Sekiro Guardian Ape Boss Guide: How To Beat The Brutal Beast

    Most of the robust bosses in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice are sword-wielding warriors, forcing you to combat by way of their blows and take them down when their guard is damaged. Occasionally, although, you may face some big, mythic beasts, just like the Blazing Bull or the Great Serpent. The Guardian Ape is one other such ridiculous monster, and its broad number of strikes and efficient ranges make it a troublesome beast to finest.You’ll discover the Guardian Ape in your highway by way of the toxic swamps of the Sunken Valley. The boss guards a flower that you must advance Sekiro’s story, so you may must cope with it sooner or later–although should you can bulk up with Prayer Beads or by ending off different bosses first, you may wish to achieve this. Amping your assault energy towards the Guardian Ape could be very helpful, since you may must do a whole lot of harm to it through the combat.We’ve bought every part you may must know to cope with the Guardian Ape, from its poop-throwing antics to its sword-swinging mayhem. For extra Sekiro guides, take a look at our large (and rising) data middle in regards to the sport.Slash Away To Do InjuryThe Guardian Ape is not a boss you are going to parry away at to knock down his posture. Instead, that you must deal harm to decrease its Vitality, which implies searching for openings to wail away at it together with your sword. Quite a lot of these openings are robust to search out, and you will not be capable to do a lot harm. You’ll wish to stability between being near the Guardian Ape, so you may get in and do harm, and staying away from a few of its harder strikes. Stay at mid-range, and use the entire enviornment to get away from strikes you may’t deal with, whereas staying away from the partitions so you do not get hemmed in.Be Sure To ParryJust as a result of the Guardian Ape is not utilizing a blade does not imply you may’t parry its assaults. In truth, the Guardian Ape is simply too fast and its arms too lengthy so that you can keep away from most of its strikes; parrying is the one actual option to keep within the combat and to maintain shut sufficient to do harm. The finest time to assault is after the Ape’s large four-move combo–it begins with a swing from every arm, adopted by an assault that’ll push you fairly far-off, and ending with the Ape leaping in from above. Parry all of them, however particularly the final two, and you will open up the Ape for a counterattack. This is one among your finest alternatives to deal harm. Another is after the vertical swing the Ape does, through which it follows by way of to land on its again and flail round prefer it’s throwing a tantrum. Sprint round towards its head and get in just a few assaults because it finishes rolling round, then get clear.Grapple In And Go For The FaceOne of the very best alternatives for damaging the Guardian Ape comes from utilizing your grappling hook. When the Ape stops to roar, it’s going to expose the sword in its neck that allows you to seize it to swing in. If you have got it unlocked, use the Ashina ability that allows you to assault after a grapple and you’ll are available in and get two good swings on the boss’s face earlier than you even hit the bottom. You may typically grapple in when the Ape is strolling across the battlefield. You’ll want to remain comparatively shut, although, so you do not miss the grapple alternatives, that are principally free harm.Stay Away From The Back And Dodge That Poop!One set of strikes may have the Guardian Ape swinging away at you, then coming round right into a sitting place with its again to you. That makes a tempting goal, however maintain your distance, as a result of the Ape has two methods of responding to your presence. The first approach is to shortly spin round, pound the bottom, and open up with an enormous swinging assault, all of which you may want to dam or parry to remain alive. The second is to face up extra slowly and rip off an enormous fart that drops inexperienced gasoline everywhere in the space, which is toxic. It’s higher simply to remain away.The fart transfer is sort of all the time adopted by the Ape’s harmful ranged assault, through which it poops in its hand, leaps into the air, and throws the large turd in your route. This is a tricky assault as a result of it’s going to do fairly a bit of harm, in addition to doubtlessly hit you with poison. If your poison meter is low, probably the most dependable option to deal with the assault is to dam it and take the poison hit. But should you’re risking poison affliction, strive sprinting away and hitting the dodge button simply because the turd would hit you to keep away from it. Be conscious that should you keep too far-off from the Ape, you are prone to set off this assault as properly, so it is higher to remain comparatively shut.Use The FirecrackersMost enemies are distracted by the Firecrackers prosthetic, and it’s totally efficient towards animals just like the Guardian Ape. That does not imply it is foolproof, however you may usually interrupt the Guardian Ape’s assaults with Firecrackers, providing you with an opportunity to get in shut and knock out just a few slashes. Like any boss, watch out to not use the Firecrackers once you’re already susceptible, as they will not all the time cease an assault animation that is already began. They’re nice for getting in just a few good hits or for getting somewhat respiratory room to heal.Watch That HeadOnce you lop off the Guardian Ape’s head, you are truly not performed preventing it–you’ll face it in a second spherical as a headless, sword-wielding monster due to its standing as an Infested. The head remains to be harmful, although. If you keep too near the Guardian Ape, it’s going to smash its head again towards its neck and begin screaming. The scream is a visual shimmer across the ape and should you’re too shut, you may take damage–and you may expertise Terror. If the Terror bar fills up, it’s going to kill you, so be sure you get away from the Ape as quick as you may once you see the Perilous image seem. The finest approach is to simply dash immediately away; search for the beginning of the transfer, which is the Ape beginning to deliver the pinnacle up towards its neck.The Vertical Slash Gives You An OpeningA few strikes are price parrying to guard your self or to get a gap, however there’s one key assault that you just completely wish to parry each single time you see it. That’s the vertical smash strike the boss does with its sword. You’ll understand it as a result of it’s kind of of a dancerly transfer, with the Guardian Ape elevating the sword into the air and type of wavering forwards and backwards. It’s a little bit of a delayed assault and takes a strive or two to get the timing proper, however parrying it’s important. An ideal parry on that transfer will trigger the Guardian Ape to pitch ahead and fall, mendacity on the bottom for just a few seconds so you may slash away at it. If you do not go for some other assault alternatives, be sure you go for this one. The large harm you are able to do will make the combat go fairly shortly.(Spoilers!) Guardian Ape ReduxOnce you’ve got overwhelmed the Guardian Ape, you may proceed by way of the Sunken Valley to the toxic Ashina Depths, the place you may finally discover a large cave. Inside is your previous pal Guardian Ape, now seemingly forlorn as a result of he has to hold his head round with him in all places, and but can not die. You can combat the ape one final time to get one other Memory to extend your assault energy.The combat is damaged into two phases. The first proceeds the identical as your final combat with the headless model of the Guardian Ape did, and is mostly fairly easy–especially should you bear in mind to dam the vertical assaults that stagger the boss and allow you to get in a bunch of free hits.The second half of the combat is the robust one. Once you land a deathblow on the Guardian Ape, it’s going to roar and name in its mate, a smaller brown ape that fights with most of the similar strikes the unique, headed model of the Guardian Ape did. You’re now preventing two enemies directly, but it surely’s not as unhealthy because it sounds. Target the brown ape, which is way weaker than the Guardian Ape, however attempt to maintain each in your display screen as a lot as you may. Focus on killing the brown ape as quick as doable. You ought to be capable to do it fairly shortly, for the reason that brown ape’s Posture would not get better as quick because the Guardian Ape’s did, and it has a lot much less well being. Just do your finest to maintain the Guardian Ape in your peripheral imaginative and prescient so it would not hack you up whereas your again is turned.Once the brown ape is down, it is a easy matter to complete off the Guardian Ape and land that ultimate deathblow to sever its immortality.

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