Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Trophy Guide – Full Achievement List

    If you are taking part in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, both for the primary time or as a returning veteran, you could be fascinated with delving deep and finishing the sport’s trophies or achievements. Whether you are taking part in on PS4, Xbox One, or PC, we have listed beneath all of the trophies/achievements you may earn throughout all three of the Mass Effect video games in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. We additionally be aware those you may earn by taking part in by all three video games collectively.There’s a reasonably enormous variety of feats to perform all through the three video games, however the excellent news is that a number of of them have been tweaked from the Mass Effect video games’ unique releases–making them rather less arduous than they was. Here’s every thing it is advisable to know to 100% every of the unique three Mass Effect video games and to turn out to be the last word Commander Shepard. Worth noting, nonetheless, that this information does include spoilers for the tales of Mass Effect 1, 2, and 3, so learn on at your personal threat.For extra about how the gathering stacks up, you’ll want to learn our Mass Effect: Legendary Edition evaluate in progress. Otherwise, learn on for all our guides!Mass Effect 1 Trophies/AchievementsMass EffectWhen it first launched on the Xbox One, Mass Effect included some really brutal achievements–specifically, those that required you to beat “the majority of the game” with particular squadmates. That meant you wanted to play Mass Effect a number of occasions over to clear every of the achievements. With Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, these squad achievements are considerably simpler to finish, however you may nonetheless should put in fairly a bit of labor to max out your accolades as Commander Shepard.Medal of HonorComplete the sport on any problem.CompletionistComplete the vast majority of the sport. This principally refers to predominant story missions, though it does think about some aspect missions. Essentially, simply play the sport as you want, including aspect missions that appear fascinating till the trophy/achievement unlocks.Distinguished Service MedalComplete Eden Prime. You’ll unlock this by the primary story.Medal of HeroismComplete Feros. Another predominant story feat.Honorarium of Corporate ServiceComplete Noveria. It unlocks once you wrap up the primary story mission.Council Legion of AdvantageComplete Virmire, one other predominant story mission.Meritorious Service MedalComplete Ilos, additionally a part of the primary story.Spectre InducteeBecome a Spectre. This occurs by the course of the story on the finish of its first act.Search and RescueLocate Dr. T’soni within the Artemis Tau cluster as a part of the primary story.CharismaticUse Charm or Intimidate to resolve an inconceivable state of affairs. You can spend factors on the level-up display on Charm or Intimidate, which may give you extra dialogue choices all through the sport. This achievement/trophy particularly refers to 2 conditions: speaking down Wrex on Virmire or speaking Saren into capturing himself within the remaining confrontation.PrincipledAccumulate 75% of complete doable Paragon or Renegade factors. This is simple sufficient to do–just make majority Paragon or Renegade selections in dialogue by both selecting the higher dialogue alternative (Paragon) or decrease dialogue alternative (Renegade) in most interactions.Soldier AllyComplete 5 missions with the Alliance Soldier squad member, Ashley Williams.Sentinel AllyComplete 5 missions with the Alliance Sentinel ally, Kaidan Alenko.Krogan AllyComplete 5 missions with the Krogan squad member, Urdnot Wrex, who you may recruit within the Citadel your first time there.Turian AllyComplete 5 missions with the Turian squad member, Garrus Vakarian, who you may recruit within the Citadel your first time there.Quarian AllyComplete 5 missions with the Quarian squad member, Tali’Zorah nar Rayya, who you may recruit in the course of the story missions on the Citadel throughout your first go to.Asari AllyComplete 5 missions with the Asari squad member, Liara T’Soni, who you may recruit throughout a narrative mission on the planet Therum.ArchivistFind all main Alien codex entries, which embody Council races, extinct races, and non-Council races. You can do that by having conversations with characters on the Normandy, the Citadel, and Noveria, and exhausting all of the “Investigate” dialogue choices on the left aspect of the dialog wheel.Medal of Exploration ILand on an uncharted world. You can discover many of those scattered all through the galaxy.Medal of Exploration IILand on 4 uncharted worlds. Just maintain exploring the galaxy to seek out extra worlds to land on and discover.Medal of Exploration IIILand on eight uncharted worlds. Same as above, simply maintain exploring.Lift MasteryUse Biotic Lift 25 occasions. You can do that through the