Exclusive: Overwatch 2’s New Director On Stepping Into Jeff Kaplan’s Shoes

    There are few online game builders which have as a lot cache with an viewers as Jeff Kaplan. Not solely was he a vice chairman at Blizzard and director of Overwatch, however Kaplan was additionally a figurehead for the group to assemble round. Whether it was to complain to him in regards to the newest meta and lambast stability adjustments, or to show him into memes and rejoice the festive season, for many followers, Jeff Kaplan was Overwatch.It is smart, then, that his departure from Blizzard shook the group, giving rise to questions on the way forward for Overwatch 2 and the franchise in its totality, in addition to the event workforce behind it.Along with the announcement that Kaplan was leaving got here affirmation that Aaron Keller could be taking over directorial tasks for the challenge and the workforce. While public consciousness round Keller won’t be on the identical degree as that of Kaplan, Keller was instrumental within the creation and ongoing improvement of Overwatch as assistant sport director, and the pure option to step into the position. By Keller’s personal admission, Kaplan is a troublesome act to observe, however Keller is anchoring himself to creating the very best Overwatch sequel that he and the workforce could make.Shortly after the announcement of his position as the brand new director of Overwatch 2, we spoke to Keller about taking over the place, the strain, priorities, and the trail ahead. Expectations are excessive for Overwatch and, much more so for Keller, the group has expectations for his presence because the face of the franchise, so we additionally talked to him about whether or not he desires to satisfy these expectations or method the place in a brand new means.How does it really feel to be the director of Overwatch now? Aaron Keller: Well, it is thrilling and it is overwhelming on the similar time, however in a great way. The cause that I’m excited to be sport director on this challenge is as a result of I like Overwatch. I like this sport. I like the universe that we have created for folks. I like the heroes and the places in it and so, any likelihood that I get to have the ability to make any kind of affect on this challenge, I soar at it. And then I like our workforce. The Overwatch workforce is so extremely gifted, they’re so keen about what they’re engaged on, and so they’re additionally simply actually, actually nice people.So, something that I can do to assist in the transition, to assist them really feel that they are in a position to be extra passionate, extra inventive, and to place extra of themselves on this sport, I’ll do it.How lengthy has Jeff [Kaplan]’s departure been one thing that you simply as a workforce knew about, how has that been factored into your improvement, and what has the affect of that been? Lots of people would ascribe the whole imaginative and prescient for Overwatch to Jeff however clearly, that is not the case, however what has the affect of him leaving been?Yeah, it is actually fascinating as a result of Jeff will do common improvement updates for this challenge and he would at all times begin them with, “Hi, this is Jeff from the Overwatch team,” and as a lot as he presumably may, he was making an attempt to place the main focus of the sport on the workforce and never on himself.Maybe it is the truth of the way in which communities type that numerous occasions there’s somebody out in entrance that you realize is the spokesperson, or turns into just like the poster particular person for a selected sport or property. But on the similar time, this sport is constructed by the workforce.Jeff and myself–there are just a few methods to have a look at the position–but one in every of them is we do the least quantity of issues for this sport. We’re not opening up the editor and constructing characters, or animating them, or constructing maps for this sport. That’s all people on this workforce, and so I get that from the skin this could look alarming and this could seem like the whole workforce simply left, or the imaginative and prescient holder for this sport simply left, however that is not the case. The workforce is the one which’s carrying the torch ahead and so they at all times have been.The Overwatch workforce was began in 2013, our senior management group are all unique members of that workforce. We have so many individuals that began this challenge which might be nonetheless there after which we have now introduced so many different folks on that are actually these extremely impactful inventive members of the workforce. All of us collectively are those which might be bringing this ahead and I’m simply pleased that I’m in a position to play no matter position in it that I can.You spoke in regards to the developer updates, so can we count on, “Hey, this is Aaron from the Overwatch team” sooner or later? Is that one thing that you’ll tackle?