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    Many of one of the best JRPGs are outlined by their boss battles, and Final Fantasy VII Remake isn’t any completely different. Across its 18 chapters, you’ll face off in opposition to 22 powerful foes. Fret not, although; our Final Fantasy VII Remake boss information will clarify one of the best strategies for dispatching every boss with ease.
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    Chapter 1
    Scorpion Sentinel
    Final Fantasy VII Remake begins off with one of many more durable boss battles within the sport, or not less than, one of many longer ones. Like the Cutter you face earlier within the chapter, Scorpion Sentinel is weak to Lightning magic, so use the strongest out there magic at vary to fill the Stagger gauge. We advocate utilizing Barrett for almost all of this struggle, as Scorpion Sentinel can nullify most of Cloud’s assaults.
    After you’ve shaved off a couple of quarter of its well being, Scorpion Sentinel will bounce on the wall and assault from a distance. Use Barrett to chip in injury, ensuring to activate Overdrive when doable. At half well being, it’ll bounce again, bringing some particles together with it. Hide behind the particles as Scorpion Sentinel is charging its Tail Laser assault. A success from it may possibly carry you near loss of life from full well being.
    Once the assault has popped off, shut in with Cloud, utilizing Focused Thrust to construct Stagger. While doing so, maintain utilizing Barrett for Lightning and Focused Shot each time doable. Your purpose right here is to Stagger it, as Scorpion Sentinel will develop into extra aggressive as soon as it reaches 1 / 4 of its well being. Once low sufficient, it’ll begin repairing, permitting you to launch an assault on the left and proper legs. Do so rapidly, and Scorpion Sentinel will topple over.
    Chapter 4
    You’ll encounter Roche twice throughout chapter 4, as soon as at first and one other time on the finish. The first struggle takes place throughout the motorbike mini-game and is pretty easy. Dodge and block Roche’s assaults when he’s at a distance, and assault when he’s shut. Also maintain your particular capacity in thoughts.
    The second assault is far more tough. At the start of the battle, Roche will restore your HP and MP with an Elixir, so that you’re all topped off getting in. This is a reasonably easy boss battle, however it may possibly really feel powerful for those who don’t know what you’re doing. Switch to Punisher Mode and guard, ready for Roche to assault. Once he does, you’ll unleash a counter-attack and deal large injury.
    Once he’s Pressured, use Fire magic and Focused Thrust to construct the Stagger meter. Roche is weak to Fire, so that is most popular to Focused Thrust. Don’t go overboard, although. Roche is an aggressive opponent, and also you’ll die rapidly for those who don’t maintain your guard up. Continue blocking and chipping in Fire injury when doable, and Roche will go down.
    Chapter 6
    Crab Warden
    Crab Warden, like the opposite mechanical bosses you’ll face within the sport, is weak to Lightning magic, so put together for the battle with the strongest stuff you may have. You’ll have Cloud, Tifa, and Barrett in your occasion. It’s greatest to strain with Cloud and Tifa, leaving Barrett on therapeutic and long-range assault duties.
    Start the battle by taking out the 4 legs. Doing so will construct Crab Warden’s Stagger meter, and after eradicating a couple of legs, it’ll enter full Stagger. In this state, Crab Warden’s Generator will probably be uncovered, which is its weak spot. Focus your assault there, utilizing Lighting magic and assaults like Triple Slash when the ATB gauge is full.
    Like Scorpion Sentinel, Crab Warden will launch a devastating assault as soon as its well being is low. Thankfully, some cleverly positioned crates can defend you from the assault. Again, goal the legs, being certain to seek out cowl each time it gears up for a missile assault. Once they’re handled, Crab Warden will spawn a couple of Slug-Ray enemies, which, once more, are weak to Lightning. Deal with them first earlier than ending off Crab Warden.
    This is the primary likelihood within the sport to summon Ifrit, so if you may get the possibility, be sure to do it. However, save Ifrit’s skills for when Crab Warden is Staggered.
    Chapter 7
    Another robotic means extra Lightning magic. At this level, it is best to have Thundara unlocked, so be sure to’re utilizing that as a substitute of normal Thunder, as Airbuster is likely one of the more durable enemies within the sport. You could make this battle a lot simpler all through chapter 7, although. You’ll choose up keycards all through the chapter that permit you to weaken Airbuster in 3 ways: M-Units, A.I. Cores, and Big Bomber Shells. Select the latter two each time doable; M-Units merely supply merchandise drops earlier than the battle.
