FF7 Remake Side-Quests Walkthrough: Guide To All The Side-Quests And Their Rewards

    Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a largely simple sport, however each as soon as in awhile, you get the chance to finish the side-quests. There are 4 chapters in whole with side-quests, every yielding distinctive rewards. Below yow will discover a roundup of each side-quest walkthrough we have created, which embody step-by-step breakdowns on methods to full them.Chapter 3FF7 Remake’s third chapter is your first foray into the sport’s semi-open sections the place you get to finish side-quests. None are particularly troublesome, so it is best to positively full all of them, as doing so will get you a particular story second with Tifa on the finish of the chapter.Chadley’s ReportChadley is your one-stop-shop for highly effective materia.Chadley is the bizarre child standing subsequent to Wymer, who needs your assist creating new materia. He’ll provide the Assess Materia if you tackle the hunt; apply it to any enemies you battle from right here on out. It’ll offer you worthwhile tactical info, whereas finishing this quest for Chadley. Later, he’ll offer you Battle Intel assignments with quite a lot of aims to unlock extra materia. For this one, return if you’ve analyzed two several types of enemies to purchase the Auto-Cure Materia at a reduced fee.Lost FriendsVisit the little woman taking part in west of the Beginner’s Hall, who will dispatch you to search out three lacking cats. Keep speaking to her and he or she’ll present some hits as to the place to search out them, as nicely.The first cat is fairly straightforward to search out, sitting on the porch of Seventh Heaven. From there, head east to search out the second cat, sitting on the north aspect of the highway on the subsequent intersection.FF7 Remake has among the most lovable cats in video games. There, we stated it.The third and remaining cat is hidden among the many homes north of the Beginner’s Hall, simply earlier than you attain the Item Shop. You’ll see a lady with a inexperienced marker over her head standing in entrance of a pipe. Talk to her, then slip into the pipe to search out the final cat and end the hunt for a Maiden’s Kiss.Rat DownsideTalk to the Item Store proprietor, then take the trail going north that is on the west aspect of Seventh Heaven. Duck by way of the pipe to enter a vacant lot stuffed with rats. Take them out and open the chest on the east aspect of the world for 3 grenades.Return to the lot and battle the Doom Rats. They’re fairly fast, so strive utilizing Punisher mode to get counter-attacks and their melee strikes, and use magic to hit them at a distance. If you are able to do some sustained harm, you will stagger the rats, which lets you knock them out.The Cleansing materia is important for curing standing illnesses.When you come back to the Item Shop proprietor, he provides you 5 Hi-Potions. You may also purchase a Cleanse Materia for a reduced worth of 300 gil. It’s a good suggestion to equip and use Cleanse when you possibly can, since having the materia leveled up will make it easier to with a minor sidequest story level later within the sport.On the ProwlAfter you have cleared the primary set of quests, return to Wymer, who will ship you to Scrap Boulevard.Find the Wrath Hound within the furthest west space of Rust Boulevard. Be cautious of its assaults, as you possibly can’t interrupt them, and it will hit laborious and quick. Magic can construct up the hound’s stagger meter, so hit it with spells to attempt to push it over the road. Once you do sufficient harm, it’s going to flee. Head again to the doorway of Rust Boulevard to search out Wymer, who opens the way in which to a brand new part of the world. You’ll discover the hound additional in, however this time, you will should carry it down for good. You’ll be rewarded an Elixir to your hassle.Nuisance within the FactoryTalk to the Junk Dealer within the space behind Seventh Heaven. You can entry it from the pathway going north on the west aspect of the bar. Then take the highway towards the practice station to search out the way in which into the manufacturing facility.As you enter the manufacturing facility’s first warehouse, destroy the Shinra crates in opposition to the northern wall, then flip left and head to the west to discover a chest close to a locked gate. It has two antidotes inside. Follow the trail north to search out one other set of crates.Continue to the subsequent warehouse and kill the 4 Gorgers. Be cautious about letting them get near you–with their Feast assault, they’re going to soar onto your characters and lock them up to allow them to’t transfer. When that occurs, swap to a different character and wail on the Gorger attacking your character till it lets go. Check the northwestern nook for Shinra crates earlier than transferring on.Prioritize bringing Lesser Drakes down from the air. Otherwise, they’re going to be a nuisance to you.Keep heading north and switch left to search out your first Lesser Drake. These creatures will hit you with highly effective Wind