[Laughs] It’s vital for us to speak with our group. I am unable to communicate to precisely what all the updates had been to seem like or what the ways in which we talk are going to be. We’re speaking about a number of issues proper now that we will be doing going ahead however I’m not precisely certain what type all of them are going to take. But sure, I will probably be speaking to the group.We’ve heard so much about Overwatch 2 and what you wish to do with it with the PvE, however talking extra broadly, together with Overwatch and Overwatch 2–because they’re each going to be active–what is the imaginative and prescient for Overwatch from you in a management place for the franchise going ahead?Yeah, that is an excellent query. I used to be fortunate sufficient to be in a task earlier to this the place I used to be actually well-connected and aligned to what the imaginative and prescient for each Overwatch and Overwatch 2 had been. Coming right into a place like I’m in proper now–we’re mid-cycle on Overwatch 2, I do not suppose it is proper for me to immediately make a bunch of massive adjustments to both of these video games, and I believe what’s good is there aren’t actually enormous adjustments that I do wish to make to both sport as a result of I’ve been so concerned in each of them.I believe for me, Overwatch 2… there are two halves to it, and I do know we have spent numerous time speaking about what the PvE aspect of the sport is with our hero missions and our marketing campaign and the development system that drives all of it. But the opposite aspect of the sport is simply as vital, if no more vital, and that is the PvP aspect of the sport. We have 60 million gamers that love that aspect of the sport and are hooked up to that aspect of the sport. We know, going ahead, we have now to make the subsequent greatest model of a team-based shooter. So to me, sure there may be this PvE aspect of Overwatch 2 however I’m very centered on the PvP aspect of the sport and I wish to make that as compelling as we presumably can.Do you count on there to be a change in ethos with regards to design, improvement, and deployment? From the outsider’s perspective, the Blizzard means has at all times appeared to be that you’ve got this group of people that work intensely on one thing, after which launch it when it is good. But trendy video games in the identical secure, your contemporaries, have lots of people engaged on a challenge, they quickly iterate, and so they push stuff out tremendous rapidly, and that maintains fixed engagement. Do you foresee Overwatch and Overwatch 2 sticking to the sluggish and regular tempo, or are you [thinking] we must be the identical means that Fortnite is–a new piece of main content material each different day?One of the values that Blizzard has is “commit to quality” and we’re at all times trying to make the perfect model of something that we make. But I believe that there could be a tendency to cling to that, and possibly maintain onto items of content material or methods that we made longer than we must always. So for Overwatch 2, I believe it is a sport that gamers actually wish to play, and it is a sport that I wish to get out to our group as quickly as potential, so we will make an excellent sport and we’re actually dedicated to creating it as wonderful as we presumably can. And the very last thing we wish to do is to launch it early earlier than it is prepared.But we acknowledge that it is one thing that gamers are ready for, and it is one thing that is vital to place on the market. So we’re doing as a lot as we presumably can to speed up the event course of for it.Going ahead I believe that, particularly for Overwatch 2, gamers ought to have the ability to look again at what we have created for Overwatch 1, we have now created virtually as many maps for the dwell sport as we did for the sport when it launched, virtually as many heroes for the dwell sport as when it launched. We have put so much into this sport. We have brand-new methods to play, brand-new kinds of maps and sport modes, and we run our seasonal occasions yearly.I believe that that is one thing that after I begin trying ahead, simply personally, [about] what I believe we must be doing sooner or later, it is that and extra [that] we have to put out. It’s actually vital for the sport and for the group for us to be releasing as a lot as we presumably can for the sport.Overwatch nonetheless very a lot seems like a boxed sport in that you simply launched the core sport after which from time to time you launch characters after which updates and occasions. Whereas most of your contemporaries, Fortnite, Warzone, Apex, these sorts of video games, they really feel like live-service video games. Even although, technically, Overwatch is a dwell service sport, it would not behave like a live-service sport. Is that one thing that you’re fascinated with altering for Overwatch 2? Perhaps with stuff like a battle go, creator codes, and the type of stuff that’s essential to make a multiplayer shooter aggressive within the trendy panorama of multiplayer shooters?I am unable to actually communicate to precisely what will probably be in there, whether or not this sport goes to have a battle go or not, however I believe I can speak to our values somewhat bit as a result of after we after we design something at Blizzard we prefer to arrange the values for it, the pillars for it, after which every part type of derives from these specific values. The values for Overwatch 2 are that we wish the sport to really feel prefer it has a continuing heartbeat, that there are numerous updates to the sport, and that the group is aware of that it is type of our first precedence transferring ahead.It’s arduous for me to say, each dwell sport is somewhat totally different. Whether the worth is a dwell service worth… I believe our price is to place as a lot time and sources as we are able to into updating the dwell sport and to creating it at all times really feel new and contemporary and substantial.What do you suppose it is advisable do to keep up long-term curiosity in Overwatch? I believe again to Overwatch’s launch and it had an extremely robust debut out of the gate, after which, over time, it type of petered off. It had little spikes right here and there, whereas you’ve gotten different video games which have extra constant spikes. I’m questioning the way you’re approaching the long-term… [how do you] guarantee the viewers that they’ll decide to Overwatch as soon as once more for the long-term.I believe it is arduous to guarantee folks forward of time by phrases. It’s one thing that we tried to do