Final Fantasy 7 Remake Boss Guide: How To Defeat Every Boss (So Far)

    Final Fantasy VII Remake’s complicated battle system results in quite a lot of thrilling encounters towards Shinra’s navy and wild Fiends–which are demanding now and again. But the sport’s greatest challenges are its prolonged, concerned boss fights, which put your understanding of its battle mechanics to the check. If you are not essentially the most skilled at fast-paced real-time fight, Final Fantasy VII Remake is certain to offer you some bother, no matter which issue you select. Fortunately, we have you lined, as we have compiled a walkthrough detailing tips on how to battle most of the recreation’s bosses.Below you could find in-depth methods for each boss we have crushed thus far. Click from the Table of Contents to leap to the place you need to go. Be cautious, as this information has some spoilers to boss identities, so proceed with warning. Check again typically as we replace this roundup with much more boss methods.For extra guides, try our function highlighting some important tricks to know as you play the sport, in addition to our PSA on why you should not skip facet missions. Otherwise, you may learn our Final Fantasy VII Remake assessment.Chapter 1Scorpion SentinelThe Scorpion Sentinel is your first massive problem in Final Fantasy VII Remake. As Cloud says at the beginning, Lightning magic is handiest. Lucky for you, Barrett has some Lightning Materia helpful, so change to him and unleash that as quickly as potential. As a precaution, forged Steelskin on Barret to make sure he is received all of the added protection and resilience he wants to remain within the battle. For Cloud, use Punisher Mode assaults and Fire spells to pile on the injury and maintain growing the Scorpion Sentinel’s Stagger meter. But do not linger shut; it’s going to swipe you with its tail or leap up and drop down onto you in case you dangle round too lengthy. When it locks onto you with its concentrating on laser, prepare to dam some missiles; you may attempt to dodge, however you may most likely nonetheless take a good quantity of harm.Do sufficient injury and the Scorpion Sentinel will activate a barrier, hindering all incoming assaults. Circle its again and hit it within the Field Generator weak spot beneath its tail. Use Barrett’s Focused Shot capability to do some substantial injury to it, whereas having Cloud observe up with a Fire spell. You’ll need to keep again as a lot as potential till you may drop that barrier, because the Scorpion Sentinel will smash you with an area-of-effect assault. Once the barrier is down, begin hitting it once more with Barret’s Lightning spells and Cloud’s Punisher assaults. When the Sentinel Scorpion jumps onto the wall, change to Barrett and hit it with Overcharge photographs to carry it again down. If you stagger it at any level, be sure to spend ATB to unleash Cloud’s Braver and Barret’s Focused Shot upon it.After you’ve got dealt sufficient injury, the Sentinel Scorpion will launch a bunch of missiles that carry down particles from across the reactor. It’ll then cost its Tail Laser; conceal behind the particles to keep away from getting hit by the assault, which is devastating. You can nonetheless use spells within the meantime, although.During this last portion of the battle, the Sentinel Scorpion will cycle via a number of assaults, together with an EM Blast round its physique, a hail of missiles, lasers from its fingers, and a machine gun assault. Dodge or block the incoming strikes and dangle again till after the missile strike, when the Scorpion Sentinel is open for assault, then hit it earlier than retreating to cover from the Tail Laser. Make use of Barret’s ranged assaults as a lot as you may, in addition to magic, as a result of these will maintain you out of vary from a number of of the Sentinel Scorpion’s talents. Keep a constant fee of harm, ensuring to go exhausting whenever you stagger it, and you will win very quickly.Chapter 2The Huntsman (Mini-Boss)You’ll battle the Huntsman on the finish of Chapter 2, who’s accompanied by a number of Shinra troopers. He’s principally a Riot Trooper with extra highly effective assaults, greater protection, and grenades. Before dealing with him, deal with his buddies first, which embody a Riot Trooper, a number of Security Officers. Start by wiping the ground with the Security Officers, then focus your consideration on the Riot Troopers, which you’ll immediately drop with a Fire spell or a Punisher Mode guard stance counter.When the Huntsman is alone, keep nicely away from him, as he can deal extreme injury and shortly punish you in case your sword bounces off his protect. Watch out for his assault known as Riot Shield, the place he’ll dash straight at you and bowl you over; it is exhausting to dodge, so attempt to guard towards it as a substitute. He should not have the ability to harm you a lot in any other case, so stay guarded in Punisher Mode to deal injury together with your immediate counter-attack. Once your ATB prices up, hit him with