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    There’s far more to do in Santa Destroy and the encompassing areas in No More Heroes 3 than in earlier video games. Aside from the primary goal of stopping FU and the so-called galactic superheroes from taking up the world, Travis has loads of methods to volunteer his time to assist his mates, whereas getting some rewards for himself within the course of, after all. Bishop is one other returning character from earlier entries, and has an important job he wants you to tackle for him. The very tradition of Santa Destroy is determined by it.
    DeathMan Cards are a set of collectible playing cards, every with its personal little character printed on them. While they’re clearly a parody of sure different collectible playing cards, fortunately there are solely 21 whole DeathMan Cards in an entire set. Bishop needs all of them, and can pay out with Uc, WESN, supplies, and different goodies for every one you flip in, plus a bonus for once you’ve collected the whole set. Finding each DeathMan Card isn’t as exhausting as it will be in actual life, however they’re nonetheless difficult to trace down. Here’s the place to search out all of them in No More Heroes 3. 
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    Santa Destroy DeathMan Card places
    After you choose up your first DeathMan Card, activate the hunt by speaking to Bishop within the Beef Head, beginning in episode 2. This will kick off the hunt for the entire assortment. As with all collectibles, it can make issues a lot simpler to have the 80 Chip outfitted to present you a sign once you’re close to one. Santa Destroy has the primary six within the assortment.
    Just like Jeane’s kittens, the primary DeathMan Card is positioned principally in your path so you may’t keep away from it. Right within the parking zone of your motel, in entrance of the crumbling half wall by the road is the primary card that includes none aside from DeathMan himself.
    Card #2, Brody, is on the northwest facet of the town. It’s within the intersection simply earlier than the highway turns into the bridge to the northeast.
    The third DeathMan Card, Jet Thunder, is straight down the pier on the north nook. Just observe the blue railing till you see it close to considered one of Jeane’s kittens when you haven’t rounded them up but.
    The fourth card, Mutant Jr., is straight outdoors of Beef Head. Odds are you tripped over this one in your approach out after activating the hunt already.
    Junkyhead, the #5 card, is approach down south close to Cafe Gaetano. Find the skin gazebo and picnic tables, the place the cardboard will probably be close by on the cement ground.
    Number 6, Boonian, is in that little nook of the map approach down south, only a tiny bit north of the WESN Mining icon on the map. There’s just a little park right here stuffed with hedges, with the cardboard laying in entrance of the wood bench alongside the primary path.
    Perfect World DeathMan Card places
    There are 5 DeathMan Cards in Perfect World, however sadly, they received’t be in chronological order going ahead. You can all the time confer with your assortment within the menu to double-check which of them you will have and are nonetheless lacking.
    DeathMan Card #7, Jarr Man, is barely southwest of the town heart. If you observe the highway down, cease once you attain the homes and discover the purple one with all white fences close to the radio tower. You can snag this card on the entrance garden.
    The #8 card for Gagagalien is straight north from the optionally available Designated Match nearly lifeless heart of the map. From the primary highway, go north and search for it behind a chain-link fence down an alleyway.
    The subsequent card obtainable is Krush Kombat, #13. To add this one to your deck, go to the port space on the farthest level east on the map. Hug the primary constructing on the again facet, with the loading doorways, and also you’ll stumble proper over this card.
    Coxian, the 14th card, is our subsequent goal. Thankfully it’s straightforward sufficient to find. Just go to the DonMai Sushi and look west for the large purple and white diner. Near the restaurant’s entrance, by a light-weight publish, is the cardboard.
    The final DeathMan Card in Perfect World is #15, Bazoogah Beast. This card is on the very northeastern tip of the map, past the Defense Mission. Head across the massive cement constructing and the fence marking the top of the map with the palm tree on the nook. The card is laying on the bottom on this space.
    Thunderdome DeathMan Card places
    Four extra playing cards litter the bottom of Thunderdome. Let’s choose ’em all up!
    The first card we’re getting is  Bokantian, which is #9. Head north and just a little east from the place you enter the Thunderdome map, and head for the T-Shirt Alien. This card is correct in entrance of him.
