Diablo 4 – All Dungeon Locations And Aspects Guide

    There are over 100 dungeons in Diablo 4. Each one rewards you with a specific Legendary Aspect that can be utilized by sure lessons. Here’s our Diablo 4 dungeon areas information that will help you discover all of those landmarks within the recreation. And sure, that is actually each dungeon in Diablo 4–for now, anyway.Diablo 4 dungeons guideBefore we talk about all Diablo 4 dungeons, let’s first discuss how one can discover and purchase rewards. First off, the Codex of Power tab reveals all of the Legendary Aspects that come out of your first clear of every dungeon. These are both particular to a category, or for all lessons (i.e. General).Take notice that not all Diablo 4 Legendary Aspects come from dungeons. There are additionally these that may solely be extracted as affixes from gadgets. You can study extra in our Legendary Aspects/Codex of Power mechanics information.Likewise, most dungeons may be seen on the overworld map. As you progress additional within the marketing campaign and roam world wide, you will attain new areas. Revealing these sub-zones may even present the dungeons therein. There are, nonetheless, just a few exceptions, comparable to ones that can solely seem after you’ve got conquered a Stronghold. Moreover, though the overworld map is static, the interiors of Diablo 4 dungeons are usually procedurally generated, with barely completely different layouts for gamers.Fractured Peaks DungeonsFractured Peaks dungeons mapKyovashad: Capstone DungeonCathedral of Light- This is a degree 50+ dungeon that is unlocked after beating the marketing campaign. Once accomplished on World Tier 2, you can choose World Tier 3.Stronghold: NostravaCultist Refuge: Flamewalker’s Aspect (Sorcerer) – Coming involved together with your Firewall grants +15% motion velocity for 4 seconds.Stronghold: MalnokAnica’s Claim: Stormclaw’s Aspect (Druid) – Critical strikes with Shred deal +20% of the harm as lightning to the goal and surrounding enemies.Rimescar Cavern: Aspect of Plunging Darkness (Necromancer) – Bone Prison spawns a pool of Blight that offers 50% bonus harm over six seconds.Desolate HighlandsDefiled Catacomb: Aspect of Tempering Blows (Barbarian) – After swapping weapons six instances, achieve X Fortify.Tormented Ruins: Aspect of the Unsatiated (Druid) – After killing an enemy with Shred, your subsequent Werewolf ability generates 20% extra spirit and offers 20% elevated harm.Lost Archives: Aspect of the Protector (General) – Damaging an elite grants you a Barrier that absorbs X harm for 10 seconds; can solely occur as soon as each 30 seconds.The Pallid GladeDerelict Lodge: Aspect of Explosive Verve (Rogue) – Grenade abilities depend as Trap abilities; everytime you arm a Trap or drop Grenades, achieve elevated motion velocity for 3 seconds.Nostrava Deepwood: Flesh-Rending Aspect (Necromancer) – Gain +10 essence after Decompose spawns a corpse.Caldera Gate: Eluding Aspect (General) – Becoming injured whereas crowd-controlled grants unstoppable for 4 seconds; has a 40-second cooldown.Sarkova PassMercy’s Reach: Blood Seeker’s Aspect (Necromancer) – Blood Lance offers x15% elevated harm to its main goal per lanced enemy.Forbidden City: Nighthowler’s Aspect (Druid) – +5% crit likelihood from Blood Howl; may even have an effect on close by companions and gamers for 3 seconds.Kor Dragan Barracks: Aspect of Anemia (Barbarian) – Lucky Hit; direct harm in opposition to bleeding enemies has a 20% likelihood to stun them for 2 seconds.Dobrev TaigaLight’s Watch: Aspect of Conflagration (Sorcerer) – +20% burning harm whereas channeling Incinerate.Maulwood: Slaking Aspect (Barbarian) – Lucky Hit; +30% likelihood to realize 20 fury when Rend offers direct harm to at the very least one bleeding enemy.Gale ValleyDead Man’s Dredge: Aspect of Piercing Cold (Sorcerer) – Ice Shards pierce 3 times, dealing 25% much less harm per subsequent enemy hit.Frigid ExpanseImmortal Emanation: Mangled Aspect (Druid) -+20% likelihood