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    The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening for Nintendo Switch has extra stuff to seek out than the unique Game Boy and Game Boy Color variations. The variety of Heart Pieces has jumped from 12 to 32, whereas the Secret Seashell rely has risen from 26 to 50. If you full the entire dungeons, acquire all 32 Heart Pieces, and work by way of Chamber Dungeons challenges, you’ll be able to wind up with a whopping 20 Heart Containers. And for those who discover the entire Secret Seashells, you’ll earn some fairly candy goodies. Our Link’s Awakening Heart Piece and Secret Seashells information reveals you the entire places to make issues simpler for you.
    Heart Piece places
    As you’ll be able to see on the map above, Link’s Awakening‘s Heart Pieces are scattered throughout Koholint Island.
    That stated, they’re by no means present in dungeons. Well, the Heart Piece within the upper-left-hand nook of the map is discovered on prime of Turtle Rock, the eighth dungeon, which is just accessible by way of an exit within the dungeon.
    Generally, you’ll discover Heart Pieces in caves and in plain view. Usually, you’ll want a selected merchandise such because the Hook Shot, bombs, Roc’s Feather, or Power Bracelet to seize Heart Pieces in caves.
    The places proven above are precisely the place they’re situated on the map. If you go to those spots, it’s best to both see the Heart Piece or a suspicious-looking wall, movable block, or shrubs that may be slashed.
    Since Heart Pieces aren’t present in chests, they actually stick out when you come upon one.
    The mini-game
    On the map, you’ll discover three units of two Heart Pieces proper subsequent to one another. For occasion, Trendy Game in Mabe Village has two Heart Pieces to seize within the crane recreation. The first is there from the start, whereas the second reveals up after depleting the inventory of key gadgets (Secret Seashells, Chamber Stone).
    You also can earn a pair of Heart Pieces from the Fisherman in Mabe Village. You get the primary by catching your first fish. The second Heart Piece is given to you whenever you catch a “big” fish.
    Dampé additionally offers you two Heart Pieces by finishing the primary two units of Chamber Dungeons challenges. Work by way of the third set of challenges and he’ll offer you a full Heart Container.
    You also can earn one Heart Piece by finishing the Rapids Race on the Raft Shop simply east of Tal Tal Heights. A second Heart Piece may be discovered in the course of the trip itself.
    It’s greatest to go for this whereas doing the Rapids Raid variant, so that you don’t have to fret about your time. Use the Hook Shot to latch onto the platform with the Heart Piece.
    While not technically mini-games, you don’t want to seek out two different Heart Pieces. One may be bought within the store in Mabe Village. The different is awarded on the Seashell Mansion whenever you flip in 30 Secret Seashells.
    Secret Seashells places
    Secret Seashells are a tad tougher to seek out than Heart Pieces. For starters, there are extra of them. But an amazing lots of them are below the grass and filth.
    Unearthing Secret Seashells typically means digging with the Deluxe Shovel. You should purchase the Deluxe Shovel on the Mabe Village store for 200 rupees. It’s a vital buy.
    Secret Seashells may also be present in treasure chests, below rocks and bushes, in timber, in mini video games, and in dungeons. Certain characters offers you Secret Seashells after finishing their activity within the buying and selling sequence.
    The mini-game
    Like Heart Pieces, you’ll be able to seize Secret Seashells within the mini-games throughout Koholint Island. Two may be clawed free in Trendy Game’s crane recreation.
    Two may be discovered on platforms within the Rapids Raid/Race mini-game, and one other may be earned by ending the race in below 35 seconds.
    The pair of Secret Seashells gained within the fishing mini recreation are the trickiest. You have to attend for Blooper and Cheep Cheep to indicate up. They each hail from Super Mario and are uncommon finds, so make every sighting rely.
    Dampé can even offer you a seashell after finishing his Fill Up Your Hearts Chamber Dungeon.
    The buying and selling sequence
    We have a information outlining the entire steps within the buying and selling sequence, which finally nets you the Magnifying Lens and provides you the flexibility to get the boomerang. But it’s also possible to get Secret Seashells by working by way of the sequence.
    After delivering Christine’s letter to Mr. Write, return to her home within the Animal Village. She’ll offer you a Secret Seashell.
    Once you’ve gotten the Magnifying Lens, go to the home proper subsequent to Christine’s. You’ll be capable to see a Zora within the pool. Mystified that you just see him, the Zora offers you a Secret Seashell.
    A couple of of the dungeons have Secret Seashells. All of them are situated in chests, so ensure you filter out each chest in every dungeon.
    Sometimes, like within the case of the Tail Cave, your map may be deceiving. Look for the crumbling wall on the left aspect of the biggest room in Tail Cave to seek out the Secret Seashell.
    The Seashell Sensor
    Once you acquire 15 Secret Seashells, head straight to the Seashell Mansion in Ukuku Prairie, simply south of Kanalet Castle. Step on the size to obtain one of the best reward for locating Secret Seashells: The Seashell Sensor.
    This helpful sensor acts like a steel detector, alerting you when a Secret Seashell is close to. It makes the method a complete lot simpler. Even with the places pinpointed on the map above, having the sensor makes issues a lot better.
    When the sensor goes off, a Secret Seashell is de facto, actually shut. If there are not any bushes or rocks round to select up, you doubtless need to dig along with your shovel. A handful of the Secret Seashells are in timber, although. So if digging doesn’t work, sprint into the timber with the Pegasus Boots.
    There are even two Secret Seashells that require you to throw bombs right into a gap, which then spits out your reward. One of them is in Tal Tal Heights close to the important thing slot for Angler’s Tunnel, whereas the opposite is simply left of the Hen House on Tal Tal Mountain Range.
    The trickiest Secret Seashell
    Midway by way of the sport, it’s important to get Marin to sing the Ballad of the Wind Fish to get a walrus to wake exterior of the Yarna Desert. A Secret Seashell may be discovered at that location, too.
    It’s the one one which requires you to play the Ocarina. Play the Ballad of the Wind Fish the place the walrus as soon as slept and he’ll come out of the water to pay attention and flick a Secret Seashell your approach when he goes again below the floor.
    Seashell Mansion rewards
    We already talked about that you just get the Seashell Sensor after accumulating 15 Secret Seashells, however what about the entire rewards? Here are all of the rewards you may get for the Secret Seashells:
    5 Secret Seashells: Secret Seashell
    15 Secret Seashells: Seashell Sensor
    30 Secret Seashells: Heart Piece
    40 Secret Seashells: Koholint Sword (releases a beam of vitality to strike enemies from afar when at full well being)
    50 Secret Seashells: Chamber Stone – Rupees+ Effect (allows you to tweak rooms to command rupees to fall from the ceiling)

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