on the column, which is vital) will activate the portals and maintain them open. The portals result in two completely different variations of the identical room you are in; on the left, you will discover a barren, reddish model of the room (which, based mostly on different related Vex areas, is probably going the post-Vex future), whereas on the suitable is a greenish, lush model of the location–the pre-Vex previous. Regardless of what you name them, provide you with some simply identifiable names, and even simply “left” and “right,” as your crew might want to shortly determine what’s on the opposite aspect of every portal.You’ll need to divide into two teams of three. In your first group are your time vacationers, whose job it will be to move by way of the portals. Designate one individual to undergo the left aspect and one to undergo the suitable, with the third individual on the crew the designated Relic-holder. That’s proper, the Relic is again from the Templar room, and having somebody who can deal with it effectively right here is important.The different three individuals are going to remain within the current model of this room, and it will be their job to carry open the 2 portals by stopping Minotaur Overload Champions from reaching the plates, and destroying Hydras known as Gatekeepers. Other enemies, together with Goblins and Hobgoblins with some {powerful} explosive weapons, will stream into the room from the perimeters, however the Minotaurs are those you must fear about. As with opening the door to the Vault of Glass again at the start, it is solely the Minotaurs that may disrupt your Vex plates.If you enterprise too far into the room, the encounter begins. The concept at first is for everybody to filter all of the enemies earlier than lastly destroying the Gatekeeper Hydra within the heart again of the room. That Hydra will teleport round a bit within the again there, generally making it laborious to kill, however wait a second and it will all the time come again for a better shot. When it dies, the Relic will seem the place the Hydra was ready for you while you first entered. One individual ought to seize it whereas the portal crew begins opening the portals by capturing the Vex plates.Once the portals are open, the 2 time vacationers ought to every undergo their designated portals and announce what they see. Through each previous and future portals are Vex Confluxes, which you will have to defend. One portal could have a Vex Harpy to destroy, however the different could have a Vex with a white immune shield–if you have performed the Garden of Salvation raid, you will acknowledge this. Communicate which portal has the shielded Vex; the Relic holder ought to instantly run by way of that portal and use the Relic’s assaults to knock out the defend to kill the Vex. Both sides should forestall Vex from sacrificing themselves on the Conflux, however just one could have the immune Vex at a time. If you are on protection alone on the opposite aspect of the portal, Stasis might be very useful right here.Meanwhile, again within the current room, the portal defenders have to shortly kill the Overload Champions to maintain them away from the Vex plates, whereas additionally watching for one more Gatekeeper to seem on the small island within the heart of the room, between the plates. When the Gatekeeper seems, kill it as shortly as possible–nobody can journey by way of any portals till the Gatekeeper is lifeless, and it will respawn periodically, so be sure that to knock it out quick.The exterior job is not significantly mechanically heavy, however it may be tough to knock out all these enemies, so maintain one individual on every Vex plate and your final crew member floating backwards and forwards to assist in killing Champions and Gatekeepers.Back contained in the portals, the time journey crew could have a difficulty. Every time the Relic holder travels by way of a portal in both path, they obtain a debuff that forces them to attend 40 seconds earlier than they will cross by way of a portal once more. However, simply as there was a shielded Vex by way of one portal, one other shielded Vex will finally seem on the opposite aspect. Thus, this battle turns into a relay race, by which your crew has to cross the Relic backwards and forwards so as to carry it by way of the portals and defend the Confluxes.After killing the primary shielded Vex, the Relic holder ought to drop the Relic (accomplish that by switching weapons), and the one who was defending the Conflux can choose it up. That new Relic holder travels again by way of the portal into the current model of the arena–but now they, too, are debuffed and might’t journey for 40 seconds. The Relic holder ought to take a second to assist with killing any enemies, particularly the Gatekeeper, after which head to the opposite portal. That individual now swaps with the portal defender on that aspect, taking their place to protect the Vex plate whereas the defender takes the Relic by way of the portal to kill the shielded Vex.From there, the method repeats. The Relic holder arms off the defend to the defender, who travels again by way of the portal and trades it with the individual guarding the opposite Vex plate. That individual travels by way of the primary portal, kills the Vex there, and arms off the Relic. Eventually, the Confluxes contained in the portals will disappear and a brand new one within the current room will present up within the heart, close