with Overwatch 1, and I believe it is nice to listen to that you simply thought popping out of the gate we actually delivered on that. We continued constructing new maps and new heroes and new sport modes and releasing methods for that. Competitive was launched a month after the sport went live–it’s our intention to function that means for Overwatch 2. I want that folks may hear that and imagine me, however I believe they will see it as soon as the sport comes out. We have numerous huge plans for what dwell content material will seem like for Overwatch 2.As director now, what’s your picture of Overwatch’s identification presently, and what would you like it to be a 12 months from now, post-release or no matter it could be?Yeah, I believe that there are a number of methods of Overwatch and there are other ways of our followers, and I believe a few of that’s what has led to the event of Overwatch 2. We have a set of gamers which might be very high-skilled, and are very aggressive and are actively actually engaged within the PvP aspect of the sport. And then all the way in which on the opposite aspect of the spectrum you’ve gotten a bunch of individuals which might be followers of Overwatch as a universe and as a world, they love the heroes, they love the tone of the sport, and so they love the places and the world itself, however they do not really play the sport.And so what I’m hoping is that, going ahead, Overwatch 2 might be that sport that’s performed by a wider part of the group. I would like the sport to be simply as aggressive, if no more so, on the PvP aspect. We have numerous actually thrilling issues that we’re doing to type of shake up the way in which PvP is performed, to innovate on what we have executed and to deliver new sport modes and actually fascinating methods of taking part in to the desk.But on the similar time, we wish this fashion for these folks that simply love this world and its heroes to have the ability to play the sport as effectively, and to come back away with a very particular story and a deeper understanding of what that world is. And that is what this different aspect of the sport is that we’re building–or no less than it is one a part of what the opposite aspect of the sport is that we’re constructing.The PvE aspect of it seems like a method to invite individuals who aren’t essentially constructed for PvP and won’t have the sensibilities that make it work [for them] to benefit from the world of Overwatch. But then additionally, you are type of creating the duty to additionally feed them new content material for the long run. Is that the plan and are you presently constructed to do this? What is the construction of the workforce and are you going to have the ability to feed these two heads of the Overwatch monster equally?The PvP aspect of improvement is one thing that I believe is extremely streamlined throughout the workforce, and it’s one thing that we’re specialists at. I acknowledge that the opposite aspect of the sport is an enormous enterprise and there is extra to it than constructing the PvP aspect of the sport. I believe the sport that we have talked about is a content-based sport. When you begin speaking about development methods, particularly deep development methods, you want numerous content material so as to have the ability to ship a very nice expertise for gamers to work by that. We have lots of people on our workforce which have labored on numerous totally different initiatives all through the trade and numerous totally different video games at Blizzard. We have lots of people from the World of Warcraft workforce, from the Diablo workforce, and even from the StarCraft workforce. I believe that all of us acknowledge the kind of sport that we’re constructing and we’re constructing all the proper methods in the precise content material to be able to make it actually, actually participating and enjoyable for gamers. So I agree with you, it is a huge ask, however I believe that we’re arrange and we’re approaching it eyes huge open, realizing what it must ship on that.I’ve been watching what individuals are saying in response to Jeff leaving and there appears to be two camps. You get one which is, “Who will protect Overwatch now that Jeff is gone,” and the opposite is, “Oh, this is kind of exciting because we have new leadership minds in charge, maybe they’ll try and mix things up a bit.” How do you are feeling about these views? How do you reply to the folks which might be like, “Our Lord and savior Jeff Kaplan [is gone] who will protect Overwatch from becoming a weird Activision Blizzard money [machine] now?I think teams, especially a creative team–a game development team, they’re very organic structures, and they’re entirely formed around the strengths and weaknesses and personalities of everybody on that team, from the newest members of the team to some of the most senior people on the team. A lot of times, what happens when somebody leaves a team, especially somebody in a leadership role, is everyone expects the new person to just jump in and do everything that their predecessor was doing. So in a very real sense, we have a Jeff-shaped hole on our team right now, but I’m not Jeff. I’m not. I don’t have all the same strengths and weaknesses that Jeff has. I have a different leadership style than Jeff has and so I think going forward things will look a little different across the team. Things will look a little different in our communication style to the community. And there’s nothing wrong with that–It’s very natural for something like that to happen.I think the common thread through all of this though is the Overwatch team itself, and the Overwatch team is still comprised of the same incredibly talented people that have built the original game and have continued to bring it