Resident Evil 3 Remake Walkthrough Guide Part 5: NEST 2

    After battling the Nemesis, killing hordes of zombies, and venturing throughout the town, Jill Valentine is nearing the tip of her journey in Resident Evil 3 Remake. Keep going and discover each merchandise, improve, and collectible alongside the best way with our RE3 Remake walkthrough. Part 5 takes you underground to uncover Umbrella’s secrets and techniques and discover a solution to make it out of Raccoon City alive.If you want extra Resident Evil 3 content material, we have you lined. Check out our full Resident Evil 3 Remake walkthrough for assistance on every part. We’ve additionally received a whole record of Resident Evil 3 lockpick locks, in addition to secure places and codes, a information to discovering each Hip Pouch, a information to discovering the jewels for the Kite Road Railway Monument puzzle, and a proof of when it is best to combat the Nemesis for giant rewards.Note: This walkthrough covers Resident Evil 3 Remake for the Assisted, Standard, and Hardcore difficulties; on Nightmare and Inferno problem, enemy encounters and merchandise places are remixed.Resident Evil 3 Remake Walkthrough Part 4: Underground Storage And NEST 2 Underground LabUnderground StorageExit the elevator and go previous the smaller carry to discover a forklift simply previous it, with a inexperienced herb ready. At the highest of the carry is a secure room with a Hip Pouch inside; verify the desk for the Elevator Notice file as properly.When you attain the warehouse, first seize the Explosive A earlier than you drop down; it is on the pile of junk subsequent to the hole within the railing. You’ll want to search out three fuses to revive the facility. The first is on the prime of the primary carry you encounter; watch out of the skinless “Pale Head” zombie that drops all the way down to accost you as you strategy. These guys regenerate while you shoot them, so it is beneficial you utilize one thing sturdy just like the shotgun or magnum to dispatch them shortly and completely. Take the ladder down from the primary generator after which head west into the container crate to search out handgun ammo.Keep transferring and your path might be blocked. Deal with the 2 zombie canine that seem; you will have a zombie to combat up forward as properly. Push between the cabinets to maintain advancing and snag the pink herb at your ft as you get by means of the hole. There’s additionally a Charle Doll on the shelf on the suitable as you exit the hole between the cabinets.Ahead, decrease the carry beside the staircase, then cross it to the darkened nook on the opposite facet. There’s a case right here that holds the Shotgun Shell Holder improve. Raise the carry again up, then take the steps as much as the door on the prime. The subsequent room has three zombies, together with one of many harder Pale Head zombies, so use warning. Grab the Employee Memo file off the crates on the left and the shotgun shells from the shelf on the suitable. Unlatch the door to get again to the secure room; take the door on the left.Your second fuse is simply on the backside of the ladder, however put together your self to combat off a Hunter to get to it. This is a good spot and it will come at you quick, so when you’ve got acid rounds, get them prepared. There’s additionally gunpowder on the crate on the left facet of the aisle.Backtrack up the ladder and return to the steps. Use the carry to get into the again nook of the room to search out handgun bullets. Exit the carry on the opposite facet to search out the trail ahead; increase a second carry and verify the crate on the left facet of the platform it connects to for high-grade gunpowder.Get prepared for a combat while you drop down the ladder. The transport container closest to the pink generator will open first, spilling out some zombies; after that, the one close to the ladder will open, revealing a Hunter Gamma. The Hunter is the larger menace right here, since it might kill you in a single shot if it will get shut sufficient. One technique is to drop just a few mine rounds close to the container the place the zombies will assault from to cowl your again, then give attention to taking down the Hunter Gamma. If you have received a flame spherical, you are able to do it in a single shot; if not, hearth into its open mouth when it goes in for an assault with the shotgun or Lightning Hawk till it goes down, then mop up the zombies or escape up the ladder to heal.If you managed to filter out the enemies, verify the Hunter Gamma’s container for a inexperienced herb and the zombie container for 2 gunpowders and a high-grade gunpowder. Then seize your fuse and head again to the elevator. Be cautious, as a result of the three our bodies that had been mendacity in entrance of the elevator earlier than at the moment are three mutated zombies.At the highest of the elevator is a typewriter and an Item Box, and you will get the Unfinished Activity Log file from the management panel. In the entrance proper nook of the room close to the window, open a crate to search out the MAG Extended Barrel improve.Don’t take the elevator right here till you are all accomplished within the warehouse, since you will not be capable of returnNEST 2The room on the finish of the corridor as you enter is a secure room; discover a inexperienced herb inside on the suitable, high-grade gunpowder on the left, and the NEST 2 Employee Regulations file on the desk close to the typewriter. It additionally consists of the NEST 2 Map.Go up the steps beside the secure room, then take a left into the hallway. You’ll discover a zombie on the bottom and one other across the nook. Break the picket crate to search out shotgun shells, and seize the Isaac Graves’ Diary file off the bottom beside it.Ahead, you will