    It’s greatest coping with Airbuster at a distance, so equip Barret’s weapon with the Elemental Materia linked with Lightning for slightly further oomph to your customary assault. At the start of the battle, Airbuster will block Cloud, Tifa, and Barret in order that they’re aside from one another. Keep switching characters throughout this part to assault Airbuster’s again, utilizing your strongest Lightning magic and ATB skills after they’re out there.
    Eventually, Airbuster will head down the gangway and start charging a Tankbuster assault. Quickly run to both facet of the T-shaped platform to cover from the laser. A single hit is sufficient to kill you. After that assault, Airbuster will launch its arms out, which is able to assault you with electrical energy. Deal with them utilizing Barret, being attentive to when Airbuster fees Tankbuster.
    Once low on well being, Airbuster will begin launching Big Bomber assaults, which may wipe your total occasion. Thankfully, for those who removed as many shells as doable earlier within the chapter, it’ll solely be capable of launch this assault as soon as. Dodge this assault, heal if vital, and shut the hole to complete off Airbuster.
    Chapter 8
    Reno is one other duel just like the one with Roche in chapter 4. However, Reno doesn’t have any explicit weaknesses, and magic does little or no to construct his Stagger gauge. The identical guidelines apply as in chapter 4: Use Punisher Mode, guard each time doable, and deal bodily injury to construct Reno’s Stagger.
    The starting of the struggle is easy, however Reno will finally throw out EM Mines that stun you. Take them out instantly, as it may possibly make squaring off with Reno more durable. You might wish to equip Elemental-Lightning in your armor, too, to cut back the injury. Don’t put it in your weapon, although; Reno has nice resistance to Lightning magic.
    Be affected person, dodge and counter when doable, and Reno ought to go down with out an excessive amount of hassle.
    Reno’s companion, Rude, pulls many of the identical punches, simply with out a stun baton to cope with. Despite being human, Rude truly has a minor resistance to Fire, although he’s weak to Wind. Unlike Reno, you’ll have Aerith in your occasion for Rude, which makes this struggle fairly easy.
    Let Cloud deal with the up-close battle, when you, as Aerith, deal injury from a distance. Use the strongest Wind magic you may have when doable, and heal if wanted. After dealing some injury, you’ll get a cutscene, after which Rude will get much more tough.
    He’ll pound the bottom and unleash a shockwave that’ll stun you, so dodge backward to keep away from it. Late within the battle, he’ll crouch and begin glowing. Don’t assault him right here, as he’ll block the injury and counter you. Instead, look forward to the glow to go away and proceed attacking, utilizing ATB skills and Wind magic as they develop into out there. As lengthy as you heal correctly, Rude will go down with out a lot of a problem.
    Chapter 9
    Hell House
    Hell House is likely one of the most iconic bosses in Final Fantasy VII, and it’s one of many hardest in Remake. The secret is realizing what sort of magic to hit Hell House with because it cycles by resistances. You solely have Cloud and Aerith for this struggle, and Cloud’s bodily assaults gained’t do a lot. Across your two characters, make sure that to have Fire, Ice, Wind, Thunder, and Poison magic geared up.
    In the start, Hell House will cycle by completely different window colours, these being pink, white, blue, and inexperienced. During this time, Hell House will soak up all magic of the corresponding coloration, pink for Fire, white for Ice, blue for Lightning, and inexperienced for Wind. However, additionally throughout this time, Hell House will probably be weak to the other magic. For instance, if the home windows gentle up pink, you’ll wish to hit Hell House along with your strongest Ice magic. Likewise, Wind and Lightning are opposed.
    Because Hell House will always cycle by resistances, the one summon it is best to carry into battle is Chocobo and Moogle. If all you may have is Ifrit and Shiva, don’t summon them. There’s too excessive of an opportunity that they find yourself therapeutic Hell House relatively than hurting it.
    Between these cycles, Hell House will rain down chairs and launch stuffed bears, the latter of which is able to explode for those who get too shut. During the Chair Salvo onslaught, make sure that to protect, not dodge. It’s exhausting getting a grip on the place the chairs are going to land, so it’s higher to protect, as a single hit can deal large injury.
