PUBG’s 12.2 Patch Notes Reveal New Map That Adds Second-Chance System

    PUBG’s replace 12.2 is lastly reside on PC take a look at servers, and maybe most notably, it provides an 8×8 map known as Taego with a brand-new second-chance system. For gamers of Call of Duty: Warzone, it is perhaps instantly acquainted: It’s fairly clearly taking a web page from Warzone’s Gulag, whereas including some further complexities.Called Comeback BR, PUBG’s implementation is definitely extra like a compact Battle Royale mode inside the primary spherical, moderately than a 1v1 showdown like Warzone’s Gulag. If you go down earlier than the primary Blue Zone, you get transported to the Comeback Arena the place you mainly simply have to remain alive for a sure period of time. If you succeed, you will get an opportunity to return to the match in its third section with your entire gear.Comeback BR is at present unique to the Taego map, as is one other useful function to provide your self one other probability: Self AED, which is a world-loot merchandise that allows you to self-revive. Finally, the map additionally consists of birds that react to gamers’ motion and gunfire, which might conceivably alert gamers to an enemy’s presence.Update 12.2 additionally consists of quite a lot of different tweaks, adjustments, and additions, comparable to two new rifles, a automotive, and a brand new Survivor Pass targeted on the Taego map. You can see the total checklist of adjustments within the patch notes beneath.PUBG Update 12.2 Patch NotesNew Map: TaegoTaego is on the market because the Featured Map.Playable in TPP and FPP. Solo and Squads, together with 1-man Squad Modes can be found.Duos aren’t obtainable.Depending in your area, obtainable modes and views will range.Up to 100 gamers.Bots can spawn.Clear climate.No Red Zone.Wildlife: Two pleasant chook varieties reside all through Taego, reacting to participant motion and gunfire.Taego is on the market in Custom Matches. Sandbox Mode is on the market for PUBG Partners.Comeback BRComeback BR is a Taego unique second-chance mechanic permitting gamers who die in the course of the first Blue Zone section the prospect to drop again into the struggle later within the match.Players who die in the course of the first Blue Zone section battle it out within the Comeback Arena, a location separate from the primary Taego Battleground. Survivors who stay alive lengthy sufficient within the Comeback Arena are transported by helicopter again to the Taego mainland in section 3 to renew their struggle for the Chicken Dinner.Comeback BR is unique to Taego Squad matches.Players who die earlier than the primary Blue Zone section ends are eligible and see a timer indicating when Comeback BR begins. At least one Squad member should be alive on the Battlegrounds for teammates to stay eligible to enter Comeback BR.All eligible contributors are despatched concurrently to the Comeback Arena, separate from the primary struggle, and should discover loot and gadgets to remain alive, competing towards different survivors.There are not any bots or knockdowns in Comeback BR.Survive the timer indicated whereas preventing within the Comeback Arena, and you will be transported again to the Taego mainland by way of helicopter with all of your gadgets and equipment to proceed your struggle for the Chicken Dinner.While well being and enhance ranges are reset upon returning to the struggle, your kills and stats are nonetheless recorded.Self AEDSimilar to Comeback BR, the Self AED is one other Taego unique second-chance mechanic, giving gamers one other alternative to remain within the struggle. The Self AED is a world-loot merchandise that enables gamers to revive themselves when DBNO, with out the necessity of a teammate, and can be utilized in Solo and Squad matches.Press the work together button or click on the Self AED in your stock to activate the self-revive. Cannot be canceled as soon as began.Cannot be used whereas already being revived by one other teammate.Squads: The Self AED can be utilized even when your whole Squad is DBNO, as a teammate holding the Self AED prevents your Squad from being instantly eradicated. This offers you probability to self-revive after which revive your teammates.If the entire Squad stays DBNO, you’ll be eradicated as soon as all gamers with a Self AED are killed.Solo: Having a Self AED lets you enter DBNO as a substitute of being immediately killed.Self AED makes use of are recorded as revives in your stats.New WeaponsK2Introducing the K2; a world-spawn 5.56mm caliber AR popularized within the 80s and 90s period of which Taego is born. Firing in single, burst, or full-auto for fight versatility. Only obtainable on Taego in Normal and Custom Matches.Mk12The Mk12 is a brand new hard-hitting, high-velocity 5.56mm caliber DMR