a Fire spell to drop his defenses. That ought to put him on one knee; shut the hole shortly and rip him aside with extra Punisher Mode assaults. Repeat that course of a couple of instances, and you must down him fairly shortly.Chapter 4Roche (Motorcycle Chase)The last portion of your bike experience throughout Chapter 4 pits you towards Roche, AKA “Speed Demon.” This adrenaline-pumped maniac is a little bit of a ache to take care of. First, use guard and dodge round to keep away from the ranged sword slices he sends your manner. If you swerve from proper to left, you may simply keep away from most of them in time. Pay consideration to the sample; his slashes keep in just about the identical areas as they cross the road, and you may principally zip previous unscathed. When he is not up shut, use L1+Triangle to fireside off your personal ranged assaults as soon as charged to maintain your injury output up.When Roche drives up on the facet of the tunnel, it means he’ll begin sending vertical Lightning strikes your manner. Don’t fear about attacking; as a substitute, look ahead to the assaults to return down and dodge them earlier than they will hit you. If there’s a possibility to cost your ranged assault, shoot it his manner, however keep in mind that protection is your major concern.Roche will finally bounce off the facet of the tunnel to smash down proper subsequent to you, so dodge exhausting to at least one facet to keep away from taking injury whenever you see him on the brink of transfer. He’ll normally stick up shut for some time, so maintain slashing at him and unleashing your spin assault whenever you get the possibility earlier than he repeats his cycle. Keep constant on dodging and damage-dealing, and you will finish this bozo’s high-speed reign–at least, for now.Roche (Shinra Warehouse)This second battle with Roche is extra of a sword-fighting duel, and you will need to depend on your guard right here. Blocking Roche’s assaults will bounce him off you, leaving him weak so that you can lay into him with a sequence of combos. The extra you hit him or block him, the simpler to interrupt he turns into.Roche will begin the battle preventing you conservatively, letting you get fairly a couple of hits in earlier than retaliating along with his sword combo. If he begins up a flurry, dodge to the facet earlier than he lands the ultimate spinning assault. He’ll additionally sometimes forged Materia spells, so be sure to’re being attentive to his casting animation to evade them in time. Stick to protection with the Punisher Mode’s counter-attacks, which is a good way to bypass Roche’s velocity and maintain the injury output excessive. Generally, you need to stand your floor towards Roche such as you’re having a swordfight: block and counter his assaults to stress and stagger him, then lay into him with combos after he bounces off your guard. He’s additionally weak to Fire, so in case you can hit him with the occasional Fire spell, all the higher.Deal sufficient injury, and you will finally set off the second section of the battle. Roche is much extra aggressive and agile right here, able to simply dodging your strikes and gorgeous you with highly effective sprint assaults, however he is nonetheless weak to getting his assaults blocked. Maintain a defensive posture with Punisher Mode and maintain wailing on Roche with that trusty counter. But as soon as once more, dodge away whenever you see him about to unleash a spell. Also, keep away from utilizing ATB talents till he is staggered. Rinse and repeat till he is down for the rely.Chapter 6Crab WardenThe Crab Warden has a bunch of various targets on its physique, and to place it down for good, you’ll want to cripple every of its legs in flip. It’s weak to Lightning magic, so be sure to have some Lightning Materia geared up forward of time–the extra, the higher, however positively give an orb to Barret, since he can stand again from the battle and help the melee fighters with spells.As quickly because the battle begins, the Crab Warden electrifies the practice tracks, so be sure your celebration is not standing on them. It’ll do that each every so often, so maintain a watch out for Crab Warden readying the assault, and get your self clear. Once the electrical energy dissipates, have Cloud and Tifa focus melee assaults on the Crab Warden’s legs, whereas commanding whoever you’ve got assigned Lightning Materia to bolster their assaults with Lightning spells. Attacking the Crab Warden’s legs from the facet and again from the again may be very helpful since most of its weapons are within the entrance, however watch out of its EMP blast space assault, which can hit you for giant injury in case you’re standing too shut. Repeat this cycle of assaults and protection till you destroy a leg to stagger the crab; use that chance to deal huge injury together with your ATB talents.The Crab Warden will add further assaults because it takes increasingly injury, finally opening two massive missile launchers on its sides. These are robust to dodge, so prepare to