to realize +1 spirit when struck as a Werebear.Hallowed Ossuary: Aspect of Unrelenting Fury (Barbarian) – Killing an enemy with a core ability refunds 10% of its base price; can solely occur as soon as per ability solid.Black Asylum: Aspect of Torment (Necromancer) – +20% power regeneration for 4 seconds if you get a essential strike with a Bone ability.Forsaken Quarry: Aspect of Encircling Blades (Rogue) – +8% Flurry harm; Flurry damages enemies in a circle round you.Seat of the HeavensHoarfrost Demise: Blood-Bathed Aspect (Necromancer) – Blood Surge’s nova echoes after a brief delay, dealing 70% much less harm.Zenith: Recharging Aspect (Sorcerer) – +4 mana every time Chain Lightning bounces off you.Sanguine Chapel: Energizing Aspect (Rogue) – +3 power if you harm an elite enemy with a primary ability.Kor ValarKor Valar Ramparts: Blast-Trapper’s Aspect (Rogue) – Lucky Hit; dealing direct harm to enemies affected by Trap abilities has as much as a 30% likelihood of constructing them weak.Scosglen DungeonsScosglen dungeons mapStronghold: Moordaine LodgeFerals’ Den: Aspect of Quicksand (Druid) – Earth abilities sluggish enemies hit by 25% for 5 seconds.Twisted Hollow: Shadowslicer Aspect (Rogue) – When you solid Dash, a Shadow Clone is spawned at your location; the clone additionally casts Dash, dealing 25% of the bottom harm.Stronghold: Tur DulraUnderroot: Aspect of the Expectant (General) – Attacking enemies together with your primary ability will increase the harm of your core ability by 5%, as much as 30%.Wretched Delve: Aspect of Static Cling (Sorcerer) – Charged Bolts have a 15% likelihood to be interested in enemies; Charged Bolts final 300% longer.Stronghold: Hope’s LightFlooded Depths: Aspect of the Empowering Reaper (Necromancer) – Critical strikes from Sever have a 10% likelihood to spawn a pool of Blight that offers 20% bonus harm; can solely occur as soon as each three seconds.NorthshoreCalibel’s Mine: Aspect of the Relentless Armsmaster (Barbarian) – +20% fury era whereas all harm bonuses from the Walking Arsenal passive are energetic.Sunken Ruins: Aspect of Ancestral Force (Barbarian) – Hammer of the Ancients quakes outward, dealing a share of its harm to enemies.Howling Warren: Aspect of Arrow Storms (Rogue) – Lucky Hit; your Marksman abilities have as much as a 10% likelihood to create an Arrow Storm on the goal location, dealing X harm over three seconds; you possibly can have as much as 5 energetic Arrow Storms.Wailing HillsVault of the Forsaken: Requiem Aspect (Necromancer) – +3 most essence per energetic minion.Penitent Cairn: Death Wish Aspect (Barbarian) – Gain X Thorns whereas Berserking.Raethwind Wilds: Aspect of Inner Calm (General) – Deal 5% elevated harm for every second whilst you’re standing nonetheless; as much as 30%.StrandDomhainne Tunnels: Aspect of Efficiency (Sorcerer) – Casting a primary ability reduces the price of your subsequent core ability by 10%.Luban’s Rest: Cheat’s Aspect (Rogue) – Take 15% much less harm from crowd-controlled enemies; achieve +15% motion velocity for 2 seconds at any time when a crowd-controlled enemy offers direct harm.Garan Hold: Aspect of the Dire Whirlwind (Barbarian) – +5% Whirlwind essential likelihood for each second that it is channeled, as much as 20%.Mariner’s Refuge: Overcharged Aspect (Druid) – Lucky Hit; as much as a 10% likelihood when dealing lightning harm to overload the goal for 3 seconds; any direct harm you deal causes them to pulse and hit surrounding enemies.The Shrouded MoorsAldurwood: Aspect of Reanimation (Necromancer) – Your Skeletons achieve elevated harm whereas alive; as much as 20% after 10 seconds.Jalal’s Vigil: Bladedancer’s Aspect (Rogue) – Twisting Blades orbit for a short while after they return to you, dealing 10% of the harm per hit; can enhance as much as 20% based mostly on the gap.The DownsSarat’s Lair: Snowveiled Aspect (Sorcerer) – Casting Ice Armor makes you unstoppable for 2 seconds.Oldstones: Edgemaster’s Aspect (General) – Skills deal as