enter a room with a number of tanks and hospital beds. Turn left from the door and verify the corners on the south facet for high-grade gunpowder and handgun ammo. In the middle of the room, on a mattress, is the Essay on Vaccine Synthesis file. Finally, head to the inexperienced pc within the nook on the suitable and get a Flash Drive out of it; look at it to disclose that it is the Override Key.Back downstairs, the Override Key can open the locked door you handed coming in. Inside you will discover one common zombie and a number of other Pale Heads, so watch out to not get cornered; the magnum can drop the Pale Heads with one headshot, if you wish to be fast about it. Grab the Shipping Notice file off the desk on the base of the steps; go previous them to the again of the room to discover a inexperienced herb, shotgun shells, and Explosive A alongside the again wall. Ignore the door again right here and climb the steps as a substitute.Lab ATurn left while you enter to search out the Weaponry Authorization Request file on the desk and gunpowder on a rolling cart beside it. Activate the machine to get the Capture Syringe; look at it to show it into an Antigen Sample. Note that while you decide up the syringe, one of many our bodies will rise up and assault you as a zombie. Leave Lab A by the far door to search out handgun ammo within the subsequent room and a Charle Doll on the bottom close to the crates blocking the best way.Return again down the steps. A contemporary Pale Head will drop out of one of many bizarre packages above you, so be ready to take care of it. Leave by the door behind the room to enter a server room with extra stairs. Go across the servers in your proper to discover a case that accommodates acid rounds. In the nook to your left as you enter is a pink herb, and you’ll seize gunpowder off a desk on the left close to the laptop computer. Near the physique on the finish of the catwalk on the suitable facet of the door is the Scientist’s Dying Message file, beside a slumped physique.At the underside of the steps, head round towards the facility generator factor. Kill the zombie that shambles after you, then go to the far facet of the large pc server to discover a case that accommodates first help spray. Push within the huge pink factor to energy the large door on the opposite facet of the room. Before you go additional, if you do not have acid rounds, make some. You’ll discover Explosive B simply forward when you’re brief on assets.Tyrant LabCheck across the again of the primary jar with the large coronary heart in it for a case that holds Explosive B. The elevator will take you to a catwalk; as you advance, zombies will pour out of the door forward, together with a Pale Head, two mutated, and a daily. Beyond them is a case with Explosive B inside.Head into the Incubation Lab, coping with the zombie within the nook. This room accommodates the Liquid-Filled Test Tube; look at it to show it into the Adjuvant Sample. Combine that with the Antigen Sample to get a Vaccine Base. You’ll additionally discover Explosive A in a case within the nook, gunpowder close to the pattern tubes close by, and the Expression of Concern file on the desk beneath the Mega Man poster.As you permit the realm, the Hunters watching you suspiciously from the pattern tubes will bust out. You’ll combat two at first, then a 3rd. Use acid rounds on them to weaken them, then end them with the shotgun (or no matter different weapon you like). When all three are down, you’ll be able to proceed. Head again to the vaccine synthesis machine and use the Vaccine Base. Set the temperatures to Med, High, Low to get the Vaccine.Worker’s Break RoomCheck the room for plenty of goodies: flame rounds, explosive rounds, high-grade gunpowder, and a primary help spray. The breakable picket field additionally has Explosive B. On the wall beside the door, you will discover the Disposal Center file. Exit onto the large catwalk and switch left to discover a case with extra flame rounds in it, then head to the steps. Before you get to them, verify your gear: you need just a few therapeutic objects, plus all of the grenade launcher rounds you’ll be able to carry. Around 10 further rounds for the magnum might be useful as properly.Like the combat on the Clocktower, you will wish to maintain transferring when coping with Nemesis within the Disposal Center. He has various assaults he’ll throw at you, most of that are fairly closely telegraphed, however when you maintain transferring and depend on your dodge, you’ll keep away from most of them. Watch out for the Nemesis backing approach up and hunkering down for a second–this means he is about to fling his tentacle arm at you. You’ll additionally see him rear up for a fast soar towards you, and slash away along with his different arm.Even higher than holding away from the Nemesis is blowing it up with the grenade launcher, which briefly stuns it out of all of its assaults. You ought to have a large number of grenade launcher rounds at this level, and that is the time to make use of them. Flame rounds are efficient in damaging the Nemesis early on since it’s going to catch hearth and burn for some time, however explosive rounds are best for gorgeous it. You’ll need these for later when the Nemesis makes use of extra aggressive assaults, so finest to avoid wasting them at first portion of the combat.When Carlos reveals up, the Nemesis will begin working across the outdoors of the sector like he did within the Clocktower Plaza combat, stopping sometimes behind one of many huge electrical turbines. When that occurs, shoot the pink squares on the generator Carlos names along with your handgun; that’ll set off a burst of electrical energy and toss the Nemesis again into the disposal tank, the place you’ll be able to lay into it. Shoot it