use of both Shepard’s skills or by giving orders to different characters by squad instructions.Barrier MasteryUse Biotic Barrier 25 occasions. Same as above, simply use squad instructions in battle.Throw MasteryUse Biotic Throw 25 occasions. Same as above.Warp MasteryUse Biotic Warp 25 occasions. Same as above.Singularity MasteryUse Biotic Singularity 25 occasions. Same as above. Be certain to degree up your biotic characters to unlock this capability.Stasis MasteryUse Biotic Stasis 25 occasions. Same as above.AI Hacking SpecialistUse AI Hacking 25 occasions. This is a Tech capability, so you’ll want to use characters specializing in Tech to have entry to it. You’ll additionally have to degree up different skills to entry it.Damping SpecialistUse Damping Field 25 occasions. Save as above.Electronics SpecialistUse Shield Overload 25 occasions. Same as above.Sabotage SpecialistUse Sabotage 25 occasions. Same as above.First Aid SpecialistUse Medi-Gel 50 occasions. An simple one–you can use Medi-Gel in battle to heal all of your teammates, and discover extra Medi-Gel packs as you collect loot and discover areas. This one will most likely unlock with none additional effort as you play the sport.Neural Shock SpecialistUse Neural Shock 25 occasions. Same because the Tech skills above.Colonial SaviorComplete the Bring Down the Sky mission (which was initially DLC for the unique Mass Effect). You can discover this mission by vising Asteroid X57 on the galaxy map.Mass Effect 2 Trophies/AchievementsMass Effect 2The achievements and trophies for Mass Effect 2 stay largely unchanged. The majority might be simple sufficient to snag as you’re employed by the primary story. The hardest ones are these associated to the Suicide Mission, which requires a variety of work by the course of the sport to finish.Mission AchievedSave humanity all through the galaxy from sure annihilation. In different phrases, full the sport.Missing in MotionSave your crew from an amazing assault. You’ll full this as a part of the story.Very ElusiveReturn to energetic duty–another predominant story achievement.Colony DefenseDefend a human colony from assault. Completed as a part of the story.Ghost ShipComplete the investigation of a derelict alien vessel. Main story goal.Suicide MissionUse the Omega 4 Relay. Another predominant story achievement/trophy.Against All OddsSurvive the suicide mission. Check out our full information to the Suicide Mission for extra particulars (though it is best to strive taking part in it as soon as blind if you have not).No One Left BehindKeep your workforce alive by the Suicide Mission. Our Suicide Mission information can assist.Friend or FoeObtain Geth expertise. You’ll get this once you recruit Legion.The ArchangelEfficiently recruit Archangel. This unlocks once you recruit Garrus from Omega.The AssassinEfficiently recruit the Assassin. This unlocks once you add Thane to the workforce.The ConvictEfficiently recruit the Biotic Convict. Add Jack to the squad for this achievement/Trophy.The JusticarEfficiently recruit the Justicar. You’ll get this one when Samara joins your crew.The KroganEfficiently recruit the Krogan. That’s Grunt.The ProfessorEfficiently recruit the Professor. Otherwise often known as Mordin.The QuarianEfficiently recruit the Quarian, Tali.A House DividedHack a Geth collective. Complete Legion’s loyalty mission to unlock this one.BattlemasterGain the loyalty of the Krogan. Complete Grunt’s loyalty mission; discuss to him between missions to realize his belief to get him to ask about it.Cat’s within the CradleGain the loyalty of the Assassin. This one is for Thane’s loyalty mission. Make certain to speak to him between missions to get him to carry it up.CatharsisGain the loyalty of the Biotic Convict. Jack’s loyalty mission is required for the achievement/trophy.DoppelgangerHelp the Justicar resolve her mission. Take on Samara’s loyalty mission to get this one; it would not matter the way you resolve it, so long as you do not fail.Fade AwayGain the loyalty of Archangel. Complete Garrus’ loyalty mission.Ghost of the CollectGain the loyalty of the Cerberus Operative. That’s Jacob, so full his loyalty mission to get this one.The TreatmentGain the loyalty of the Professor by finishing Mordin’s loyalty mission.The ProdigalGain the loyalty of the Cerberus Officer, Miranda, by ending her loyalty mission.TreasonGain the loyalty of the Quarian. Help Tali together with her loyalty mission to earn this one.Revenge!Gain the loyalty of the mercenary. You have to knock out Zaeed’s loyalty mission; he was initially a Mass Effect 2 DLC character, however is now included within the recreation in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.Broke, Blind, and Bedlam: Gain the loyalty of the thief, Kasumi, one other DLC character from Mass Effect 2. Finish her loyalty mission to get this one.Big Game HunterDefeat the Thresher Maw. There’s solely certainly one of these creatures within the recreation, on Tuchanka throughout Grunt’s loyalty mission.Head HunterPerform 30 headshot kills with any weapon