much as 10% elevated harm based mostly in your accessible main useful resource when solid; most profit (10%) when you’ve full main useful resource.Highland WildsMaddux Watch: Charged Aspect (Sorcerer) – +10% motion velocity for 4 seconds if you acquire Crackling Energy.Hive: Aspect of Swelling Curse (Necromancer) – Bone Spirit offers elevated harm based mostly on the gap traveled, as much as 15%.Whispering Pines: Ballistic Aspect (Druid) – Earth abilities achieve +2 ranks when you’ve Fortify.The Emerald ChaseStockades: Crashstone Aspect (Druid) – Earth abilities deal +40% extra harm to crowd-controlled enemies.Westering LowlandsBroken Bulwark: Ghostwalker Aspect (General) – While unstoppable and for 4 seconds thereafter, achieve +10% motion velocity and the power to maneuver freely by enemies.Demon’s Wake: Aspect of Uncanny Treachery (Rogue) – Dealing direct harm to a dazed enemy with an Agility ability grants Stealth for 4 seconds; breaking Stealth with an assault grants +15% management impaired length discount for 4 seconds.Dry Steppes DungeonsDry Steppes dungeons mapStronghold: The Ruins of Qara-YisuShifting City: Ravenous Aspect (Rogue) – +50% power regeneration for 4 seconds after killing a weak enemy.Pallid Delve: Elementalist’s Aspect (Sorcerer) – Core or mastery abilities solid above 100 mana have a 20% essential strike likelihood.Stronghold: The Onyx WatchtowerThe Onyx Hold: Storm Swell Aspect (Sorcerer) – +11% elevated harm to weak enemies whilst you have a Barrier.Kotama GrasslandsSeaside Descent: Aspect of Retaliation (Druid) – Core abilities deal as much as 20% elevated harm based mostly in your quantity of Fortify.Tuusma RiftDark Ravine: Aspect of Might (General) – Basic abilities grant 20% harm discount for 2 seconds.Khargai CragsPath of the Blind: Aspect of Bursting Bones (Necromancer) – When a section of Bone Prison is destroyed or expires, it offers X harm in an space round itself.Mournfield: Aspect of Berserk Ripping (Barbarian) – Whenever you deal direct harm whereas Berserking, inflict 20% of the bottom harm as further bleeding harm over 5 seconds.Grinning Labyrinth: Aspect of the Calm Breeze (Druid) – Lucky Hit; Wind Shear has as much as a 5% likelihood to revive your spirit.Chambatar RidgeWhispering Vault: Aspect of Unstable Imbuements (Rogue) – When casting an Imbuement ability, you set off an Imbued explosion round your self; applies the Imbuement results and offers X harm round an space.Dindai FlatsForgotten Depths: Aspect of Biting Cold (Sorcerer) – When you freeze an enemy, there is a 25% likelihood that they change into weak for 3 seconds.The Scarred CoastCarrion Fields: Aspect of the Iron Warrior (Barbarian) – Iron Skin grants unstoppable and 10% harm discount.Komdor Temple: Aspect of the Bounding Conduit (Sorcerer) – +20% motion velocity for 3 seconds after casting Teleport.Untamed ScarpsBloodsoaked Crag: Shepherd’s Aspect (Druid) – Core abilities deal +6% harm per energetic companion.Sealed Archives: Aspect of Mending Stone (Druid) – +6 seconds to the length of Earthen Bulwark; killing an enemy with an Earth ability replenishes X quantity of your Earthen Bulwark’s Barrier impact.Charnel House: Aspect of Perpetual Stomping (Barbarian) – Damaging an enemy with Kick or Ground Stomp resets the cooldown of Leap.Champion’s Demise: Aspect of the Umbral (General) – Restore +1 of your main useful resource everytime you crowd-control an enemy.Ancient’s Lament: Aspect of Volatile Shadows (Rogue) – When a Dark Shroud shadow could be eliminated, you set off an explosion round your self that offers X Shadow harm.Jakha BasinGuulrahn Canals: Trickster’s Aspect (Rogue) – Caltrops additionally throw an exploding cluster of Stun Grenades that deal X bodily harm and stun enemies for 0.5 seconds.Guulrahn Slums: Splintering Aspect (Necromancer) – Bone Spear’s main assault causes enemies hit past the primary to change into weak for 1.5 seconds; Bone Shards from Bone Spear deal 50% bonus harm to weak enemies and pierce them.Buried Halls: Rapid