This Infographic Explains How Self Driving Cars Work

    There’s been a lot of buzz around self-driving cars this year. It seems we’re getting close to seeing them on the road, and as we continue to be exposed to them in the media, consumers are becoming more accustomed to  the idea of getting around by driverless cars.

    However, that doesn’t mean that most Amercans are comfortable with the idea of riding in a self-driving car.  Many still say they would feel unsafe. But even though self-driving cars may seem scary, they do have benefits, including improved safety for passengers.

    Benefits of self-driving cars include:

    • More time for commuters —  Self driving cars would allow passengers to use their commute time for work or pleasure.

    • Better safety — Well-built driverless cars, with backup systems in place could eliminate human error—the number one cause of accidents—and save saving lives

    • Decreased carbon emissions — Most driverless cars will run off electric energy. As long as the batteries are charged with clean energy, carbon emissions will be drastically reduced.

    • More independence for people with disabilities and seniors — Driverless cars would give people who cannot drive the ability to travel independently.

    • Less traffic — Self-driving cars can be programmed to allow three to four car lengths in front of them, providing room for other cars to change lanes and traffic to flow more smoothly on highways.

    Continued education will allow consumers to gradually understand the mechanics of driverless cars and will likely help in the adoption of these vehicles of the future. This infographic from car insurance experts at The Zebra explains the basics of how self-driving cars work.

    How do self driving cars work

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