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    What do you get whenever you mix the high-fantasy antics of your common D&D marketing campaign with the tomfoolery of a Borderlands sport? You get Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, a first-person game-within-a-game narrated by everybody’s favourite revenge youngster. Returning Borderlands gamers can leap proper in, and newcomers shouldn’t have problem adapting to the pure chaos.
    Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands takes all of the randomly generated weapons from the Borderlands collection and goals them at high-fantasy enemies like skeleton pirates and demon trolls. To get the cube rolling in your journey by the Wonderlands, listed below are some important ideas and tips to get began in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.
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    It’s nonetheless Borderlands
    As a devoted Borderlands participant, you might be asking your self, “What is Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands?” Is it a tabletop sim? Am I truly taking part in a D&D marketing campaign (or, on this case, Bunkers and Badasses?) Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands remains to be a Borderlands sport. The “story” is a by-product of the Borderlands 2 DLC Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep. The gameplay, mechanics, and aesthetics are principally a re-skin of Borderlands 3, however that’s factor!
    However, there are a couple of new editions that Borderlands gamers can get enthusiastic about. First off, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands does away with grenades and introduces spells that work equally. Instead of selecting up ammo for grenades, your spells recharge after a cooldown. Some include a number of costs per cooldown, making them a few of the greatest spells in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.
    Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is a semi-open world the place you’ll discover massive play areas, but are free to wander round, full facet quests, and discover collectibles in every. Those areas are related through the Overworld, which you’ll unlock items of as you progress the story.
    Combat additionally works fairly equally to previous Borderlands video games. You have an overshield (re-skinned as wards), and you’ll self-revive when your well being is depleted, also called Death-Save in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Enemies nonetheless come at you in waves, with one Badass enemy combined into the fray.
    The most vital factor to know earlier than leaping into Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is that there aren’t any precise D&D mechanics. You aren’t rolling cube for assault factors, notion checking for collectibles, or charisma checking to seduce the bartender. You’re working, gunning, and looting your means by a world that exists purely in Tiny Tina’s head.
    Grind to Brighthoof

    There comes the purpose in each RPG, a while after the introductory mission, the place a lot of the sport lastly unlocks. In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, that space is Brighthoof, the capital of the Wonderlands and residential of Queen Butt Stallion (sure, you learn that proper.) The Brighthoof mission goes past appearing as a tutorial, so we’re safely calling it the primary arc of the sport.
    Don’t get hung up on facet quests till you full the preliminary Brighthoof mission. This consists of assembly Paladin Mike, keeping off the skeleton military, and attending your knighting ceremony. You’ll know this arc is over when you’ve unlocked your secondary class. However, the Brighthoof hub comes with a bunch of bonus mechanics.
    Every gamer is responsible of spending means an excessive amount of time on character creation. While it’s an important RPG function, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands remains to be a first-person shooter. You hardly ever see your whole character exterior of cutscenes. Even then, most are in first-person anyway.
    Instead of getting hung up within the character creation display, leap proper into the sport and grind till you unlock Brighthoof. Once you’ve unlocked the hub, you’ll be free to alter your look within the tavern.
    Upgrade your backpack SDU

    You also can improve your carrying capability on the Brighthoof blacksmith. To discover the blacksmith:

    Look on the Butt Stallion fountain and switch left.
    Head up the trail till you come throughout the blacksmith’s forge.
    Approach the desk on the left facet of the forge to purchase upgrades. You’ll purchase ammo capability upgrades for every weapon and normal stock upgrades in your backpack, misplaced loot, and financial institution.

    The greatest blacksmith improve is the Backpack SDU for a handful of causes. First, you’ll usually come throughout merchandising machines in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Furthermore, any merchandising machine is a fast fast-travel away in case you’re at full capability. You can warp again to Brighthoof at any time or simply to the closest machine in your present play space. Don’t waste cash on upgrading your financial institution or misplaced loot, a minimum of not first.
    Blacksmith upgrades are fairly costly. For instance, our subsequent Backpack improve (degree 4) prices 81,000 gold, which is rather a lot! Ammo is plentiful out within the Wonderlands, even throughout battle. Furthermore, in case you improve your Backpack SDU, you gained’t want the misplaced loot machine or financial institution because you’ll by no means go away something vital behind. Finally, promoting junk is simple. Making cash in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is as simple as killing degree 1 skelly boys.
    Stick round for some stock administration ideas and tips afterward on this information.
    Spend cash

    Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is a looter-shooter. Normally, the No. 1 rule of looter-shooters is, “there’s a better piece of gear around every corner.” For instance, in a sport like Destiny, you’d be losing assets by upgrading weapons earlier than reaching the extent cap. However, that doesn’t apply in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.
    You’ll by no means improve precise weapons in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. The solely upgrades you’ll ever purchase are the carrying capability upgrades on the blacksmith. Therefore, don’t hesitate to spend your gold at merchandising machines across the Wonderlands. You’ll discover these machines round play areas and in Brighthoof, however you’ll by no means see them within the Overworld. They seem as three banners in your map, as seen within the picture above. Vending machines all the time are available teams of three and promote the next:

    The Mighty Knight: Armor and shields
    The Warsmith: Guns and melee weapons
    Mystical Magicks: Spells, rings, and necklaces

    Each machine, like in Borderlands video games, additionally gives an “item of the day” that rotates after the timer counts down.
    The solely factor we don’t advocate shopping for are new spells. You’ll have a normal concept of how new weapons will really feel. Armor and new equipment solely add passive results, so their descriptions are ok. However, spells can get difficult.
    Just as a result of a spell does extra injury doesn’t imply it’ll work together with your construct or button format. For instance, you don’t have to goal self-cast spells and might assign them to the X button in case you’re taking part in L1 bumper jumper. However, repeating solid spells want exact aiming and, due to this fact, gained’t work as properly when reassigned.
    Instead, decide up new spells whereas exploring the Wonderlands, finishing facet quests, and defeating bosses. You can all the time equip them and take a look at them out between encounters. However, spending 50,000 gold on a spell you in the end don’t like generally is a actual kick within the Butt Stallion.
    Play with buddies
    The greatest a part of any D&D marketing campaign is taking part in with buddies. The identical is true for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. However, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands pulls greater than swords, shields, and legendary beings from the depths of historic historical past. You can play native splitscreen!
    PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S gamers can get pleasure from four-player native splitscreen. Unfortunately, last-gen consoles solely assist two-player splitscreen. To play splitscreen in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, choose the Add Splitscreen choice from the primary menu. Sign an extra controller into a special profile and both load a earlier character or create a brand new one.
    Local co-op gamers also can be part of a session in progress. To achieve this, participant one should pause the sport. Then, participant two (or three or 4) should press X to affix the session. Here’s one of the best half: The sport scales to every particular person character. It doesn’t take the common degree of all gamers, and it doesn’t simply throw low-level gamers into high-level worlds (or vice versa).
    For instance, we joined a brand new degree 1 character into an present degree 22 character’s sport. During a random encounter within the Overworld, the extent one character noticed degree one pirates whereas the extent 22 character noticed degree 22 pirates. Therefore, don’t really feel like you’ll want to begin over when taking part in native multiplayer to maintain every character on the identical taking part in discipline.
    To drop out of a session, simply signal out any further controllers.
    Proper stock administration

    You’ll have to follow correct stock administration between upgrading your backpack SDU and warping between merchandising machines. For starters, decide up every little thing you discover. Even in case you’ll by no means use it, and it pales in comparison with what you have already got, it’ll most likely promote for a reasonably gold piece.
    If you discover you’re working out of stock house, right here’s a fast tip to unlock a handful of slots. You’re most likely sitting on many new beauty items you’re unaware of. These embody banner patterns, armor patterns, and armor colours. They appear like baggage on the stock display, however selecting one up doesn’t imply you’ve “unlocked it.” Instead, you need to manually use them by hovering over the beauty in your stock and deciding on it. Once chosen, the merchandise goes away, liberating up some stock house.
    This doesn’t equip it to your character. Instead, it unlocks the choice on the Brighthoof tavern. However, you may decide up repeats, and the sport tells you when you have already got that merchandise. Since you may’t promote these, simply drop them.
    When you promote gadgets, be very cautious of what you mark as junk. Even you probably have a junk-marked merchandise outfitted, you’ll nonetheless promote it in case you batch-sell. So, earlier than opening the merchandising machine, open your stock and see in case you’re holding any higher items of drugs. Go by every gear part individually, as the sport filters out issues that don’t apply. For instance, if you choose your melee weapon, you gained’t see weapons or rings on the opposite facet, solely melee weapons.
    Once you’re happy together with your presently outfitted gadgets, mark every little thing else as junk, open the merchandising machine, and choose Sell All Junk. If you don’t have any junk marked, this selection gained’t seem.
    Best controller settings (PlayStation)

    Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands allows you to utterly remap your controllers. So, gamers who like taking part in bumper jumper are free to take action. However, there are a couple of expensive sacrifices related. To remap your controller in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands:

    Press Start
    Scroll right down to Options
    Tab over to Controls
    Tab over to Controller
    Select the motion you’d wish to reassign
    Press the button you want to reassign that motion to