magic assaults when you’re not cautious. Hit it with magic to carry it to the bottom so you possibly can wail on it; when you can hit it with Wind assaults your self, you possibly can rapidly stagger it.Use the swap to the precise of the door on the south wall of this warehouse to open the massive door. Beyond it’s a chest with two sedatives inside.Return to the south and take the trail to the west. The subsequent constructing has extra Gorgers inside. Check the northwest nook for Shinra crates. Before you permit this warehouse, use the swap to the precise of the massive grey door to open it and attain a Fire materia.Keep transferring into the final warehouse to battle two extra Lesser Drakes and end the hunt for a reward of 500 gil. You’ll be again right here later, so hold the format in thoughts.Just Flew In From The GraveyardAfter finishing Nuisance within the Factory, the Junk Dealer will notify you of one other pesky Drake that wants some killing. Head in direction of the practice station once more to discover a girl named Gwen, who’s arguing with some Shinra troopers. Hear her spiel about getting a keycard from some containers to get to the Drake, after which head again into the manufacturing facility space.Use the switches to the precise of the shutter doorways to open them up and reveal pathways to crates–those dreaded crates.In the manufacturing facility, return to the place you bought the Fire materia earlier throughout Nuisance within the Factory, and it is best to discover a stack of containers you possibly can smash to the left of the gate doorway. Hit that and you will get your self the keycard you have to get face the Drake.Continue by way of the tunnel to the final warehouse, the place you will discover a locked door and a management beside it. Unlock it with the keycard to face the Cerulean Drake. This model of the enemy has ice assaults, so you should definitely dodge them, as they’re going to harm whereas additionally slowing down your assaults and motion. Hack away on the drake and hit it with Wind magic to stagger it when you can. Once you have killed it, return to Gwen to complete the sidequest.Chapter 8After Chapter 8’s riveting collection of occasions, you will discover consolation understanding that Chapter 8 is much extra easygoing with a brand new set of side-quests to finish within the Sector 5 Undercity.Kids On PatrolGo to the Leaf House and converse with Ms. Folia out entrance of the constructing. She’ll dispatch you to discover a bunch of youngsters who ought to actually be at school. Talk to her once more for some suggestions as to the place the children hang around.Make your first cease close to the Item Shop within the Central District to discover a patroller hanging out in the course of the road. From there, flip north and head up the road towards the practice station to search out your second child. Another is standing proper in entrance of the Weapon Shop. The “concrete pipes” Ms. Folia mentions are within the southwestern nook of the map, simply south of the neighborhood heart, the place you will discover one other patroller. From there, proceed to the neighborhood heart to search out the final patrol child standing out entrance.The youngsters have a job for you as soon as you have talked to everybody whereas they’re on patrol. Your reward for finishing it’s Cloud’s Nail Bat weapon.Return to the Leaf House and the children will ship you to their hideout to cope with a monster they name “the Toad King.” This is definitely a tricky, particular model of the Hedgehog Pie enemies you have been going through all by way of this part, and preventing it’s form of a ache. Battle your approach by way of the world behind the children’ hideout to succeed in the Hedgehog Pie King, which can be backed up by two common Hedgehog Pies.The battle with the Hedgehog Pie King is that it is continually buffing the opposite two Hedgehog Pies, which makes it robust to kill them in an effort to focus in your actual goal. With the King’s buffs, they’re going to fling robust magic assaults at you want Fira, whereas additionally executing an annoying assault referred to as Bounce that may hold certainly one of your characters from transferring. Your plan right here ought to be to run from the common Pies to keep away from their bounce assaults, whereas charging up ATB to hit the King with Ice spells, which it is weak in opposition to. Ice and bodily assaults will stress the King, which is able to knock him off his buff sport, providing you with time to then refocus and kill one or each of the Hedgehog Pies with Ice spells and melee assaults. The King has a number of well being, so you will wish to do away with his minions, that are the true threats within the battle; do not overcommit to making an attempt to carry down the king whereas getting blasted by his buddies.Don’t be afraid to change to Aerith and let Cloud maintain himself. Her therapeutic capabilities are very useful right here in preserving the crew in preventing form, and your main focus right here can be magic to maintain the King off-balance. Once the 2 Pies are