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    Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut took the 2020 recreation we fell in love with and revamped it for the PlayStation 5. If the Last of Us 2 didn’t exist, Ghost of Tsushima would have arguably taken dwelling each award on the 2020 recreation awards, together with Game of the Year. We’ll possible see the identical outcomes with 2021’s nominees. But, with such constructive fan suggestions, the group at Sucker Punch knew they needed to ship on one thing particular. With loads to unpack, let’s discuss all the pieces new on Iki Island in Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut.
    Warning: Minor spoilers forward! We gained’t be gifting away any character-building or story development spoilers on this article. We’ve solely talked about new talents to unlock, enemies you’ll battle, and collectibles you’ll discover on Iki Island.

    Tales of Iki Island
    Again, we gained’t be gifting away any spoilers for the story itself. However, the Iki Island enlargement dives deep into Jin’s previous as we study extra in regards to the relationship between Jin and his father, Kazumasa. The Eagle has sunk her talons into Iki Island by means of a hallucinogenic poison. Once she’s taken management of Iki, she’ll set her sights on Tsushima. If Jin’s already defeated the Khan, he’ll see the Eagle as the subsequent menace to his dwelling. If not, he’ll know he can’t win a battle on two fronts.
    Before gamers go away for Iki Island, Jin makes it clear that the Sakai identify will not be welcome there. He’ll must cowl his insignias if sporting the Sakai Clan armor and should not converse his true identify to residents of Iki. From now on, our protagonist is called Jin from Yarikawa. As the story unfolds, you’ll study why the Sakai clan will not be welcome on Iki Island.
    Other than the principle quest, Iki has loads of facet quests and rumors for gamers to deal with. There are, nevertheless, no lengthy tales resembling Sensei Ishikawa or Lady Masako’s storylines.
    New strategies
    Jin was already the deadliest man on Tsushima. Now with a couple of new strategies at his disposal, he’s about to turn out to be essentially the most deadly man on Iki Island. Funny sufficient, it’s Jin’s horse that’ll be studying these new strikes.
    As far as our Samurai hero is anxious, Jin can study two new exploration strategies to assist him discover new places on Iki island. The Wind of Harmony will information Jin to Animal Sanctuaries round Iki. The Wind of Concentration will present him the way in which to Archery Challenges. We’ll get into each of those new editions afterward.
    Horse talents and upgrades
    Jin’s horse will study Horse Charge shortly after arriving on Iki. If you’ve received a handful of method factors leftover out of your earlier adventures on Tsushima, you may improve Horse Charge to its full potential. You’ll discover Horse Charge upgrades beneath the Ghost Techniques tab. So, what’s Horse Charge?
    While using your horse, press L1 to set off Horse Charge. Jin’s horse will stampede towards a gaggle of enemies and trample any that get in its approach. Horse Charge is a good way to take out these roaming bands of Mongols and construct up Jin’s Ghost Stance alongside the way in which. Hop off, set off Ghost Stance, and clear up any Mongols that aren’t already coated in hoof prints.
    To additional enhance your Horse Charge, you may equip Horse Armor, particularly the Sakai Horse Armor. Unlock this by finishing The Legacy of Kazumasa Sakai, a brand-new mythic story distinctive to Iki Island.
    Finally, Jin can unlock Saddle Bags for his horse, which is able to maintain reserve ammo when Jin maxes out his carry capability. For instance, if Jin is holding the utmost quantity of arrows attainable, any extra arrows he picks up will switch to his horse. If you’ve performed Red Dead Redemption 2, you’ll perceive how this works in a approach. Of course, your saddlebags can solely maintain a lot, however Jin can switch ammo to himself by approaching his horse and urgent Left on the D-Pad. It’s a good way to re-up on ammo earlier than taking down a Mongol stronghold.
    New Mythic Tales
    Mythic Tales are one of many coolest options in Ghost of Tsushima. The Director’s Cut provides two brand-new Mythic Tales to Iki Island: The Legacy of Kazumasa Sakai and The Legend of Black Hand Riku. Of the 2, The Legacy of Kazumasa Sakai is value doing first, as you’ll unlock the Sakai Clan Horse Armor on your mount. However, Black Hand Riku will web gamers a brand new set of armor.
    Sakai Banners
    Scattered round Iki Island are Sakai Banners that work equally to the Sashimono Banners on Tsushima. However, Jin can use the Guiding Wind to take him from banner to banner whereas on Iki Island. Collecting them will unlock new dye on your horse armor. Believe us after we say that these dyes are a number of the coolest cosmetics within the recreation.
    Hot Springs, Bamboo Strikes, and Shinto Shrines
    Upgrade your well being and resolve even additional by discovering new Hot Springs and Bamboo Strikes on Iki Island. Yes, everybody’s favourite golden hen flew to Iki to information gamers to those places. They also can set the Guiding Wind to take them there in the event that they’ve unlocked the suitable exploration strategies.
    There is one new Shinto Shrine on Iki Island situated off the southeast coast, on a small island referred to as Nakajima Island. There, you’ll additionally discover a Sakai Clan Banner, loads of provides, and Mashira’s Bite, an awesome-looking sword equipment. There are not any Inari Shrines on Iki Island, although. Fox dens, apparently, are native to Tsushima.
