Say Hello to DJI Tello and Feel the Party Starting with this Fun Drone!

    Today, we are going to talk about this smart and fun little toy drone that comes equipped with a variety of impressive features. Taking into consideration this drone’s low price point, it can be used as a popular and fun little quadcopter for both adults as well as teens. The Tello is full packed with features, which makes it a standout from the toy drone category. The Tello is best suited for flying indoors, but only if a wide-open space is available. It weighs only around 80 grams and is super easy to carry around.

    Overall, we are sure you would be quite impressed with this drone once you give it a thorough testing. It’s a robust quadcopter that is leagues beyond any of the drones of the toy drone family. The Tello is easy to control and comes with a relatively simple interface. So, if you are a beginner, and are on the lookout to become familiar with the mechanics of flight, you should get your hands on the Dji Tello. Rise Above Custom Drone Solutions is an Australian based, family run business and are the number one distributor Of DJI Drones in Australia. They are a part of the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) industry for more than five years; and offer all kinds of drones like hobby drones, professional drones, enterprise drones, custom drones etc.

    Features of The Tello that you should get excited about:

    The Tello is a super fun and very-easy-to-use-drone. They are perfect for all those who are keen on creating social media content without having to fork out cash for an expensive professional drone. These drones are very affordable, and much less costlier than other DJI drones, for example, the DJI Phantom 4. These drones also help you see the world from the sky, discovering new and exciting perspectives. These are safe, durable, and deserve a spot in your drone collection.

    • Throw and go: One of the most fun features of this drone is that you just need to toss it up in the air, and it shall start flying.
    • 8D Flips: You can perform cool aerial trick and stunts with this drone. Just give a tap or slide on the screen. And voila, it’s done.
    • Bounce: Another fun mode of this drone is that it can fly up and down from your hand automatically.
    • No SD card: So, when you purchase this fun toy drone, you don’t need to get an SD card too. This drone is configured to share and save the recorded footage directly to your smartphone. Now, you can easily make use of it.
    • EZ shots: This drone records automated short videos so that you can share it with your friends.
    • Clear images: This drone comes with electronic image stabilisation that results in consistent, high quality images.
    • 5MP pictures: The Tello helps you to preserve memorable moments with the help of high-resolution photographs.
    • Positioning: It also comes with vision positioning system which is a high tech way that facilitates precise hovering.
    • Take off /landing: You can indulge in automatic take-off and landing with just a single tap on the screen.
    • Protection: This drone comes with failsafe protection that allows it to land safely even if the pilot loses connection.
    • Headset: It comes with a VR headset compatibility that offers you the chance to fly with a stunning first-person view.
    • Tello app: The Tello drone comes with its own app that has a user friendly interface. This app makes your first step in the drone world even easier.
    • Flight time: This drone can boast of a flight time of around 13 minutes.
    • Smart switching: This drone is equipped with 2 antennas.
    • ITD: This drone has an Image Transition Distance (ITD) of around 100 metres.

     So, these were most of the fun and favourite features that the Tello has to offer. It’s a perfect drone to go for, if you want something effective yet easy and affordable. And once you add this fun drone to your collection, let’s say the party fun is just going to be started.

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