The Future of Kitchen Technology

    Let’s face it, it was only a matter of time before smart tech made its way into one of the most active areas in our homes — our kitchens.

    It’s certainly no surprise. Some of the first tablet and smart home devices were actually designed to be used in the kitchen, such as 3com’s innovative Audrey tablet. While the Audrey may have been a bit ahead of its time, it’s certainly not uncommon now for homes to have a smart TV, tablet, or smart house device delegated for use in the kitchen.

    In fact, the smart fridge has become a popular product at many home appliance stores, and for good reason. Smart fridge technology allows users to play music, read recipes, or even leave shopping lists out for loved ones. Some high-end smart fridges even include internal cameras that keep track of your grocery supply and alert you when you’re out of ingredients.

    So, what’s next for smart home innovation in your kitchen?

    Complete Integration

    How many times a week do you crawl into the kitchen, weary-eyed, to make a much-needed cup of coffee?

    The good news? It’s gotten a lot easier in the past few years with the invention of single-cup brewing machines that make hot, fresh coffee faster than ever.

    The technology is still improving, as integrated coffee makers allow you to control and schedule your morning cup of Joe automatically — before you’ve even rolled out of bed.

    Likewise, these smart coffee brewers will even allow you to customize your perfect temperature using a smartphone-controlled thermostat, and even connect with other appliances wirelessly.

    The result? A much more pleasant start to your future mornings.

    Self-Cleaning Appliances

    The past year has made all of us a lot more conscious about spreading germs and keeping our homes cleaner and healthier. This trend is backed by tech that allows us to clean with minimal effort, and with a reduced risk of spreading germs.

    Touchless appliances will allow us to cook food and brew coffee from our phones without having to touch the same buttons as others in our family or in our workplace.

    Some appliances will integrate voice control as an alternative to traditional buttons, which notoriously harbor dirt and germs.

    Our cleaning appliances themselves are also getting smarter and more hygienic. Robotic vacuums are more accessible and powerful than ever, replacing the need for traditional vacuum cleaners in many homes.


    Steamed food may not always be the most indulgent or appealing choice, but with people always looking to cook cleaner and healthier, it’s certainly the most technology-forward.

    Steam-powered ovens are gaining popularity for their ability to cook foods quickly while preserving nutrients. Another bonus? Steam cooking also reduces or eliminates the need for calorie-dense oils that are often required for cooking certain types of foods.

    Cooking Up Tech

    There’s a pretty good chance you, or one of your neighbors, are already using at least one of these smart kitchen devices in your home. Believe it or not, these devices will become commonplace in the home kitchen sooner than later.

    As technology shifts its focus to sustainability and making our lives easier, these types of appliances will become more affordable and accessible.

    For more up-to-date info on ways your kitchen is getting smarter, check out these kitchen tech trends.


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