    Progressive charms
    Progressive is the one approach we are able to describe 4 new charms added to Iki Island. The first time you encounter an Animal Sanctuary, be it monkey, deer, or cat, you’ll unlock a allure particular to that sanctuary. Upon your first Archery Challenge, you’ll unlock the Charm of Concentration. Each subsequent discovery and completion will improve these charms. Let’s go into extra element.
    Archery Challenges
    There are eight Archery Challenges scattered throughout Iki. You can use the Wind of Concentration to search out all of them, however don’t get caught on them. Upon discovering the primary problem, you’ll unlock the Charm of Concentration. This minor allure regularly will increase your focus by one-tenth of a second as you achieve improve factors towards it. Accumulate factors by finishing all three Archery Challenge time milestones. Hitting all seven targets in seven seconds isn’t any simple process with out the correct gear and charms for the job.
    Animal Sanctuaries
    There are three varieties of Animal Sanctuaries on Iki Island: Deer, monkey, and cat. Each sort has three of its personal sanctuaries for gamers to search out and full. However, every sanctuary performs the identical approach. Jin will sit along with his flue and play a tune from his childhood to calm and lure the animal. You’ll bodily transfer your controller up and down, following the tune observe. The solely approach we are able to describe it’s Ghost of Flute Hero with out the buttons.
    Deer Sanctuaries unlock and improve the Charm of Subaru’s Might, a Ranged Charm that locks onto an enemy’s head after aiming your bow for 3.5 seconds. The time decreases as you full Deer Sanctuaries and improve the allure.
    Monkey Sanctuaries unlock and improve the Charm of Mashira’s Protection, a Defense Charm that extends your good parry window for six seconds each time you heal. However, therapeutic now prices two Resolve. Upgrading it is going to enhance the time period.
    Cat Sanctuaries unlock and improve the Charm of Nekoma’s Hunt, a Stealth Charm that lets you throw a Kunai at a goal 15 meters away throughout a Chain Assassination. Upgrading this allure will enhance the space at which a Kunai will be thrown.
    New enemies
    There are a number of new enemies that Jin will encounter on Iki island. While the mechanics you’ve realized so far will allow you to cope with these enemies, it’s the way you implement these mechanics that enhance your probability of survival.
    Shamans are the primary new enemy that Jin will encounter. They are The Eagle’s religious lieutenants and trigger different enemies to assault relentlessly. While beneath a Shaman’s spell, enemies will assault Jin on all fronts as an alternative of 1 or two at a time. They are tougher to stagger and don’t ever let up on the assault. Therefore, Jin ought to prioritize Shamans each time he hears one chanting. Thankfully, killing them will not be that tough.
    Shamans are technically spear-wielding enemies and thus weak to Wind Stance. Approach one and maintain Triangle to launch a Typhoon Kick. Then, roll towards the Shaman and press Square to kill them whereas they’re nonetheless on the bottom. The kill window is fairly massive, so don’t fear in the event that they appear to be they’re about to rise up. If you’re having bother finding the Shaman, enter focus by urgent the trackpad. You’ll hear the Shamans chanting above all the pieces else and be capable of pinpoint their location.
    Multi-weapon enemies are new to Iki Island and can put your stance-switching expertise to the take a look at. You’ll want Wind and Water Stance unlocked to battle these guys, as they’ll swap between swords, shields, and spears. Pay consideration to which weapon they’re utilizing, and swap to the required stance. Thankfully, multi-stance Brutes don’t exist.
    Spear Brutes, although, are how Iki Island has taken the sport’s greatest enemies and made them deadlier. Wielding a double-ended, spear-like Darth Maul, these Brutes pack a severe punch and are close to not possible to completely dodge away from. Switch to Moon Stance, and kick them within the face till you break their guard. Their assault will be interrupted with a well-placed kick, too.
    Replay missions/duels
    Duels in Ghost of Tsushima are the most effective fights within the recreation. Boss battles are each cinematically pleasing and onerous sufficient to make you need to pull your hair out. In Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut, you may replay all of the duels you’ve beforehand overwhelmed. When you go to replay a duel, you’re informed that it affords a “uniquely challenging experience.” So what does that imply?
    Well, it simply makes the duel tougher than it was initially. Your opponent offers extra injury, they usually take extra injury.
    Other than duels, you may replay Mongol strongholds. Again, you’re prompted with the identical message and are given a brand new set of bonus challenges than earlier than.
    The Hidden Cove Tournament
    Shortly after finishing the primary few Tales of Iki, you’ll unlock the Hidden Cove Tournament. Here, Jin will face off in opposition to 4 distinctive opponents with Bokken Sticks, Japanese wood swords used for coaching. Each opponent fights with a distinct fight type and can throw completely different strikes at Jin that he’ll must parry or dodge away from. There isn’t any penalty for shedding, however you do must defeat the primary three opponents earlier than going through the fourth and last enemy.
    However, upon beating the fourth opponent, he’ll turn out to be accessible as a vendor generally known as the Crimson Dye Merchant.
    The Crimson Dye Merchant
    Your just lately bested opponent will supply one merchandise freed from cost from his store. He has a singular stock of Sword Kits, Armor Dyes, hats, and masks accessible along with his patented crimson colour. Choose your free reward properly. Everything else will value you these hard-earned flowers.

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