protect to mitigate the injury, and maintain pouring out the Lightning within the meantime. The missiles are a major menace, so deal with the launchers to destroy them, whereas additionally forcing the Crab Warden to reveal its pilot generator. At that time, try to be free to put into the uncovered weak level with all the things you have to end the boss off briefly order.Chapter 7AirbusterThe Airbuster is a novel boss battle in that the selections you make in Reactor 5 earlier than preventing it affect how tough the battle will likely be. If you are paying consideration, you could find as many as six Reactor 5 keycards as you progress via the labs forward of the battle with the Airbuster. Each of these keycards can be utilized to take away armaments from the Airbuster you could then retrieve your self. Removing AI Cores cuts down on the Airbuster’s motion velocity and skill to make use of stun assaults; eradicating Big Bomber shells takes away the boss’s capability to make use of massive, massively damaging explosives; and eradicating M models offers you random gadgets you may retrieve forward of the fight–although it would not hamper the Airbuster’s effectiveness. You could make selections about what to take from the Airbuster based mostly in your playstyle, however we discovered eradicating all its Big Bomber shells was fairly useful.If you’ve got received the Elemental Materia, this is a superb time to make use of it–set it with a Lightning Materia for Barret in order that he fires Lightning-infused bullets, permitting him to do extra injury whereas shortly growing the Airbuster’s Stagger meter.In the battle itself, you may begin with Cloud separated from Barret and Tifa, and the Airbuster dealing with him. Take a defensive posture; block together with your guard stance all incoming gunfire and laser beams from the Airbuster, and dodge the EM Mines it kicks out periodically. Close the hole and carry out melee assaults in case you can handle them, however observe that the Airbuster will use a blast of static electrical energy to knock you again in case you linger too shut. Fire off magic spells as a substitute whenever you’re not defending–the Airbuster is weak to Lightning–just just like the Crab Warden–so go nuts with it. Hit the Airbuster with sufficient Lightning, and it will be surprised for a couple of seconds, permitting you to get in shut and hit it with ATB talents.If Cloud is taking an excessive amount of injury, Barret’s Lifesaver capability from his Light Machine Gun will help, permitting him to tank injury from the opposite characters. Use it to unfold across the harm.After a time, the Airbuster will flip and face Barret and Tifa. As Cloud, you now have an opportunity to get shut for some injury, however be careful for the Airbuster’s jets, which can fireplace periodically and knock you to the bottom.When the Airbuster’s second section hits, you may want to fret about its huge Tankbuster laser. It’ll shoot it down the middle catwalk, making it fairly straightforward to dodge, however be sure to keep away from it, or your characters will take a ton of harm. From right here on out, the Airbuster will periodically fireplace the laser; when it does, drop all the things and get clear.You can now shut the cap on the Airbuster and hit it at shut vary whereas persevering with to smash it with as a lot Lightning as potential. After a short while, the Airbuster’s arms will cut up off, firing arcs of electrical energy between them. When that occurs, focus your fireplace on one among them to stagger and destroy it shortly, utilizing Barret’s ranged talents and magic. The arms will transfer to the opposite catwalk and attempt to punch you earlier than lengthy, so attempt to keep away from them.You must also get the chance to make use of a summon throughout this section of the battle, which can assist take the stress off preventing the arms. After you hit them exhausting sufficient, the Airbuster will pull the arms again to its important physique. Keep hitting it as exhausting as you may with Lightning to stagger the Airbuster, after which lay into it for some appreciable injury.When the Airbuster will get all the way down to about half-health, it’s going to hover off the facet of the catwalk, past the vary of your melee group’s assaults. Switch to Barret and open up along with his weapons, whereas persevering with to help him with as many Lightning spells as you may handle. When Airbuster floats again to the catwalk, ship the melee fighters in to wail on it as a lot as they will.Watch out for when the Airbuster rises to both crush you with a giant punch from one among its fists, lay into you with its machine weapons, or fireplace flamethrowers from its palms. When you see it making ready any of these assaults, dodge clear. It’ll additionally fireplace its Tankbuster laser whereas rotating, protecting extra floor, so whenever you see it readying that assault, run for it.As the Airbuster’s well being drops, simply maintain pounding away with Lightning spells to stress it. Getting it near loss of