Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA MegaMix Review – One More Time

    The phenomenon round Vocaloid-based music and the anime-inspired mascots that personify these artificial voices is one which brings great pleasure to many. It’s not simply because our beloved blue-haired digital pop idol has been the face for a subsection of Japanese music that we maintain so dear–through the Project DIVA rhythm video games, Miku has represented our manner of personally connecting with lots of of songs composed by quite a few extremely gifted artists. With Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA MegaMix, we have now one more nice assortment of genre-defying tunes and all-new bangers that carry the sequence to Nintendo Switch in acquainted, however terrific type.MegaMix’s rhythm gameplay system follows that of earlier Project DIVA video games; word patterns fly in from off-screen to type a steady string of button prompts that sync to the beat of every tune. When you select to ramp up the problem, the face buttons or directional inputs (or any mixture thereof) and shoulder button prompts start to layer over each other at a speedy tempo and problem you to maintain up. And it is a gratifying thrill if you’ve mastered your favourite songs, as should you’re enjoying some position within the efficiency of the tune itself, particularly at Hard or Extreme issue when the button patterns start to intensify each intricate a part of the instrumentation.”COOL” would not even start to explain the sensation you get from a 340-note combo on Extreme issue.The Switch’s transportable nature makes it handy to fulfill the impulse to crank out just a few songs or get misplaced in hours of music, very similar to the will to jam out for some time on an instrument you play. It’s been fairly a while for the reason that PS Vita entries and the closely modified 3DS variations, so the return to handheld type is a welcome one. Thankfully in MegaMix, you possibly can swap out the Switch’s letter-designated face button prompts to as a substitute present up as both the suitable directional arrows or as PlayStation’s face button symbols (which is totally needed since quickly processing Nintendo’s lettered-button prompts can throw you for a loop). Getting the timing proper to rack up your rating and the best potential combo is nonetheless fulfilling as a long-time fan despite the fact that it very a lot shares the DNA of those I’ve poured hours into on Sony platforms. It’s a tried-and-true basis, but it surely’s no much less joyous right here in MegaMix.Of the 101 songs within the base sport’s library, you will hear sugar-coated pop tunes, hard-hitting punk-infused tracks, frenetic J-rock jams, digital bangers, and some others that merely defy style.MegaMix includes a brand-new playstyle known as Mix Mode, which makes use of the JoyCon movement controls when indifferent. Instead of hitting buttons, it’s essential to align the JoyCon sensor with bars that move downward on the display and hit the corresponding set off on the proper time. It’s a novel diversion from the common Arcade Mode. However, it would not have a lot depth because the word patterns are restricted, and the movement sensors may be too imprecise for the upper issue. Thus, the standard type of play is the place MegaMix shines.The six Vocaloids featured within the Project DIVA video games: Kaito, Meiko, Miku, Rin, Len, and Luka (left to proper).Of the 101 songs within the base sport’s library, you will hear sugar-coated pop tunes, hard-hitting punk-infused tracks, frenetic J-rock jams, digital bangers, and some others that merely defy style. Classics from Miku and her counterparts Luka, Rin, Len, Meiko, and Kaito make up a bulk of the tracklist–favorites like “Senbonzakura” and “Akatsuki Arrival” nonetheless bump. The late artist Wowaka, who will all the time be remembered as an all-time nice musician who used Vocaloid, has 4 of his earlier songs right here, together with the infectious “World’s End Dancehall” and the beloved “Rolling Girl.” What makes MegaMix particular particularly is the inclusion of 10 new tracks that make their debut in a Project DIVA game–and they’re unquestionably top-tier songs.”Catch The Wave” acts as MegaMix’s theme tune, and the playable model is an absolute delight with an cute animated music video displaying Miku and her fellow Vocaloid buddies touring the world. It hits you with uplifting digital melodies and a powerful uptempo beat that’ll increase your temper. Rin and Len are the celebrities in “Roki” which is a cool, fast-paced rock tune with each singers quickly alternating and harmonizing with one another. When they yell at particular factors on this tune, their human-like rasp additionally serves for instance of how far the Vocaloid sound has come, additional blurring the road between artificial and pure. That feeling applies to a different new tune, “Teo,” which options one in every of Miku’s most expressive and emotional vocal tracks. While it blasts you with catchy distorted guitars and heavy synths within the minor key alongside strong percussions, Miku delivers the