Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: 7-Star Poison Greninja Tera Raid Guide

    Greninja is a fan-favorite Pokemon (for superb cause) and now, the wait so as to add Greninja Pokemon to your staff in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is over. Right now you’ll be able to deal with the 7-Star Poison Greninja Tera Raid and produce it residence for your self.Greninja’s Water/Dark typing is nice defensively, unbelievable offensively, they usually have an excellent stat unfold and transfer checklist that makes them a welcome addition to any staff, whether or not you’re constructing a staff to deal with the Elite Four or the aggressive rating system.When can I catch Greninja?This Tera Raid takes place in two waves, similar to Charizard and Cinderace. The first occasion takes place as follows:January 27 – 29February 10 – 12You’ll additionally be capable of catch 4- and 5-Star Bronzong and Lucario throughout the occasion, that are each Pokemon which have advantageous typing towards Water/Dark/Poison Greninja.Before you beginFirst, earlier than you’ll be able to even take into consideration combating Greninja, be sure to’ve taken care of all of the 7-star Tera Raid prep work I element in our How To Catch Charizard information. Once that is completed, you will must construct a Pokemon that may counter Greninja.There are just a few frontrunners for this, together with Lucario, Clodsire, and Bronzong, however my advice is Slowbro. A Stored Power Slowbro will show you how to survive for a really very long time, then take out Greninja with massively damaging, supereffective injury.You can discover a high-level Slowbro with at the very least 3 good IVs in Casseroya Lake.You do not even have to fret about what Tera kind Slowbro is. I used a Grass Tera kind and easily did not Terastalize, and I used to be completely tremendous, though when you’ve got a Psychic Tera kind Slowbro, that may bump your Stored Power injury as much as double, which is a pleasant profit, however the tradeoff is that you simply lose resistance to Hydro Pump.Building a Pokemon to beat GreninjaYou can catch a Tera Slowbro within the northwestern area, swimming round on Casseroya Lake. Once you might have caught them, you will wish to go to the Hyper Trainer within the icy metropolis of Montenevera (northern part of the map) to extend each stat apart from Attack to most.Once you might have your Pokemon, you’ll be able to max out the remaining stats on the Hyper Trainer in Montenevera.To do that, you will want Bottle Caps, which you will get from high-level raids, combating within the academy event, and in auctions in Porto Marinada.Slowbro EVs for combating GreninjaOnce your Slowbro’s IVs are maxed out (once more, aside from the Attack stat, which we cannot be utilizing), it is time to max out the EVs. We wish to max out HP and Special Attack, which can take 26 HP UPs and 26 Calcium, which will be bought on the Chansey Supply in Mezagoza (East). You can use one ultimate Iron to present your self a tiny enhance to Defense to spherical out your EVs.Max out your EVs with gadgets bought from the Chansey Supply in japanese Mesagoza.After that, use Exp. Candy XL (one other Tera Raid bonus merchandise) to achieve Level 100 after which the very last thing you want are the strikes.Slowbro Moves for combating GreninjaStored Power (TM41)Iron Defense (TM104)Nasty Plot (TM140)Slack Off (Learned at Level 33)Slowbro learns Slack Off naturally, which you will use to remain healed up throughout the combat, so now it’s good to receive the remainder of the strikes through TM.Pick up the Stored Power within the beginning space, simply west of Los Platos.Stored Power will be discovered simply west of Los Platos within the beginning space.Nasty Plot will be present in Area Zero on the ledge above Research Station No. 2. Teleport there, run outdoors, flip round, use your Legendary mount to climb the cliff, then you can hop up onto one other small ledge to seize the TM. You may also get Nasty Plot by finishing Professor Raifort’s historical past classes, passing the ultimate, catching all 4 of the legendary Pokemon, then speak to the Professor.The Iron Defense TM will be present in northwestern East Province.Iron Defense is present in East Province (Area Three) simply east of the quick journey level with the identical title. It’s on a raised mesa in the course of a pit.With all of your strikes, IVs, EVs, and leveling up taken care of, the very last thing you want is your merchandise. I like to recommend the Leftovers. There are just a few that may be discovered all over the world, however you may as well purchase them fairly inexpensively.Cascarrafa’s higher stage has the Delibird Presents the place you should buy the Leftovers held merchandise.Head to the Delibird Presents store in japanese Cascarrafa, positioned within the western a part of Paldea. Pick up the Leftovers for 20,000 yen, then equip it and it will be time to combat.Fighting GreninjaYou can definitely combat Greninja on-line, however this construct is nice sufficient to beat him with CPU trainers serving to. By combating solo, it would matter a lot much less in case your teammates get knocked out, as that will not scale back your timer the way in which it will if a participant’s Pokemon would.Look for this black and purple Poison icon when looking for the Greninja Tera Raid, which might seem wherever.Greninja will begin the combat with Double Team and Toxic Spikes, so you will be poisoned in case you faint in any respect (as will your teammates) however this may not actually matter, since we’ve Leftovers and Slack Off.It’s a bit extra simple to combat Greninja alone, however you’ll be able to nonetheless definitely use this construct in on-line co-op.Begin by utilizing Iron Defense 3 times, maintaining a tally of your well being and utilizing Slack Off as a substitute, in case you attain roughly 50% well being.Once you’ve got completed Iron Defense 3 times, change to Nasty Plot, utilizing that 3 times, too. After that, go to your Cheer part and use “Go All Out” one time, then begin utilizing Stored Power.Once you might have used each Iron Defense and Nasty Plot 3 times, simply maintain healed up with Slack Off and deal injury with Stored Power.If Greninja removes the stat bonuses on your Pokemon, you will want to start out over, however don’t be concerned if the timer is getting low. Once you’re all arrange, Stored Power does a ton of harm. You’ll must plink away a bit if Greninja places up the defend, however as soon as you’ve got staggered it, you can knock it out in simply 2 or so hits.Meanwhile, you will be taking little or no injury, and you will have the power to passively and actively heal. Using this methodology, you’ll be able to catch Greninja in your first solo try.Greninja comes with good IVs at Level 100, and the Mightiest Mark.Additionally, if you will get a number of CPU Pokemon with Intimidate, it would make it even simpler. On my first solo try, I used to be teamed up with Tauros, Arcanine, and Staraptor for a whopping three intimidates earlier than the combat began.Good luck!

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