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    Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War has lastly launched the subsequent chapter in its zombie mode. Firebase Z takes gamers deep into the Vietnamese jungle looking for Samantha Maxis, an operative trapped within the Dark Aether by Doctor Peck. Your mission is easy — get in, discover Maxis, kill hundreds of zombies, and get out. Firebase Z comes with all of the fixings that make any COD zombie map playable. Most notably is the return of the Tombstone perk, a preferred safety-net perk from previous zombie modes.
    An important a part of any new Zombie map is its Wonder Weapon and the steps concerned find it. Firebase Z introduces the Rai-Ok 84, the most recent in a protracted line of Wonder Weapons. Here’s discover and use the Rai-Ok 84 on Firebase Z.

    Die Machine introduced us the D.I.E Shockwave Wonder Weapon with 4 totally different mods gamers might connect to it. Now, in Firebase Z, we’ve been gifted what some are calling the perfect Wonder Weapon so far. The Rai-Ok 84 is what it feels like — a mix of the Ray Gun and the Ak-47. While yow will discover it within the thriller field, you too can comply with this multi-step course of to acquiring one for your self each time.
    Step 1 — Turn the ability on
    It has been the primary goal in each sport of zombies since Verruckt from Call of Duty: World at War. You will spawn in a small village space the place you’ll in the end come to Pack-a-Punch your weapons. However, you’ll want to go by way of a teleporter to succeed in Firebase Z itself. Purchase the door within the middle of the village. Head up the steps, over the balcony, and thru the teleporter.
    Now you’re in Firebase Z. Three paths lay forward of you. Each results in a unique reactor core and can have you shopping for two separate doorways for each. Finally, you’ll must spend 500 factors to provoke the reactor. Once activated, you’ll must kill zombies close to the reactor to energy it up whereas subsequently defending it from taking harm.
    Players ought to do every of those reactors back-to-back-to-back over three or 4 rounds. For the perfect outcomes, head up the center path first. This is essentially the most difficult reactor to defend, so it’s greatest to do it as early as doable. You’ll even be one step forward within the Wonder Weapon course of.
    Once all three reactors have been activated, you possibly can return to Ravenov and Pack-a-Punch your weapons. Now, the hunt for the Rai-Ok 84 can start.
    Step 2 — The Blueprint
    From the teleporter in Firebase Z, head down the best path till you discover the Weapons Lab within the again proper. This shall be your base of operations for every thing Rai-Ok 84 associated. On the wall in the best nook shall be a big blueprint. Interact with it so as to add it to your stock. There’s additionally an improve model in right here as nicely.
    Step 3 — The eye
    You’ll now be searching for a scientist misplaced someplace in Firebase Z. You’ll want his eye to finish a retinal scan on the pc within the Weapons Lab. From the teleporter, head down the left path and out into the Scorched Defense. Hug the best aspect of this space till you discover a physique propped up in opposition to a tank. You’ll have the ability to work together with it — the corpse of our lacking physician. Needless to say, you’ll be taking his eye by drive. Be cautious although, a bunch of zombies will spawn in on prime of you. Killing them will successfully finish the spherical you’re on (assuming you’ve saved one zombie alive to finish these steps). Return to the Weapons Lab and use the attention on the pc.
    Step 4 — The keys and the Mimics
    A drawer will pop open as soon as the attention is scanned. Inside shall be a set of keys that open the lockers within the Barracks. These lockers will be discovered within the tents on the Barracks’ left and proper sides after heading up the center path. You will wish to maintain one zombie alive on the finish of the spherical, ideally a crawling one, as a number of Mimics will spawn on this step.
    Open one locker at a time till you hear the sound of a spawning Mimic. Kill it and see if it drops the subsequent merchandise you want, the Barrel Assembly. Dr. Strauss will verify if you’ve picked up the piece. However, if the Mimic doesn’t drop it, open one other locker. Continue opening lockers and killing Mimics till you discover the Barrel Assembly.
    Step 5 — the Aetherium Converter
    This is, by far, essentially the most difficult step in the complete Wonder Weapon course of. Back within the Weapons Lab, you’ll have the ability to work together with the pc. A radar-looking wheel will activate, and a ‘blip’ will transfer each clockwise and counter-clockwise across the wheel. You’ll have to maintain monitor of the place to blip stops. It will make three stops in complete; every cease correlates to segments on a dartboard. You will discover the dartboard within the Mess Hall left of the Pack-A-Punch machine.
    The greatest approach to memorize the segments is to have an image of the dartboard cued up in your cellphone or laptop computer. Save the picture above to no matter gadget you’d have useful when taking part in zombies. The very best technique is to observe the blip till it passes over segments numbered 20, 3, 6, and 11. These are your North, South, East, and West factors on the dartboard. You’ll have a neater time determining which phase the blip landed on because it pertains to one in all these 4 factors.
    Once you’ve established which segments the blip landed on, you’ll have to shoot these segments in that order on the Mess Hall dartboard. Once you’ve shot all three, shoot the bull’s eye, and the middle will open. You should use a weapon that may shoot one bullet at a time. Burst hearth weapons will register incorrect hits as they strike the identical sport two or 3 times.
    Step 6 — The Power Cell
    You’re nearing the tip, don’t fear. However, you’ll have to progress till spherical 15 to finish this subsequent step. This is the place you’ll first encounter the Mangler Zombies. These Terminator-like enemies are geared up with a high-powered arm cannon that shoots flaming charged-projectiles at you. They pack a severe punch. These atrocities shall be carrying the Power Cell of their arm-cannons.
    Just as they’re charging up, focus your hearth on the Manger’s arm to stagger it. Then, open hearth and break its armor off. If carried out proper, the Mangler will drop the Power Cell. It could also be hid within the Mangler’s physique, so maintain your eyes peeled.
    Once you’ve discovered it, take it again into the Weapons Lab and place it on a charger on the best aspect of the room. You must let the Power Cell cost for one FULL spherical. You don’t have to kill zombies close to it or work together with it in any means. Just place it on the finish of the spherical you discovered it, survive the subsequent spherical, and choose it up at the start of the third.
    Step 7 — Put all of it collectively
    You’ll have a small window of alternative to seize the Power Cell as soon as it’s carried out charging and assemble the Rai-Ok 84. Interact with the workbench to construct the Wonder Weapon. Now you have got the omnipotent Rai-Ok 84 and are prepared to put waste to each Mimic and Mangler zombie in sight. The Rai-Ok 84, in its base kind, ought to carry you up by way of spherical 20. Afterward, you’ll have to Pack-A-Punch it 3 times to unlock its full potential.
    The Rai-Ok 84 has an under-barrel attachment that shoots a purple plasma-like projectile. Fire this right into a crowd of zombies and open hearth on it. It will kill every thing in sight and closely harm Mimic and Manglers. The greatest technique for the Rai-Ok’s various ammo is to create a sequence of zombies behind you. Then, hearth the projectile at your toes to lure the zombies into it. Don’t fear; this may’t harm you. Turn round and open hearth because the purple orb slows the gang. Shoot the orb to eviscerate close by zombies.
    Not solely is the Rai-Ok 84 important for climbing excessive rounds in Firebase Z, however you’ll additionally want it if you happen to plan on making an attempt Firebase Z’s predominant quest/easter egg to rescue Maxis. As of now, there aren’t any mods or upgrades for the Rai-Ok 84 exterior of Pack-A-Punching it. We’ll see what future updates add to the combo. Perhaps the Rai-Ok will obtain the identical therapy because the D.I.E Shockwave.

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