heartwrenching lyrics infectiously and convincingly.I might simply go on and on explaining why my favourite new songs featured in Project DIVA MegaMix resonate so strongly, but it surely’s all to say that you just’re certain to search out unbelievable music no matter your tastes. These new tracks are a microcosm of what makes Vocaloid-based music a ravishing factor and the Project DIVA rhythm video games well-worth enjoying.I want you to grasp how disappointing it’s to overlook only one word in a tune of 858 notes.Every tune is accompanied by background music movies both composed of gorgeous hand-drawn paintings or animated performances of 3D character fashions. Even as you are frantically making an attempt to maintain tempo with word patterns, music movies ship a spirited layer of allure to the whole expertise. There’s even an possibility to observe them on their own–if you do not perceive Japanese or have not seemed up translated lyrics, you should still get a way of the story behind a tune simply from the music video. They’re like short-form anime episodes peeking into the lifetime of Miku, Luka, or Rin, or what the composers themselves try to speak.The endearing hand-drawn slideshow in “Dreamin’ Chuchu” is without doubt one of the cutest issues in the whole sport, and it is fairly clear in displaying a determined younger love as Luka makes chocolate treats as a present. And Miku’s cute dance routine in “Alien Alien” is as foolish because the animated backdrop and lyrics. While some songs and movies may be lighthearted enjoyable, they’re additionally vital for conveying a few of the heavier messages.Vocaloid has given a voice to the unvoiced, letting unbelievable multi-instrumentalists create songs with precise lyrics even when they themselves haven’t got the flexibility to sing.The sequence of paintings and graphics in “Jigsaw Puzzle” and the darkish, offended portrayal of Rin in “Tokyo Teddy Bear” specific a way of craving and melancholy that is communicated within the songwriting. The quintessential punk-folk hybrid “Senbonzakura” touches on the troubles of reconciling cultural traditions tied to a darkish historical past amid a altering world–it’s mirrored within the lyrics, video, and the instrumentation itself. And a Wowaka traditional in “Two-Faced Lovers” throws movement graphics at you at a breakneck velocity and ever so subtly unravels the risks and problems of romance.Wowaka will all the time be remembered as one of many biggest musicians who used Vocaloid.Now, there is a bit extra to Project DIVA MegaMix than music, rhythm gameplay, and movies. As with earlier entries, you earn factors by finishing songs relying on issue and efficiency. These factors mean you can purchase outfits, or “modules,” letting you customise the hairstyles and clothes of the Vocaloid mascots for the 3D animated movies. A Switch-exclusive characteristic is the choice to design your personal t-shirt utilizing the touchscreen, which you’ll put on in movies. Some modules are missing in tastefulness, however a handful of them higher go well with a selected music video or straight up look cool–it’s good to combine up Miku’s blue hair and blue tie ever so typically and Luka’s signature getup.Given that MegaMix is kind of a port of Project DIVA Future Tone, the general bundle is as anticipated: glorious music, stable rhythm gameplay, and module customization. Past video games like Project DIVA X had a short tour-themed marketing campaign with extra customization, and the 3DS’s Project Mirai DX even included just a few minigames. So, all issues thought-about, it is slightly disappointing to see a scarcity of complementary options in MegaMix.Miku travels the world within the “Catch The Wave” video. Must be good.The solely different shortcoming is that the presentation of word patterns could cause issues in quite a few tracks on Extreme issue. The display will get cluttered, obscuring the sequence and placement of the notes amongst one another, which makes the sample unnecessarily tough to decipher. It’s an issue that lies exterior of my talent to maintain rhythm with more and more advanced patterns. Pouring time into apply mode and rewinding to retry more durable sections of songs will assist, however this can be a flaw in how Extreme word charts are displayed, which is inherent to the sequence.Minor shortcomings apart, Project DIVA MegaMix is a superb illustration of why so many people cherish Vocaloid-based music and, by extension, these rhythm video games starring Hatsune Miku and buddies. Sure, there is likely to be a foolish facet to personifying virtualized characters like pop idols, however the music behind it is rather actual. Vocaloid has given a voice to the unvoiced, letting unbelievable multi-instrumentalists create songs with precise lyrics even when they themselves haven’t got the flexibility to sing. And these of us who haven’t got their degree of expertise can not less than participate in enjoying a few of their finest songs by means of the Project DIVA rhythm sport sequence, which now lives on Switch in glorious type.

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