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    FromSoft did every thing proper with Elden Ring, which incorporates carrying fan-favorite weapons over from earlier Dark Souls video games. So, when you’re questioning if the Claymore is in Elden Ring, you are in luck! With somewhat little bit of exploration, you may discover this well-known greatsword on the southernmost tip of the Lands Between. Whether you are an skilled Souls participant or a newcomer to the sequence, you possibly can at all times depend on the Claymore as an accessible weapon for many builds.

    Those enjoying a extra melee-focused position ought to have the stats to wield it, even early on. In normal, mages, sorcerers, and magic-centered builds can nonetheless use the Claymore with solely minor investments in energy and dexterity. After all, you may run out of FP finally. Here’s the place to seek out the Claymore in Elden Ring, the stats required to wield it, and a few useful ideas and tips for pairing it with different weapons and Ashes of War.

    Where to seek out the Claymore in Elden RingTo discover the Claymore in Elden Ring, you may want to go south, deep into the Weeping Peninsula. From Southern Limgrave, cross the Bridge of Sacrifice and observe the street south till you occur upon a lady standing alone off to the aspect. She’ll let you know of Castle Morne and the rebellion that is since displaced her. The girl’s father stayed behind to defend the fortress, and he or she’ll job you with delivering a letter to him. Side quests like this are a good way to seek out new weapons and discover new areas in Elden Ring.

    While finishing this aspect quest does not reward you with the Claymore, enjoying by way of it’ll grant you a helpful weapon value pairing with the sword. You will, nonetheless, come across the Claymore in Castle Morne, so consider this little quest as a “two birds with one stone” state of affairs. Here’s the place to seek out the Claymore in Elden Ring.

    Step 1: Head south from the Castle Morne Rampart web site of grace. This web site is barely off the overwhelmed path, so bear left when you see the fortress over the horizon. You’ll discover a service provider close by as properly. See the picture beneath for an actual location.

    Step 2: Continue following the street south. You’ll additionally discover a map fragment for the Weeping Peninsula alongside this path. Ride into the fortress and activate the Castle Morne Lift web site of grace.

    Step 3: Ride the raise up and hug the left aspect of the courtyard. The mob of enemies to the suitable is an excessive amount of to cope with, particularly for brand spanking new gamers seeking to discover the Claymore in Elden Ring. Instead, hug the left wall of the courtyard and cope with the canine one after the other. Do not go up the brief flight of stairs. If you’ve gotten a bow in your stock, use that to take them out from a distance.

    However, the best solution to kill canine in Elden Ring is to equip a defend (ideally one which negates 100% of bodily injury) and allow them to bounce off it. The canine stagger backward, leaving them open to a flurry of assaults. The Great Turtle Shell, the Jellyfish Shield, and the Brass Shield are all viable choices. However, any defend will get the job executed.

    Step 4: After coping with the canine, maintain hugging the left wall till you discover a big pumpkin-head-looking enemy. You can both sneak round him or interact him. It’s as much as you. Whatever you select, maintain hugging the left wall and head by way of the slender opening forward. There’ll be a feathery-bird-beast enemy to cope with. However, you possibly can sneak up and backstab them.

    Step 5: Head up the brief staircase and climb the ladder on the finish of the trail. There’s one other bird-beast enemy on the prime of the ladder, so watch out. If you continue to have that defend geared up, simply maintain it up and allow them to bounce off it.

    From the ladder, stroll straight forward, soar onto the tent, after which soar over the wall. Head by way of the door and switch left. There, you may discover a treasure chest containing the Claymore.
    Claymore attribute necessities and pairingsOnce you have discovered the Claymore, you may have to stage up the proper stats to wield it. Thankfully, this may not require too many runes. To use the Claymore in Elden Ring, you may want:

    The Claymore comes with the Lion’s Claw ability (“weapon art” for you Dark Souls 3 followers) with none enchantments. However, you possibly can equip it with a litany of ashes from any web site of grace. You could contemplate the Endure Ashes of War enchantment when you’re enjoying a pure energy construct. This works precisely like Perseverance in Dark Souls 3, briefly boosting your poise to tank by way of incoming assaults. Once you have geared up your required ashes, make it a Heavy Claymore to extend your energy scaling.

    As talked about, the Claymore works with all builds (so long as you have allotted sufficient energy and dexterity). Those with excessive Intelligence can go for magic or chilly enchantments, whereas excessive religion builds can play with Flame Art enchantments.

    Claymore weapon pairingsRemember that aspect quest we talked about earlier? Finding the lady’s father places you ready to unlock a incredible weapon to pair with the Claymore and another broad-swinging weapon.

    Get again as much as the place you jumped over the wall. Instead of heading straight from the ladder, proceed alongside the wall the place that preliminary bird-beast enemy got here from. Deal with a number of extra flying bird-beasts till you come to a different ladder on the left aspect. Climb down to seek out some troopers and bird-beasts combating with one another. We advocate killing them, as it will make the subsequent half somewhat simpler.

    Head up the steps forward and speak with the knight sitting on the prime of the tower. He’s the chief of Castle Morne and the lady’s father whom you have been searching for. However, he’ll say he should keep to retake the fortress.

    Instead of strolling away, assault him. You ought to get a number of hits in earlier than he truly will get up and strikes you again. Keep your distance, and let him miss earlier than swinging. Watch out for his yellow blast assault. You’ll discover him glowing earlier than he launches it. The assault has a large AOE, so roll again a number of instances to keep away from it. Fighting him up on the tower makes it exhausting to dodge this assault. Instead, lure him down the steps and struggle within the extra open space.

    After killing him, you may get the Banished Knight’s Halberd. This weapon already comes upgraded to +8, and you may equip it along with your favourite Ashes of War. We gave ours a poison enchantment, but it surely’s completely as much as you. The better part is the accessible attribute requirement for this halberd. You’ll solely want 14 energy and 12 dexterity to make use of it, attributes you have already got when you’re utilizing the Claymore.

    With the halberd in your left hand and the Claymore in your proper, the duo makes an excellent poke/slash combo that staggers most enemies.

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