life will set off some important, last-ditch assaults, just like the Big Bomber, which can shoot an enormous grenade at one among your teammates. But at this level, you must have the ability to overpower the Tankbuster and end it off by unloading injury on it relentlessly.Chapter 8RenoAs quickly because the battle begins, handle the Security Officers; the Iron Blade’s Triple Slash capability ought to turn out to be useful right here. Once they’re handled, focus your consideration on Reno. You need to preserve a gradual steadiness between velocity and measured protection. Similar to Roche, it is a swordfight of kinds, and you will want to dam Reno’s assaults to open him as much as assault. He likes to zip at you with a splash to get behind you, then assault you from the again, so you may need to be able to Guard when he closes the hole. Reno may be simply harm with some well-timed Punisher Mode counter assaults, however any block of his electro baton will help you strike again. You need to remember to block him, as a result of the baton will not simply harm you, it’s going to stun you, too. If you’ve got received sufficient ATB stocked, observe up your Punish Mode assaults with a Focus Thrust.Eventually, Reno will begin to throw EM Mines at you, which can float round, arcing electrical energy between them to stun you and open you as much as assault. Run away from the mines and both nail them with magic spells or minimize in shut and slice them out of the air, however make sure you do not assault them after they’re charged with electrical energy otherwise you’ll get zapped. The EM Mines are significantly harmful towards the top of the battle, when Reno will come after you for close-range assaults when you’re coping with the mines, so maintain your distance and even up the percentages as shortly as you may. Keep the stress on, and you will finally come out of this encounter victorious.Optional: Shiva (Recommended During Chapter 8)If you be in contact with Shinra intern Chadley, he ought to offer you a brand new Battle Intel state of affairs that pits you towards summon creature Shiva with the intention to earn a brand new Materia. You’ll have whoever’s in your celebration whenever you tackle this battle, so in case you attempt it with simply Cloud, it’s going to be harder than in case you deal with it with Aerith in your squad. We suggest that you simply carry Aerith alongside, although.Shiva is an Ice summon, and thus weak to Fire. Give Aerith your greatest Fire Materia, and be sure to have the Ifrit summon geared up, then head into the battle. Cloud can just about handle himself, so that you’re higher off controlling Aerith to run up her ATB bars as shortly as potential; the extra Fire or Fira spells you may forged on Shiva, the sooner you may handle to stagger her. Make use of Aerith’s Arcane Ward capability, which routinely makes you forged two spells for each ATB bar you spend, to maximise your injury. A superb Fire spell will knock Shiva to the bottom, providing Cloud an opportunity to put down some melee assaults. Make certain you are not too shut when she will get again up, although, as a result of she’ll use the Icicle Impact space assault spell round her when she’s again on her toes.You’ll need to maintain laying down spells on Shiva whereas working to maintain Aerith alive. You’ll should be on high of dodging her away from incoming hazard, which incorporates Blizzara spells that Shiva will shoot your manner. Shiva may also summon a bunch of ice crystals to shoot at you in a gaggle. Dodging that assault is a shedding battle, so guard towards it and energy via.Once you do sufficient injury, Shiva will get extra aggressive, with spells that come sooner and new Frost Familiars that shield her and improve the variety of spells she casts. Keep firing away with spells to knock out the minions, however watch out for the White Out assault, which can ship ice crystals via the bottom at you. If they hit you, you may go to sleep, opening you as much as an enormous however sluggish magic assault from Shiva known as Heavenly Strike. You’ll see an enormous ice crystal kind above the sleeping character; shortly change to your different character and use Smelling Salts to get up the sleeper, then dodge away to keep away from the massive crystal.As quickly as you may get Ifrit within the battle, summon him and begin utilizing his talents to do important injury and maintain Shiva off-balance. The Fire assaults ought to find yourself staggering her shortly, permitting you to do a bunch extra injury. At about one-quarter well being, Shiva will do her massive summon assault, damaging your whole celebration. Makes certain you are healed up earlier than that occurs, or she will take you out in a single blow. After that, maintain hitting her with Fire spells till she’s completed.RudeAfter preventing Reno, it is anticipated that you simply’d take care of his buddy Rude in the end. Make certain you’ve Wind materia geared up, significantly on Aerith, as a result of it is going that can assist you an amazing