unique to Taego, discovered as world-loot throughout the map in Normal and Custom Matches.New Vehicle: Pony CoupeHyundai’s first idea automotive, the Pony Coupe, has arrived in PUBG and is unique to Taego! Drive Hyundai’s heritage Pony Coupe, that includes an all-wheel drive design for enhanced management throughout the varied terrain of the Battlegrounds.The Pony Coupe design was created by the grasp of automotive design, Giorgetto Giugiaro, and is a coupe idea automotive that first premiered on the Turin Motor Show in 1974. The next-generation electrical automobile mannequin IONIQ5 was designed with loads of inspiration from the Pony Coupe.Maximum HP: 1,000Maximum Speed: 150 km/hThe all-wheel-drive (AWD) system ensures most traction in tough situations.While being a 4-seater automobile, because of the traits of a coupe, passengers within the again seats can’t shoot out of the automobile.Survivor Pass: TaegoIntroducing our latest Survivor Pass themed round our newest map, Taego!We’ve made a number of adjustments to the Survivor Pass system this replace, together with including bonus rewards for these gamers who play previous degree 50. Read on for full particulars.Survivor Pass Level-Up Tickets Purchase Methods Update Level-up tickets may be bought in items of 1 degree on the Survivor Pass web page after upgrading the Survivor Pass to Premium.Level-up coupons are utilized on the time of buy, and might solely be bought till reaching degree 50.After reaching degree 50, you’ll be able to solely degree up with XP obtained by means of missions or gameplay.We have ready a bonus reward for gamers who’ve reached degree 50. Players who’ve reached degree 50 and upgraded the Survivor Pass to Premium can additional degree up and obtain bonus rewards comparable to medals, emblems, and G-Coin.Keep taking part in till the Survivor Pass ends to earn all of your bonus rewards.Survivor Pass: Taego Weapon and Level Pack (3,270 G-Coin) SURVIVOR PASS: TAEGO, Kar98Ok Skin, 30 LevelsSurvivor Pass: Taego Weapon Pack (990 G-Coin) SURVIVOR PASS: TAEGO, Kar98Ok SkinPass SchedulePDT: July 7 – August 17, 11 AMKST: July 7 – August 18, 11 AMCEST: July 7 – August 18, 4 AMMake positive to assert all rewards earlier than Survivor Pass: Taego wraps up, as there isn’t a further grace interval to assert rewards.Your ShopOffering a personalised number of gadgets to buy at discounted costs, Your Shop is a brand new retailer distinctive to you!Your Shop may even embody gadgets not at present obtainable within the common retailer. When Your Shop is open, you will see a immediate on the primary menu to enter and think about your customized discounted merchandise choice.Be positive to test again every time Your Shop reopens, as obtainable gadgets and their low cost charges range every time.Your Shop is an ongoing function going reside this replace.Item Spawn IncreaseGear up and prepare for a extra dynamic expertise on the Battlegrounds.Many gamers have expressed the need for extra loot throughout our maps, and in Update 12.2, we’re growing loot throughout the Battlegrounds in Normal Mode after reviewing the information and participant suggestions.Item spawn improve is barely utilized to the next maps in Normal MatchesAll maps are set to 100% as default Erangel loot elevated by 23.9% now 123.9%Miramar loot elevated by 28.3% now 128.3%Sanhok loot elevated by 16.5% now 116.5%Vikendi loot elevated by 28.4% now 128.4%Performance ImprovementsOptimized inner logic between map loading to cut back hitching and body drops.Improved CPU utilization by enhancing character creation and parachute animation efficiency to cut back hitching and body drops.Improved efficiency by optimizing logic associated to the Special Care Package standing.Team DeathmatchThe K2 and Mk12 have each been added to TDM.Custom MatchesNew automobiles and weapons have been added to Custom Matches, alongside our newest map, Taego.Taego Taego’s unique climate setting has been added.Taego’s new gadgets have been added to the spawn tab.Normal Match → Normal Mode as default.Spawn Options QuadSelf-AEDLynx AMRK2MK12QuadPony CoupeAdded to Sandbox Mode (Exclusive to PUBG Partners)Training ModeNew weapons and the Quad have been added to Training Mode.QuadLynx AMRK2 (situated on the desk the place the MG3 was)MK12 (situated close to the Crossbow)Added a Soccer discipline with three soccer balls.The Uzi has been moved to the pistol desk, beforehand situated subsequent to the Crossbow.CustomizeAltering your character’s gender not prices BP.Change your character’s look choices underneath Customize → Appearance.Team EmotesWe have added new options and improved the Team Emote function initially launched with Update 10.3.The organizer can use the emotes alone.When teammates be a part of the workforce emote, the emote begins on the identical time