Aspect (General) – Basic abilities achieve +15% assault velocity.The Accursed WastesBetrayer’s Row: Aspect of Potent Blood (Necromancer) – While at full life, Blood Orbs grant +10 essence.Kehjistan DungeonsKehjistan dungeons mapStronghold: Altar of RuinSepulcher of the Forsworn: Hulking Aspect (Necromancer) – Your Golem has a 1% likelihood to scale back its energetic cooldown by two seconds, and a 1% likelihood to spawn a corpse every time it damages an enemy with its regular assault.Stronghold: Omath’s RedoubtCrumbling Hekma: Aspect of Splintering Energy (Sorcerer) – Lightning Spear has an 11% likelihood to spawn a further Lightning Spear when solid.Amber SandsTomb of the Saints: Incendiary Aspect (Sorcerer) – Lucky Hit; Burning harm has an as much as 5% likelihood to revive +10 mana.Sunken Library: Aspect of Control (Sorcerer) – Deal +30% extra harm to immobilized, surprised, or frozen enemies.Shivta Ruins: Wind Striker Aspect (General) – Critical strikes grant +8% motion velocity for one second, as much as six seconds.Collapsed Vault: Aspect of Cyclonic Force (Druid) – Cyclone Armor additionally grants bodily harm discount; Cyclone Armor can also be utilized to all close by allies.Inferno: Vengeful Aspect (Rogue) – Lucky Hit; making an enemy weak has as much as a 30% likelihood to grant +3% elevated essential hit price for 3 seconds, as much as 9%.Scouring SandsSirocco Caverns: Aspect of Echoing Fury (Barbarian) – Shout abilities grant +2 fury per second whereas energetic.Abandoned Mineworks: Aspect of Retribution (General) – Distant enemies have an 8% likelihood to be surprised for 2 seconds after they hit you; deal 20% elevated harm to surprised enemies.Halls of the Damned: Aspect of Disobedience (General) – Gain +0.25% elevated armor for 4 seconds if you deal any sort of harm; stacks as much as 25%.Fading Echo: Skinwalker’s Aspect (Druid) – Gain X life if you use a Shapeshifting ability that modifications your type; in case you are at full life, achieve the identical quantity as Fortify as a substitute.CaldeumYshari Sanctum: Needleflare Aspect (General) – Grants a 20% likelihood for Thorns harm to additionally have an effect on all enemies round you.Crusaders’ Cathedral: Stormshifter’s Aspect (Druid) – When Hurricane is energetic, achieve +2 ranks to your Shapeshifting abilities.Prison of Caldeum: Opportunist’s Aspect (Rogue) – When you break Stealth with an assault, drop a cluster of exploding Stun Grenades that deal X bodily harm and stun enemies for 0.5 seconds.Renegade’s Retreat: Aspect of Corruption (Rogue) – Your Imbuement ability results have 20% elevated efficiency in opposition to weak enemies.Deserted Underpass: Torturous Aspect (Necromancer) – Enemies by Iron Maiden have a 15% likelihood to be surprised for one second at any time when they deal direct harm.Ragged CoastlinePutrid Aquifer: Aspect of the Unwavering (Sorcerer) – Taking direct harm has a 2% likelihood to reset the cooldown of your defensive abilities.Forgotten Ruins: Iron Blood Aspect (Barbarian) – Gain 2% harm discount for every close by bleeding enemy; as much as 10% most.Uldur’s Cave: Aspect of the Damned (Necromancer) – Deal +30% elevated Shadow harm to enemies by Decrepify and Iron Maiden.Corrupted Grotto: Aspect of Grasping Veins (Necromancer) – Gain +10% essential strike likelihood for six seconds if you solid Corpse Tendrils; deal +30% bonus harm to enemies affected by Corpse Tendrils.Heretics Asylum: Veteran Brawler’s Aspect (Barbarian) – Each time a core ability offers direct harm to an enemy, your subsequent Charge or Leap offers +15% elevated harm, as much as 225%.Southern ExpanseConclave: Aspect of the Changeling’s Debt (Druid) – Damaging a poisoned enemy with a Werebear ability immediately offers 120% of the poisoning harm and devour the impact.Hakan’s Refuge: Relentless Berserker’s Aspect (Barbarian) – Lucky Hit; damaging an enemy with a core ability has as much as a 22% likelihood to increase the length of Berserking by one second; this length is doubled should