deal.Rude is principally the alternative of Reno, in that his assaults are massive, highly effective, and difficult to block–instead, you need to be prepared with a dodge to keep away from taking the brunt of it. Focus additionally on attempting to dodge sideways quite than backward, as Rude will journey ahead with numerous his assaults to maintain hitting you even in case you again off. Keep away from his Haymaker assault, which does an entire lot of harm, and do what you may when he comes at you with the Running Tackle, which can depart Cloud certain and uncovered to the suplex that follows. Deadly Dodge is a superb solution to open up on him after staying again for a second.Aerith will likely be fully ignored by Rude, supplying you with an opportunity to make use of her to dump spells on the boss. Wind magic will massively push up Rude’s stress meter, permitting you to stagger him simply. So attempt to maintain Cloud protected within the melee battle whereas specializing in Wind magic to do the actual injury. Her Pray capability must also assist maintain the celebration in the fitting form. Make certain you are switching again to her everytime you suppose Cloud is about to be in a tricky place.After you get Rude’s well being down some, you may set off a second section, the place he begins utilizing assaults known as Shockwave and Spirit Geyser. Shockwave travels via the bottom and can observe you some, whereas Spirit Geyser will trigger explosions beneath you–in each circumstances, maintain shifting to keep away from the injury. Keep firing away with Wind spells and you will make fairly fast work of Rude.Chapter 9Hell HouseIf you are a fan of the unique Final Fantasy VII, might you’ve imagined Square would carry again the Hell House in 2020? Once once more, you may be tackling this battle with simply Cloud and Aerith. Hell House is sort of a difficult battle, in that you need to use quite a lot of spells to win, because the boss regularly switches between totally different elemental weaknesses. Ensure each Cloud and Aerith are geared up with essentially the most highly effective variations of all 4 elemental Materia spells–Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, and Wind–that you’ve got received on-hand. As the battle progresses, be careful for Hell House’s home windows to know which spells to forged to do essentially the most injury. For instance, if the home windows are on fireplace, forged Blizzard; in the event that they’re inexperienced, forged Wind. When you see an elemental change with the home, be sure to change to the character with the fitting spell to go well with the weak point in order that their ATB meters are charging as quick as potential.Sooner or later, the Hell House will begin to hurl furnishings at you. Try to get as distant as potential to keep away from hurt; your different AI-controlled celebration member ought to principally have the ability to deal with themselves, however be able to heal them with therapeutic magic or a potion if they don’t seem to be so fortunate. It’s additionally value noting that you simply’re more likely to run brief on MP at this level within the battle, so remember to use Ethers. If you begin to run low on Ethers, a gate will open towards the top of the battle to disclose Shira crates you may break to refill your MP with mako shards.Hell House will check your mettle and is more likely to run each Cloud and Aerith via the dust. They’ll typically be on the finish of their rope, so regulate when you may forged Aerith’s Healing Wind Limit Break to offer the celebration a second wind.Optional Boss: Fat ChocoboPreventing Fat Chocobo is an entire lot simpler than Shiva, however you continue to have to maintain your wits about you. The summon creature would not have any main weaknesses, so you may simply need to hit it together with your hardest assaults and spells. The greatest solution to stress Fat Chocobo is with ATB talents, like Cloud’s Braver and Focused Thrust. Go with those you want greatest and deal the most important injury, whereas having Aerith sustain quite a lot of spells, and maintain hammering at Fat Chocobo in an try to stagger him.Fat Chocobo his again with bodily assaults, so when you’ve got Barrier Materia, use it to guard your squad. His Wark assault has him throwing random rubbish at you, which you’ll simply keep away from. When you get in shut, be careful for Boom, through which he pops up into the air and drops again down for a giant area-of-effect strike. After a bit, he’ll begin rolling round with Roly Poly, which you’ll dodge away from in case you’re fast.Meanwhile, the Moogle that floats round Fat Chocobo will sometimes summon spectral enemies to return after you–specifically, Bombs and Tonberries. Knock these out shortly in case you can with Triple Strike, or let Aerith deal with them together with her magic when you sustain your assault on Fat Chocobo. You’ll sometimes need to change to Aerith to hurry her ATB achieve for therapeutic spells, particularly if Cloud will get walloped with a couple of of Fat