as a substitute of collaborating mid-emote.Activate the emote utilizing the emote wheel or shortcut key after which activate the standby motion. Teammates can be a part of throughout standby.Use the emote wheel, interplay key, or shortcut key to begin after which activate the emote motion. When alone, solely your character performs the emote. When teammates take part, the identical emote motion is activated.Available whereas within the foyer and through matches.Since there isn’t a standby motion within the Store and Pass Preview, solely the emote motion is activated.Chat System: WhispersEver wished to ship messages privately to your PUBG pals? With the brand new Whisper function, you’ll be able to instantly talk with gamers in your pals checklist and have one-on-one conversations separate from the foyer chat.You can ship whispers to anybody in your pals checklist, so long as they’re on-line.While in a match, you’ll be able to view whispers from pals however solely reply with selectable preset responses. Press Enter to open the chat whereas in a match.You can select to cover Whispers whereas in-game.Available in Normal, Ranked, Training Arcade, and Custom Matches.Actions which have been assigned to the prevailing Enter key will not be hooked up to a key. Go to Settings → Key Binding to bind to a different key.Messages can’t be accessed in Custom Match Esports Mode.During the sport loading interval, some will not be obtained.Sending inappropriate messages or promoting can lead to a complete chat ban.HIDEOUTThe new Cataclysmic Magma Contraband Crates is now out! Please observe, this case doesn’t comprise a Progressive Weapon Skin.Contraband Crate CATACLYSMIC MAGMA – CONTRABAND CRATENew Items(Epic) Cataclysmic Magma – M416 (Epic) Cataclysmic Magma – SKS(Elite) Seabeast – Mosin Nagant(Elite) Gilded Depths – K2(Elite) Barracuda – VectorTierName of ItemRemaining LikelihoodEpic[BATTLESTAT] Cataclysmic Magma – M4160.75%Epic[BATTLESTAT] Cataclysmic Magma – SKS0.75%EpicPsycho Killer – M241.00%EpicShark Bite – M16A41.00%EpicGold Plate – AKM1.00%EpicSchematics0.90%EpicSchematics0.90%EliteSeabeast – Mosin Nagant1.25%EliteGilded Depths – Ok21.25%EliteBarracuda – Vector1.25%ElitePsycho Killer – SCAR-L1.60%ElitePsycho Killer – QBU1.60%ElitePsycho Killer – MP5K1.60%EliteGold Plate – Groza1.70%EliteGold Plate – SKS1.70%EliteSilver Plate – S12K1.70%RarePlaid to the Bone – Beryl M7622.40%RarePlaid to the Bone – M2492.40%RarePlaid to the Bone – VSS2.40%RareDesert Digital – Kar98k2.50%RareDesert Digital – Mini142.50%RareTrifecta – Micro UZI2.50%UncommonGold Plate – Sawed-Off2.50%RareSilver Plate – UMP452.50%RareSilver Plate – Tommy Gun2.50%RareDesert Digital – P922.50%SpecialChain Gang – M16A42.60%SpecialChain Gang – Micro UZI2.60%SpecialChain Gang – DP-282.60%SpecialChain Gang – S12K2.60%SpecialCity Hunter – Crossbow2.40%SpecialCity Hunter – P922.40%SpecialCity Hunter – Sawed-Off2.40%SpecialGold Plate – Win942.80%SpecialTrifecta – P922.80%SpecialDesert Digital – R452.80%SpecialDesert Digital – Win942.80%SpecialDesert Digital – Micro UZI2.80%SpecialDesert Digital – P18C2.80%SpecialRugged (Orange) – Kar98k2.80% Polymers1.50% Polymers3.50% Polymers13.15%Total 100%Scrap Broker – New Items (Epic) Cataclysmic Magma – M416: 1000 Scrap(Epic) Cataclysmic Magma – SKS: 1000 ScrapUI/UX ImprovementsObserver Features Player Stats UI has been improved. Title is now categorized by stats.Changed the order of rating and worth.Name Layout UI Added impact when looting therapeutic and enhance gadgets.Added vertical line between the first and secondary weapons.Damage Indicator UI Added impact to the primary injury indicator.Increased vary of the affected space.Top 4 UI top was adjusted.Added impact when Stun Grenades are utilized by a participant whereas watching in spectator mode.Improved the HUD.QoL ImprovementsSocial Features When a PUBG buddy joins the sport, you will obtain a notification by means of the chat window. You can obtain notifications each within the foyer and through matches, and you may flip these notifications on or off.If you obtain a notification in the course of the match, you’ll be able to ship a whisper by selecting from the presets.SettingsAdded photos to help with deciding on brightness settings.Items and SkinsThe gross sales interval is topic to vary.Value PackSale Begins: PDT: July 6, 7 PMKST: July 7, 11 AMCEST: July 7, 4 AMValue Pack is offered as DLC and DLC which embody G-Coin aren’t eligible for refunds.LongSkrSale Begins: PDT: July 6, 7 PMKST: July 7, 11 AMCEST: July 7, 4 AMSummerSale Begins: PDT: July 13, 7 PMKST: July 14, 11 AMCEST: July 14, 4 AMName Plate 4 Sale Begins: PDT: July 27, 7 PMKST: July 28, 11 AMCEST: July 28, 4 AMTeam Emote Sale Begins: PDT: July 27, 7 PMKST: July 28, 11 AMCEST: July 28, 4 AMReplay SystemThe replay system has been up to