    Dropter, the 10th card, can be close to a T-Shirt Alien. This time go contained in the Thunderdome correct and head barely west of the alien. Keep your eyes peeled for a small alley between a blue and pale inexperienced constructing. The card is tucked on this house.
    The card farthest to the north is Stardustian, which is #11 within the set. Go north from the Defense Mission and search for a dangling orange “sale” signal subsequent to a row of avenue cones. You will spot the cardboard on this little raised space.
    We end off the Thunderdome with #12, Machian. On the lengthy, straight highway main into the dome, with all of the photo voltaic panels lining the perimeters, maintain your eyes peeled to the japanese sidewalk. The card is on the bottom round midway down the highway.
    Call of Battle DeathMan Card places
    The final 5 DeathMan Cards out within the wild must be rescued from the Call of Battle space.
    #16, American Jumbonian, is hanging out by one other T-Shirt Alien. You’ll discover this one to the north, east of the Trash Collection mission icon. It will probably be simply forward of the alien, by the circle sample on the bottom.
    Asian Flashian, the #17 DeathMan Card, is in the course of the seaside, east of the Coast Guard icon on the map. Find the beached boat, hop aboard, and seize the cardboard off the deck.
    Conveniently positioned close to a save level and the DonMai Shushi store, now we have the #18 DeathMan Card, General Death. Just a bit northeast of those two places is a damaged and battered constructing. You can accumulate the cardboard proper out entrance.
    The #19 DeathMan Card options Metal King Fighter. To the east of the seaside space is an enormous paved space of the map with a Defense Mission proper within the center. Go only a bit additional east of the icon and look on the bottom beside a stack of crates and barrels lined in tarps.
    The final card out within the open world is the uncommon #20 DeathMan (Unreleased). Back on the seaside, there’s a trench of types dug into the sand to the southeast of the extra northern of the 2 optionally available Designated Matches. Walk down the middle and accumulate this helpful card.
    Final DeathMan Card
    The 21st and last DeathMan Card as soon as once more options the titular DeathMan, this time as a Legendary Card, nonetheless. You can’t simply discover this card laying round. Thankfully, it’s mechanically given to you when you full the ninth episode of the primary story, however on the similar time means you may’t end off this quest fully till then.
    All DeathMan Card rewards
    Every DeathMan Card you flip in provides you with a person reward, plus the large bonus on the finish for the complete set. Here’s what you get for every particular card:
    100 Uc, 100 WESN, a Movie Flyer, and the Flame T
    200 Uc, 140 WESN, and a Vinyl Doll
    300 Uc, 180 WESN, and two World Literature Collections
    400 Uc, 220 WESN, and two Movie Flyers.
    500 Uc, 260 WESN, two Vinyl Dolls, and Vinyl Club CS
    600 Uc, 300 WESN, and two extra World Literature Collections
    700 Uc, 340 WESN, and three Movie Flyers
    800 Uc, 380 WESN, and three Vinyl Dolls
    900 Uc, 420 WESN, and three World Literature Collections
    1,000 Uc, 460 WESN, a baseball bat, and the Heart CS
    1,100 Uc, 520 WESN, and a hockey stick
    1,200 Uc, 560 WESN, and two baseball bats
    1,300 Uc, 600 WESN, and two hockey sticks
    1,400 Uc, 640 WESN, and three baseball bats
    1,500 Uc, 680 WESN, three hockey sticks, and the Score Branch T
    1,600 Uc, 720 WESN, and 4 extra baseball bats
    1,700 Uc, 760 WESN, and 4 hockey sticks
    1,800 Uc, 800 WESN, and 5 baseball bats
    1,900 Uc, 840 WESN, and 5 hockey sticks
    2,000 Uc, 880 WESN, and the Bizarre Jelly Dojin Comic
    Finally, when all of the playing cards are turned in to Bishop on the Beef Head you’re rewarded with:
    3,000 Uc
    1,000 WESN
    The Deathman Strategy Guide

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