Chocobo’s massive assaults.When you get an opportunity, summon Ifrit or Shiva into the battle to additional stress Fat Chocobo–the additional into the battle you get, the extra minion enemies will get spawned in to overwhelm you. They should not trouble you an excessive amount of, although, however in case you’re discovering your self taking numerous injury, peel off and take a second to take care of them earlier than returning your focus to the boss.Chapter 10GhoulStart by blocking the furnishings the Ghoul throws at you in the course of the opening moments of the battle. He’s significantly weak towards Fire, Blizzard, and Lighting spells, so emphasize having your celebration forged these after dodging the multitude of furnishings. The Ghoul additionally has some status-affecting assaults that may put you in Silence, the place you may’t forged magic, and a stun assault to maintain you caught in place and weak for 10 seconds. If any of your celebration members are by Silence, throw out some Echo Mist to clear them up.Later in the course of the battle, the Ghoul will choose up a celebration member and maintain them up within the air. However, this Ghoul is a lie! When this occurs, take away your lock-on and look to the opposite facet of the room to assault the actual Ghoul. Wail on him sufficient, and he’ll be pressured to free your celebration member. The Ghoul is not too robust, so preserve spell stress to place him again within the grave the place he belongs.EligorWow, these boss fights are beginning to get wild. It simply goes to indicate how weird the enemies from the unique Final Fantasy VII have been, so to see them represented in-world right here is an excellent deal with. Eligor is a ghostly chariot who is especially weak towards Ice. Both Blizzard and the Shiva summon materia are nearly all you should utilize to take care of this ghastly creature, since your bodily assaults will not do a lot injury. Keep a protected vary from Eligor’s Piercing Gaze laser assault, and be cautious of his charging assaults, which he’ll use to attempt to shut the gap. If he will get too shut, pummel him with Cloud’s Deadly Dodge and Punisher Mode assaults. You can even unleash Tifa’s Unbridled Strength when you’re at it.After some time, Eligor will fly within the air and out or vary from bodily assaults. Aerith’s common assaults will help preserve injury when this occurs, however you may most likely need to use Pray and Healing Wind to high off your celebration’s HP. Once Eligor comes again down, he’ll begin throwing javelins at you, so dodge away and conceal behind the cargo container within the room till it is destroyed.The last section of the battle highlights Eligor’s last weak point: his chariot’s wheels. Go to city on them, and you must finally stagger Eligor. This celebration ain’t afraid of no ghosts!Chapter 11Reno + RudeThe two Turks are cooperating to take you down for good this time, however you are not going to allow them to, proper? With Reno and Rude working collectively, you may should be in your toes as a result of they have some new assaults up their sleeves.Reno strikes across the area extra shortly this time, so do not rely on slower hitting assaults like Braver or Divekick to hit him. Try to get a really feel for how briskly he strikes, as one among his new assaults leaves behind a path of lightning that may be painful in case you foolishly run into it. Reno additionally has plenty of combos, so remember to maintain your celebration’s well being at the very least three-quarters full, so you are not caught off guard by a sudden assault chain.While you are busy preventing Reno, Rude will likely be supporting his buddy from above whereas piloting a helicopter. He periodically dives in for a bombing run, however in case you keep out of the center of the sector, try to be high-quality. After some time, Reno makes use of an assault known as Pyramid, which freezes a celebration member in place. If it lands, have one other celebration member assault the Pyramid to free them earlier than Rude can assault them from his helicopter. Once you injury Reno sufficient, Rude’s helicopter will crash, and he’ll be part of the battle on the bottom.As with most group battles in Final Fantasy VII Remake, attempt to deal with taking out one enemy at a time. Our recommendation is to go for Rude first, as he is manner simpler to take down as soon as he is on the bottom. Reno’s assaults are faster and might minimize your spellcasting and skill wind-ups brief. So in case you take out Rude, Reno will not have the ability to block all three of you, which makes the battle towards him a cakewalk.Other Chapter Bosses Coming Soon!As acknowledged within the intro, we’re nonetheless working our manner via Final Fantasy VII Remake. We’ll be updating this information with much more boss methods within the coming days, so remember to bookmark it and test again regularly. Thank you for studying thus far, and tell us when you’ve got helpful boss techniques you’d suggest, too!

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