Technology is the lifeblood that keeps our daily lives alive and functioning, although we might not notice it at times. Lately, it has been a crucial factor in keeping our society intact. Technology is directly connected to innovation and progress. It uses thoughts and ideas and transforms it into something that a lot of people use in their day to day lives. It has brought luxury and convenience into the lives of everyday people.

Technological advancements, especially computerization, have helped us save time and energy in doing certain things so we have more time to do activities that we’re actually passionate about. Data entry, a largely mundane and monotonous task, has been simplified and almost automatic.

Advances in technology have also a hand in changing our way of learning, thinking, and communicating with one another. The everyday interaction among individuals has been completely reshaped and redefined through technology. We can converse with loved ones across the globe or forgo face-to-face interaction in lieu of a virtual one, thus saving us more time in the day to do work. But it’s not all good news.

The exponential rate at which technology has progressed over the past decades also brought some consequences. Overall, people are becoming more reclusive, opting instead to spend time at home being on their screens than interacting with people in the real world.

Children are given smartphones and tablets as a distraction, hampering their developmental growth, physically and mentally. But despite these setbacks, advancements in technology continue to progress and at an even faster pace.

Task and Chores are Done Efficiently

Innovations in technology have helped mechanize important industrial and household progress. The devices that have invaded our private spaces have become crucial to our daily lives. Appliances spared us of performing chores that would otherwise take up a good portion of our day; spy camera helps us keep track of activities around a property.

Technology has advanced enough that this equipment not only does these mundane tasks but can do so from start to finish with very little human intervention.

If we compare the modern ways we do chores with how it was done in the past, we see just how much technology has changed the world and transformed it into what we know of it today. We’re now able to accomplish tasks far more effectively and efficiently without expending the same amount of energy as we did in the past.

All these wonderful innovations have culminated in people today living a more convenient, stress-free, and comfortable life.

Communication Innovation

One of the most influential and profound innovations the world has seen so far is the smartphone. Its predecessor, the cellphone, might have changed how we communicate, connecting people far more quickly, but the smartphone completely revolutionized our understanding of what it means to be connected. Telephones and mobile phones might connect us to a couple of people at a time through calls and texts but the smartphone opens the entire world and hands it on our hands.

Never have we seen this level of interconnectedness. Breaking news can be spread far and wide in a matter of seconds eliciting an immediate response from people.

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, have expanded our ability to communicate with people. We’re no longer confined to talking to one person at a time or chatting to just our immediate circle. Facebook made it possible to reconnect with old friends and long lost relatives. Twitter made it possible to connect with strangers who share similar interests and passions online. Instagram paved the way for people to showcase their creativity in front and center.

Meetings that were done at conference rooms achieve the same results as those done through video conferencing with people spread out all around the world. All these progress thanks to a little computer that fits comfortably into our pocket.


The same way that smartphone changed people individually; the world at large was reshaped by the rise of computerization. What was once a big hulking mass of wires, cables, and vacuum tubes that take up an entire room has been condensed to a chip the size of our finger. Complex equations and calculations can now be done at the speed of light using gadgets small enough to be carried around.

Different industries across the world owe a lot to computers. From manufacturing to healthcare to managing spy cameras for residential and commercial security, our dependence on computerization has never been as severe as it is now and there’s no sign it’s going to be changing soon.

Education and Learning

If you ask any person what is one thing that technology has, without a doubt, had a hand in improving, many would answer education. Comparing the education system and how we learned in the past to what is commonplace now is almost the worlds apart. Traditional education requires passive learning, with students absorbing information from a source, whether a book or an older person.

Now, it’s more dynamic and collaborative. Teachers are now given the task of facilitating learning instead of giving information to students. Likewise, students aren’t bound by the four walls of the classroom anymore – they are free to find information about anything through the internet.

Sites like YouTube, Udemy, and Khan Academy help supplement classroom learning for many students. In some parts of the world, it’s their only learning tool to teach students about the world. Textbooks are slowly being out-phased with computers and tablets. Homeschooling has also improved significantly thanks to online learning tools. Students at home can learn almost the same thing, if not more, like those students in traditional classroom settings.

We are certainly a long way from the era of Morse code and telegraph. We live in a time where transoceanic travels are done on a regular basis to very little fuss, getting news updates happen hourly, transactions are done virtually from anywhere. All these we owe a lot to technological advancements and the people who made all these things possible. As our society matures and continues to make great leaps forward, who knows what fantastical and awe-inspiring things will become completely normal, almost routine, a couple of decades from now.


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