Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising Review – Humble Beginnings

    Some time again, the minds behind the beloved Suikoden RPG sequence arrange a Kickstarter to fund Eiyuden Chronicle, a classically styled JRPG at the moment set for a 2023 launch. However, one of many stretch targets was for a “companion game,” meant to assist introduce gamers to the world and its characters whereas the flagship title was being developed. Enter Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, a 2.5D, side-scrolling, exploration-action sport with gentle RPG and town-building components. While it won’t be the large sport that followers and Kickstarter backers are eagerly anticipating, there’s sufficient to Rising to make it price a glance.Gallery As the sport begins, we’re launched to CJ, a sprightly, eager-to-help younger lady who’s the central character of this little saga. Her clan’s ceremony of passage entails discovering a formidable treasure, and in her search, she stumbles throughout New Nevaeh, a mining city that is been ravaged by a large earthquake and bandit assaults. CJ suspects that the city’s quarry results in the sort of treasure she seeks, however the native forms’s none too eager on letting random strangers go exploring on their land–especially after they’re so targeted on rebuilding. But CJ sees a chance: by serving to the city rebuild, she’ll win the populace over and be capable of treasure hunt to her coronary heart’s content material… and perhaps make some new mates and uncover an historic secret within the course of.Progression in Rising is closely mission-based, with copious quantities of major and aspect quests to rebuild New Nevaeh, assist the residents, and advance the story. Many of the quests require you to go to the harmful, monster- and bandit-filled lands surrounding the city, which open up step by step as you discover extra and acquire further abilities. While CJ begins out adventuring alone, she is finally joined by two companions: Garoo, a kangaroo mercenary with a magic pouch he makes use of to retailer his hulking broadsword, and Isha, a intelligent younger lass with the bizarre innate capability to wield magic. All three characters have distinctive motion and assault abilities–CJ is agile and fast to strike; Garoo is slower however hits onerous; Isha has ranged assaults and floaty jumps–and could be immediately swapped out with the press of a button. This permits you to carry out some tough play forming maneuvers, in addition to chain characters’ assaults collectively for large injury.In order to get a few of these abilities, nonetheless, you may must enlist the assistance of New Nevaeh’s populace. Plenty of newcomers need to arrange store on this space, and you will be the group of ragtag adventurers they name after they want someone to farm wooden, ore, or animal pelts. In trade, they will set up companies that present all method of upgrades–though you are still on the hook for giving them some uncooked supplies to work with. In different phrases: anticipate to do a complete lot of looting and crafting on this journey.Although you’ll get very sick of seeing the forest and quarry areas for the primary few hours, in the end the town-rebuilding facet of Rising is rewarding and satisfying, and efficiently manages to nullify a number of the tedium of regularly going again to the identical areas. Despite their comparatively small dimension, there is a good quantity to see and uncover in every of those areas. The monster-filled mines, lush forests, raging volcanoes, and magic-enchanted ruins look lovely, and provide plenty of enemies to fell and loot to amass. Opening up new areas gives new challenges and discoveries in typical metroidvania fashion–but the lairs of terrifyingly big boss monsters additionally lie buried deep inside.The story additionally builds as you progress, revealing the unusual origins of New Nevaeh and the horrible secret buried inside its ruins. Rising aspires to be an introduction to a a lot greater world that will likely be extra absolutely developed in the principle Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes RPG, and it really works to determine that hyperlink by dialogue–lots and plenty of dialogue. It’s a really chatty, text-heavy sport, particularly within the first few hours. The verbal exchanges between characters are snappy and enjoyable to learn, however from time to time there are stretches of frequent, prolonged cutscenes and story padding that drag on and preserve you away from the exploring and looting that you just actually wish to do.The dialogue is not the one factor that feels a bit overdone, both. There’s lots of aspect quests to overcome in Rising, and whereas a lot of them will reward you with new amenities and gadgets, chunk of them are simply time-wasting busywork. Some quests are little greater than taking part in messenger-girl between a few of us on the town who, for some cause, cannot merely stroll over and speak to at least one one other. Others can have you revisit areas for the umpteenth time within the hopes you get fortunate sufficient to mine higher high quality rocks. More attention-grabbing quest ideas with distinctive, highly effective enemy encounters or hidden areas would have helped make adventuring much more attention-grabbing, however alas.Gallery At least the motion gameplay is kind of fun–though maybe a bit too simple with the copious quantity of things and upgrades you possibly can earn. Teaming as much as smash a large lizard man’s protect earlier than touchdown a flurry of fast slaying blows enhanced with elemental rune power is all the time time, however it’s dampened considerably by the clunky and awkward animation of the 2D character sprites. The flailing limbs and jerky transitions result in a sense of disconnect between the buttons you are urgent and what’s occurring on the display screen. You get used to it eventually–and the controls in Rising are literally fairly good and intuitive–but it is by no means notably nice to have a look at.Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is brief, clocking in at about 15 hours for 100% completion–though it most likely may have reduce a number of hours of side-questing out and nonetheless wound up being a advantageous little journey. Despite enduring a good bit of filler, I do not remorse the time I spent taking part in the sport, and am to see how the characters and setting play into the larger Eiyuden Chronicle world being created. It is perhaps flawed, however Rising accomplishes what it units out to do: whetting gamers’ appetites for a grand journey down the road.

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