within the uncovered floppy pink coronary heart or hit it with a grenade when it lands and do as a lot harm as you can–but maintain onto your explosive rounds for gorgeous, as a result of the Nemesis might be much more aggressive throughout this a part of the combat.Another vital level: when the Nemesis runs alongside the facet of the tank, two zombies will drop in by means of chutes across the edges. If you are distracted, they will wander up behind you and destroy your day. The finest solution to deal with them is to disregard the Nemesis when he begins working, pull out your magnum, and kill the zombies as quickly as attainable. One magnum shot will normally do the job. You’ll additionally discover ammo and different pickups scattered across the edges of the realm when you want a refresh.The extra you harm the Nemesis, the extra aggressive it’s going to get–especially after the primary time Carlos smashes it with a bit of equipment. When that occurs, look ahead to the Nemesis to hunker down and take longer to arrange larger assaults. Stun it with grenades when you can, as a result of all these hits are robust ones. You significantly wish to keep away from the assault when it raises its tentacle excessive into the air. It takes a second or it to deliver it down, however when it does, the Nemesis begins flailing round and might hit you two or thrice earlier than you are in a position to rise up, get away, and heal your self. It’s this assault that is more than likely to kill you, so do your finest to maintain it from taking place altogether along with your grenades.Repeat the method just a few occasions and you may put sufficient harm on the Nemesis to defeat it.Staff Break RoomWhen you are by means of within the Disposal Center, head to the Staff Break Room forward, the place it can save you. You’ll discover gunpowder and a primary help spray in right here, together with the Weapon Spec Sheet file on the shelf. Gear your self up with ammo and therapeutic objects, as a lot as you might need left, earlier than you head out.As you might need guessed from the Weapon Spec Sheet file, you will want one thing particular to take the Nemesis down. The rail gun you examine is definitely proper behind you while you begin the combat, so spin round, take it out, and provides it a shot to get the combat going correctly.Once you have blasted away with the rail gun, you will see that three of the blue energy cells across the room have turned pink, requiring you to push them again into place. You cannot do this whereas the Nemesis is actively attacking you; it takes too lengthy, you are left too susceptible, and there is a good probability he’ll use an assault the place he grabs you in his hand and crushes you to demise when you’re unable to get away. First, it is advisable to shoot the monster to stun it.Focus on the large, pulsating orange sacs that pop up on the Nemesis. These are its weak factors, they usually’re simple to destroy. Use no matter ammo you have received, however the handgun or the magnum are literally the best weapons for damaging these, because of their accuracy. It does not take many handgun photographs to destroy each, and there is plenty of spare ammo round.While you are popping the sacs, the Nemesis might be attacking you. Keep an eye fixed on its fingers and tentacles and attempt to maintain away from them. When it smashes the ground in entrance of it, with every hand coming nearer, dodge out to the edges to keep away from a giant slam within the heart of the room; when it raises its tentacles up, run between them within the heart. Its assaults might be fairly simple to see coming, for the reason that Nemesis may be very huge and gradual at this level. Watch the place it seems to be like his arms are going and dodge clear to keep away from taking damage–he largely simply slams them straight down. You’ll additionally must dodge the acid globs he spews in your course, however they’re additionally usually fairly gradual and simple to anticipate.When you pop all of the weak factors, the Nemesis will fall over for just a few seconds. On Standard problem, it is best to have time to push again the 2 energy cells on the suitable earlier than the Nemesis will get itself again collectively, however do not threat going after the third if the timing appears shut; you are more likely to die within the try. (On Hardcore, the Nemesis will get better extra shortly, and you may solely have sufficient time to push one energy cell again into place.) Take a second to destroy the weak factors once more earlier than getting the final cell. If you are low on therapeutic objects or ammo, verify the crates instantly to the left and proper of the rail gun–there are a ton of ammo bins for the handgun, plus hand grenades and first help sprays.Power up the rail gun, seize it, and go to city. Repeat the method till you are lastly victorious.Now That It’s OverYou might need escaped Raccoon City, however there’s nonetheless extra to do in Resident Evil 3. Completing the sport on Hardcore problem unlocks Nightmare mode, which remixes enemy encounters and merchandise places, whereas making every part harder. Beat that and you’ll unlock Inferno mode, which ratchets up the issue much more. In our opinions, the tougher difficulties are undoubtedly one of the best ways to get pleasure from Resident Evil 3 Remake.You may use the Shop on the Bonuses display so as to add new weapons and objects to your repertoire that may show you how to speedrun Resident Evil 3 Remake and full the aims on the Records display. There’s much more to finish that’ll maintain you busy for a bit.Missed one thing? Go again and discover all of it with our Resident Evil 3 Remake Walkthrough Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

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