useless, mopping up the King will not be an issue.When you are performed, you will unlock a brand new quest within the hideout, referred to as “A Verified Hero.” You’ll additionally obtain a brand new weapon for Cloud, the Nail Bat.Weapons On A RampageHead north of the hideout to discover a man speaking about some Shinra “floating eyeballs” which might be rampaging round city. You’ll have to search out 5 of them within the Nuts ‘n Bolts HIlls space that you simply got here by way of after saving Aerith on the church. Equip some Wind materia and head out.The first group of three enemies–Monodrive Mark IIs, they’re called–are within the north finish of the world, within the Scrapyard Back Alley part. Head towards the practice station and take the trail north simply earlier than you hit it to discover a useless finish space with the primary group.The first group of Shinra floating eyes is approach up on the north finish of the Sector 5 map.Monodrive Mark IIs are weak in opposition to Wind magic, however there is a caveat to coping with them: they use limitations that make them resistant to particular sorts of assaults, which might make them fairly formidable. If their barrier is a white shell, swap to Aerith and lay into them together with her common magic assaults, or hit them with Wind spells. If they fireplace up a inexperienced barrier that appears extra like electrons flying round an atom, swap over to Cloud and hit them with bodily melee strikes.Watch out for the assaults that ship the Moondrives burrowing beneath the bottom or capturing by way of the air like flying drills; hold your guard up and give attention to one enemy first to knock it out. With just a few rounds of magic spells and a few of Cloud’s melee assaults, it is best to have the ability to stagger and kill it, then repeat the method for the opposite two. The neatest thing you are able to do is strive to not over-commit on melee assaults, although, because the Monodrives will hit you fairly laborious and may interrupt your spells when you’re not paying shut consideration. When you are performed, sneak out into the practice station and use the blue bench there to heal your self up.The final two Monodrive Mark IIs are again on the trail you took to bypass the locked gate if you first got here by way of right here. Head north on the trail from the locked gate into the Twilight Valley space; you will discover the final two enemies fairly rapidly alongside the trail.Upon getting back from the battle, you will be rewarded with a pair of Protective Boots.Look for the second group alongside the trail you used to bypass the locked gate if you first made your method to the Sector 5 undercity.Verified HeroDrop again by the hideout after the “Kids on Patrol” quest to strive the children’ sport, Whack-a-Box. Play one spherical of Whack-a-Box to complete the hunt.Whack-a-Box is fairly easy–you simply melee by way of a bunch of containers with completely different scores marked on every. The catch is that the containers’ sturdiness is equal to the rating you get for destroying them, so you will want to think twice about what strikes you employ to take the massive containers out and maximize your effectivity. You’ll have entry to Braver, which is okay for hitting the massive 1,500-point containers, plus the transfer related to no matter weapon you are utilizing. We discovered a number of success with Triple Slash, and so suggest the Iron Blade. Use Triple Slash on the 1,500 containers to clear them in two assaults; this transfer is particularly good if you’ve bought two 1,500s collectively, as you possibly can destroy each on the identical time.Playing Whack-A-Box will get you some first rate prizes, together with a Spectral Cogwheel accent. You additionally get a Moogle Medal each time you play a spherical, which you’ll be able to simply farm to purchase out all the pieces Moggie has on provide.The Angel of the SlumsSpeak to Damon, the reporter, close to the neighborhood heart to kick issues off, then meet Mireille contained in the neighborhood heart for more information.Return to Nuts ‘n’ Bolts Hill and head approach as much as the northeast nook to search out Lookout Point. Bring Lightning materia; if you get there, you will battle an enormous model of the Smogger enemy referred to as the Chromogger. This factor is harmful if it will get in shut, because it’ll hit you for giant harm with its large wrecking ball arm, whereas additionally spraying you down with gasses that harm and trigger standing results resembling Silence. But it is simply prevented, too, particularly when you hold your characters on reverse sides of the world from each other.Lookout Point is within the northeast nook of Sector 5.Switch to Aerith and go nuts with spells; Lightning does elevated harm and can drive up the stress meter, particularly if you unleash some on its wrecking ball arm, whereas Cloud can use his bodily assaults. The AI will do a fairly good job of preserving Cloud out of an excessive amount of hassle, leaving you free to run up Aerith’s ATB bars for added spells and therapeutic skills. It’ll take