Top 5 Lite Apps for Android & iOS

    If you have very little memory and storage on your smartphone, using the desired apps can be quite difficult. It doesn’t matter whether you own iOS or Android, many popular apps have quite a large size and use a lot of physical memory. If your phone has, let’s say 2 GB RAM and 16 GB storage, very soon it will run out of space and the heavy apps will result in frequent heat issues and crashes. In this article, we shall discuss 5 top lite apps for Android and iOS which makes both your and your phones job easier to do stuff.

    Facebook Lite

    The social media giant Facebook has its own app for iOS and Android. It is considered to be the largest social media app in the US. However, the app is quite heavy and requires lots of user permissions. If the hardware configuration of your phone is a bit low, we suggest you use the light version – Facebook Lite which takes up very little space and memory. The Android version of Facebook Lite is quite popular, but the iOS version is still in testing. iOS users can log in to the Facebook website from their mobile browser.

    Google Maps GO

    Google Maps is the most used navigation system worldwide which provides route details, approximate time, etc for multiple travel methods including motorcycle and walking. Maps GO, which is the lightweight version of Google Map has a huge impact on data usage and performance of the application. Unfortunately, it is only available for Android users.

    Spotify Lite

    With more than 180 million users, Spotify is the largest application meant for music streaming. The app size is approx. 100 MB. They have released a beta version of Spotify Lite, which will reduce the app size to 15 MB. Unfortunately, the beta version is also limited to specific regions and compatible devices. And as per the latest report from the testers, features like offline support is yet missing from the lite version. If you are using Android and not afraid to take a risk, you can download the copy of the app from a third party site. However, this is unofficial and may result in bugs and app instability.

    YouTube GO

    The miniature version of YouTube, Google’s largest platform for a social video released in 2016. It is very popular and available in almost 130 countries. The app is much simplified and offers minimum, yet effective features. For example, if you are about to download a video, the app recommends downloading the video in a lower resolution for data saving. This version also is available for Android users only.

    Opera Mini

    Is Opera your favorite browser? Do you want to use Opera but afraid that your device may not handle it? Fear not, Opera Mini is here for both iOS and Android. The primary objective of this lightweight app is to conserve data usage. Besides, it comes with a built-in ad blocker and also features a download button for offline storage of videos from different streaming sources except for YouTube.

    Apart from the ones listed above, there are multiple other apps like Skype Lite, Gmail Go, etc. Almost all the popular app developers are concerned nowadays and are targeting to release an app that can be used by all users irrespective of their device configurations. If you ever notice that the app is taking more space after updating to the new version, then you can always go back to previous version of the app by downloading APK from AndroidCrew. If you have come across the lightweight version of any other popular app that runs on both iOS and Android, do let us know in the comments.

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