you land a essential strike together with your core ability.Hawezar DungeonsHawezar dungeons mapStronghold: Eriman’s PyreOblivion: Aspect of Shared Misery (Rogue) – Lucky Hit; if you hit a crowd-controlled enemy, there may be as much as a 30% likelihood for that crowd-control impact to unfold to different unaffected hostiles.Stronghold: VyereszShadowed Plunge: Aspect of Branching Volleys (Rogue) – The arrows from Barrage have a 15% likelihood to separate into two extra arrows after they ricochet.Heathen’s Keep: Aspect of Numbing Wrath (Barbarian) – Each level of fury generated whereas at most fury grants +3 Fortify.Light’s Refuge: Aspect of Bul-Kathos (Barbarian) – Leap creates an Earthquake that offers X bodily harm over 4 seconds; whereas standing in an Earthquake, you achieve +5% harm discount.The Writhing MireFetid Mausoleum: Snowguard’s Aspect (Sorcerer)- While inside your personal Blizzard, you’re taking 10% much less harm.Umir PlateauBastion of Faith: Trickshot Aspect (Rogue) – Whenever Penetrating Shot damages an enemy, two further arrows break up off to both facet; these arrows deal 10% of Penetrating Shot’s harm and don’t break up.Lost Keep: Aspect of the Deflecting Barrier (General) – While you’ve a Barrier energetic, there’s a 7% likelihood to disregard incoming direct harm from distant enemies.Endless Gates: Aspect of the Rampaging Werebeast (Druid) – The length of Grizzly Rage is elevated by X seconds; essential strikes whereas Grizzly Rage is energetic enhance your essential strike harm by 10% for the length.Earthen Wound: Aspect of Singed Extremities (Sorcerer) – After immobilize wears off, enemies are slowed by 25% for 4 seconds.Fethis WetlandsBlind Burrows: Aspect of the Tempest (Druid) – Hurricane harm is elevated by 7% every second whereas it is energetic.Maugan’s Works: Earthstriker’s Aspect (Barbarian) – After swapping weapons 10 instances, your subsequent assault will Overpower and deal 30% elevated Overpower harm.Ruins of Rakhat KeepIron Hold: Fastblood Aspect (Necromancer) – Blood Orbs scale back your final ability cooldown by 0.5 seconds.Akkhan’s Grasp: Blighted Aspect (Necromancer) – Deal 50% elevated harm for six seconds after the Shadowblight key passive damages enemies 10 instances.Steadfast Barracks: Vigorous Aspect (Druid) – Gain 10% harm discount whereas Shapeshifted right into a Werewolf.Toxic FensRuins of Eridu: Sacrificial Aspect (Necromancer) – Sacrifice bonuses are elevated by 15%.Leviathan’s Maw: Aspect of Siphoned Victuals (Rogue) – Lucky Hit; damaging a weak enemy with a core ability has as much as a 10% likelihood to drop a Healing Potion.Ghoa Ruins: Enshrouding Aspect (Rogue) – Gain a free Dark Shroud shadow each three seconds when standing nonetheless; every Dark Shroud shadow grants +2% elevated harm discount.BlightmarshWitchwater: Prodigy’s Aspect (Sorcerer) – Using a cooldown restores 15 mana.Serpent’s Lair: Aspect of Three Curses (Sorcerer) – Meteor offers +33% elevated essential harm in opposition to wholesome targets.Forsaken CoastFaceless Shrine: Unyielding Commander’s Aspect (Necromancer) – While Army of the Dead is energetic, your minions achieve +70% assault velocity and take 90% diminished harm.Rotspill DeltaHaunted Refuge: Brawler’s Aspect (Barbarian) – Enemies broken by Kick or Charge will explode if they’re killed inside the subsequent two seconds, dealing X harm to surrounding hostiles.Belfry Zakara: Aspect of the Ursine Horror (Druid) – Pulverize turns into an Earth ability; after casting Pulverize, tectonic spikes proceed to deal X harm over two seconds.Ancient Reservoir: Aspect of Ancestral Echoes (Barbarian) – Lucky Hit; damaging enemies with Leap, Upheaval, or Whirlwind has as much as a 40% likelihood to summon an Ancient to carry out the identical ability; can solely occur as soon as each 5 seconds.Diablo 4 has quite a few lessons, mechanics, and actions. For extra concerning the recreation, you possibly can go to our D4 guides hub.

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