    With a sliver of well being gone, Hell House will expose its head and arms, opening it as much as bodily assaults. Be cautious, although, because it’ll additionally achieve the Hospitality capacity, which sucks a personality by the door, taking off a big chunk of well being.
    At round half well being, Hell House will begin utilizing a capability referred to as God House Mode, utterly shielding it from bodily assaults. Chip in with Aeirth and look forward to God House Mode to run its course. Hell House is susceptible after it makes use of this capacity, and its Stagger gauge builds a lot sooner. Attack and Stagger, utilizing your strongest ATB skills as soon as Hell House is open.
    If that wasn’t sufficient, there’s a 3rd part that mixes all earlier phases. The home windows will shine completely different colours, God House Mode will come into play, and Chair Salvo will probably be changed with Heavensword, including rockets to the flying chairs. Use the identical strategies described above, setting Cloud because the healer and utilizing Aerith’s ranged assaults and magic to deal injury. After about 20 minutes of preventing, it is best to be capable of take down Hell House.
    Chapter 10
    Abzu is a stroll within the park in comparison with Hell House. You now have Tifa in your occasion, and Abzu is weak to bodily assaults, so it is best to be capable of Stagger it rapidly. It’s weak to Fire, however magic assaults do little or no towards constructing Stagger. Rather, equip Cloud’s sword with Elemental-Fire to deal further injury in your bodily assaults. You also needs to carry Ifrit as your summon.
    As for the struggle itself, it’s fairly easy. Keep Cloud in Punisher Mode, countering Abzu’s swipes after they come. Focus on the horn first, as taking it out will push Abzu right into a Pressured standing. Follow that up with Focused Thrust and Focused Strike, and it is best to push Abzu into Stagger rapidly.
    There are three assaults you have to be conscious of: Backwash Spout, Backwater Blast, and Pounce. The first two are very simple to keep away from, simply take note of them after they come up. Get as distant as doable and dodge when Pounce is coming, although. If Abzu will get on prime of you, you’ll develop into Bound.
    About midway by the struggle, Abzu will forged Enrage, making him much more aggressive and upping the injury of his assaults. Stay constant, countering assaults and dealing Fire magic, and Abzu ought to go down.
    Chapter 11
    Ghoul is straightforward so long as you recognize what you’re doing. It’s weak to Fire, so be sure to have your strongest Materia geared up. Also, equip Aerith along with her Mythril Rod, and use Ray of Judgement to construct Stagger. The key to this battle is being attentive to what kind Ghoul is in. In bodily kind, it’s weak to bodily assaults. However, it’ll change periodically to a ghostly kind, the place you’ll be able to solely hit it with magic.
    Keep switching your techniques and guarding each time Ghoul picks up objects from across the room to throw them at you. It shouldn’t take too lengthy for Ghoul to enter Stagger. Once it does, it’ll be in bodily kind, so use your strongest ATB skills to knock off a bit of well being.
    After, Ghoul will begin grabbing occasion members, leaving them in a Bound standing. You don’t wish to assault the Ghoul holding your occasion member, although. Instead, the true Ghoul will probably be on the other facet of the room. Attack this one to launch your Bound occasion member. Other than that, although, Ghoul pulls only a few punches, and doesn’t deal a lot injury so long as you’re guarding and dodging.
    Like chapter 8, chapter 11 begins with a straightforward boss battle and ends with a tough one. Equip your occasion with Ice and Wind magic. Eligor is weak to Ice however to not Wind. Despite that, when Eligor flies into the air, you’ll be able to rapidly fill its Stagger gauge by hitting it with Wind magic. You might wish to equip Steal on one in all your characters, too. Eligor holds the Bladed Staff for Aerith, and that is the one level you may get it within the sport.
    The powerful factor about Eligor is that it’s proof against bodily assaults (assaults on its wheel will bounce off). Eligor will commute between AoE assaults on the bottom to flying across the area. Use the time on the bottom to assault from the again — avoiding the AoE assaults — and constructing ATB. Once it flies, unleash Wind, Poison, and Lightning magic to construct Stagger and produce Eligor to the bottom.
