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    Stock photography is now a demanding industry over the past decade. Many industry purchase stock photos for their company’s advertisement usage, websites and many more. When there are demand there are also supply, so contributing the supply is the photographers all over the world, ranging from category of travel, commercial image and others which are easily purchased from website rather than having a photographers team to shoot for the dedicated company use.

    With PxBee by Fotor Photography, this awesome website offers high quality photographs that enable user to purchase and download high quality photograph for their own usage. Emerging as the latest stock photo website, offers over 60 million high quality stunning photos from real life photographers.

    Websites Interface

    Entering on the address bar on your browser will bring you to the website itself and first view itself gives a clean look and is a “one page” website where you can scroll down to see more of the categories with thumbnails and pricing towards the bottom of the website.

    Categories with Thumbnails

    With the beautiful layout of the categories with thumbnails you can easily browse what type categories that you want to purchase. In this sample we chose abstract as the choice of category.


    After clicking into the category page, you are able to the the page with writing on the header and many photographs to choose from. Scrolling down the page will have a like never ending loading of photographs available.

    Sign Up and Login

    To purchase the photographs ,you may need to login or sign up if you don’t have the account. The signup is absolutely easy where it is integrated with Facebook, Google,We Chat and Fotor Account.

    Signup Page

    Login Page

    Searching For Photographs

    Searching for photographs has never been easy in where the main page itself has the search bar, just type in the photographs that you want to search for and click. It will load a search results on the page and same goes with the scrolling of never ending.

    Search for nigh scene

    Search Results

    Another additional features that refine the search result is the filter, placing on the top left page, is the search filter, with that you can refine your search results with specific preferences. There are many options to choose from.

    Refine search results with filters


    After look for the ideal photographs, you may add the photographs to cart of buy it immediately. It will then load to a purchase page where you can choose options of purchase. Each price may be different depending on the options that you choose.

    Purchase photographs with options and price available.

    Checkout Purchase Page

    The check out page will show all the details of the purchase, fill in the form and choose the payment method from Credit Card and also PayPal.


    PxBee offer two options for pricing : royalty-free licensing and subscription licensing.The currency to choose is either USD (United Stated Dollars) or CNY (Chinese Yuan)

    Royalty free licensing is a standard licensing, it is a one purchase option but the photographs is one time use. Price are as below:

    • Small Images : $2.99 each
    • Medium Images : $4.99 each
    • Large Images : $9.99 each

    Subscription license is another licensing option where user can either subscribe annually or monthly. Price are as below:

    • Annual subscriptions are from $0.27 per image and download 50, 125 or 750 images monthly per year
    • Monthly subscriptions are from $0.34 per image and download 25, 75 or 350 images per month.

    Photographs Quality

    Browsing through the content on PxBee, the quality of the images are somewhere range between mid-high range in comparison to other stock photography websites. The photographs are well considers if you want to use it as commercial use. With the clean editing of the contributors the photographs are very high quality and suitable to use for commercial use and personal use. Depends on the price options purchase, the quality may be different and also depending on the usage of the photographs.

    Sell Your Photos

    Selling your photos on PxBee is so easy, just join as contributors and sell your photos. There are requirements that are set by PxBee to let your buyer attract to the contribution. This includes:

    • Photographs must have a theme with a clear subject and precise expressions
    • It has to be suitable for design projects: bright colors, uncomplicated backgrounds
    • Naturally captured, depicting real moments of life
    • Visual impact and artistic expression
    • People and cultures with regional characteristics
    • Creative with a different perspective.

    However there are also photography that consider unacceptable for PxBee which include:

    • Photographs where you are not the author
    • Width or height of the photo is less than 800px
    • Anything with watermarks, text or other elements
    • Containing illegal or sensitive content
    • Containing too much digital noise
    • Low resolution: too blurred
    • Heavily tilted
    • Oversaturated color
    • Extremely underexposed or overexposed
    • With post effects of depth-of-field blur

    License Fee/ Payment

    “License Fee: PxBee will share 50% of the revenue after all applicable taxes and fees to the PxBee contributor each time a license of the photo is sold. The PxBee contributor’s share of the License Fee will be shown in and be credited to their PxBee account after the sale of a license has been validated. The balance in the account comprises two parts: Settled (updated at the end of a period, say, 30 days) and Expected (also referred to as Unsettled, new estimated share). The Settled balance can be cashed out while the Expected balance is held and subject to adjustment before entering into Settled for the next period.”

    The payment of the website is payable upon request, the payment is via PayPal. The transaction fee is charged by PayPal(if any) will be deducted from the amount cashed out.

    Join Now


    PxBee offer a very affordable pricing and high quality photographs for user. But at the new stage stage, there are still lots of improvement to consider. Overall, the quality of the content available on PxBee is off to a great start for a growing stock imagery website. All the contributors are very professional that done a very great job on doing photography.

    Useful Links

    Official Website


    About PxBee

    Sell Your Photos



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