a bit, however simply hold taking part in keep-away with the Chromogger whereas hitting it with spells till it finally goes down.Return to Damon to your reward of two,000 gil.Paying RespectsAfter finishing the “Weapons on a Rampage” quest, cease by the Weapons Shop and discuss to the previous man out entrance. He’ll ship you to the graveyard to kill some monsters, however you will have to buy the Graveyard Key from the Moogle Emporium within the Kids’ Hideout to get by way of the gate.Head north out of city towards the Nuts ‘n’ Bolts Hills. When the trail forks, head to the precise to search out the cemetery on a small path off to the east. Here, you will battle three Venomantises, which could offer you a run to your cash when you’re not diligent. Make positive you’ve robust Ice materia geared up for this one.You’ll want the Graveyard Key from the Moogle Emporium to open this gate.Venomantises like to make use of ranged strikes to place you to sleep, then large melee strikes for devastating harm. Watch out for his or her Torpid Strike assaults, which shoot a fuel bomb at your characters that instantly put them to sleep, leaving them open to assault for a very long time. You’ll wish to use Cloud’s Punisher mode and guards for fast counter-attacks, however be careful for Leaping Strike–you actually wish to dodge away from that one.Pick a Venomantis and have Aerith use Blizzard or Blizzara as a lot as she will, whereas additionally therapeutic herself and Cloud. Ice magic kicks up the Venomantises’ stress meter rapidly, which might help gradual them up and hold them from attacking you. While Aerith concentrates on Ice, use Cloud to get in shut with Punisher assaults and counter-attacks, however you should definitely carry on the transfer so you do not get overwhelmed. If you possibly can stagger a Venomantis, you will seemingly have the ability to take it out, or not less than harm it considerably and end it in a second spherical.Repeat this course of for the opposite two, however once more, attempt to hold your situational consciousness as much as keep away from getting put to sleep, and dodge clear if you see Torpid Strikes coming your approach. If you possibly can hold from getting overwhelmed, the Ice magic ought to do the trick till you possibly can kill all three enemies.You’ll get a Studded Bracer armor to your efforts if you end the mission.Chapter 9Chapter 9 is especially notable as a result of it features a branching pathway between two units of side-quests which might be broadly both aligned with Chocobo Sam or with Madam M–two of Don Corneo’s closest confidants.The set of side-quests you get to finish are decided by the selections you make throughout three pivotal moments. The first is your encounter with Johnny after seeing him dash previous you as you are heading in direction of Don Corneo’s mansion, the second is the coin toss with Chocobo Sam, and the third is the therapeutic massage course you select at Madam M’s.To get the Chocobo Sam quests (“The Party Never Stops” and “Dynamite Bodies”), agree with Johnny on the Honeybee Inn, select heads or tails on the coin toss, and select the “poor man’s” possibility for 100 gil at Madam M’s.To get Madam M’s side-quests (“Price of Thievery” and the “Shears’ Counterattack”) disagree with Johnny on the Honey Bee Inn (or do not observe him there), select to not play on the coin toss, and select the “luxury” possibility for 3,000 gil at Madam M’s.If you combine and match your responses, the side-quests you obtain can be primarily based on whichever set of solutions you favored most. So disagreeing with Johnny, however calling the coin toss and selecting the poor man’s therapeutic massage will nonetheless get you Chocobo Sam’s quests.Other objects might also issue into which set of quests you get, however primarily based on our experiences, it is nonetheless laborious to say how a lot. Talking with Johnny’s dad within the inn and out of doors Corneo’s Colosseum appear to rely towards Chocobo Sam’s quests. How you describe Tifa additionally might affect the choice; saying Tifa is in nice form appears to rely for Chocobo Sam, whereas saying Tifa is a good bookkeeper appears to rely for Madam M, with the “great fighter” possibility being impartial. In basic, plainly if you wish to entry the Madam M set of quests, it is best to aspect in opposition to Chocobo Sam and usually decide choices respectful of girls.On your first playthrough, you possibly can solely expertise one of many two units. If you are desirous to expertise the opposite pair, you will have to replay Chapter 9 utilizing the Chapter Select menu that turns into out there when you end the sport. Regardless, each units are required to finish the “Best in the Business” Trophy. Burning ThighsBurning Thighs is a side-quest you get no matter which set of path you bought locked into. Head to the gymnasium on the south aspect of Wall Market, close to the weapon store, to have interaction in a squat minigame. It’s fairly simple, and also you solely have to beat the primary competitor to finish the hunt for 3 mega-potions. If you stick round