forward. A lot of people have asked me if I’m worried if I’m scared of things, if I feel a lot of pressure, and I honestly don’t and I’m not worried. It’s not out of a sense of arrogance or overconfidence in myself. It’s because I know and I’ve worked with this team for so many years and all of my confidence is placed in them.One of the things that fans really love about the team as a whole is how vocal and receptive you are to the feedback. One of the things that they’ll want to know is if it’s going to change. Do you still plan to have that open communication and almost be reactive to what the needs and wants of the audience are?Yeah, we have every intention of remaining in communication with our community. What that looks like, whether that’s always me or not, I think is probably best left as a process rather than a decision. And I guess what I mean by that is Jeff… well, I think Jeff was a little uncomfortable as the person out in front of the Overwatch team. It was his value that the spotlight could be put on the team itself.And he ended up becoming more and more focused on over time, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I think it worked out well for us, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I don’t have to be the person that’s always communicating our thoughts and intentions, or our reaction to what the community wants. If it ends up happening that way, it will end up happening that way, but it could also be other people on the team that are taking up that mantle. I think the value here is that we continue communicating with our community, the value isn’t that it has to be me doing it right.It’s very strange for the Overwatch team, and there are various other directors in the industry too, where the expectations of what’s needed from them are different from usual directors. You get normal directors who are just making a game, then you get directors who need to perform for the community as well. That’s a strange place where Jeff was. Did you think about that and how have you kind of come to terms with the idea that people expect you to be almost like a celebrity figure to their community?I think about that a lot and I agree with you, every game director that I’ve worked with has a slightly different focus. Jeff was a vice president at Blizzard and his focus was really wide and he was also incredibly capable of handling a wide focus and looking at not just the team, but different parts of the organization. My mandate, and some of this is self-imposed, some of this is in conversations with other people across the company and the team, is to focus as much as possible on Overwatch as a game. That’s where I’m going to be pouring my creative energy and passion and time: building that.I don’t think I’m going to be able to talk to the community and the media in the same way that Jeff did. The guy is so good on camera, he’s sharp, he’s quick-witted. I mostly stumble through answers and leak things about potential releases that we have when I talk to people.If you want to do that right now, please, go for it.[Laughs] Yeah, there you go.So what you’re saying is we shouldn’t expect to find you sitting in front of a fireplace for nine hours come December.Oh my God. I think we can expect for the process to be a little organic and I hope that our community is open to it, and that they’re willing to go along on this ride with us because at the end of the day, what we really care about is making them the best possible game that they can play.How much are you involved in the growth of Overwatch as a franchise beyond just this specific release? For the longest time there have been discussions around free-to-play needing to happen; people think it’s an important strategy, every other game in the same stable is free-to-play. How do those business decisions factor in when you know they could also impact the health of your game? Are you in a position to make that call and push it up the ladder?Yeah, I mean, the business model obviously has some impact on what a game is going to look like. It’s not everything in a game, at the end of the day you want something–especially for Overwatch–that’s fluid, action-packed, strategic, and is all about the hero. So there is this core of a game that just needs to be excellent and no business model is going to come in and save any game that doesn’t have that. So, number one, our focus is on just creating the very best version of this game that we can. Coming into this position, there are parts of the game that I was very heavily involved and there are parts of the game that I was lightly involved in, and so I think that the parts of this game that Jeff was maybe handling to a greater degree than me, I’m going to have to get more involved in. It’s just part of the job.I think that it’s incredibly important going forward to look at what happens for Overwatch 2 after launch. That’s a big part of this game. We discussed it earlier, like what, and how much content are we going to be releasing for this thing, so it’s something that I think is incredibly important. It’s something that I’m focusing on right now. But in a lot of other areas where Jeff did have a lot of involvement and a lot of reach, I’m either going to be looking to bring myself into those or find somebody who can champion that, that I trust in order for me to be able to spend more time focusing on creating the game.We’ve touched on this in different ways, but how much are you looking at other games in your competition pool as a guide for how Overwatch evolves? Is it important for Overwatch to remain distinct and of its own flavor or is it important for you to look at what else is out there and try and emulate some of it? Like we said previously, those are [games] that are making money and generating massive