    If you don’t Stagger it fast, Eligor will begin utilizing Javelin Bolts, which rains spears on the world. Hide behind some close by delivery containers to keep away from this assault.
    Late within the battle, you’ll be capable of begin attacking the wheels. Focus your entire energy there, as taking out the wheels will rapidly push Eligor into Stagger and permit you to end it off for good.
    Chapter 12
    Reno and Rude
    You’ve fought Reno and Rude individually; now it’s time to struggle them collectively. The battle begins with Reno, and it’s the identical as earlier than: Elemental-Lightning on armor, counter-attacking, and robust ATB skills. Meanwhile, Rude will bomb the world in a helicopter. You shouldn’t fear an excessive amount of about these assaults, although. Stick to the sides of the platform, and also you’ll keep away from the bomb rush completely.
    After Staggered for the primary time, you’ll be capable of shoot the helicopter with Barret. The helicopter will finally come down, and Rude will be part of the struggle, simply at half well being. Focus on him first, as his well being is decrease. Remember that Rude is weak to Wind, and he’ll go down rapidly. Focus once more on Reno, who shouldn’t pose a lot of a menace.
    Chapter 13
    Failed Experiment
    Failed Experiment is straightforward so long as you may have Elemental-Ice on Tifa and Barret. It’s very weak to Ice, and bodily assaults do little injury. Other magic has no impact on Stagger, although, so spend your ATB fees on Ice throughout the struggle. To start, cope with the Unknown Entities, which is able to finally carry out Failed Experiment. It’ll spawn extra all through the struggle, however these pose little menace, so maintain your concentrate on Failed Experiment.
    This is a comparatively easy battle. Focus on the Appendages and take them out. Once you do, Failed Experiment’s coronary heart will present, permitting you to hurry in and push it into Stagger. Keep repeating the method, utilizing your Summon and Limit Breaks as they develop into out there. Later within the struggle, it’ll begin utilizing Plasma Discharge, spraying balls of power across the battle area.
    Getting hit with one can take you out from full well being. Dodging isn’t doable and guarding doesn’t do a lot. Instead, cover behind the close by delivery containers. Keep repeating the method above, and also you’ll be in your means.
    Chapter 14
    Abzu (once more)
    You’ve had Abzu, now you get to have Abzu with Shoats. Abzu isn’t any stronger and its assaults don’t deal any extra injury, so use the technique above to take it down. The solely factor to remember throughout this struggle are the Shoats. Take them out first, which ought to be easy. The area the place this battle takes place is big, so you’ll be able to run away to cope with Shoats with out worrying an excessive amount of about Abzu.
    Chapter 15
    Valkyrie is weak to Lightning and Wind, so have these tied with Elemental Materia on Cloud and Barret. Use Barret at first of the struggle, with Cloud and Tifa on magic obligation. It’ll be distant, so bodily assaults are nugatory. Stagger it as soon as, and shut in with Cloud and Tifa to deal injury.
    Out of Stagger, Valkyrie will launch a drone that flies round and shoots a laser at you. Focus your consideration on it first earlier than shifting again to Valkyrie with Barret. The identical guidelines apply as above. However, Valkyrie may also begin utilizing a Drill Drive transfer, the place it launches into the bottom. Avoid this assault by dodging, and transfer in with Cloud and Tifa to deal injury. It’ll be caught within the floor for a second after utilizing Drill Drive.
    Keep it up, and Valkyrie will go into Stagger once more. Once out, it’ll begin utilizing its strongest assaults. The first is a buzz noticed mode, the place Valkyrie will transfer across the space spinning its arms. Dodge this when it comes your means, and you have to be high quality. The harder tactic is when Valkyrie begins utilizing its defend.
    This defend blocks most injury. Instead of attacking, discover the blue vertical laser within the area and lure Valkyrie towards it. If it will get hit, the defend will go down and the Stagger bar up. One hit and it is best to be capable of finish the struggle. If not, rinse and repeat.
    Chapter 16
    Specimen H0512
    Specimen H0512 is fairly simple. This is a bodily boss battle, however know that H0512 has a slight resistance to Lightning. Start by taking out the claw, which is able to rapidly push H0512 towards Stagger. Keep attacking, and also you’ll finally get him there.