and problem the opposite two, you possibly can earn a Luck Up materia and a Champion Belt accent (plus the “Sultan of Squat” Trophy).Agree with Johnny on the Honeybee Inn, select heads or tails on the coin toss, and select the “poor man’s” possibility for 100 gil at Madam M’s.The Party Never Stops (Chocobo Sam Route)Just north of the gymnasium on the identical aspect of the road is the clothes store. Talk to the proprietor, who will dispatch you to go discover his father on the bar throughout from the gymnasium. You largely simply have to observe Johnny round Wall Market, speaking to folks. Your efficiency can be primarily based on the standard of your materia: Assess, elemental materias like Fire and Ice, and Cleanse. If you have leveled them up, you will earn Moogle Medals at every step.The Materia Shop proprietor will ship you to the Inn to make use of a merchandising machine, the place your Assess materia can be examined. After that, drop by the restaurant and assist the proprietor with no matter your greatest elemental materia is. Finally, the Item Shop proprietor will ship you to ship medication; relying on the extent of your Cleanse materia, you will ship extra medication for extra rewards. Check the toilet at Drunkard’s to your first supply to get a sedative. The second goes to the alley behind the gymnasium, accessible from the northwest aspect of the map, and provides you a celeris. The third is for the slender alley simply north and east of the Item Shop, which is able to earn you a pack of three Big Bombers. After you are performed with the drugs, the Item Shop proprietor provides you with the “Inspiration” to carry again to the dressmaker and full the hunt for a Turbo Ether.A Dynamite Body (Chocobo Sam Route)After talking with Sam, go to the Colosseum for extra fights. If you possibly can, mix a Fire and Elemental materia in your armor to offer your self extra safety. You’ll battle two Bomb enemies, which have no main weaknesses, however are robust in opposition to Fire assaults. How you battle these guys is the important thing, though–you’ll wish to catch them with assaults whereas they’re in the course of doing assaults of their very own, just like the Flamethrower or Fireball, to lift their stagger meters. The greatest approach to do that is to remain out of vary, flinging Blizzara spells on the Bombs after they blow fireplace your approach.Avoid hitting the Bombs after they do the Inflame transfer, as a result of that’ll trigger them to develop in dimension, making their assaults stronger and increasing their vary. Do your greatest to avoid the Bombs and hold pushing their stagger meters up till you possibly can shut the hole and take one out with Punisher assaults and ATB skills. At that time, ending off the opposite ought to be fairly easy. You’ll get an Arcane Scepter weapon for Aerith to your hassle.Disagree with Johnny on the Honey Bee Inn (or do not observe him there), select to not play on the coin toss, and select the “luxury” possibility for 3,000 gil at Madam M’s.The Price of Thievery (Madam M Route)Head simply exterior of Wall Market and discuss to Mirielle. Return to Evergreen Park and enter the Collapsed Highway once more, the place you will discover Beck’s Badasses. This time, they have an enormous Grungy Bandit backing them up, who will prefer to cost at you and decide you up. He’s gradual and weak to fireplace, nevertheless, so simply keep away from him and hit him with magic assaults or Punisher strikes till you set him down. You’ll get hold of a Turbo Ether and a Real Calling Card upon completion.Shears’ Counterattack (Madam M Route)Once you end each “The Price of Thievery” and “Burning Thighs,” head to Madam M’s to get a brand new problem within the Colosseum. You’ll face the Jury-Rigged Cutter within the battle. It’s a robust however gradual opponent, and at this level, you will have fought by way of a bunch of Sweepers and Cutters–deal with this one the identical approach, with Lightning magic and Punisher melee strikes. Keep away from its assaults by dodging and also you should not have a lot challenge. Upon completion, you will be rewarded an Arcane Scepter weapon for Aerith.Chapter 14Once you get to Chapter 14, you achieve entry to a brand new set of side-quests unfold throughout each the Sector 5 Undercity and the Wall Market; yow will discover 5 new side-quests quests within the former and 4 new side-quests within the latter. It’s value noting that most of the actions you have taken up till this level culminate throughout this chapter. It’s loads to enter, so for a full rationalization of what modifications, try our Chapter 14 resolutions information.Missing ChildrenLocation: Sector 5 UndercityTalk to Ms. Folia exterior of the Kids’ Hideout. She’ll dispatch you to search out the patrolling youngsters once more. Head north towards Nut ‘n’ Bolts Hills and take the precise path towards Lookout Point, going northeast. As you go, you will see some purple smoke cross the trail, pointing you towards the cemetery.The two Phantoms you battle within the cemetery prefer to turn out to be invisible, then