Potential risks and security tips for Chromebook users in 2021

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    Without a doubt, Chromebook is the safest alternative to Windows, Linux, OS X, Android, and even iOS. The security on Chromebook is made in the design.

    The Chrome OS does not allow users to install software. This makes it the safest choice against malicious email attachments used to install viruses or malicious ads on Flash that commonly infect other operating systems with malware. Using a Chromebook makes your devices immune to these types of threats.

    Even with this critical security measure in place, Chromebook users can still be victims of cybersecurity risks. While this OS protect the devices from viruses and external threats, Chromebook users can still fall victim to threats such as:

    • Face chrome extensions
    • Website attacks
    • Fake apps
    • Data loss
    • Phishing attacks
    • Spyware infections

    Fortunately, following a few security measures can ensure your Chromebook remains protected.

    How to protect your Chromebook devices

    Securing google accounts

    Regardless of the security measures you use to protect your Chromebook, your device’s security is only as strong as your user login information. Secure your Google account using a very strong password and 2FA (two-factor authentication) as an additional security layer. You can set up 2FA from the Google Account Security Page.

    Configure your chrome

    Since you spend most of your time on the Chrome OS, it is important to change a few settings to enhance your security. You can configure your security settings from the settings on your chrome menu. From the privacy and security menu, disable the prediction service for loading pages and the option for allowing sites to check for saved payment methods.

    On the same setting, click on the ‘do not track’ option and the safe browsing option.

    Update your chrome OS

    Every new update released for Chromebook comes with vulnerability patches and added security features for better protection. These changes can only be applied if you update your Chrome OS. Not updating your OS leaves you vulnerable to malicious attacks.

    Always apply new updates as soon as they are made available. You can check on the latest update for Chrome OS from the ‘check for updates’ option on the settings page.

    Using a VPN

    A VPN (Virtual Private Network) creates a safe tunnel between your Chromebook and the internet. When you use a VPN to enhance security, all your internet traffic to directed to this safety tunnel where it is encrypted and made impossible to read by spying cybercriminals looking to intercept user data.

    When you use a VPN on your Chromebook, it also becomes impossible for anyone in the same network, security agencies, and even your ISP to spy on your activity online. This is especially important if you use public Wi-Fi to work or shop online.

    Even with the safest OS, it is essential to enhance your security for maximum invisibility online. Following these security enhancement guidelines will ensure your Chromebook is safer.

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