on humanoid targets.Incineration SpecialistIncinerate the armor of 25 enemies. Use Incendiary Ammo to knock this one out.CruelMake 20 enemies scream as they fall or are set on hearth. Same as above–Incendiary Ammo will do the job, as will concentrating on explosive containers close to enemies.Overload SpecialistDisrupt the shields of 25 enemies. Use Overload to fully deplete an enemy protect for it to depend. You also can use Disruptor ammo for this one.TacticianHit 20 completely different targets with a number of Biotic powers to mix the consequences. Use Shepard’s and/or squadmates’ powers in succession on enemies to realize this goal.Warp SpecialistWarp the limitations of 25 enemies. Target enemies with biotic limitations and ensure to fully deplete the barrier with Warp to get it to depend. Ordering squadmates to make use of their Warp energy additionally counts for this one.AgentComplete 5 missions found by scanning unexplored worlds. Follow missions within the Journal and probe planets to finish this one.Galactic ExplorerVisit 100% of the planets in an unexplored cluster. Same factor; discover areas and use probes to knock out this achievement/trophy fairly simply.OperativeComplete a mission found by scanning an unexplored world. Probe planets to seek out missions.ScientistComplete any analysis challenge within the Normandy’s Laboratory. Pretty simple, as this technique might be defined in the course of the course of the sport.Weapon SpecialistFully improve a weapon. Same as above, simply deal with upgrading a single weapon to unlock this after you’ve got acquired the tutorial for it.ScholarUnlock 15 new Mass Effect 2 Codex entries. Having conversations and interacting with objects on the earth will fill this one in fairly simply.Power FullEvolve any energy. Straightforward, simply pump factors into an influence once you degree as much as get this one.Digital ExorcistSuccessfully shut down the Rogue VI in Project Overlord. Just full the Project Overlord mission to obtain this.Heart of DarknessConfront the Shadow Broker. Complete the Lair of the Shadow Broker mission to unlock this one.Mass Effect 3 Trophies/AchievementsMass Effect 3As with the previous two video games, most of Mass Effect 3’s trophies and achievements stay unchanged from its unique launch. The main distinction is the removing of multiplayer achievements/trophies, because the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer mode will not be included in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.DrivenReturn to energetic responsibility. Get by the prologue to unlock this trophy/achievement.Bringer of WarChase down an murderer. This is accomplished as a part of the story.MobilizerBring a veteran officer aboard. Continue by the Priority predominant story missions to unlock this one.World ShakerDestroy an Atlas dropped from orbit. Another predominant story achievement/trophy.PathfinderExplore a misplaced metropolis. Same as above, full Priority assignments to finish this.Tunnel RatSurvive the swarm. Complete Attican Traverse: Krogan Team (or Attican Traverse: Rachni), which unlocks after you end the mission Priority: Sur’Kesh.Party CrasherSabotage a Dreadnought. Another achievement/trophy earned by finishing predominant story Priority assignments.Hard TargetName down an orbital strike. Continue by the primary story with Priority assignments to unlock this.SaboteurDisable a bunch of fighter squadrons. Complete the mission Rannoch: Geth Fighter Squadrons after Priority: Geth Dreadnought to unlock this achievement/trophy.ArbiterWin a political stand-off. Another predominant story achievement/trophy accomplished as you’re employed by the sport.Last WitnessExtract historical alien expertise. Keep working by the primary story with Priority assignments.ExecutionerDefeat an outdated adversary. Keep working by the primary story to finish one of many late-game missions, Priority: Cerberus Headquarters. (Note that you could’t end extra aspect missions after you are taking this one on.)Well ConnectedSend a warning throughout the galaxy. Another achievement/trophy you may get as a matter after all throughout the primary story.Fact FinderDiscover an enemy’s monstrous origin. Complete the project Kallini: Ardat-Yakshi Monastery, which turns into obtainable after finishing Priority: Citadel II.LiberatorStop a Cerberus kidnapping. Complete the project Grissom Academy: Emergency Evacuation, which unlocks after you’ve got accomplished Priority: Palaven.Problem SolverEvacuate a scientific facility. Complete the aspect mission Arrae: Ex-Cerberus Scientists, obtainable after you end Priority: Citadel II.PatriotMake the ultimate assault. Unlocked as a part of the primary story.LegendMission achieved. Finish the sport on any problem.ShopaholicVisit a retailer on the Citadel. Easy and simple, any buying anyplace will unlock this one.Master and CommanderShip many of the Galaxy at War property to the ultimate battle. You can improve your warfare property by finishing aspect missions and exploring planets.Lost and FoundDispatch 10 probes