audiences. We’re always looking at other games. We’re always looking at just other pieces of media, whether it’s a game or a movie or TV series or books, and we were looking at those for inspiration. I would prefer to use the term inspiration than emulation for the way that we look at other pieces or other things that are out there, because I think at Blizzard, we always put our own spin on things and we have our own take. And I do think that Overwatch occupies its own unique space in the gaming world and it’s not just a team-based shooter. The world of Overwatch, with the heroes that we’ve created for it, is something that’s totally unique. This inspirational, hopeful future that we have built, I think it’s something also that the world needs and resonates with people, our players and our fans. There’s something remarkable about it.I think our game is unique as well. There’s something about how fast and fluid and strategic that it can be, and the way that every character just feels right when you’re controlling them. I don’t think that that’s something that every game out there has, and there are a lot of amazing shooters out there. Activision develops other absolutely amazing shooters that we look at and take inspiration from. But when you get into them and play them–it’s not to say that Overwatch is better than them–it just feels different, and for me as a player, for my type of game, every time I launch Overwatch and I start playing it, it feels like coming home a little bit. There’s just something about this game that just clicks with me and resonates with the way that I like to move about spaces and the way that I like to interact with my own character and with other heroes.Is that something that just happens when you become very familiar with an experience and can you achieve that same thing while also mixing up the formula in very drastic ways, as the audience in the world kind of demands right now? Yeah, you definitely can. We’ve seen that happen with other games. I recognize that there is a risk to doing something like that, but if you look at the launch of Overwatch and when we first released it, it was really different than just about any game out there. It launched with over 20 heroes and 12 maps for people to play on, so there was a lot of information to digest and you could call it a really steep learning curve, but people flocked to it. I think that they were hungry for something like that. So yes, there’s a danger to making something different, but I think that that’s also, a lot of times, what people are looking for.In the actual blog post, the announcement was made, there was a line that says new features are coming into the live game very soon.Yes.Can you talk a bit more about what that means or the timeframe in which you expect it? You know the Overwatch players have been feeling a bit thirsty for new stuff.I’ll do my best to speak around it and not leak it ahead of time.Give us a leak.[Laughs] Yeah, there are really big features and systems coming soon. As big as anything we’ve built for this game, and the amount of resources that we’ve poured into these has been massive across almost every aspect of our team to do it. Those will be coming out soon. I don’t have a date that I can announce right now. Hopefully, it’s something that we’ll be able to start talking about sometime in the near future, but I am very excited for them and I can’t wait to see people’s reactions.At the risk of stocking some anxieties, what is the thing in taking this position that you feel is the biggest challenge going into it for you.. something that makes you think, “I’m not 100% certain I’m prepared for this but”?I may give you two solutions right here and the primary one is simply based mostly on the quantity of labor and content material that the workforce is constructing proper now. There is a lot occurring on the Overwatch workforce and so they’re constructing so many cool issues that, proper now, the problem is determining one of the best ways to deliver all of them collectively. Maybe it feels like a great drawback to have and it’s a good drawback to have, nevertheless it’s nonetheless one thing that we have to concentrate on to ensure that the sport that we ship is a really cohesive expertise to gamers.And the second factor, and it is a extra of a private factor for me, and it is the factor that I’m most nervous about is… Jeff Kaplan was my boss and mentor at Blizzard for many of my profession. We began months aside 20 years in the past working at this firm. And since Wrath of the Lich King, he is been my boss and I’ve at all times regarded to his model of management, the way in which he is approached design issues and the way in which he has mentored and cared for folks on the workforce. I’ve regarded to that for example and as one thing that I wish to emulate, and so the lack of Jeff is, in a really actual sense, a lack of a really huge assist system. For myself, I imagine that having skilled and private assist is essential for folks, and so I’m going to only miss that man, as not simply as a coworker, however as a buddy and a mentor.The Overwatch group might be numerous issues, nevertheless it’s additionally very supportive. They wish to love the sport, so I hope that helps a bit.It’s so fascinating, too, as a result of I believe you might see Jeff’s love for the sport in every part that he did. I simply actually hope that going ahead, the group realizes that, not simply me, however everybody else on the workforce, shares that. You know, we’re builders at Blizzard Entertainment, we’re extremely valued within the trade and we may sometimes go and work wherever we wish to, however that is what we’re selecting to work on as a result of that is the sport that all of us love.

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