    Throughout the battle, it’ll launch enemies into the world. Focus on them first, then again on H0512. Eventually, the claw will develop again, so once more, take it out to construct the Stagger bar. Keep in thoughts that it’ll get extra aggressive the extra well being it loses, so use Punisher Mode whereas guarding to counterattack. As lengthy as you don’t get too grasping, it is a easy one.
    Chapter 17
    Welcome to hell, in any other case referred to as chapter 17. You have 4 boss battles in a row, they usually’re not simple. That mentioned, this primary one is simple. Your occasion will probably be cut up between Cloud and Barret, and Aerith and Tifa. Swordipede will transfer backwards and forwards between the 2 events, and you’ll, too.
    Swordipede isn’t particular — it has no weaknesses or resistances — however it may be powerful to hit. In the primary occasion, use Barret to assault at vary and solely swap to Cloud when you may have a while to assault the top. The identical goes to your second occasion. Aerith assaults at vary, and Tifa chips in when doable.
    Jenova Dreamweaver
    Jenova Dreamweaver is annoying. She’s proof against magic assaults, and she or he’ll counter bodily ones. You’ll wish to use Aerith all through this battle, as she will assault from vary with out being countered. Stick on Aerith for many of the battle, utilizing Cloud and Tifa for ATB skills as soon as their meters replenish.
    You’ll must dodge behind a pillar everytime you see Black Light charging up. Once the coast is evident, rush in and cope with the left and proper tentacles, which is able to push Dreamweaver into Stagger. Unleash all the things you bought whereas in Stagger. If you weren’t in a position to take them each out earlier than one other cost of Black Light, run again and conceal once more.
    At round half well being, a bunch of tentacles will spawn across the area, which you’ll want to take out first earlier than attacking Jenova. There are about 30 of them, so swap to Cloud and run round chopping them down. Triple Slash works effectively right here, as you’ll be able to take out three in a single go for those who purpose correctly. After they’re gone, return to the technique you have been utilizing earlier than.
    Rufus and Darkstar
    This battle is de facto tough, particularly at first. You’re preventing with Cloud solo, however you may have two opponents: Rufus Shinra and his canine, Darkstar. Darkstar is mainly a extra highly effective guard canine, and it is best to take him out first. He’s not exhausting to defeat on his personal, however with Rufus attacking you, it may be powerful.
    That’s the prerequisite. With him out of the best way, it’s time to face Rufus. He has resistances to only about each standing impact, in addition to magic assaults. This is a bodily battle, however don’t simply go in swinging. Rufus makes use of two assaults, Guns Akimbo and Bright Lights, and between them, Reload.
    Use Braver whereas Rufus is reloading, and also you’ll immediately Stagger him. Don’t assault Rufus except he’s reloading or Staggered, as he’ll counter your assault and hit you. This struggle is all about persistence and timing, so dangle again and use Braver when you may have a gap.
    The Arsenal
    If you thought Rufus was powerful, prepare for The Arsenal. This boss is tremendous powerful, regardless of being weak to all varieties of magic. Start the struggle by taking out the Barrier Drones so you’ll be able to truly injury The Arsenal. Once they’re cleared, assault at vary, utilizing Ray of Judgement and Maximum Fury as soon as they’re totally charged. Also, save Barret’s Limit Break till the top of the battle.
    Keep the pillars across the room in thoughts, too. Hide behind them when The Arsenal makes use of Saturation Fire. Also take note of the ground, as The Arsenal will use Voltaic Discharge, which spawns electrical circles across the room. Between these assaults, it’ll additionally cost Homing Laser. It offers critical injury, however takes about 10 seconds to cost. During this time, assault the cannon. It’s a weak spot, and you may take off important well being in a short while.
    After some time, it’ll enter its second part, the place it’ll begin shifting across the area. The solely new transfer right here is Firewall. The Arsenal will entice you between two partitions of fireplace and start charging its Pulse Cannon, which may kill you immediately. Thankfully, you’ll be able to see Firewall coming fairly simply. Dodge out of the road of fireplace earlier than the partitions come up, and also you’ll be protected.