assault you from behind. Use Punisher counters for his or her melee assaults, however dodge away from Frozen Claw.You’ll have a mini-boss battle going through you within the cemetery in opposition to two Phantom monsters. These guys are weak in opposition to Fire magic, however they are a large ache typically. The Phantoms prefer to disappear as you assault them, then seem behind you for giant assaults like Frozen Claw. Try to hit them with Fire spells whereas they’re attacking your teammates to interrupt them and push up their stagger gauges. When they use their Drain Essence assault, keep nicely back–anyone caught within the vortex will lose a ton of well being, whereas additionally therapeutic the Phantoms.Focus on one Phantom and hit it as laborious as you possibly can every time it seems, and use Punisher mode counter-attacks when the ghosts disappear and assault you. Keep up the stress till you’re taking them each out. Your reward for ending the hunt is a Time Materia.Chocobo SearchLocation: Sector 5 UndercityHead north towards the practice station out of the Sector 5 Center District to run into certainly one of Chocobo Sam’s Stablehands, who will ship you out to search for some unfastened chocobos. That’ll open up quick journey all through the slums with Sam’s Delivery Service, so you will get round extra rapidly. It’ll be helpful to take action, because the chocobos are fairly far-off from one another.Keep going north into the Nuts ‘n’ Bolts Hills and search for the chocobo on the north finish of the world, on the path the place you possibly can head east towards Lookout Point. When you discover the chocobo, you will should battle a Rust Drake. Skip out on hitting this issues with spells at first, because it’ll take up the magical vitality so long as it is surrounded in that bizarre darkness. Instead, pummel it with ranged assaults as greatest you possibly can till it casts Gravity. When that occurs, get in shut with melee strikes and do as a lot harm as you possibly can to dispel the darkness. That’ll open up the creature to magic assaults, so hold hitting it till it staggers and end it off.You’re looking three chocobos scattered round Sector 5, however to rescue two of them, you will should battle robust enemies.Find your second chocobo exterior of Sector 5, previous the practice station to the west. Take the Sanctuary Way path towards the church and you will find the chocobo about midway.The remaining chocobo is positioned within the Collapsed Expressway. You’ll have to go in fairly deep to search out it, however you possibly can’t miss it when you begin on the shortcut path on the highway between Sector 5 and Sector 6. When you get to it, you will have to battle three Trypapoplis monsters. These guys are extremely immune to each magic and spells. Watch out for his or her Screech assault, which is able to stun anybody caught in it; when one makes use of it, all three will give attention to the surprised character and use Aeroga spells on them. When that occurs, rapidly run to every of the Trypapoplises and beat them all the way down to interrupt them and cancel the spell–an ATB skill will often do the trick.When the Trypapolises use Dance, hitting them causes them to clone themselves. The clones are fairly a bit weaker and you’ll kill them quick, and that appears to extend the harm you will do to the originals for a bit. But a sustained beatdown with skills like Tifa’s Chi Trap will drive up their stagger gauges–they will not keep staggered for lengthy, however you possibly can frequently pummel them with out them getting away, which is sort of nearly as good. This is usually a prolonged battle, however it is best to have the ability to win out when you begin separating and killing off the monsters.Finishing the hunt will get you the Sam’s Lifetime Pass key merchandise, which helps you to take chocobo rides free of charge from Sam’s Delivery Service, making quick journey loads simpler.Secret MedicineLocation: Sector 5 UndercityTalk to the physician throughout from the neighborhood heart, who will ship you to search out herbs to make medication. You want three objects, however the first is simple: drop by the Moogle Emporium within the Kids’ Hideout to buy the Moogle Mortar.Your second ingredient is positioned within the church the place Cloud and Aerith first met. Head to the practice station north and west of the Sector 5 Central District, then observe the trail north to the church. Grab the herb rising there on the bottom.The three objects you want for the drugs quest may be discovered within the Kids’ Hideout, Aerith’s Church, and the Shinra Underground Test Site.Finally, head to Evergreen Park and discuss to Wymer to get the Subterranean Menace quest, which is able to take you to the underground lab. There, you will should battle the Behemoth Type 0 miniboss. Defeat it and return to the physician to get Teluric Scriptures Vol. III as a reward.Corneo’s Secret StashLocation: Sector 5 UndercityFind Damon the reporter north of the Center District of Sector 5, the place the trail splits in Nuts ‘n’ Bolts Hills. Afterward, go