    For starters, assigning L1 or R1 because the leap button leaves X for spells or talents. If you’re taking part in the Spore Warden class, you’ll want the bumpers to goal your Barrage capability with R1. However, suppose you like the Blizzard capability (the Spore Warden’s secondary motion), which sends three frost cyclones out to break close by enemies. In that case, you will get away with tapping X with out aiming at enemies. This works equally to remapping in Overwatch, the place bumper-jump works with some characters however not with others.
    As talked about earlier than, spells work the identical means. You can get away with taking part in bumper-jumper in case you’re casting AOE spells round your character. However, if you’ll want to goal your spells, you’ll should maintain your fingers on the joysticks. Before remapping your controller, think about your character, talents, spells, and playstyle, after which remap accordingly.
    Two controller settings it is best to change are your crouch and ping buttons. For smoother gameplay, set crouch to R3 and melee to circle. Doing so allows you to slide and goal whereas on the transfer. There’s additionally no preset ping choice, so that you’ll have to do that manually. Classes that include companions, just like the Spore Warden and Clawbringer, can order their companions to assault particular enemies by pinging them.
    Assigning a ping choice sacrifices your D-pad weapon hotkeys. It can also set Triangle to toggle fireplace mode. Counter that by switching toggle fireplace to down on the D-pad for a extra pure FPS management scheme. We by no means discovered ourselves utilizing the weapon hotkeys anyway, so this wasn’t a lot of a sacrifice.
    Collect shrine items

    You’ll come throughout shrines in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands whereas exploring the Overworld. Each shrine has a enjoyable identify and requires you to search out 4 lacking shrine items to unlock it. These items might be discovered by finishing dungeons within the Overworld and thru normal exploration. However, you’ll want to know a couple of essential mechanics about discovering shrine items in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.
    For starters, Tina will all the time point out when a selected dungeon comprises a shrine piece. So far, we’ve discovered that shrines comply with the identical blueprint. You can discover three of 4 items in Overworld dungeons. However, the ultimate piece is locked behind an in-game mechanic you most likely haven’t unlocked but. Don’t bash your head in opposition to a wall looking for that fourth shrine piece. Just progress the primary story, and also you’ll ultimately unlock new mechanics and shortcuts. Then you’ll have a eureka second and circle again to the final shrine piece.
    Shrines grant you passive world results like +10% expertise factors and +10% gold achieve. Tab over to your journal and use the D-pad to scroll over to World Buffs to see that are energetic. These can’t be turned on or off and are routinely triggered whenever you full a Shrine. You also can monitor your progress towards every shrine, because it’ll inform you what number of shrine items you’ve collected.
    Punch away encounters

    Wait till the NPC is in vary (which isn’t that shut).
    Pop em’ with a robust left hook.

    While exploring the Overworld, you’ll discover random encounters when navigating the tall grass. Like random Pokémon battles, these encounters depend on RNG, so there’s no telling after they’ll pop up. If you set off one, an NPC will spawn within the Overworld and begin chasing you. As quickly as they contact you, the encounter begins. Now, you’ll should fend off a couple of waves of enemies in first-person earlier than getting again to the Overworld.
    Unfortunately, these encounters are extra annoying than they’re useful. You don’t get a lot priceless loot, and the XP beneficial properties solely assist in the course of the decrease ranges. However, there’s a option to keep away from them.
    To keep away from random encounters in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, simply punch the NPC earlier than they contact you. You don’t should allow them to get shut both, because the Overworld punch has some severe phantom vary. Yes, you sacrifice any gold, merchandise, and XP beneficial properties by punching away the encounter. However, when you’re deep within the sport, your time and endurance are extra priceless.
    Complete facet quests
    As with any RPG, facet quests are one of the simplest ways to grind gold and XP in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Whenever you discover a new space, both in first-person or within the Overworld, you’ll come throughout three or 4 facet quests. Thankfully, the sport scales as you degree up. A facet quest you picked up at degree 5 scales to your present degree whenever you lastly get round to finishing it. Going again and finishing these quests is definitely worth the rewards and time, as you gained’t be getting low-level stuff you don’t want.
    Some facet quests are extra obligatory than others. For instance, whenever you enter the Unfathomable Fathoms, you’ll come throughout an NPC named Margravine exterior the Drowned Abyss. However, you may’t entry the Drowned Abyss, because it’s on the opposite facet of a bottomless crevasse of doom. But in case you full her quest, she’ll provide you with a spyglass that may discover invisible bridges. You’ll know when there’s an invisible bridge forward whenever you see damaged stone pillars. This also needs to be a eureka second for finishing the dear space’s shrine.

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