The wearables of Star Wars, and their nearest real-life equivalents

    Final yr we visited the Star Wars Identities showcase forward of the launch of Rogue One, and with The Final Jedi simply days away we’re republishing and updating our information to the best wearables within the Star Wars universe. 

    The Star Wars universe has at all times supplied wealthy pickings for lovers of expertise, with the world George Lucas constructed again in 1977 resplendent with lightsabers, AT-ATs and the Millennium Falcon. 

    However, let’s face it, the chance of getting your very personal laser sword is fairly small, and we’re but to provide you with a Tie Fighter not to mention an Imperial Star Destroyer. 

    Happily, Star Wars has loads of tech that appears rather less future-flung and we realized that, of the entire devices, the wearable ones had been undoubtedly shaping as much as be the least far, distant from actuality. 

    Lando Calrissian’s watch 

    Lando was undoubtedly on the vanguard of the smartwatch revolution, along with his watch handily permitting this lovable rogue to keep watch over Cloud Metropolis after profitable management of the mining outpost by means of playing. It additionally seems to come back pre-installed with the Lobot app, permitting Calrissian to speak along with his lobotomized aide Lobot and get him to facilitate the town’s evacuation after the double-crossing of Darth Vader. 

    Nearest real-world equal: Though the manipulation of lobotomized folks by means of wearables is essentially frowned upon on Earth, the smartwatch has a minimum of given us a bit glimpse into the world of manipulating the universe from our wrist. The Apple Watch might be essentially the most well-known smartwatch, and we just lately reviewed the Apple Watch 3

    Stormtrooper masks

    The age-old query of why do Stormtroopers put on armor when it offers little or no apparent safety to the ever present blaster has by no means been actually adequately answered – though the suggestion is that even a wookie can’t break the shining white costumes. That mentioned, The Power Awakens introduced us (very cool) up to date armor that filters out smoke (however not toxins) in addition to doing another funky stuff. 

    Nearest real-world equal: If you happen to’re not seeking to fend off assaults from Wookies you’ll be able to most likely excuse the shortage of a full go well with of Stormtrooper armor (though you’ll be able to really purchase loads of the bits from Amazon). Nevertheless, sensible helmets have gotten a giant factor (see additionally our Insurgent Pilot entry later on this piece). We’re going to pick Livall’s cycle helmet  which presents up flip indicators (rear indicators), a Bluetooth speaker and hands-free cellphone performance in addition to an SOS alert which will, or most likely could not, name the closest Tie Fighter squadron to your help. 

    Boba Fett’s rocket-firing wrist watch/gauntlet/bracelet/factor

    Okay, watch might be pushing it – and checking the time might be a bit extra fraught if you’re successfully pointing an explosive projectile at any person. However there’s one thing annoyingly cool about having a rocket-firing wrist-thing even for an avowed pacifist. I imply, are you able to think about the response you’d get at a fireworks show? We reckon that Boba made these gauntlet thingimijigs with a 3D printer and put in the requisite laser beam (clearly), whipcord firing thingy and, in fact, that rocket launcher himself.

    Nearest real-world equal: Sadly, Nerf discontinued its ‘Wrist Blitzer’ again within the 90s, and actual rockets/whipcord firers and, frickin’ laser beams are cruelly outlawed by most governments. So, how about choosing up the Dial smartwatch straight from the thoughts of (music) auteur It has an identical homebrew high quality, it is going to undoubtedly repel the overwhelming majority of individuals as successfully as a rocket, and you’ll most likely tie an affordable pocket laser pointer to it with out ruining its elegant traces. 

    Insurgent flight helmet 

    Yep – hats and watches are going to dominate the listing – and also you may assume that the Insurgent Pilot helmet is a reasonably low tech entry in our Star Wars wearables. Certainly, the retro tech of a very long time in the past couldn’t even jam a focusing on laptop into the helmet (not that it might notably assist with any vents/womprats and so forth). Nevertheless, we are able to make some broad assumptions that they (most likely) contained some type of heads up show, and communications tools, and also you undoubtedly put on it…so WE’RE HAVING IT OKAY? 

    Nearest equal: Heads up shows and AR are starting to make an actual impression, so we have picked out the Microsoft HoloLens.Yeah, it will set you again just a few thousand for the time being for the ‘growth’ version, however guys this AUGMENTS actuality. 

    Bandolier / Utility belts 

    The world of Star Wars is overflowing with utility belts, and we’re undoubtedly going to must embrace the bandolier if we would like the complete vary of motion add-ons that each nicely ready galactic explorer wants. Chewbacca’s bandolier is a little bit of a thriller, and though we assume it incorporates ammunition and boring stuff, we’d additionally prefer to assume it’s the place any self-respecting Wookie retains his electro-comb. Luke’s stormtrooper utility belt has a rope attachment that’s merely the perfect for Loss of life Star swinging, and Boba Fett’s most likely does one thing dangerously superior like inducing vomiting within the Sarlacc (wishwishwishwish). 

    Nearest equal: The bum bag. It’s making a comeback folks…

    Darth Vader’s armor

    Limbs within the Star Wars universe are pretty straightforward to exchange, however shedding virtually all of them and likewise having your airways seared by lava is sufficient to trigger some pretty hefty well being issues for anybody. Happily for Anakin Skywalker, the evil Emperor was on, ahem, hand to reconstruct his padawan in a frightening go well with of black armour bedecked with every thing a lung-lite Sith might want to carry on shifting. 

    Nearest actual life equal: There’s some genuinely awe-inspiring work being done on medical prosthetics. The worlds of 3D printing brings low-cost and straightforward personalisation – permitting for personalised fittings to be produced, and the motor features and stage of management are going by means of speedy enchancment. 


    If you happen to completely should select some type of helpful backpack, then we’d undoubtedly advocate a Jedi grasp who can elevate an X-Wing out of a swamp with simply the ability of the power, or end your Jedi coaching utilizing rocks. 

    Nearest world equal: A backpack can be much less helpful for spaceship restoration however undoubtedly present extra cupboard space, however the present market chief in power wearables is, in actual fact, the Force Band which can be utilized along with Sphero’s sensible BB-Eight battle droid to propel your little pal with simply the ability of your thoughts* 

    *not your thoughts.

    And this is just a few extra Star Wars wearables…

    Picture 1 of 6

    Stormtroopers armor

    Picture 2 of 6

    Lando’s broach communicator

    Picture three of 6

    Han Solos’s iconic belt

    Picture four of 6

    Insurgent pilot chestpiece

    Picture 5 of 6

    Tusken raider masks

    Picture 6 of 6

    Darth Vader’s armor

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