to the glassy triangular throne.All gamers ought to come again to the principle room and kill the Gatekeeper they discover there to get a brand new Relic. Snag it and get ready–waves of Vex will now assault the Conflux from the left, proper, and heart, up the steps. You’ll discover Harpies coming from all instructions, however with every wave, one of many three instructions will even have Vex Minotaurs who’re immune to wreck till you destroy their shields with the Relic. Use Supers like Well of Radiance and Ward of Dawn to present your crew safety from all of the incoming fireplace, whereas utilizing the Relic to stomp the Vex shields. After you have killed shielded Vex from all three instructions, mop up the final wave and its Harpies to clear the encounter.Encounter 6: Atheon, Time’s ConfluxNow it is time for the ultimate showdown. The Atheon battle brings collectively all the pieces you have been doing with the Relic and the Oracles, whereas including a brand new wrinkle: a brand new debuff while you journey by way of time. Gone is the requirement that you simply wait 40 seconds after utilizing the portals to journey to the previous and future, however as a substitute, anybody who winds up touring by way of time will purchase a debuff that slowly covers their display in inky blackness, blinding them. You’ll want to make use of the Relic to clear it.Start the encounter by clearing out the Harpies that spawn in with Atheon, whereas avoiding his incoming blaster fireplace. Atheon hits laborious and might hit you from many angles on this room, so maintain transferring and discover cowl so he would not stealthily knock you out. Knock out all of the harpies on the bottom, however as for those within the air, attempt to depart one in all every group nonetheless alive. The flying harpies will not respawn should you depart one in all their quantity alone, which may also help with preserving the skies clear as you undergo this battle.After a number of seconds, Atheon will summon Supplicants–fast-moving harpies who will zero in in your crew, chase them down, and explode. These harpies can not fly, so you could find security by climbing any object that will get you off the bottom, together with the columns within the heart of the Vex plates. Use these spots to kill them safely, whereas nonetheless capturing the plates to open one of many portals (extra on that in a second). The Vex cannot recapture the plates, so as soon as you have powered one up absolutely, it ought to keep captured.When he summons Supplicants, Atheon will even ship three random gamers by way of time to both the previous or future rooms you have seen earlier than. When this occurs, one participant should seize the Relic close to the place they spawn. These three ought to shortly work collectively to kill the Gatekeeper and different enemies, then shortly transfer to both the middle island, or all the best way to the again of the room. Go fast–run for it as quickly as you arrive. You’ll have to be in place in a second. At the identical time, determine whether or not you are sooner or later or previous (left portal for future, proper portal for previous) and notify the remainder of the squad of your location.The Relic-holder’s job is to sometimes maintain the Block button to create their cleaning bubble, which clears the debuff on the time vacationers so blackness would not overwhelm their screens. You should clear this debuff repeatedly all through this entire part of the encounter; should you do not, gamers shall be blinded till they’re cleansed or killed. The Relic holder’s ought to you should definitely maintain that debuff cleared time and again; you’ll be able to drop the Relic for a few seconds if needed, however be sure that to choose it up earlier than the five-second timer elapses, or else the entire crew will wipe.Back within the current, three gamers are left, and their jobs are to clear enemies (Supplicants most significantly), determine which portal the opposite crew has traveled by way of and open it, and look ahead to Oracles. In the middle of the room, three Oracles will seem in six attainable areas. Like within the Templar room, you will have two alternatives to see the sequence the Oracles pop up in. Relay that data to the time traveler crew, as a result of after two sequences, Oracles will seem inside their portal, they usually’ll must kill them within the order they seem. Again, failure to take action will end in a wipe.The finest technique to deal with Oracle studying is to get to the again of the room, close to the rally flag, standing on a excessive ledge to keep away from Supplicants. Inside the portal, the opposite crew ought to be in roughly the identical place, both behind the room or on the central island, so each groups are wanting on the similar format of Oracles. From there, the current crew’s Oracle reader calls out what they’re seeing. There are a number of methods to designate these callouts. The Oracles make a hoop across the heart of the room, with three positions within the again close to Atheon’s triangular throne, and three within the center, over the place Atheon stands and the 2 portals. Thus, you’ll be able to quantity your Oracles like their showing on the face of a clock, to appear to be this wonderful map from Destiny Raider:Conversely, as you’ll be able to see, there are two Oracle spawns on the left aspect of the room, two on the suitable, and two within the center. In our first few runs, moderately