to retrieve folks or assets in Reaper territory. Scan planets all through the galaxy to earn this one fairly simply.A Personal TouchModify a weapon. Another easy trophy/achievement; use the work bench within the Normandy’s cargo bay for this one.Combined ArmsPerform any mixture of 50 Biotic combos or tech bursts. Use two Biotic or tech skills on the identical goal. Abilities utilized by your teammates once you give them orders will depend towards the aim.FocusedEvolve any of your powers to Rank 6. Do this by leveling up Shepard on the character menu.UntouchableEscape a Reaper within the Galaxy Map. Occasionally a Reaper will seem on the map and pursue you as you discover an space; make a break for the closest Mass Relay to flee.Shield BreakerOverload the shields of 100 enemies. Ordering squadmates to make use of their Overload powers works towards this aim.Sky ExcessiveLift 100 enemies off the bottom with powers. You can hit this by ordering Biotic squadmates to make use of this capability.PyromaniacSet 100 enemies on hearth with powers. Incendiary Ammo counts towards this aim.Eye of the HurricaneKill a brute whereas it is charging you. Pretty self-explanatory, if harmful.Mail SlotKill 10 guardians with headshots from the entrance whereas their shields are raised. These are the Cerberus troopers with riot shields. Use a sniper rifle or pistol to shoot by the view slot of their protect to unlock this one.HijackerHijack an Atlas mech. You cannot hijack the primary mech you come throughout throughout the primary story, however each different mech you discover in fight may be hijacked. To accomplish that, hearth away on the mech till you carry its yellow armor bar right down to about half. At that time, it is best to be capable to shoot out the glass of the mech’s cockpit, exposing the pilot. Use a sniper rifle or different precision weapon to shoot the pilot to kill them. You can then method the mech and take it over your self.Giant KillerDefeat a Harvester. These are big, winged creatures you may combat a number of occasions in the course of the course of the sport. Use ammo and talents which might be good at destroying armor to carry Harvesters down shortly.Always PreparedObtain two non-customizable fits of armor. Check the Citadel shops for armor units that match this description; they’re going to every run you 50,000 credit.GunsmithUpgrade any weapon to Level 10. Use the work bench within the Normandy cargo maintain to improve your gear.Under PressureUncover an historical secret. Complete the Despoina: Leviathan project. You can begin the hunt chain by finishing the Citadel: Dr. Bryson project after ending Priority: Palaven, which can unlock a slate of extra assignments to proceed this story arc.SaviorFree Omega from Cerberus Occupation. Complete the Citadel: Aria T’Loak project to kick off this quest chain, which provides you with extra assignments on Omega to complete the story arc.Last ResortStop an out-of-control scheme earlier than it is too late. Complete the Citadel: Shore Leave project, which can begin you on a quest chain and one other story arc. This one turns into obtainable after Priority: Citadel II.The One and OnlyDefeat a bunch of Spectre-level opponents on Normal, Hardcore, or Insanity. Complete challenges on the Armax Arsenal Arena within the Citadel’s Silversun Strip to earn this achievement/trophy.Series Trophies/AchivementsMass Effect: Legendary EditionSince all three video games are packaged collectively in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, there are additionally a number of achievements/trophies that correspond to taking part in by all three video games. Using the identical save file for all three additionally helps accomplish a number of of those extra simply.Insanity IComplete Mass Effect 1, 2, or 3 on Insanity with out altering the issue.Insanity IIComplete two video games in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition on Insanity with out altering the issue.Insanity IIIComplete all three video games in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition on Insanity with out altering the issue.Paramour IEstablish a romantic relationship in Mass Effect 1, 2, or 3. In every recreation, that is fairly simple to do supplied you spend time speaking with characters between missions and choosing flirtatious dialogue choices.Paramour IIEstablish or rekindle a romantic relationship in two video games in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.Paramour IIIEstablish or rekindle a romantic relationship in all three video games in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.Long Service MedalFinish Mass Effect 1, 2, and 3 with the identical character. You’ll want to finish every recreation and carry your save file ahead to unlock this one.RecruitKill 250 enemies in Mass Effect 1, 2, or 3.SoldierKill 1,000 enemies in Mass Effect 1, 2, or, 3.VeteranKill 2,000 enemies in Mass Effect 1, 2, or, 3.BruiserKill 100 enemies with melee assaults in Mass Effect 1, 2, or, 3.

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