northeast up the trail towards Lookout Point. Talk to Mirielle, then decide up the Corneo’s Vault Note key merchandise on the bottom behind her.Find Kyrie within the church the place Cloud met Aerith. You’ll wish to decide up the Tomboy Bandit quest from Johnny on the Sector 5 Train Station alongside the way in which, since these two quests dovetail a bit. After speaking to Kyrie, you will have to go to Wall Market’s coliseum to cope with the Shinra goons who’ve been bothering her.Once you’ve the important thing, head to the Collapsed Expressway to open your first stash–it’s simply inside the doorway, to the north, and provides you with two Moogle Medals and the Diamond Tiara Key Item.Look simply inside the doorway of the Collapsed Expressway to search out the primary stash.The second stash is in Steel Mountain, north of the Sector 5 Undercity. Head east from the Sector 5 Train Station to succeed in it simply, as you method Lookout Point. It comprises a Prayer Materia, a Circlet accent, and a Ruby Tiara key merchandise, amongst different things–including an entire bunch of Moogle Medals.The second Corneo Stash is positioned simply wanting Lookout Point in Steel Mountain.To get to the final stash, it’s a must to re-enter the Sewers. You’ll do this if you go to Don Corneo’s mansion as a part of the primary quest. The stash itself is within the Former Disposal Area within the Old Trunk Line – Control Section. Work your approach by way of the sewers till you defeat the Mischievous Shoat miniboss; after that, Leslie will lead you to a ladder with a swap beside it. Throw the swap, then return to the Former Disposal Area and enter the stash, which has now been drained.Find Corneo’s sewer stash within the Former Disposal Area close to the Old Trunk Line.Inside the ultimate stash, you will battle the Sahagin Prince, together with two extra Sahagins. The Prince is more durable than his buddies, utilizing counter-attacks along with the Jump and Harpoon assaults of his associates, however he is bought the identical weak point: Fire. Use your strongest Fire spells to rapidly stagger and put down the 2 Sahagins backing up the Prince, then focus up on it. Watch for him to enter his counterattack mode, then hit him with Fire to drive up his stagger gauge. The greatest menace on this battle is the Sahagins’ skill to show your crew into frogs, however use maiden’s kiss objects if issues get unhealthy to carry them again. The secret’s to make use of Fire usually and rapidly to attempt to take out the Sahagins earlier than they will zap you with too many standing results.When you are performed, end the Sewers major quest with Leslie. Before you head topside, discuss to Marle in Evergreen Park. You’ll get the Art of Swordplay Vol. III manuscript for Cloud if you’re performed. You also needs to discover a letter on the bottom within the Urban Development District close to Don Corneo’s mansion in your method to depart for the plate above, which is able to unlock the “Divine Gratitude” Trophy.Tomboy BanditLocation: Sector 5 UndercityHead to the Sector 5 Train Station and you may run into Johnny once more, who will let you know he was mugged. His description appears like Kyrie, the girl Mirielle additionally informed you to search for within the Corneo’s Secret Stash quest.Continue west and north as much as the church the place Cloud met Aerith. Talk to Kyrie on the church and he or she’ll ship you to Wall Market’s Coliseum.You’ll discover Kyrie in Aerith’s church, however she will not make it easier to out till you go to Corneo’s Colosseum.In the Coliseum, you will face the Beastmaster once more, however with a brand new enemy working with him: the Hellhound. The Beastmaster is simple sufficient to deal with–hit him with melee strikes and Fire spells to knock him out very quickly. The Hellhound is a more durable buyer, however when you have the precise spells helpful, you can also make faster work of it.The Hellhound is a two-headed monster, and either side of its character has a flame that helps it generate highly effective fire-based assaults. Extinguishing one or each of these flames with magic spells drives up its stagger meter in a rush. You can use Ice spells to extinguish the Hellhound’s pink flame, or Cure spells to extinguish its purple flame. Either set of spells will knock the Hellhound down so you possibly can shut the hole to do extra melee harm. Keep up a barrage of magic and melee and it is best to take the beast out with little problem.Return to Kyrie to get the important thing to Don Corneo’s Stash Key and Johnny’s Wallet. Return to the Sector 5 Train Station to return the pockets to Johnny.The Power of MusicLocation: Wall MarketStop by the jukebox, accessible within the park on the east aspect of the inn. Betty, the woman there, will ask you to search out music discs to cheer up the locals.First, head to the Inn on the entrance to Wall Market, on the south aspect of the primary sq., and discuss to the person within the foyer to choose up the Good Night, Until Tomorrow Music Disc. You’ll discover the second within the Coliseum; discuss to the memento