than bothering with numbers, we known as out Oracles’ positions, like “back middle,” “front middle,” “back right,” “front left,” and so forth. Since each the Oracle reader and the time traveler crew ought to be in the identical place, this may lower down on confusion. Any strategy will do as long as your crew has a typical understanding of all of the attainable Oracle spots.The time journey crew will clear three units of Oracles earlier than they will return by way of the portal. During that point, extra Vex will spawn contained in the portal, together with shielded Vex. Deal with these utilizing the Relic Super however provided that you’re feeling you actually need to. Especially if the time journey crew positions themselves in the back of the room close to the place the Raid Banner goes, these Vex should not be capable of do a lot to you in any respect, so you’ll be able to all however ignore them.As the time journey crew clears the final of the third Oracles, they need to make their technique to the portal and undergo. On the far aspect, the Relic holder ought to instantly cleanse the time journey crew one final time to take away their debuff so they do not get blinded. The current crew must also you should definitely filter any Supplicants close to the portal; a wayward Supplicant can simply catch the time journey crew simply as they arrive again within the current and immediately kill one or all of them, which generally is a huge downside. Do your finest to maintain Supplicants clear so the opposite group is not caught abruptly.Killing the final Oracle triggers a notification that claims “Guardians make their own fate,” which instantly makes Atheon weak to wreck. The crew within the current ought to instantly begin damaging the boss. Most groups prefer to group up on the small heart island to do that, however the injury window may be very small, so begin firing your weapons even earlier than you are in place to maximise injury. High-damage Supers are nice right here, however bear in mind that Atheon strikes round quite a bit and touchdown important hits might be powerful. Anarchy, particularly with Breach and Clear, is an excellent concept right here for that cause.If everybody stacks up on the central island, one in all your crew’s Warlocks ought to completely drop a Well of Radiance there, as Harpies and Atheon will bombard your crew with injury all the time. In Destiny 1, you could possibly use your Relic’s cleanse energy to buff your crew for extra injury and create a defend that may take up incoming fireplace, however as of proper now, the defend would not fairly work that means. Another risk, then, is for the Relic holder to drop the defend, take a number of photographs, then choose it as much as keep away from the timer operating out and the crew wiping.With about 15 seconds left in your injury buff, Atheon will increase his hand and one participant on the crew will obtain a notification and a countdown timer that claims “Imminent Detainment.” You completely should look ahead to this notification and determine it shortly, so regularly remind your teammates about it. When a participant receives Imminent Detainment, they need to bounce off the entrance of the central island and stand to the left of the platform simply head, behind cowl. When Imminent Detainment runs out, that participant shall be caught in a bubble, stopping them from transferring or firing their weapons. The Relic holder’s job is then to both punch that participant with the Relic or shoot them with the Relic Super to destroy the cage.When you are about to be detained within the bubble, leaping off the island, or in any other case getting away out of your teammates, is important. If you are too near a teammate when the bubble seems, in addition they will get trapped in their very own bubble. The cascade impact means if the bubble seems on the middle island the place everyone seems to be bunched up, your complete crew can get trapped. Each participant trapped in a bubble will get a debuff and timer known as Detained, and when it runs out, they’re killed. If you aren’t getting away out of your buddies earlier than you are caught within the bubble, you’ll be able to wipe the entire team–so looking forward to and figuring out who’s bought Imminent Detainment is extraordinarily vital. You can determine who’s about to be detained by their blue glow, in case somebody forgets to examine their notifications.After you hammer away at Atheon for a brief period–maybe 30 seconds–the buff gained from killing the Oracles will finish and he’ll grow to be immune to fireplace once more. Clear out the remainder of the enemies within the room, being cautious of Supplicants specifically, and get again into your beginning positions. The entire course of will repeat, with Atheon sending three extra random gamers by way of time and the opposite three gamers needing to open their portal, learn the Oracles, and kill enemies.You’ve bought 4 potential rounds of injury earlier than Atheon reaches “Enraged” standing and kills your entire crew, so make these injury phases depend. With good Supers and robust coordination, particularly by the Relic holders, it’s best to take him down with out an excessive amount of concern, defeating the Vault of Glass.Defeating Atheon comes with an opportunity for a random drop of Vex Mythoclast, an outstanding Exotic revived from Destiny 1. Congratulations on beating the raid!

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