date. Replay recordsdata from earlier updates at the moment are unable for use.Bug FixesGameplayFixed a problem when taking part in can be positioned within the unsuitable facet of a automobile when coming into whereas ADS.Fixed the problem the place the participant perspective was FPP whereas parachuting from the Emergency Pickup in FPP mode.Fixed a problem the place the rear seat participant’s view is blocked within the roadster motorbike if the driving force was carrying a LV. 3 backpack pores and skin in FPP mode.Fixed the awkward graphical concern with the R1895.Fixed the problem the place the recoil animation was decrease than meant when firing R1895 in ADS mode.Fixed a visible concern with the journal mode when attaching an Extended Quick Draw Magazine to the P18C.Fixed a problem the place the participant’s footsteps, vaulting, and climbing sound results sounded completely different relying on the situation of one other participant at a distance.Fixed a problem the place the Adrenaline Syringe is used first even when there are different enhance gadgets, if there may be an Adrenaline Syringe within the stock when utilizing the auto enhance hotkey.Fixed a problem the place the smoke from a broken BRDM had a pointy edge in FPP.Fixed a problem the place the foyer Reconnect button would not work after sure bans had been overturned.Fixed the problem the place the moment quantity reducer did not work for the Lobby Ball and Emotes.Fixed a clipping with the Contraband Crate preview when the progressive pores and skin is at most degree.Fixed a problem the place the foyer intermittently restarted and characters weren’t displayed.Fixed the problem the place the character’s digicam path would not change when the character bumps into an object throughout strolling or operating.Fixed a problem the place the character would float up into the air when performing sure actions on the Lobby Ball.Fixed a problem the place customized spawn kits couldn’t be displayed in TDM when the map hotkey was set to carry.Fixed a problem the place the digicam shifted backward when utilizing a therapeutic or enhance merchandise within the again seat of the Buggy.Fixed a problem the place the pores and skin preview is about to ‘conceal’ when previewing PCS4 Crash Test Emote and Coupon Bundle within the Store.Fixed a problem the place the character’s arm was displayed surprisingly when altering the firing mode of the PP19 Bizon gun from the again seat of a motorbike or scooter.Fixed a problem the place SMGs might be used within the driver’s seat of bikes, scooters, and ATVs.Fixed a problem the place a participant might be teleported to a special location, associated to a destroyed Motor Glider.Fixed a problem the place the firing quantity in the course of the sport’s ready time in Training Mode was decrease than the firing quantity after the ready time.UI/UXFixed a problem the place the on-screen key information displayed within the replay is awkward when utilizing a controller on PC.Fixed a problem the place the identical notification was displayed repeatedly when buying a medal of the identical tier in Mastery.Fixed a problem the place the BattleStat module was displaying numbers exceeding the utmost restrict.Fixed a problem the place stats weren’t up to date correctly when shortly navigating by means of modes within the Stats display screen.Fixed a problem the place Korean enter was potential within the title when making a customized match for the primary time, however not potential from the second try.Fixed a problem the place automobiles weren’t seen when previewing automobile skins within the store after launching the sport for the primary time.Fixed a problem the place the Chicken Dinner Medals had incorrect explanations.Fixed a problem the place a console icon was displayed in entrance of the nickname within the system message when receiving or rejecting a buddy request.Fixed a problem the place, after a celebration invitation, if a celebration member entered a match with out accepting it, the participant who accepted it could not be capable of cancel matchmaking.Items and SkinsFixed a problem the place the chest space had visible clipping when carrying the PGI.S Tactical Vest and the essential LV.2,3 vest after equipping the Battle Bunny Outfit.Fixed the clipping concern when equipping Duncan’s Infiltrator Helmet – (Level 1) and Wooden Puppet Mask collectively.Fixed the clipping concern when a feminine character equips the shirt, necktie, and most sorts of skirts.Fixed the clipping concern on the wrist for feminine characters and within the abdomen space for male characters, when equipping any kind of Handwraps with a long-sleeve t-shirt.Fixed a clipping concern when carrying a vest whereas carrying a form-fitting gown.

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