Think Tank Issues Guidance for AI Policymakers

    How ought to policymakers deal with the numerous considerations raised by the introduction of synthetic intelligence into society? The Center for Data Innovation (CDI) has some solutions to that query in a report it launched Monday.
    The 56-page doc focuses on greater than two dozen considerations raised by AI, every accompanied by an outline of the difficulty together with a really useful coverage response, if acceptable.
    Concerns are organized round an octet of topics: privateness, workforce, society, shoppers, markets, catastrophic situations, mental property, and security and safety.
    “Some concerns are legitimate, but others are not,” wrote report authors Hodan Omaar and Daniel Castro.
    “Some require immediate regulatory responses, but many do not,” they continued. “And a few require regulations addressing AI specifically, but most do not.”
    “Discerning which concerns merit responses and what types of policy action they warrant is necessary to craft targeted, impactful, and effective policies to address the real challenges AI poses while avoiding unnecessary regulatory burdens that will stifle innovation,” they added.
    The report comes on the heels of the discharge of the “Roadmap for Artificial Intelligence Policy in the United States Senate,” a 31-page report outlining key priorities and proposals for Senate committees to contemplate as they develop AI laws and rules.
    “The United States is on the right track with the roadmap the Senate released last week, but to turn the general guidelines into concrete actions, policymakers will have to be more discerning about what types of legislation they put forward to address different risks,” Omaar advised TechNewsWorld.
    No Mass Unemployment in Sight
    Among the workforce considerations is AI could trigger mass unemployment. The report downplayed that improvement.
    AI will probably deliver adjustments to the sorts of work folks do and create disruptions, it reasoned, however the financial system has mechanisms and establishments in place to adapt and preserve general employment ranges so long as policymakers successfully handle these transitions. The problem of AI is, subsequently, not mass unemployment however higher ranges of employee transition.
    Policymakers don’t have to concentrate on considerations about mass unemployment from conventional AI adoption as a result of the financial proof doesn’t help this materializing, the report argued.

    Despite considerations about mass unemployment attributable to AI adoption, financial proof means that this state of affairs is unlikely to materialize, added Mark N. Vena, president and principal analyst with SmartTech Research in San Jose, Calif.
    “Studies indicate that while AI and automation may displace certain jobs, they also create new opportunities and demand for different skills, often leading to job transformation rather than elimination,” he advised TechNewsWorld. “Historical trends show that technological advancements tend to increase productivity and economic growth, which in turn generate new jobs and industries.”
    “There are estimates that AI could create 97 million new jobs by 2025, outpacing the 85 million jobs it may displace,” he stated.
    Opening Up AI-Driven Careers
    Michael Hasse, a cybersecurity and know-how marketing consultant in Seattle, agreed that AI would have a constructive impression on employment however didn’t share the CDI’s hands-off stance for policymakers.
    “Going forward, though, we have to assume AI will continue to evolve and expand in capabilities and quality and indeed be able to replace certain forms of work,” he advised TechNewsWorld. “However, there are also broad expanses of opportunity being opened up as a result.”
    “In the long term, just as with the steam engine, electricity, or any of the many other modern marvels that had similar warnings, what we will see is a gradual shift of the affected portion of the workforce to new careers, and this is where some government support and oversight would be of some utility, though the specific form remains to be seen,” he added.

    Some of these new careers have already began to look, famous Brian Prince, founder and CEO of Top AI Tools, an AI software, useful resource, and academic platform in Boca Raton, Fla. “There are entire careers, from prompt engineers to chief AI officers that did not even exist just a few years ago,” he advised TechNewsWorld.
    “It’s true that most people aren’t likely to be replaced by AI,” he stated. “But they might be replaced by another worker who knows how to leverage AI to work smarter, not harder.”
    “We need to push for early education and skills-based training in the use of AI,” added Irina Tsukerman, president of Scarab Rising, an actionable evaluation companies agency in Stratford, Conn.
    “That way, people not familiar with AI functions won’t be at a disadvantage as AI becomes more integrated into companies and processes,” she advised TechNewsWorld. “People who have a rudimentary knowledge of AI will have a significant advantage over those who don’t. They don’t have to be AI jobs, but workers need to understand how job functions change as AI develops.”
    AI Job Shuffle
    However, Rob Enderle, president and principal analyst with the Enderle Group, an advisory companies agency in Bend, Ore., argues that the job displacement cycle fueled by AI will likely be completely different from these in previous know-how cycles.
    “Projects like Devin, the automated software engineer, and the work to create fully automated restaurants and self-driving long-haul trucks indicate that much of the focus on AI is to fill jobs that are currently unfilled,” he advised TechNewsWorld.
    “But the class of jobs most unfilled is new jobs that the transition to AI is creating,” Enderle continued. “This means that, unlike prior industrial revolutions, we aren’t just eliminating existing jobs but also preventing the creation of new job openings because these too will be filled by AI.”
    “The resulting level of unemployment, if not mitigated by making people more competitive with machines, has the potential to overwhelm the ability of governments to mitigate this crisis-level future problem,” he added.
    Society has already had a glimpse of what can go flawed with AI, famous Natalia Fritzen, an AI coverage and compliance specialist with Sumsub, a worldwide identification verification firm.
    “We’ve seen multiple cases of what can happen without regulation — the misuse of deepfakes, widespread disinformation, leaked highly sensitive information — so governments must take the necessary measures to strengthen AI regulation for a more secure path forward,” she advised TechNewsWorld.
    The Center for Data Innovation has made its report, “Picking the Right Policy Solutions for AI Concerns,” accessible for obtain. No type filling is required.

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