    Once low on well being, the ultimate part begins. Your occasion will probably be trapped between Firewall with no option to escape. Pulse Cannon will begin charging. Rather than run at The Arsenal, go behind you to cover behind some particles. Pulse Cannon will destroy it, and it’ll begin charging once more. You have lower than a minute to complete off The Arsenal. Use Maximum Fury, Ray of Judgement, and Barret’s Limit Break, and hope for one of the best. If you don’t defeat it in time, Pulse Cannon will definitely wipe your occasion and also you’ll have to start out throughout.
    Chapter 18
    Motor Ball
    Chapter 18 is simpler than chapter 17. Now, you solely have three bosses in a row as a substitute of 4. The first is Motor Ball, which is the best of the bunch. This takes place throughout the motorbike mini-game, so there’s nothing particular about this battle on the subject of loadout.
    Motor Ball has three wheels on either side, and your job is to take out all six to Stagger it. After taking out one facet, decelerate and rapidly transfer to the opposite. Motor Ball will elevate the broken facet and slam it on the bottom. Otherwise, simply take note of each time Motor Ball is charging assaults and block or keep away from them. Once Staggered, shut in and deal injury. You ought to solely must repeat this course of a couple of instances.
    Whisper Harbinger and its three mates
    You had a straightforward one, now time for a tricky one. Whisper Harbinger is a big enemy, however you by no means assault it immediately. Instead, it has three minions: Whisper Viridi, Whisper Croceo, and Whisper Rubrum. For the primary stage, you’ll must struggle all three of them, taking them out separately. Although it sounds powerful, these types don’t deal a lot injury and largely assault bodily, so Punisher Mode ought to turn out to be useful.
    Then, you’ll must struggle each individually. In this stage, every Whisper will deal extra injury and unleash assaults sooner. Same as earlier than, counter incoming assaults and work to Stagger. Once defeated, the Whisper will keep in a Staggered state. Continue attacking it to deal injury to the Whisper Harbinger.
    Finally, all three Whispers will mix into Whisper Bahamut. At this level, it is best to have entry to Counterstance, so use it to deflect assaults and construct the Stagger bar. Whisper Bahamut is horrifying, but it surely doesn’t pose a lot of a menace. Take it down, and also you’ll must face the Whispers on their very own once more.
    This part is much like while you fought the Whispers individually. Push them into Stagger and proceed attacking to deal injury to the Harbinger. Once they’re handled, Whisper Harbinger may have just a bit little bit of life left, so end it off with magic or Aerith’s assaults.
    This battle is hard just because it’s so lengthy. Make certain you heal correctly and block each time doable. Although it could appear simple at first, you’ll rapidly discover your occasion low on well being with few methods to heal for those who expend all of your MP. Take this one sluggish.
    Sephiroth combines the entire challenges you’ve confronted to date. He makes use of all types of magic, so equip Elemental-Fire and Elemental-Ice to Cloud’s armor if doable. In the start, it’s simply Cloud, and the struggle is generally a duel. Counter assaults after they come, being cautious to not go overboard right into a combo.
    Whenever you see an assault coming, use Counterstance. The solely exception is Scintilla. This is Sephiroth’s model of Counterstance, so don’t assault when he’s utilizing it. Eventually, so long as you’re countering, he’ll develop into Staggered and one other occasion member will be part of you. During this part, he’ll begin casting much more magic, so watch out for those who don’t have a resistance to it.
    At round half well being, Sephiroth will carry out a black wing, and your third occasion member will be part of. He’ll begin utilizing Octosalsh, which is able to deal eight large blows to whomever it targets. Keep Manawall up right here for those who can, and heal instantly after. This transfer can simply wipe your total occasion.
    Continue the identical routine of blocking and chipping in bodily injury when doable. Once very low on well being, Sephiroth will begin counting down from 10. If the countdown reaches 0, a comet will come down and kill your total occasion, full cease. You can stop that from taking place by utilizing your strongest ATB skills, although.
    There are two different assaults on this remaining part, Shadow Flare and Heartless Angel. The latter sends a sword down and creates a big, damage-dealing circle. Run as distant as doable when this assault comes up. For Shadow Flare, keep away from the power balls that kind across the area.
    Again, block and assault when you may have a gap, utilizing your Limit Breaks after they develop into out there. Sephiroth is tough, and the battle takes a very long time. Like the earlier battle, take this one sluggish, wait to your opening, and pay shut consideration to therapeutic.

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