vendor there to snag the Fight On Music Disc. Finally, undergo the passageway left of the doorway to the Honeybee Inn to search out the Stand Up Music Disc.Return to the jukebox and play every of the songs to finish the hunt. You’ll get the Sharpshooters Companion Vol. III as a reward.Wavering HeartPull-ups works the identical as Squats, besides your button prompts can be in random order, and it’s considerably harder. Good luck!Location: Wall MarketDrop by the gymnasium to search out Andrea there and a brand new Pullups minigame you possibly can participate in. This time, Tifa can participate within the problem. Similar to the squat minigame, it is fairly simple: beat Andrea to finish the hunt. You can then hold on the minigame by difficult the opposite people within the gymnasium to earn your self some extra rewards.Malicious GoonsThis factor’s assaults are lethal, knocking out your characters in a single hit, nevertheless it’s gradual and deliberate. Location: Wall MarketDrop by Madam M’s parlour on the north finish of Wall Market and he or she’ll recommend Corneo is sending males to Aerith’s home. Return to the Sector 5 Undercity and head to Aerith’s. You’ll discover the fellows within the vacant lot simply wanting her home, previous the Leaf House.You will not battle the goons themselves, however fairly, a Tonberry. This factor’s assaults are lethal, knocking out your characters in a single hit, nevertheless it’s gradual and deliberate. The trick is to assault it from behind, and hold your distance when it is coming for you. Its Chef’s Knife melee assault will take you out in a single hit, however when you can dodge the Tonberry’s assaults, you possibly can lay down a number of punishment and drive up its stagger meter. If you forged spells or use Barret’s ranged assaults, make them those that do not have lengthy animations–stand nonetheless too lengthy and the Tonberry will hit you with one other one-hit kill assault, this one long-range, so attempt to dodge it.As the Tonberry’s well being drops, it’s going to begin utilizing an assault that freezes all of your characters with Stop, which is able to open them as much as killing blows. Keep your distance as a lot as you possibly can to keep away from it, and use Phoenix Downs to maintain your crew on their ft till the Tonberry finally goes down.Subterranean MenaceYour aim in bringing down the Behemoth is to cripple first one half of its physique, then the opposite. Location: Wall MarketGo to Evergreen Park and discuss to Wymer, who will ask you to clear the monsters out of the underground lab you beforehand visited. You’ll additionally have to enter the lab to retrieve the final merchandise you want for the Secret Medicine quest, which is the Behemoth’s Horn.Crawl down by way of the underground passage in Evergreen Park to succeed in the lab. You’ll have to battle your approach by way of it to get to the Behemoth Type 0 boss on the far finish. There are some robust fights in right here, together with a Wrath Hound just like the one you handled in a sidequest again in Episode 3, however nothing you have not confronted earlier than.The Behemoth is a distinct query. This large monster is highly effective, harmful, and fast. Make positive you are absolutely healed earlier than you slip by way of the door marked with the Shinra warning tape to battle it. First and foremost, attempt to avoid the beast’s head; it’s going to swipe at you with its claws, slam the bottom to stagger your characters, and thrash them with its horns for giant harm. You additionally typically wish to attempt to avoid it after you get in shut for melee hits, because the Behemoth will often spin in circles to slam all people who’s close by.Your aim in bringing down the Behemoth is to cripple first one half of its physique, then the opposite. A great way to do that is to take over management of Barret, so you possibly can focus fireplace on both its Upper Body or Lower Body with quite a lot of assaults, whereas staying out of hurt’s approach. Anything you throw on the Behemoth will work, though until you set a number of punishment on the Behemoth’s horns, keep away from spells–magic will set off counterattacks till the horns are destroyed.It’s going to take a number of harm to cripple certainly one of its physique components, however if you do handle it, rapidly focus up on the opposite physique half and lay down as a lot harm as you possibly can, as fast as you possibly can. Be cautious, as a result of the Behemoth will nonetheless be able to attacking you, even when it might probably’t get away from you. If you possibly can cripple each side, you possibly can stagger it for some large harm.Repeat the method till the job is completed; it’s going to take some time, however when you carry on high of therapeutic spells, you have to be okay. Use your greatest assaults however execute both with vary or hit-and-run techniques to attenuate the harm you’re taking.When you end, return to Wymer in Evergreen Park to get your reward, the Sharpshooter’s Companion Vol. III.

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